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  • ATM NYE AfterParty (w/Clarky UK), Wed 1st Jan 03 - Taipan Room
  • Sister Bliss (Faithless), Sat 4th Jan 03 - Metros Perth
  • Drum'n'Bass vs Hip Hop - 11th Jan 03 @ Globe
  • De La Soul - Wed 28th May 03 - Metros City
  • Bexta - Fri 27th Jun 03 - Rise
  • Wu Tang Clan - 27th Aug 03 @ Metro City
  • Phat Laces w/DJ Cash Money (USA) - 26th Sept 03 @ Metros City
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff - Fri 3rd Oct 03 (all ages)


    [Life's been keeping me busy - getting lots of updates on - bear with me!]

    [ MysteriesCrateMarch ]
    -== Mysteries of The Crate March Edition : [Fri 9th Mar 18] ==-

    DJ's :- Scorpius (7-7.30pm), Joe Macc (7.30-8pm), Joffalicious (8-8.30pm), Voortrekker (8.30-9pm), Density (9-9.30pm), Kurtox (9.30-10pm), PDS (10-10.30pm), Neurocyantist (10.30-11pm), Hutcho (11pm-Close).

    Prsented by Extended Play crew
    ".Vinyl Only Sessions - We dig deep into the crate to find the best rare & unheard Drum & Bass of your collections. It's time to clear away the dust and let us all hear them shake the room!!".
    This should be a mad night of really different tunage - hope to see you there!

    Event Facebook Page here

    Venue : Four5Nine Bar / Rosemount, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth. 7pm-12am. An 18+ event.
    Tickets : $10 on the door.




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    • Pure Old Skool - The classic nights return!!!
    • HaRd BoiLeD X - The 10th Anniversary - Finally!


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