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Hi..this is a little page about my gigging life over the past thirty or so years. It's for interest really, as I've often caught myself saying "When WAS that event?". Well hopefully this will fill in the gaps in your memory as it does mine!
I must get round to putting a recent DJ Biography back online too + some more photos / crew info etc.
I've had residencies at Havanna, Cinecellars, Gravity, A.W.O.L.(Greenwich), Futurevibe, DC's Cave, Kaos, Scallywags, Strike@the Windsor, Calibre (Metros, Globe & Studio 7), Resistance@Rosemount, Quarantine@Marble Bar, Overdrive@Racket Club, R.O.A.R@The Hyde Park, Friction@NuVibe, Revolution@Rise, R.O.A.R Sessions II@Hyde Park, S.O.S@NuVibe, S.O.S@Studio 7, GBT@Joondalup, 'Hard Wars' & 'Ourstyle' nights @ Rise & then Bar Open, all F.O.R.C.E Crew events etc to name a few.
Currently I mainly play underground Raves & events, assorted club gigs (no real residencies to be had right now) & the odd radio show (when I can find 5mins to take time off work!).

Current Residencies / regular spots :- United / TDI Events, F.O.R.C.E Underground Raves & AA events, Chrome Events, Inihibit & Alpha 6 as well as TeKnoLoGy CoRpS...
Primary Styles :- At the mo I'm tending to play more Darker Hardstyle, Gabber, hard Amen-driven DnB & Hard Techno (Schranz) but as usual I play just about em all (Breaks, Old Skool, Jungle, Trance, aCiD Techno etc) so ya never know where I'll pop up!

Always championed the harder & darker sounds, has proudly helped to break various styles in WA - Breakbeat, Jungle, Gabber/Speedcore, Trancecore. Hardstyle & Schranz.

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A few thoughts & sayings that sum me up / have been used in a flyer blurb & stuck ->

"Forever the unpredictable...expect the unexpected...but it'll be hard and probably dark..."
"Give me some decks, some bass bins, a strobe, power and away we go!" - ah for the simple good old days!
"The Amen usually features more regularly in my sets than a Bapitist Minister's Sunday sermon ;-)"
"One thing - NEVER try to pigeonhole me...I play Club, HaRdCoRe and underground Rave...that to me means anything from Old School, Drum n Bass/Jungle, Acid/TranceCore/Techno, Hardstyle, Gabber, Dark Breaks, Trance, House, Happy HaRdCoRe & the odd Britcore set etc..."
(DJ Hutcho)

Click here to read a short (bit old now) interview with me.


Remember - Gaffer tape is like the Force - It has a Dark side, a Light side, & it binds the universe together!

Other DJ's mentioned are main other artists on bill

Event Title / Venue / InfoDate
1989 - 1991
6UVS / 6RTRFM 'Earache My Eye' Speed/Death Metal/Idustrial/Techno Radio Show w/Trev, Goss, Pete, James3/3/89 - 22/11/91
Blue Light Disco - Police & Citizen's Youth Club Kent St (gotta start somewhere!)16/8/90
The Factory (Underage Club) - regular guest with In-E-Fekt, Steve-E etcMay 91 onwards
Techno Jam (Bill Cole Cntr Riverton) - My first live 'Rave' gig - with In-E-Fekt + Devrocks8/11/91
Cosmic XTC (Bill Cole Cntr Riverton) - with Mental, Manic, In-E-Fekt + BPM21/12/91
Infinity (Riverton Underage Nightclub) - with In-E-Fekt, Rob Fender + Justin Campbell2/92 - 4/92
Pure Noise (Boondi's Riverton backyard shed) - Rob Fender's 18th B'day??/??/92
The Factory (Underage Club) - regular guest3/92 - 10/92
Havanna Nightclub - Thursday resident (w/DJ In-E-Fekt & Simon Barwood)5/3/92 - 23/7/92
HaRdCoRe - Ministry of Perth Event (Marathon 9.5hr set w/In-E-Fekt + Gerry T - rest of lineup couldn't play etc)1/08/92
Focus (Northbridge house party) - with In-E-Fekt + Gerry T29/08/92
E-On - Special HaRdCoRe night (w/In-E-Fekt + Mario Tavelli)5/09/92
Escape (Welshpool warehouse Tony's B'day) - Source Productions Underground Rave w/In-E-Fekt, Darren Briais, Hubba, Miggy, Gizmo etc12/09/92
E-On - Special HaRdCoRe night7/11/92
Dionysus (Mirrabooka Icerink) - B2B w/In-E-Fekt19/12/92
Emotion '93 Rave (Wanneroo farm outdoor) - bangin HaRdCoRe morning set w/DJ Jacen & Rob Fender
NB also debut of our 'FaNaTiK live PA' at sunrise.
Shag Parties - (3 Guest Spots) Stirling St Hellenic Cntr??/3/93
Shag Parties - (Guest Spot - 93 darkside set) Stirling St Hellenic Cntr??/4/93
Shag Parties - (Guest Spot B2B w/Booyaaka) Stirling St Hellenic Cntr??/6/93
Mayday Rave - Stirling St Hellenic Cntr28/08/93
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays5/02/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays (B2B w/Merrick)12/02/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays26/02/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays (Speedcore set B2B w/Jacen)12/03/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays19/03/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays26/03/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays2/04/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays16/04/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays23/04/94
Cinecellars - Gabba Night Saturdays30/04/94
Desert Storm 94 (old Mitey Lights building) - with Mark EG (UK), Angu$ (Adel)2/10/94
Jurassic Park - Rockingham Underage Club19/11/94
One Foot In The Rave - Brendon's 21st (Guildford)17/09/95
Moodflow (some huge backyard shed)23/09/95
Swallow the Furball - Planet Nightclub w/Shamus + Incitor etc15/06/95
DSL Records Launch - Chelsea Tavern - '93 Bangin HaRdCoRe + FaNaTiK Live PA6/10/95
Stingin the Tail I (Jason's legendary Camberwell Cl. House Vic Park)17/11/95
Stingin the Tail II (Jason's legendary Camberwell Cl. House Vic Park) - N.Y.Eve (midnight set)31/12/95
Infirmary - Bangin HaRdCoRe set (2-3:30am Guest Spot)??/01/96
Bassquake (Skyshow) - Jungle/Darkside set28/1/96
Energi : Reunion - Hardcore/Jungle set18/02/96
DSL Launch II - 'Attack of The Lager' Chelsea Tavern - '92-'93 HaRdCoRe set + FaNaTiK Live PA23/02/96
Meltdown (Waterford Rowing Sheds) Teknology Corps vs Tantrum Crew - w/Highlander (Adel.) - Old School set10/03/96
Rezerection Final Night (old Gravity) - Highlander, Angu$ (Adel.) - Gabba/dark breaks set6/04/96
Energi : Perth's first AllDayer (Charles St Hotel) - Hardcore/Jungle set...NB whole crew was already blitzed from night b4 VERY messy 8-)19/05/96
Stingin the Tail III (Stirling St Hellenic Cntr) - Hardcore/Breaks set + FaNaTiK Live PA6/07/96
Revolution - Melville Sports Club (92-94 Hardcore/Breakbeat set)20/07/96
Ascention (Exit Nightclub) - DJ Brisk (UK) - '92-'93 dark breaks set2/08/96
Hard Boiled I - Gravity (The Legend Begins...)21/09/96
