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  • ATM NYE AfterParty (w/Clarky UK), Wed 1st Jan 03 - Taipan Room
  • Sister Bliss (Faithless), Sat 4th Jan 03 - Metros Perth
  • Drum'n'Bass vs Hip Hop - 11th Jan 03 @ Globe
  • De La Soul - Wed 28th May 03 - Metros City
  • Bexta - Fri 27th Jun 03 - Rise
  • Wu Tang Clan - 27th Aug 03 @ Metro City
  • Phat Laces w/DJ Cash Money (USA) - 26th Sept 03 @ Metros City
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff - Fri 3rd Oct 03 (all ages)


    [Phew 2015 keeping me busy - getting lots of updates on - bear with me!]

    [ BackToThe90sII ]
    -== Back To The 90's II - HaRdCoRe History Edition : [Fri 6th Nov 15] ==-

    DJ's :- DJ Steil (Early aCiD / Techno 9-10pm), Fuxxy vs Craziest (Early Club / Rave 9-10pm),
    Greg Packer & MC Xsessiv (Journey through 90's Rave sound 10-12am), Hutcho vs NVS (93-98 Breakbeat Jungle/HaRdCoRe 12-2am).
    MC's :- MC Xsessiv, MC Danny B, Hutcho, Slap N Tickle (had to cancel).

    From the combined crews who brought you the 'Pure OldSchool' events and the recent MASSIVE 'Berlin Reunion' it's time for another Back 2 the 90's installment!!
    "Back 2 the 90s HaRdCoRe History Edition - will focus on the harder sounds of the 90s - Come along and dance to Techno, aCiD, Early Rave, Jungle, HaRdCoRe and more played by the original Perth Djs that pushed the sounds back in the day - all at an Old Skool price!".

    A nice little casual Old Skool night & vibe was on offer here...lots of crew that missed August's legendary 'Berlin Reunion' made it down which was nice, as well as a lot of original Gravity Crew etc. Right from Steil's early aCiD/Techno, through to Fuxxy & Craziest speedin up the vibe & pace with some classic (& not often heard) Old Skool Rave classics bangin out on the crackin new Air Force One Sound System. Hittin the 1's & 2's next was the Perth legend Greg Packer, teamed with MC Xcessiv & they smashed out a nice varied set of Classic Club/House, Rave, Breakbeat, Jungle & finally into classic DnB...a nice history span of genres indeed & a set not many could pull off. Somehow next NVS & I assumed the decks - it was yet another (happily so) drunken weekender & another B2B set w/tha man & MC Danny B rippin it on tha mic - definately channelling our inner Drunken Master spirit (and drinking him as well?) for what turned out to be one of the most fun Gravity-style classic 93-98 Breakbeat & HaRdCoRe (w/a few bangers thrown in!) mashup sets we've played in AGES...really got locked in 'the zone' - good example I told Dan "we'd play 1 more to finish the night on time", he replied looking confused "but you have another hour yet" (I go back to my multiple beers & dig thru my crate like nothin's up) whoops **hic**!!

    Event Facebook Page here

    Venue : Hellenic Club WA, 75 Stirling St, Northbridge 9pm-2am. An 18+ event.
    Tickets : Pre sales $10+bf from MyGuestlist here, $15 on the door.


    [ DJSmurfTour2015 ]
    -== DJ Smurf Deng Deng DownUnder Tour 2015 : [Fri 13th Nov 15] ==-

    DJ's :- DJ Smurf (UK), Maloonatic, Hypodermic, Ol Bill, Exocet, Steak, Chop Chop, Styles Brothers.

    Presented by the Nightmare Crew, this rare underground night featuring the visit of an International Gabber/HaRdCoRe DJ is...Returning to Australia for the first time since 2011, Smurf is once again ready to turn the crowd into blue goo!.

