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All these flyers are scanned at 150dpi and are mostly 600 X 800

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1990 - 1991

Perth's first official 'Rave' flyer - Nov 1990.

One of Perth's earliest - also the first rave I was searched by undercovers at!
Also known as "Ohm Nrg 2" - 7/12/91.
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Cancelled party by the Life Crew
Hence quite a rare flyer
Perth Jan 23rd 1993

Good party by the Eclipse Crew
Perth May 15th 1993.

Sydney event by DJ Crisis April 30th 1993

Rare Fantazia flyer for Sven Vath
Sydney Oct 8th 1993

Nice flyer - NY Eve 94/95 Melbourne.

Adelaide Hardcore Night - 4/02/95.

Mindwarp4 @ The Infirmary
DJ Slipmatt and Fanatik.
Perth Nov 4th 1995

My birthday rave...what a night - 17/11/95.

Our NY Eve 95/96 hardcore party...a wicked night. 700 people in a backgarden can't be wrong!!

From the Energi all-dayer booze-up by the Stingin the Tail Crew 18/2/96

Nice flyer I reckon - "Meltdown" 10/03/96.
Our fourth party in 1996.

Flyer for the launch of the "Gravity" nightclub 27/4/96.

Back of the Revolution flyer
20/07/96 - wicked party.

Flyer for the "Godfather" Grooverider 8/8/96.

Nice Adelaide flyer - 16/08/96.

The Stingin the Tail flyers get raunchier!
Hard Boiled I - 21/9/96.

Brisbane Allnighter - 28/09/96.

Adrenalin UK Tour - wicked party

Huge Perth Old School Night

Underground Perth Hardcore party

[Full image soon...]
"The Godfather of House" - 12/10/96.

Paul Elstack
Perth postponed till 04/11/96.

"The original & Hottest female Junglist(?)"
(& most stuck up)- 31/10/96.

[Full image soon...]
Paul Elstack 2nd print flyer 04/11/96.

[Full image soon...]
DJ Unity(UK) & Nik Fish(Sydney) 15/11/96.

Underground Trance Party - 16/11/96.

Richie Hawtin(US) Krush - 29/11/96.

The UK's best known Happy Hardcore Jock - 30/11/96.

Stingin The Tail IV
The Chaos returns to the underground - 7/12/96.

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