A.W.O.L. - Greenwich Resident9/96 - 1/98
N-Joi - Underground Party18/10/96
Hardcore Birthday (mine @ Gravity) - can't remember If i played, what I played or when 8-)26/10/96
A.W.O.L. - Paul Elstak (Holland) - Gravity ('92-'96 Gabba followup set to da man)4/11/96
Pine's Party (Gnangarra Pine Forest) - morning Trance/Old School set (w/B2B w/Mr.Whippy)16/11/96
Greenwich Bar (under His Majesty's)18/11/96
Stingin' The Tail IV (Official) - (Mel's Inglewood House) - '92-'93 HaRdCoRe/Breakbeat set07/12/96
Pulse - DJ Craig's farewell17/01/97
Gravity - (Graveyard 4-6am 2hr '91-'92 old school set)18/01/97
Frantik - ('93 savage Darkside Breaks / Gabba) MT.Lawley Tennis Club25/01/97
Greenwich Bar (under His Majesty's) (Trancecore set)27/01/97
Big Day Out Crew Gig (Planet Nightclub) - Old School / Breaks set1/02/97
Greenwich Bar (under His Majesty's) (B2B Jungle set w/Mental)3/02/97
Tripwire '97 (CJ's Tavern Karrinyup) - '93 Old School B2B w/Brian Gee8/02/97
Flashback I (Geremiah's Nightclub) - Old School 89-93 set13/02/97
Mel's B'day - Stingin The Tail Showcase - Gravity (1-2:15am '92 Classic Rave set)15/02/97
Gravity - '91-'93 Old School Set (4-6am)22/02/97
Gravity (4-5am) / DC's (5-6:15am) - '92 Classic Rave Sets1/03/97
Back to The Underground - Planet Nightclub7/03/97
Flashback II (Geremiah's Nightclub) - Old School 91-93 set20/03/97
Almatrade - Hellenic Stirling St22/03/97
Fusion - Embassy Ballroom28/03/97
Greenwich Bar (under His Majesty's) ('92 Club Classics set)31/03/97
Gravity - (Graveyard HaRdCoRe/Gabba 1-2:15am)19/04/97
A.W.O.L Guest - Greenwich Bar21/04/97
Back 2 The Underground II - Planet Nightclub25/04/97
Matt's Birthday - Canning Town Hall (Trancecore set)26/04/97
Entropy II - (11:30-12:15am Trancecore/HaRdCoRe set) Embassy Ballroom10/05/97
Gravity - (Graveyard HaRdCoRe/TranceCore set 4-6am)10/05/97
Masters Of Hardcore : Lenny Dee (USA) - Gravity ('92-'97 Follow up bangin Gabba set to da man!!)30/05/97
Gravity - (Graveyard 4-6am '91-'93 Old School Set)26/07/97
100FM (Fremantle Radio) - Kriece's Friday Show B2B w/ Kev & Easygroove (UK)8/08/97
Hard Boiled II (Gravity) w/Easygroove (UK) - (4:15-5am '91-'93 Old School set)9/08/97
Max's Birthday - House in Como15/08/97
Utopia - Beechboro Soccer Club ('93 Hardcore - shut down during set!)16/08/97
Captivate - Free Party - Stirling St Helenic Cntre29/08/97
Gravity - (Graveyard Shift 4-6am HaRdCoRe / Gabba set)13/09/97
Hardcore Heaven - Gravity Nightclub3/10/97
Rachel's B'day - Players Nightclub (old Orsini's) ('93-'97 Trance set)4/10/97
Beats Per Minute - 6RTRFM w/ Kenny L & Kevin9/10/97
Gravity - (Graveyard 4-6am '92 Hard Rave set)11/10/97
Hardcore Birthday Bash II (Gravity Nightclub) - I played (apparently!!!)25/10/97
Hard Boiled III - Gravity Nightclub8/11/97
Reunion III - Gravity Nightclub ('91-'93 Hard Rave / Breakbeat set)29/11/97
Member's Xmas Party Gravity - billed, but was sick & missed this!18/12/97
Entropy III - Embassy Ballroom - UltraSonic (UK) - (Bangin HaRdCoRe/Trancecore set)20/12/97
Gravity Nightclub - (Graveyard Set 4-6am '93-'96 HaRdCoRe/Gabba set)27/12/97
N.Y.Eve - Universal Vision - Stirling St Hellenic Cntr31/12/97
Stingin The Tail Part V - NYE 97/98 - DJ Dance (UK) - (midnight classic '92-'94 rave set) - 418 Nightclub31/12/97
Gravity Nightclub (1-2am Bangin HaRdCoRe set)10/01/98
Sonik 98 Festival (Wildlife Park) - Speedy J (US), Hixxy (UK), Scott Brown (Scot), Jeremy Healy (UK) etc - finally shut down as I went on @ 3am!13/01/98
Serious House and Garage - 418 Nightclub ('91-'93 Breakbeat / HaRdCoRe set 3-5am)17/01/98
Gravity Nightclub (12-1am HaRdCoRe/Trancecore set)21/01/98
Phantasy (Gravity Nightclub) 4-5am set + FaNaTiK Live PA14/03/98
Gravity Nightclub ('96-'98 HaRdCoRe set 12-1:30am)4/04/98
E.S.P. - 418 Nightclub8/04/98
DC's Member's Party - Gravity9/04/98
Aquatic (Michelle's Bday) Swan River Boat Cruise (HaRdCoRe set B2B w/Kevin)24/04/98
Step Back In Time I - Gravity ('92-'93 bangin Hoover/Breaks set)25/04/98
Gravity - (Graveyard Shift 4-6am '93 Bangin Hoover set)9/05/98
Special Event - The Factory16/05/98
HomeGrown - Gravity (4:30-6am set)30/05/98
Gravity - (Graveyard Shift 4-6am HaRdCoRe set)6/06/98
Gravity 12-1am20/06/98
Covurt : Invurt Netmix (Jackal Nightclub) Trance/Trancecore set17/07/98
MadHatter's Ball 98 - Gravity Nightclub18/07/98
Whoomp - Jackal Nightclub24/07/98
Gravity - (Graveyard Shift 4-6am)25/07/98
Gravity - (Old School 1-2am set)1/08/98
Hassle-Free Party 11-12am1/08/98
Covurt Netmix III - Jackal Nightclub14/08/98
Step Back In Time II (Gravity) - ('91-'93 classic Rave set)15/08/98
Twisted I (Gilkinson Dance Studio) [Mark NRG(Ger), M-Zone(UK), Angus (Bris)] - Trance set (arena1) B2B Old School set w/Greg Packer (arena2)22/08/98
Gravity - (1-2am set)12/09/98
Critical (Redheads Bar) - '91-'93 dark breaks set [BassLine Terror released here]25/09/98
Submerge - Gravity Nightclub26/09/98
The Producer (UK) Gravity Nightclub - ('93-'98 followup Gabba set)10/10/98
Telethon FundRaizer - Hellenic Centre (2 sets - Arena 1 - Old School + Arena2 - HaRdCoRe)18/10/98
Midian : Between Heaven and Hell (Gilkison Dance Studio) - my bday gig!31/10/98
Trilogy - Redheads bar (1-2am)7/11/98
Futurevibe Nightclub Opening Night (old Gravity) - (1-2am Bangin HaRdCoRe set)21/11/98
Reunion 98 - Globe Nightclub ('91-'93 Rave set 11-12:30am)28/11/98
Futurevibe (old Gravity) - (12-1am Old School set)21/11/98
Vibealite (Futurevibe + Stirling St ) [DJ Sy (UK)] - (3-4am Hard AciD/Trance set)12/12/98
Futurevibe (old Gravity) - (4-6am Rave Classics set)19/12/98
Escape II - Xmas Night Rave - Serpentine w/Splinke (4-5am) - party closed by Police25/12/98
Futurevibe (old Gravity) ('92 Breakbeat set 10-12am)26/12/98
Stingin The Tail 6 - NYE 98/99 (Futurevibe) - (11:30pm-12:30am '91-'93 set)31/12/98
Futurevibe (old Gravity) (10-12am)2/01/99
Futurevibe (old Gravity) (11-12am + 1-2am set)9/01/99
Futurevibe (old Gravity) (10-11am + 1-2am set)16/01/99
Futurevibe (old Gravity) (12-1am set)23/01/99
Twisted II (Embassy Ballroom) [Mark EG (UK), M-Zone (UK) - (Old School set 6-7am)23/01/99
Vibealite Free Party [Mark EG (UK) + M-Zone (UK)] - (Old School set 2-3am)25/01/99
Futurevibe (12-1am set)29/01/99
Futurevibe (12-1am set)30/01/99
Futurevibe B2B w/Kev - (HaRdCoRe/Trancecore set 10-12am set)6/02/99
DC's Cave (2-3am set)13/02/99
DC's Cave (12-1am set)20/02/99
DC's Cave (2-3am set)27/02/99
DC's Cave (2-3am set)6/03/99
DC's Cave (12-1am set)13/03/99
DC's Cave (2-3am set)20/03/99
KAOS - Old Il Travatore (3-5am set)26/03/99