    DJ Smurf (UK) - "Standing at only 3 apples tall and a beer belly that is 6 apples wide, with his trademark thumbs up sign, beer dribbles down his chin and dress sense of a 12yr old boy (if it's not blue it's poo) Smurf is often described as the 'Frank Spencer' of HaRdCoRe. Smurf's blend of 200 BPM+ hardcore beats mixed with cartoons, pop samples, oldskool sounds and all kinds of noise is just like him. As each track reflects his personality in some way as its transmitted from his heart & mind, via the mixing desk and out of the speakers and into the audience. On the rare occasion when each track is mixed in perfectly, you can feel the dance-floor wondering what they are hearing while trying to keep up with the frantic and energetic DENG, as Smurf has them by their balls and boobies.
    Hailing from Newcastle, England and DJ'ing since 1992, Smurf is not just a HaRdCoRe DJ, he is an "experience"...He will leave your mind in a state"!

    Event Facebook Page here

    Venue : Hellenic Club WA, 75 Stirling St, Northbridge 9pm-2am. An 18+ event.
    Tickets : Pre sales $25+bf (or special ViP ticket w/tour Tshirt for $45) from MoshTix here, more on the door.


    [ SkynetSkyFreqOzTour ]
    -== SkyFreq feat.Skynet Freq Oz Tour : [Sat 21st Nov 15] ==-

    DJ's :- Jaefayce vs Contrasting Rhythm (9-10pm), Hutcho (10-11pm), Freqshow (7 Piece Live Drum and Bass performance 11-12am), Skynet (UK 12-2am), Kurt Ox vs El Grande (2-3am), Joust (3-4am), Rikstar (4-5am).
    MC's :- MC Seeka & Slap'N'Tickle.

    The Static Media Group with The Monastery, 4 Geek, Unleashed Audio, Freqshow and Team AC proudly present this event featuring the UK's legendary Skynet alongside a selection of Perth's best fresh up n coming DJ talent & established local legends in support.
    "Being the last stop and a 'MUST HAVE' on his album tour of Australia, Skynet brings the old-school vibes back to Perth with his new album release. After many many releases since 1997 on a number of high profile labels, Skynet is back to treat us with his next epic release... One of which have been signed by none other than Noisia to their label Invisible. This is a not to be missed for all of you Drum and Bass heads out there... He is here for one night only! You will also get to experience FREQSHOW. The ONLY live Drum and Bass artists worth seeing...on top of this you get to hear the massive sounds of HUTCHO... PDMA Hall of Fame Inductee for outstanding contribution to the scene among many other awards and commendations...These guys are supported by some of the best Drum and Bass DJ's Perth has to offer! So we say Welcome To The Drum & Bass Quarter!". This will be a wicked event for sure, hope to see all the Perth DnB Crew supporting these lads.

    Event Facebook Page here

    Venue : The Monastery, 189 High St, Fremantle 9pm-5am. An 18+ event.
    Tickets : $20+bf from Moshtix here, more on the door.


    [ DJYellaNWAOzTour ]
    -== DJ Yella (NWA) Straight Outta Compton Tour : [Sat 28th Nov 15] ==-

    DJ's :- DJ Yella (NWA), Aslan, Karl Blue, Klean Kicks.

    Villa Nightclub and Boomtick Events proudly present this club event featuring the USA's legendary DJ Yella of NWA-fame!
    "Fresh on the heels of the release of the blockbuster movie depicting the rise and rise of the mighty NWA, legendary co-founder DJ Yella of the world’s most dangerous group ‘NWA’ is headlining this do-not miss show at Villa in Perth. His signature turntable scratches and sparse co-production on Straight Outta Compton helped define the sound of West Coast hip-hop in the late-eighties and early-nineties. This will be the one show any true Hip one any HaRdCoRe HipHop fan cannot miss!". This will be a wicked event for sure, hope to see all the Perth HipHop/Rap Crew there.

    Event Facebook Page here

    DJ Yella FB Page

    Venue : Villa Nightclub, 187 Stirling St, Perth 10pm-late. An 18+ event.
    Tickets : $25+bf from Moshtix here, more on the door.