DC's Cave (1-2am set)27/03/99
KAOS - Old Il Travatore (Hard Trance/Goa set 3-4am)27/03/99
DC's Cave (11-12am set)3/04/99
KAOS - Old Il Travatore (4-5am set)3/04/99
KAOS - Old Il Travatore (6-7:30am set)4/04/99
Marz (Asia House Stirling St) - (Old School classics '91-'93 set)9/04/99
Wasted (Gravity + The Globe Warehouse) [Brisk (UK) + Rush (UK)] - (10-11pm + 1-2am '91-'93 Bangin/Breaks Old School sets)17/04/99
KAOS - Old Il Travatore (3-4am set)8/05/99
Gravity - Trance set (12-1am set)26/06/99
Hard Boiled IV (Gravity) - ('91-'93 Old School B2B w/Greg Packer 3-4:30am set)3/07/99
Wax Off (Edward St Warehouse) - (Breaks/Trancecore/AciD set 3-4:30am set)10/07/99
Mad Hatters 99 (Gravity) - (Old School set 11-12am)17/07/99
Invurt Netmix - Dev's place24/07/99
Gravity - Old School/Bangin set (2-3am set)28/08/99
Millenium (The Factory Nightclub) - (Old School/Bangin 5-6am set)28/08/99
Bassik Training - Red Sea, Subiaco (10:30-11:15pm set)2/09/99
Skunted (Edward St Warehouse) - (Jungle/Drum+Bass set 3-4am set)11/09/99
Back 2 Gravity (Gravity) [MC Ribbs (UK)] - (Hard AciD/Techno set 12-1am)18/09/99
44.One Launch Night (Fire&Ice Nightclub) - (B2B Jungle/Drum+Bass set w/Karnage 11:30-1:30am)25/09/99
House vs Hardcore (Fire&Ice Nightclub) - (Old School set 4-5am set)26/09/99
Gravity (Graveyard 4-6am HaRdCoRe/Gabba set)2/10/99
Old School Sunday - Scallywags3/10/99
Hard Boiled V - Fire n Ice9/10/99
Dynamix - Warehouse Hutton St (1-2:30am Trance/Techno set)23/10/99
Gravity (Graveyard Old School 4-6am set)23/10/99
Dreams99 - Factory Nightclub 5-6am Old School set6/11/99
All Frinked Up(Part 1) Gravity (4:30-6am '93 Old School set)13/11/99
Gravity - Closing night (1-2am Old School+Gabba set)13/11/99
Reunion 5 (The Final Chapter) - Zanadu Nightclub ('92-'93 Breakbeat/Darkside set 4-5:30am)27/11/99
Scallywags Special - HardBoiled vs Resin (9-10pm set)12/12/99
Remedy - Metropolis City (b2b w/Splink-E '92-'93 Breaks set 9:30-11pm)16/12/99
Awakening - Factory Nightclub b2b w/Karnage (Dark Drum+Bass set 1-2am)24/12/99
Catharsis - Metropolis Concert Club (B2B Dark Drum+Bass set w/Karnage 11-12am)26/12/99
XS2000 - NYE 99/00 Hellenic Centre Stirling St (Old School 11-12am set) - NB finished '99 with OTT Raw!31/12/99
Overload (NY Day Recovery) - Factory Nightclub (5-6am Old School set)1/01/00
Auxilliary - Bridge Theatre (B2B Trancecore set w/Kev 2:30-4am)15/01/00
Shorn - (1:30-2:30am Hard NRG/Trance set) - Very wet hills Paddock Party!21/01/00
Stingin The Tail 2000 - (Old School set 11:30-1am) - 14.5hr House Party Lord St Eden Hill22/01/00
Teknology Corps vs Resin Crew - Scallywags (Old School set 9:30-10:30pm)23/01/00
Wild West - Calibre ('93 Darkside set 11:15-12:30am)29/01/00
Hyde Park Old School Night - Hyde Park Hotel5/02/00
Teknology Corps - Scallywags (92/93 set 7:30-8:30pm)20/02/00
Excessive - ( cancelled )26/02/00
Grind - The Factory5/03/00
Strike! - Invurt @ Windsor Hotel ('94-'96 Breaks set)9/03/00
Strike! - Invurt @ Windsor Hotel30/03/00
Strike! - Invurt @ Windsor Hotel6/04/00
Perthquake - The Uprising (3-4am set) Stirling St Hellenic Cntre21/04/00
One More Drop (3-4am set) 'Soul City' (old Gravity)23/04/00
Gatecrasher 'Global Sound System' - Metropolis Perth (4-5:30am set)24/04/00
Random Logik - PICA Darkroom (4:30-5:30am set)29/04/00
Calibre - Metropolis Perth (3-4am set)12/05/00
Madhatters - Taipan Room (old Gravity)('92 Classic Rave 10-11:30pm set)12/05/00
Roots Pt I - Calibre @ Metros Nightclub (4-6am set)9/06/00
Ascendence - Globe Nightclub (upstairs) (4-5:30am Techno-300bpm+ Gabba set)10/06/00
Capacitor - Loft Nightclub (missed gig)14/06/00
In School, Out School, Old School, New School - Geisha Nightclub (upstairs)25/06/00
Pulse : Tasch-E's Goodbye (Players Nightclub) - (Drum+Bass w/KaRnAgE 2-3:30am set)15/07/00
Winter Breaks - Victoria Hall, Freo (12-1:30am set) - event shut down 11pm15/07/00
James (NVS) 21st + Jenna's 18th @ Spirit Soundbar ('93 Darkside Breaks 10-10:30pm set)21/07/00
Sensation [Scott Brown (Scot)] - Bridge Theatre (11-11:45pm Trance/Techno set)22/07/00
WaX Off II - Rolloways Leisure Centre (9-10pm 93 Breaks/Gabba set)18/08/00
Euphoria (Billy Bunter UK) - Gilkison's (w/Mental 10-11pm Old School set)19/08/00
Private House party - ('93 Breaks set + B2B Insane 200-400bpm+ Gabba set w/KaRnAgE 11-1:30am)26/08/00
Euphoria (3rd night) - Gilkison's Dance Studio (Old Skool 2-3am set)16/09/00
Sunburn - Drum Club/old Gravity ('93 Darkside set 10-11pm)1/10/00
One Final Drop - Drum Club/old Gravity (91-93 Breaks/Lenny Dee set 11-12:30am)1/10/00
Euphoria - Gilkison's Dance Studio (Old School 92 set)14/10/00
Euphoria - My Birthday Set - Gilkison's Dance Studio (Old School 91-93 set)28/10/00
Birthday Party/Housewarming (B2B Drum'n'Bass set w/KaRnaGe) - A House in Northbridge4/11/00
Lost The Plot - Club Fiumano E Giulino ('93 Breaks/Bangin Gabba 11:30-1am set)11/11/00
VIP - Old School - Drum Club/old Gravity ('93 Darkside set)8/12/00
Sunne's 21st - Red Sea Nightclub ('92-'93 Breaks set 8:30-9:30pm)10/12/00
Intensity - Swan Barracks - NYE (B2B w/Splinke 5-6am '93 Breaks/Bangin set)31/12/00
Calibre Opening Night - Calibre Belmont (3-4am '93 Breaks set)20/1/01
United Nations - Calibre Belmont (5:30-6:30am Gabba set!!)3/2/01
Calibre HaRdCoRe Night - (5-6am Gabba set)17/2/01
V.I.P II - The Drum Club (Old Skool set B2B w/Kev 3:30am-close)23/2/01
'Mad For It' - Morley Rollerdrome (Bangin Old Skool set 3-4am)24/2/01
'Slinky Tour' - Taipan Room/Drum Club (Old Skool set)4/3/01
Hodge's Birthday Party - Cave Bar (9-10pm HaRdCoRe set)17/3/01
'System 6' w/Billy Bunter+Jon Doe - PICA Gallery (Old Skool 5-6am set)17/3/01
'Hard Boiled VI' B2B w/Greg Packer - Calibre (Old Skool 2-3:30am set)31/3/01
'Resin Countdown' B2B w/Fuxxy - Scallywags (Old Skool/Trip Hop set 9-10:30pm)8/4/01
'Rewind 2001' - Metropolis City (Old School 12-1+3:30-5:30am sets)12/4/01
'Lost The Plot 2' - Marc Smith (Scot) + DJ Hixxy (UK) - Bridge Theatre (Bangin Gabba set 3:15-4:30am)25/5/01
'Dial Triple Zero' Extreme Sports Video Launch - Metros City (Phat AciD set - played 10mins party shut down)26/5/01
Elysium Special Event - Marc Smith (Scot) - Drum Club (Bangin Gabba set 1-2am)1/6/01
V.I.P III - Drum Club (Old School set 9-11pm)15/6/01
Resistance - (Old School set 7-8:30pm B2B w/Rousa) Rosemount Hotel1/6/01
Resistance - ('92-'94 Breaks set 10-11pm B2B w/Mental) Rosemount Hotel1/6/01
Genesis - ('92 Old School set 11-12am) Old Berlin Nightclub!21/7/01
Elysium @ Drum Club (11-12am '92/93 Breaks set)3/8/01
Resistance - Rosemount Hotel ('93 Darkside 9-10pm set)11/8/01
Resistance - Rosemount Hotel ('91-93 Breaks 7-9pm set)1/9/01
System 6 - Italian Club - FitzGerald St (B2B w/Mental '91-'93 set 4-6am)15/9/01
Resistance - Rosemount Hotel ('91-'93 set 12-1am)6/10/01
Reprazent 3 - Drum Club (B2B w/Mental '91-'93 set 3-5am)12/10/01
Hutcho's Surprise Party (Rosemount Hotel) - (Drum+Bass B2B w/Mental - my bday set 10-11pm)27/10/01
Line:Out (Hardline Rekordings Night) - Rosemount Hotel (8-9pm Bangin HaRdCoRe set)9/11/01
The Next Level (Bridge Theatre) [Mickey Finn(UK)] - ('92-'93 classic Breaks B2B w/Mental 11-12am set)17/11/01
Rosemount Hotel ('92-'93 Old School sets 8-9pm + 10-11:30pm)24/11/01
Cosmic XTC II 10yr Anniversary @ Rosemount Hotel (B2B w/Mental Old School/Jungle 11-1am set)15/12/01
Underground Systems 2.0 - Rosemount ('92-93 Lenny Dee set 8:50-9:50pm)22/12/01
eXtreme Dance Italian Club (B2B w/Mental Old School/D'n'B 1-5:30am!!!)22/12/01
Intensity 2 NYE (Swan Barracks) - (Old School set B2B w/Mental 10-11pm set)31/12/01
Trilogy Pt.2 NYE (Embassy Ballroom) - [Darren J (UK), MC Skibadee (UK)] (Old School set B2B w/Mental 5-6am)31/12/01
Frenetic @ Rosemount Hotel (Acid/Techno set 10-11pm)2/1/02
Resistance @ Rosemount Hotel ('93 Breaks set 10-11pm)9/2/02
Resistance @ Rosemount Hotel ('93-2002 set 11-12am)16/3/02
System6 (Club Justice) - Kev Energy (UK) + Odyssey (Adel) ('92 Old School / Bangin set 5-6am)23/3/02
Final Conflict @ Rosemount B2B w/Mental ('93 Dark Breaks set 9-10pm)30/3/02
Peek-A-MoO! (Globe Nightclub) - (Hard AciD/Trance/Techno set 3-4am) - lotsa people wanted this...was it recorded?6/4/02
Reprazent IV (Drum Club) - B2B w/Mental ('92-'93 breaks set 4-5am)12/4/02
Homegrown 2 (Drum Club) [Slipmatt (UK)] - B2B w/Mental ('93 set 9-10pm)24/4/02
MoO!Fest 2002 (Globe Nightclub) - (Hard AciD/Trance/Techno set 3-4am) - lotsa people wanted this...was it recorded?27/4/02
Black Jazz (Ambar Nightclub) - (Drum+Bass set B2B w/Mental 10-11pm)23/5/02
Foundation (Globe Nightclub) - (HARD AciD/Techno set 1-2:30am)1/6/02
Back 2 Gravity (Drum Club) - ('91-'93 Breaks/Gabba set 11:30-12:30am)7/6/02
Western Xsposure Alldayer (HQ SkatePark Leederville) - ('93 Darkside set 10-11pm)22/6/02
Frenetik (Rosemount) - ('93-'02 Hard AciD set 10-11pm)26/6/02
OverDrive - The Glasshouse (9-10pm Techno/AciD set)29/6/02
Step Back In Time Special #1 - Drum Club ('93 Breaks 2-4am set)13/7/02
Dance Music Awards 2001 Night - Marble Bar ('92 Rave Classics B2B w/Weavy 4-5am)13/7/02
Step Back In Time Special #2 - Drum Club ('93-'95 Breaks set)20/7/02
Elysium Special - Drum Club (Old School set)9/8/02
Integrate - HQ Skate Park (Hard Trance/AciD set B2B w/Weavy 4:30-5:30am)10/8/02
Twin Towers 89.7FM Radio Show (w/Mental+Nick Tha Greek '94-'95 Jungle set 10-12am)?/8/02
Auxillary 2 - TalkOfTheTown Ballroom (Hard Trance/AciD/Gabba set 3:30-4:30am)17/8/02
Dekwrekka II - Pica Gallery ('91-'93 Old School B2B w/Rousa 10-11pm set)24/9/02
ATM AWOL Special - Taipan Room (B2B w/Mental 10-10:20pm set)4/9/02
Twin Towers 89.7FM Radio Show (w/Mental+Nick Tha Greek 10-12am '93 Darkside set)26/9/02
HaRd BoiLeD 007 - Elysium (B2B w/Mental 91-95 set 1:30-3am)4/10/02
Tryptic Pt3 - Rosemount Hotel (12-1am Hard aCiD/Techno set)19/10/02
Revival (feat.Marc Smith UK) - Marble Bar (92/93 Old School 3-4am set)23/11/02
Back To The Old Skool - Rise ('91-'93 Rave set 3-4:30am)29/11/02
Void - HQ Skatepark (2-3am VERY HARD Drum'n'Bass + Gabba set)7/12/02
Elysium 2nd Birthday @ Drum Club (11:30-12am '91-'93 set)13/12/02
Rewind 2002 - Metros City ('91-'92 set 1:30-2:30am) - event then shut + moved to Drum Club26/12/02
Intensity III NYE Swan Barracks (B2B w/Fuxxy 9-10pm '93 Breakbeat set)26/12/02
ATM 30-DJ Session 3 - Drum Club (B2B Drum'n'Bass set w/Mental 11:30-12am)15/1/03
Ruffnite vs Mentazm - Drum Club (B2B w/Fuxxy 10-11:30pm Bangin HaRdCoRe set)22/1/03
Dekwrekka III - Baden Crt Warehouse (B2B Hard Breaks w/Fuxxy 9-10pm set)26/1/03
Sound Of The Hoover @ Mentasm ('92-'93 11pm-12am set)26/3/03
Digital Sky @ Baden Crt Warehouse (12-1am '92-'95 Bangin Old School set)28/3/03
Frequency Response v2.0 - fHz (11-12am '92-'95 Breaks + Jungle set)14/4/03
fHz Old Skool Night - fHz ('92-'94 Breaks + Darkside 11-12am set)17/4/03
Recharge Opening - 267 William St, Northbridge (10-11pm '92-'93 set)19/4/03
FiNaL MFi - Swan Barracks (B2B w/Krank '93 Darkide 11-12am)24/5/03
Mentazm - FHz (11.30-12.30am aCiD/Hard Trance set)28/5/03
RTR-FM Old School Special - Live on BPM (1-6am w/Mental set)29/5/03
R.O.A.R Opening night - Hyde Park Hotel ('93-'95 Breaks B2B w/Mental 10-12am set)17/6/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('91-'92 Rave + Breaks 11-12am set)24/6/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('93-'95 HaRdCoRe + Breaks 10-11pm set)1/7/03
Signal 2 Noise (Old Skool Special) - ('92-'94 Bangin Rave + Breaks B2B w/Mental 11-12am)2/7/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('93-'95 HaRdCoRe + Breaks 9-10pm)8/7/03
Terminator III Launch Party - Marble Bar ('92-'93 Classic Rave 10-11pm)12/7/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('93-'95 HaRdCoRe + Breaks 9-10pm)15/7/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (Bangin Gabba set 10-11pm)22/7/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('91 Old Skool set 11-12am)29/7/03
RuffKnite 2nd B'day Party @ Quarantine ('93 Darkside Old Skool 10-11pm set)1/8/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('92 Rave set 10-11pm)5/8/03
Quarantine (3.30-close) - didn't play club shut 8-(9/8/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('93 Breaks set 9-10pm)12/8/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('94-'98 HaRdCoRe set 10-11pm)19/8/03
Dekwrekka IV - Talk of The Town Ballroom (Drum'n'Bass set 11-12am)23/8/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (B2B w/Mental '91-'93 Old School 10-12am set)26/8/03
Signal 2 Noise (Old Skool Special) - Hyde Park Hotel ('91-'93 Rave set 11:30pm-12am)26/8/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('91-'93 Old School set 10-11pm)26/8/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (10pm-12am '91-'92 Rave set)9/9/03
Mindstorm - Balcatta Warehouse ('92-'93 Old School set 3am-4am)13/9/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('93-'96 Bangin HaRdCoRe set 10:30pm-12am )16/9/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (10-11pm '94-'96 Breaks set)23/9/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (10-11pm '93-'94 Breaks set)30/9/03