    [ ThaKristmasKracker2015 ]
    -== Tha Kristmas Kracker : [Fri 11th Dec 15] ==-

    DJ's :- Joe Cool (8-9pm), Chop Chop (Classic Trance 9-10pm), NVS vs Dair aka Joust (Classic Jungle/Mash Up set 10-11pm), Steve C vs DJ Axis (Backbeat Crew/aka DJ Factory Adam) (Classic Breaks 11-12am), DJ ST vs Jason V (Classic/Hard Techno 12-1am), Hutcho vs Exocet (Classic Dutch/UK/Scottish HaRdCoRe 1am-close)
    MC's :- MC TDS, Slap N Tickle, more TBA.

    Presented by TeKnoLoGy CoRpS (in their 25th year of promoting Perth's drunken underground) who return once more with a Goodwill / Silly Season event that's been sorely needed!

    "A non-profit night of pure laughs, good fun & great classic tunes to be had...spun by a fresh-as lineup of DJs (some only hours out of lockup) featuring some 1st time back2backs at the bar oops on the decks, mixed with our usual wide selection of musical genres ( Breaks, Old Skool / Rave, 94-98 HaRdCoRe, Classic Trance & much more TBA ) and with a load of MC's we just got out on bail ...more than enough to keep everyone in the festive mood or at least maintain our careful illusion of sober professionalism until the next punch bowl is mixed! A night not to be taken too seriously...other than remembering to hit the dancefloor like noones watching - you bring yourselves, we'll bring the vibes ( via the bangin new Air Force One Sound System & a wicked light show to blind ya more than the bar ) & together we'll shake off the end of years blues in finestyle...An event by the scene, for the scene...not the back pocket! Stay tuned for LOTS more info ASAP plus some hidden gems re some ex-Perth MC's mum"!
    Hope to see the old & new Perth punters & crews in tha place supporting the underground but more importantly having a wikked time...all welcome except the Grinch!

    Event Facebook Page here

    Venue : Hellenic Club WA, 75 Stirling St, Northbridge 8pm-2am. An 18+ event.
    Tickets : Pre sales $5+bf from MyGuestlist here, $10 on the door.


    [ RinseOut005 ]
    -== Rinse Out 5 Sub Zero Laneway Party : [Sat 19th Dec 15] ==-

    DJ's :- Sub Zero (UK / Playaz Recs), local support TBA.

    Mizhap Productions crew presents this special Jungle/D&B event, featuring the UK's legendary Sub Zero - "To wrap up an amazing year, we are partying under the stars for one very special night of epic proportions. The FUNKTION 1 will be in full force, because what is Drum & Bass without BASS?".

    Jake Carter (aka Sub Zero) - "has been an unstoppable force within drum & bass for almost a decade. After building massive respect and connections within the scene as one half of acclaimed Geordie jump up duo G-Dub, his solo output since 2009 has seen Sub Zero smash out some of drum & bass’s most destructive releases, from his tear-out debut ‘Spin Doc’ to ‘Ooh Baby’, ‘Dodge City’ and of course, ‘Poon’. Sub Zero has risen to become a major weapon on the Real Playaz/Ganja Records label, and his release schedule for 2011-12 went stratospheric. As Jake’s production diversified, breathing new styles and life into jump up with strains of dark & minimal drum & bass, praise has been rolling in from heads such as Metalheadz don Goldie, Shogun boss Friction and S.P.Y. His debut Bipolar EP on Real Playaz has fully unleashed the split-personality production of this versatile artist, reflecting a scene that has become stronger for its diversification over the last few years. When he’s not smashing out titanium-hard DJ sets worldwide in South Africa, the US, Russia, Australia, Canada, China and all over Europe, Jake kicks back in Leicester and works on his next breath-taking release for the Playaz crew, and heads down to London monthly to smash out a residency set at Fabric’s colossal True Playaz events. With Sub Zero was voted DJ ravers most wanted to see at the world’s biggest drum & bass festival (Saint-Petersburg’s Pirate Station), and with every release he puts out going straight to the top of every download chart, Sub Zero’s massive popularity and fierce reputation as a producer isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And after the versatility and vision shown by his debut Bipolar EP, the scene had better watch out for his next move.".

    Event Facebook Page here

    Artist's SoundCloud Page

    Venue : Westgate Mall Fremantle, 8pm-1am. An 18+ event.
    Tickets : Early Bird $30, 1st release $35, Final release $40 from Ticketbooth.com.au, more on the door.




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