Boogie Breaks B2B w/Mental (11-1am '92-'93 Breakbeat set)7/10/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (9-10pm Phat Breaks set)7/10/03
RTR-FM Old School + Jungle Special - Live on BPM 1-6am (w/Mental, Agent 007 + NVS)9/10/03
Sentry - Bridge Theatre (9-10pm '92-'93 HaRdCoRe set)18/10/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (9-10pm '93 Darkside set)21/10/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (9-10pm '92-03 Hard aCiD/Techno Birthday set)28/10/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (10-11pm '93-'98 Breaks + HaRdCoRe set)4/11/03
RTR-FM Old School + Jungle Special - Live on BPM 1-6am (w/Mental, Agent 007 + NVS + Joe Cool, Lanithium + Mayhem)6/11/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (8-9pm '93-'96 Ragga Jungle set)11/11/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (11-12am '92 Classic Rave set)18/11/03
Eastern Invasion - Barz Nightclub Joondalup (2am-3:30am '92 Classic Rave set)22/11/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (11-12am '91-'93 Old Skool set)25/11/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (8-9pm '92-'93 Breaks + Bangin set)2/12/03
Beats.Per.Minute RTR-FM 92.1 (1-6am w/Mental, Agent 007, Spugs, Davros)4/12/03
Rush v2.0 - HaRdCoRe Special @ Heat Nightclub5/12/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (95-99 HaRdCoRe + Bangin set 9-10pm)9/12/03
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (11-12am set)16/12/03
UnderGround @ The Warehouse Osborne Park ('93 Classics B2B w/Leroy 5-6:30am set)19/12/03
Bass Files @ Pallas Hotel - (Upfront Dark Drum'n'Bass set 11-12am)21/12/03
Stingin The Tail 'Xmas Edition' - Hyde Park Hotel [feat.Robbie Long (UK)] ('92-'93 Rave set 10:30-11pm)23/12/03
Beats In The Park - Kings Park Amphitheatre (shutdown - didn't play)28/12/03
Intensity IV NYE @ Swan Barracks ('93 Darkside 4-5am set)31/12/03
Beats.Per.Minute RTR-FM 92.1 (1-6am w/Mental, Agent 007, Spugs, Davros)1/1/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel6/1/04
Omega : TranceFixion - Heat Nightclub9/1/04
MindFuxx - Warehouse Malaga10/1/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel13/1/04
Rush - Back To The Future - Heat Nightclub16/1/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel20/1/04
Dekwrekka V - Talk Of The Town Ballroom24/1/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel27/1/04
Signal To Noise (Old Skool Special) - Hyde Park Hotel28/1/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel3/2/04
B.P.M - ROAR Sessions 6RTRFM 92.1 (1-6am w/Mental, Agent 007, Joe Cool, Davros)5/2/04
Omega 1st Birthday - Heat Nightclub7/2/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel10/2/04
FoRGeRi - Velvet Lounge ('91-'93 B2B w/Mental + Sense)13/2/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel17/2/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel24/2/04
Beats in The Park - Sth Perth Foreshore (11:30am-1:30pm)28/2/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel2/3/04
B.P.M - ROAR Sessions 6RTRFM 92.1 (1-6am w/Mental, Agent 007 etc)4/3/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel9/3/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel16/3/04
Higher Level - Balcatta Warehouse ('92-'93 Rave set 9-10pm)19/3/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel30/3/04
Uprising - Talk Of The Town Ballroom (Gabba set 4-5am)3/4/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel6/4/04
Amy's Birthday Bash ('94-'95 Jungle set 11-12am) - Heat Nightclub (upstairs)10/4/04
Rush Old Skool Session I - Heat Nightclub ('93 Darkside Breaks 12-1am set)10/4/04
BPM - ROAR Sessions - 6RTRFM 92.1 (1-6am w/Mental, Agent 007 etc)1/4/04
MOS 'Hard NRG The Tour' - Monkey Bar (old Globe) ('92 Rave Classics set B2B w/Leroy 12:45-1:45am)11/4/04
Infectious - Secret Location (by map)11/4/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel13/4/04
Chilled.Party.Unit - Kings Park BBQ Freebie ('92 Piano Anthems set B2B w/Weavy 6-7pm)17/4/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel20/4/04
HaRd BoiLeD VIII - Heat Nightclub (Old Skool + Rave classics B2B w/Weavy 5am-close)23/4/04
BPM - ROAR Sessions - 92.1FM (1-6am DARK Drum'n'Bass + Hardstyle / Gabba sets)29/4/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel4/5/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel [feat.Sharkey (UK)] (B2B '92 set w/Mental 8-9pm)11/5/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (VERY hard HardStyle + Gabba set 10-11pm)18/5/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (Old School 9-10pm set)25/5/04
BPM - ROAR Sessions - 92.1FM (1-6am B2B Jungle, D'n'B + Old School w/Mental)27/5/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (11-12am '93 Darkside set)1/6/04
Pressure Drop - G-Spot Nightclub ('92 Old School Breaks 9-10pm)5/6/04
OutBreed IV - Big Apple (Hard Trance 9-10pm upstairs, Bangin Techno/Hardstyle 1-2am downstairs)6/6/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel8/6/04
R.O.A.R 1st Birthday - Hyde Park Hotel15/6/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (B2B w/Mental '94 Jungle set 8-9pm)22/6/04
Overdrive - Racket Club ('94-'96 HaRdCoRe 12-1am set)27/6/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel29/6/04
Priss + Nats B'day - WTDS Warehouse Mirrabooka3/7/04
Jungle Vibes - G-Spot Nightclub (2:30-4am Jungle Rollers set)3/7/04
Overdrive - Racket Nightclub (Breaks set 11-12am)4/7/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (11-12am Upfront Dark D'n'B set)6/7/04
Khemistry - WTDS Studios Mirrabooka (Live PA w/FaNaTiK)6/7/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel13/7/04
Free4All - Big Apple (B2B Hard Dance w/Weavy 5-6am set)17/7/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (10-11pm set)20/7/04
B.P.M ROAR Sessions - RTRFM 92.1FM22/7/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel27/7/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel3/8/04
R.O.A.R 'Xmas In July Oops August' Special - Hyde Park Hotel10/8/04
D.B.A (1-3:30am B2B w/Madness D'n'B + Jungle) - Racket Club13/8/04
Grazin' Guns (12-1am '95-'98 Trance + Epic Dream set) - Heat VIP14/8/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (Dark Breaks 8-9pm set)17/8/04
D.B.A (1-2:40am D'n'B + Jungle set) - Racket Club20/8/04
Out Of Order [feat.DJ Fenix (Sydney)] ('92-'93 Rave Classics 9-10pm set) - WTDS Complex21/8/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel ('92-'93 Breaks + Rave set 10-11pm)24/8/04
B.P.M ROAR Sessions - RTRFM 92.1FM26/7/04
Vanishing Point - Racket Club (+ FaNaTiK Live PA) - Nick's Farewell27/8/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel31/8/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (HARD Gabba set)7/9/04
Digital Injection - WTDS Complex ('93-'98 Bangin HaRdCoRe set)11/9/04
R.O.A. - Hyde Park Hotel (11-12am Breaks set)14/9/04
B.P.M ROAR - RTRFM 92.1FM16/9/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel21/9/04
R.O.A.R - Hyde Park Hotel (HARD Gabba set 11-12am)28/9/04
B.P.M ROAR Sessions - RTRFM 92.1FM14/10/04
Old Skool Sessions II - Monkey Bar [feat.DJ Unknown (UK)] (Desert Storm set 4-5am)16/10/04
B.P.M ROAR Sessions - RTRFM 92.1FM12/11/04
Back To The Future II - Monkey Bar13/11/04
Ruff Knite 3rd Birthday - Monkey Bar19/11/04
Nu Energy Collective Tour 2004 (w/Sharkey(UK) & Kevin Energy(UK) - Monkey Bar ('93 darkside 3-4am)3/12/04
High Contrast - Heat Nightclub ('93 Darkside 4:30-6am)4/12/04
Teknoscape Xmas Party - Heat Nightclub17/12/04
MFi Xmas Party - Belmont Warehouse18/12/04
Stingin The ROAR - Hyde Park Hotel28/12/04
Intensity 2004/05 NYE - Swan Barracks31/12/04
B.P.M ROAR Sessions - RTRFM 92.1FM27/01/05
R.O.A.R Producers Special - Hyde Park Hotel01/02/05
Underground Movement - TBA12/02/05
Dom & Roland (UK) (94-96 dark Jungle 1:30am-2:45am) - Heat Nightclub19/02/05
S.O.S (HaRdCoRe Set 1-2am) NuVibe Nightclub25/02/05
S.O.S ('93-'98 Gabba Set 2-3am) - NuVibe Nightclub4/03/05
B.P.M ROAR Sessions - RTRFM 92.1FM3/03/05
R.O.A.R Special (Dark Breaks Set) - Hyde Park Hotel15/03/05
B.P.M ROAR Sessions - RTRFM 92.1FM7/04/05
S.O.S (D'n'B Set 12-1am) - NuVibe Nightclub8/04/05
R.O.A.R Sessions Old Skool Special (92-93 breakbeat set) - Hyde Park Hotel12/04/05
S.O.S (Hardstyle Set 4-5am) - NuVibe Nightclub22/04/05
S.O.S (Hard Techno Set 12-1am) - NuVibe Nightclub29/04/05
Old School Sessions III (b2b w/Weavy '92 Rave 4-5am) - Heat Nightclub30/04/05
S.O.S (Old Skool Special 1-2am) - NuVibe Nightclub13/05/05
S.O.S (Dark Breaks Set 10-11pm) - NuVibe Nightclub3/06/05
Friction Opening (Dark Techno/aCiD Set 3-4am) - NuVibe Nightclub4/06/05
Special @ S.O.S (Hard Gabba Set 2-3am)- NuVibe Nightclub10/06/05
Friction (Hard Techno/aCiD Set 11-12am) - NuVibe Nightclub11/06/05
Hard Wars - (w/Paul Holden & Fenix - HardStyle Set B2B w/Mayhem 4-5am) - Rise Nightclub17/06/05
Friction (Hard Techno/aCiD Set 3-4am) - NuVibe Nightclub18/06/05
Revolution Opening (HaRdCORe/Hardstyle Set 4:30-6am) - Rise Nightclub25/06/05
Selektion Pt.II - NuVibe Nightclub15/07/05
Final XS Production (B2B Hardstyle w/Darkside 8-9pm) - Cleaver St Warehouse15/07/05
Revolution (HaRdCORe/Hardstyle Set 4:30-6am) - Rise Nightclub16/07/05
R.O.A.R Sessions - Hyde Park Hotel19/07/05
R.O.A.R @ S.O.S - NuVibe Nightclub22/07/05
Revolution - (Hardstyle Set 4:30-6am) - Rise Nightclub30/07/05
Revolution - (Hardstyle Set 4-5am) - Rise Nightclub13/08/05
S.O.S Re-Opening - NuVibe Nightclub26/08/05
Revolution - (HaRdCoRe Set 4:30-6am) - Rise Nightclub27/08/05
S.O.S ('93 Darkside 11-12am) - NuVibe Nightclub9/09/05
Revolution (Hardstyle Set 4:30-6am) - Rise Nightclub17/09/05
Rufknite 4th Birthday - (Jungle Techno Set B2B w/Mental + Rino) - Heat Nightclub24/09/05
Godspeed Tour (Old Skool Set) - Metros Nightclub25/09/05
R.O.A.R Sessions - Hyde Park Hotel27/09/05
R.O.A.R @ S.O.S - NuVibe Nightclub30/09/05
Hard Wars EP.II (HardStyle set B2B w/Mayhem) - Rise Nightclub14/10/05
MindStorm II (Hard Techno set B2B w/Mayhem) - G-Spot Nightclub22/10/05
S.O.S - Birthday Special (Techno/aCid 1-2am) - NuVibe Nightclub28/10/05
Pandemonium feat Dom+Roland (UK) (Old School 9-10pm) - Cleaver Tce Warehouse31/12/05
Exodus (Classic Rave/Gabba 12-1am) - Old Berlin31/12/05
Trafik School OEP Birthday Special (D'n'B 4:30-6am) - Heat Nightclub14/01/06
Total Recall Nine Special (D'n'B 9pm-10:30pm) - Space Bar3/03/06
Enjoi (90's Gabba 11pm-12am) - G.B.T12/04/06
Diz'play - feat Pendulum (UK) AllAge Special (HaRdCoRe 5pm-6pm) - Heat Nightclub16/04/06
Enjoi Opening (Dark D'n'B B2B w/Madness+Mental 12am-1am) - G.B.T24/05/06
Enjoi (1993 Darkside B2B w/Mental 9pm-10pm) - G.B.T7/06/06
Enjoi (Dark Breaks 11pm-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup28/06/06
S.O.S (Dark Breaks set 11pm-12am) - Studio 7 Club Belmont30/06/06
S.O.S (Hard DnB set B2B w/Elpha 12pm-1am) - Studio 7 Club Belmont7/07/06
S.O.S Hard Techno/aCiD/Hardstyle set (1am-2am) - Studio 7 Club Belmont14/07/06
S.O.S (93 Darkside/Bangin set 1am-2am) - Studio 7 Club Belmont11/08/06
Enjoi (HaRd Breaks set) - G.B.T Joondalup16/08/06
S.O.S (Dark D'n'B B2B w/Elpha) - Studio 7 Club Belmont18/08/06
Strawberry Fields 8 (B2B w/Rob Fender & Hard Rave set) - Base Nightclub2/09/06
S.O.S (Hardstyle set 2-3am) - Studio 7 Club Belmont22/09/06
Commercial Resistance (Bangin Gabba Set 1-2am) - Secret Location - SOS6/10/06
Unnamed Doof - Secret Location TBA - postponed14/10/06
Enjoi (Dark D'n'B 10-11pm & Bangin Gabba B2B w/Ol'Bill 12-1am) - G.B.T Joondalup18/10/06
Enjoi (Hardstyle 11-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup25/10/06
Birthday Bash III (Old Skool B2B w/Versetyle) - FORCE Warehouse Maddington29/10/06
Enjoi (HaRdCoRe 10-11pm) - G.B.T Joondalup1/11/06
Enjoi (Hardstyle 11-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup15/11/06
Enjoi (Dark Breaks 11-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup22/11/06
Enjoi (Dark Breaks 10-11pm) - G.B.T Joondalup29/11/06
Enjoi (Gabba 11-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup6/12/06
Medicinal Purposes ('92-'93 set B2B w/Splinke) - Church Nightclub8/12/06
Enjoi (Dark D'n'B 11-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup13/12/06
Enjoi (Hardcore 11-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup20/12/06
Enjoi FiNaL (Hardstyle 11-12am) - G.B.T Joondalup27/12/06
Sunrise (92-93 B2B w/Brian Gee 10-11pm) - KidzLand Bassendean31/12/06
Absolute HaRdCoRe (Hardstyle/Gabba 1-2am) - Hills Doof12/01/07
Velocity Oz Day (Hardstyle 2.30-3.30am) - Woodman Point27/01/07
Broken Memories 15yrs Of DnB Special (94-96 Jungle/DnB 10-11pm) - The Nine23/02/07
GodSpeed White Night feat.Hixxy (UK), Styles (UK), Breeze (UK), Re-Con (UK), Slipmatt (UK) (92-94 Old Skool B2B w/Gooch 5-6am) - Skate International Joondalup23/02/07
Nexus (Dark Breaks set 1-2am) - Heat Nightclub2/03/07
Virus feat.Infected Mushroom (Israel), Mark Norman (NL), Kamui (Ger)(Dark DnB B2B w/Elpha) - Capitol/Amplifier Bar8/04/07
DieHard I (94-98 HaRdCoRe 4-5:30am) - Heat Nightclub12/05/07
Reset II (Dark DnB B2B w/Elpha 10-11pm) - Malaga Warehouse9/06/07
HaRd BoiLeD IX (Hard Techno/Hardstyle B2B w/Mayhem 2-3am) - Heat Nightclub16/06/07
R.O.A.R (B2B Classic 95-98 Hardcore w/Gooch) - Heat Nightclub19/06/07
Commercial Resistance II - Malaga Warehouse23/06/07
Nicole's Bday (Breaks/HaRdCoRe set) - Rino & Renee's Gaff13/07/07
Total Eclipse (B2B Dark D'n'B w/Mental 3-4pm) - Heat/Total Eclipse11/08/07
Diehard II (Bangin Hardstyle set 2-3am & Classic Gabba set 4-5am) - Heat Nightclub29/09/07
Pulse (Hard Techno Schranz set 8-9pm) - Hellenic Stirling St30/09/07
Beach Party II (Hardstyle set 3-4am) - Woodman Point13/10/07
Ultraworld PreGig / Birthday Bash IV (Techno/Hardstyle drunken Birthday set 10-11pm) - Stirling St Hellenic Centre27/10/07
Ultraworld feat.DJ Hype (UK) (93 darkside B2B w/Rino 1-2pm) - Metro City04/11/07
Insomniak (Hard Schranz set 2-3am, Terror/Speed/Deathcore set 5:30-6am) - Skate International08/12/07
Diehard III (B2B w/Rino (2-3am) - Heat Nightclub22/12/07
SunRise NYE (Hardsyle set 1-2am, Terror/Speedcore set 5:30-6am) - Skate International31/12/07
Total Eclipse II (Dark DnB B2B w/Darkness 2:45-3:40pm) - Heat Nightclub27/01/08
Hard Wars VII (Hardsyle B2B w/Mayhem 3:15-4:30am) - Rise Nightclub8/02/08
Beach Party (Hardstyle Set 1-2am) - McTaggart Cove16/02/08
Destiny Old Skool Special (feat.DJ Brisk) (92-93 Rave Classics 3-4:30am) - Rise Nightclub7/03/08
Absolute Hardcore II (upfront Gabba set 3-4:20am) - Gleneagles Campsite21/3/08
Q-Dance (feat.Donkey Rollers, Zany, Dana etc) ***CANCELLED*** - Metro City23/03/08
Overload Q-Dance Replacement (B2B w/Mayhem Hard Schranz/Hardstyle 1-2am) - Heat Nightclub23/3/08
Fletch's Farewell (92-93 Old Skool set 11pm-12am) - Glasshouse (Brass Monkey)28/3/08
Duncraig AfterBall (MOS Trance set 4-5am) - Skate International29/3/08
Nocturnal (Hardstyle set after FaNaTiK PA 7:30-8pm) - Fly By Night Club12/4/08
Pendulum Concert AllAges AfterParty (Dark DnB 11-12am) - Skate International19/4/08
Energize NiteLife (Hard Trance set 11-12am) - Skate International25/4/08
Nightmare 1.0 Gabba Special (Gabba/Speedcore/Breakcore 5-6am)- Skate International25/4/08
HaRd WaRs VIII (Hardstyle B2B w/Techen 11:30-12:45am)- Rise Nightclub6/6/08
FORCE Forum Outdoor Party - GlenEagles Campesite14/6/08
Heroes Of HaRdCoRe ('96-'98 HaRdCoRe 6-7pm) - Next Level Records27/6/08
Nightmare v2.0 (B2B w/Reaktor 5-6am + 6 O'clock shock 6-6:20am) - Skate International27/6/08
FORCE Outdoor Freebie (Hardstyle/Gabba set) - Welshpool Street30/8/08
Next Level 3RD Birthday (Hard Techno/Schranz set) - Next Level Recs4/10/08
Reset III (Schranz/Gabba set) - Malaga Warehouse11/10/08
Reset : Reloaded (Schranz/Gabba set) - GlenEagles Camping Ground18/10/08
Insomniak II (Dark DnB set 3-3.30am & Gabba/SpeedCore 6-6.30am)- Malaga Warehouse22/11/08
Sunrise III NYE 08-09 - (Dark DnB 4-5am & Gabba/Speedcore 7-8am) Frobisher St Warehouse31/11/08
Hard Wars X (Hardstyle B2B w/Mayhem 12-1am) - Rise Nightclub9/01/09
Pulse Code Red (Hardstyle B2B w/ST 2-3am) - Malaga Warehouse13/02/09
Cally & Juice UK (Hardstyle set 3-4am) - Rise Nightclub20/02/09
FORCE Forum & Radio Benefit (B2B w/ST Dark Hardstyle set 2-3am) - Malaga Warehouse28/02/09
Next Level Records Sale Party (94-05 Jungle set 4.15-5.30pm) - N.Level Records28/02/09
FORCE Forum FundRaiser (B2B HardStyle/Gabba w/ST 3-4am) - Malaga Warehouse28/02/09
FORCE Forum Freebie ('94 Jungle/Jump Up set 12-1am) - Malaga Warehouse7/03/09
Nightmare III (B2B w/ST Dark Hardstyle set 12-1am) & Gabba/Speedcore set (5-6am) - Malaga Warehouse14/03/09
FORCE Reloaded Doof (Hard Schranz set 2-3am) - GlenEagles Camping Ground11/04/09
Hard Wars XI (B2B w/Animalist Hardstyle set 3-5am) - Rise Nightclub17/04/09
Fusion AllAges (Hard Trance set) - Cancelled2/05/09
AWOL Opening Night (B2B w/Bam Bam Schranz set 1-2am) - Bar Open6/05/09
FORCE Forum Doof - GlenEagles Camping Ground16/05/09
AWOL Night 2 (B2B w/Ol'Bill Gabba set 11-12am) - Bar Open20/05/09
TDI BBQ Bonanza - Postponed23/05/09
Old Skool Reunion (feat.Altern8 (UK) & Sasha Vatoff (Syd) 91-93 Hard Rave set (12-1am) - Villa Nightclub (ex-Heat)06/06/09
Commercial Resistance III (feat.Haze, S3RL and Ali Beach) (B2B Hardstyle w/Techen 12-1am & Speedcore shock set B2B w/Old Bill 5.30-close) - Malaga Paintball13/06/09
AWOL Night 4 (Old Skool Special) (B2B Classic 93-98 HaRdCoRe w/Reaktor 11-12am) - Bar Open24/06/09
Hard Wars XII (B2B Hardstyle/Techno w/Mayhem 3-4am) - Rise Nightclub17/08/09
Insomniak III (feat.Weaver, Suae and Tom-E) (10yr Dark DnB 10-11pm & Hardstyle/Gabba set B2B w/ST 3-4am) - Malaga Paintball18/08/09
Next Level Recs Closing - Shop Party (93-95 Classic set) - Next Level Recs08/08/09
Next Level Recs Closing - All Ages (Gabba set 2-3am B2B w/Steak) - Revolution08/08/09
Underground Sessions 1 (Schranz set 3-4am B2B w/Gurney) - Revolution15/08/09
Turbulence Gabba Special (Gabba/Speedcore set 1-2am) - Revolution22/08/09
Damage Control (Hardstyle B2B w/Techen 2-3am) - IMAX Northbridge29/08/09
Underground Sessions 2 (Scottish HaRdCoRe set 2-3am) - Revolution5/09/09
HaRdCoRe vs DnB ('95'-'98 HaRdCoRe set 2-3am B2B Rino) - Revolution12/09/09
Back2Basics (Hardstyle set 2-3am) - Revolution19/09/09
Double Trouble - Revolution27/09/09
Hard Wars XIII (Hardstyle B2B w/Mayhem 12-1am) - Rise Nightclub2/10/09
Turbulence II (Hard Gabba/Speedcore 2-3am) - Revolution3/10/09
Funkatronic (Funky Breaks set 10-11pm) - Revolution10/10/09
PHD vs Pulse - Revolution (feat. Hardforze, Soul-T and KYP)31/10/09
A Nightmare On James St (feat.Brisk (UK) Classic HaRdCoRe set 3.30-4.45am) - Rise Nightclub13/11/09
The HaRdCoRe Remedy (feat.Uplift (UK), SC@R (UK), DJ S3RL (QLD) - Gabba set B2B w/Trallor 3-4am) - Jandakot Warehouse20/11/09
Perth Reunion II Back Again - Villa Nightclub (ex-Heat)21/11/09
Energize Boxing Day Battle - Revolution Nightclub26/12/09
Sunrise NYE 09/10 - Kidzland (Dark DnB 3-4am, Gabba/Speedcore 6-7am)31/12/09
Hard Wars XIV (Hardstyle B2B w/Techen 3-4am) - Rise01/01/10
Revolution Guest Special - Hutcho (Hardstyle 12-1am) - Rise16/01/10
Sunrise Reloaded Doof (bangin Hardstyle 4-5am) - GlenEagles16/01/10
Turbulence III (Hard Gabba/Metalcore 12-1am) - Revolution Nightclub23/01/10
Overload 18+ (Bangin Hardstyle 8.30-9pm) - Manhattans Bar25/01/10
Friction (10pm-11pm Breaks set) - Velvet Lounge18/02/10
Hard Dance 4 Haiti - Revolution Nightclub6/03/10
Showtek (NL) (Hardstyle set 10.30-11.30pm) - Rise Nightclub12/03/10
FORCE Doof - GlenEagles Bush Camp2/04/10
Hard Wars XV (bangin Hardstyle set B2B w/Steven Tranzor 12-1am) - Rise Nightclub9/04/10
GLOW Re-Launched - Warehouse Burswood (bangin Gabba set 4-5am)17/04/10
Revolution Guest Special - Hutcho (hard & dark Hardstyle 11.30-1am) - Rise Nightclub24/04/10
Master & Servant (feat.Proteus & Frisky) (bangin Hardstyle/techno set 3-4am) - Rise Nightclub14/05/10
Overload II 18+ HaRDCoRe Mayhem (92-94 Gabba Special 9.30-10pm) - Manhattans Bar29/05/10
(The Very Last) Turbulence 4 (Hard Gabba 12-1am) - Revs Nightclub6/06/10
Old School Jungle Party (10yrs Of Darkside DnB 1-2am) - AmBar Nightclub18/06/10
OurStyle Opening (Hardstyle B2B w/Animalist 2-3am) - Rise Nightclub19/06/10
GodSpeed (feat.Beholder, Neophyte & Tommyknocker)(bangin Hardstyle/HaRdCoRe 4.30-6am) - Rise Nightclub9/07/10
OurStyle Night 2 - Rise Nightclub16/07/10
Winter Wonderland (Schranz set 12-1am) - Scout Hall Lynwood24/07/10
Reset 4 (bangin Hardstyle/Gabba B2B w/ST 2-3am) - Warehouse Spearwood24/07/10
OurStyle Night 3 - Rise Nightclub7/08/10
OurStyle Night 4 - Rise Nightclub4/09/10
Hypefest (Bootleg/Grindy Breaks Set) - Midland RailSheds5/09/10
Jack In The Box 2 (1990-92 set 1-2am) - Bar Open17/09/10
Bass Invaders (Hardstyle B2B w/Animalist 2-3am) - TBA18/09/10
Nightmare 4 - The Revenge Of Evil - Spearwood Warehouse25/09/10
Pure Old Skool (100% Uncut) (91-93 set 2-3am) - Bar Open15/10/10
Reunion III (feat.Slipmatt UK) *Postponed* - Villa Nightclub16/10/10
OurStyle Night 5 (Hardstyle B2B 2/Jason V 1-2am) - Rise Nightclub23/10/10
PHD A Trip To Outer Space (Bangin Hardstyle B2B w/ST 3-4am) - Spearwood Warehouse23/10/10
Hard Wars XVI (bangin Hardstyle set B2B w/Pace) - Rise Nightclub19/11/10
Ourstyle 6 (bangin Hardstyle set B2B w/Tekneeqz 3-4am) - Rise Nightclub27/11/10
Dominate Cyber Goth night I (Hardstyle/Gabber set 12.15-1.45am) - Gilkisons Nightclub4/12/10
Ourstyle 7 (bangin Hardstyle/Dutch HaRdCoRe set 2-3am) - Rise Nightclub22/12/10
Sunrise NYE 10/11 (Hard Gabba Arena 2 12-1am & Dark Amen DnB Main Room 1-2am)- Spearwood Warehouse31/12/10
Big Love New Years Day (Breaks set 6.30-7.30pm) - Beach TBA1/01/11
Ourstyle 8 (bangin Hardstyle set B2B w/Jason V 1-2am) - Rise Nightclub1/01/11
Rise Last Night On Earth (bangin Hardstyle set B2B w/Tekneeqqz 2.30-3.30am) - Rise Nightclub3/01/11
United I (Hard Trance set) - Bar 138 On Barrack15/01/11
Boom Box Old Skool 1 HaRdCoRe & aCid HouSe (Old Skool 92-94 HaRdCoRe B2B w/Dair 8:45-9:30pm) - Swan River Boat Cruise!28/01/11
United II Foam Party (B2B w/DJ Havok (SYD) Hardstyle set) - The Dusk Lounge5/02/11
Ourstyle 9 (bangin Hardstyle set B2B w/Jason V 1-2am) - Bar Open11/02/11
Ourstyle 10 (bangin Hardstyle set B2B w/Splinta 3-close) - Bar Open26/02/11
United III - HaRdCoRe ViBes (classic 94-98 HaRdCoRe set B2B w/Jnr 6-7pm) - Bar 1385/03/11
Dominate Special (feat.FaNaTiK Live PA + Gabba set 1.40-2.15am) - Gilkisons Nightclub5/03/11
AWOL Night II - Koppi's BDay Special (91-92 Old Skool set B2B w/Steil) - Civic Hotel25/03/11
BoomBox 3 : Hard Trance / Hard Dance / Hi NRG Special - Swan River Boat Cruise!25/03/11
United IV (b2b w/Streez 5-6pm Hard Trance) - Bar 1382/04/11
Ourstyle 13 (Hardstyle set B2B w/Animalist 1-2am) - Bar Open8/04/11
Ourstyle 14 Easter Thur Special (Hutcho vs Ravix 2-close) - Bar Open21/04/11
Pure Old Skool II : Tales Of The Darkside feat.Tango (UK) (92-93 set 10.50-11.45pm) - Bar Open29/04/11
Nightmare Fri 13th feat.DJ Smurf (Scot) (Hard Schranz B2B w/Gurney 9-10pm) - Rosemount Front Bar13/05/11
Operation Hardstyle (Hardstyle Hutcho vs Mayhem vs The Animalist 10.30-12am) - Bar 13814/05/11
Ourstyle 15 (b2b w/Mayhem) - Bar Open20/05/11
Magic City World Tour (feat.D-Black & S-tefan (NL)) (B2B Hard Techno w/Mayhem 3.30-4.30am) - Gilkisons28/05/11
Central Energy Tour (feat.DJ X-Dream (Syd) (Hardstyle 11-11.30pm) - Dusk Nightclub11/06/11
Ourstyle 18 FiNaL (Hardstyle b2b w/Jason V 1-2am) - Bar Open17/06/11
Back 2 Basics Rave (AA) - Secret Warehouse Venue23/07/11
HaRdCoRe ViBeS II - Bar 13830/07/11
Dominate : (feat.Noize Suppressor Feat.DJ Scratch (Italy) (Dark Hardstyle b2b Tekneeqzz) - Gilkisons Dance Studio6/08/11
United (feat.S3rl (QLD) & Keni (QLD)) (Hardstyle B2B w/ST 2.30-close) - didn't play was sick! - Dusk Nightclub13/08/11
Jungle Fever (feat.Mickey Finn & MC Shabba D (UK)) (Classic 94-98 Jungle set 8-9pm) - Rosemount Hotel20/08/11
JJJ Hyperfest - Cancelled Set (ill dammit) - Midland Railsheds28/08/11
A Nightmare Before Defqon - Rosemount SideBar03/09/11
HaRdCoRe Vibes vs Operation Hardstyle : When Worlds Collide (bangin Hardstyle B2B w/Darkstrom & OuttaControl 10.30-12am) - Bar 13810/09/11
Dominate October Edition (feat.FaNaTiK Live PA) - Gilkisons Nightclub1/10/11
Inception Chapter I "The Elements Of Sound" (91-93 Old Skool set) - Civic Hotel8/10/11
Jungle Shakedown (94-96 Jungle Classics Set) - Ambar Nightclub14/10/11
InSoMNiAK vs PHD (Drunken MESSY Hard DnB Birthday set B2B w/Cyberstruct) - Secret Malaga Warehouse Location27/10/11
OverBoard! (Still Hungover OuchMyHead Birthday set) - Swan River Boat29/10/11
King Of Clubs Launch (Bangin Hardstyle B2B W/ST) - Bar Open Nightclub26/11/11
HaRdCoRe Vibes : Rewind III (Classic HaRdCoRe 94-98 B2B w/A SMASHED & avin it Dair) - Bar 1383/12/11
Dominate 1st Birthday Special - Gilkisons Nightclub12/12/11
MaskARave NYE 2011-12 (12-1am PDMA Hall Of Fame Special Midnight Classic DnB/HaRdCoRe/Gabber/Hardstyle/Old Skool Mash Up Set w/MC Slap N Tickle) - Malaga Warehouse (Secret Location)31/12/11
Infexious - Black Friday Edition (aCid/Techno set 2-3am didnt get to play) - Club BayView13/01/12
Industrieel (feat.DJ Antrax (NL) B2B w/Mayhem Dark DnB set) - Beat Bar (old Bar Open)25/01/12
DannyDaze (Classic/Dark DnB set w/MC Assassin 11.30pm-the cops closed us) - Danny's Gaff!18/02/12
United 1st Birthday Foam Party (B2B w/Adrenalin (Syd) Bangin Hardstyle set) - Dusk Nightclub25/02/12
Dominate March Special (feat.Space Sentinelz (UK) (Bangin Hardstyle set 1.30-2.15am) - Gilkisons Nightclub10/03/12
Jungle Fever (feat.Aphrodite UK) (B2B w/Rino classic Jungle/DnB set 11-12am) - Villa Nightclub25/03/12
BoomBox 3 Pure Old Skool Special (feat.Darren Briais) (91-93 Old Skool 9-9.30pm) - Swan River Cruise30/03/12
Dominate May Edition (Hard aCid Techno set 12.30-1.30am) - Gilkisons Nightclub5/05/12
Kings Of Sound #3 Festival (Ragga DnB set 2-3pm) - Rosemount Hotel19/05/12
Interphase Recordings Special (Ragga/Grindy DnB set 10-11pm) - The Cube @ Shape25/05/12
Nick Skitz - (feat.Nick Skitz Syd) (Hard Schranz/Techno set 2-3am) - Gilkisons Nightclub2/06/12
TommyKnocker - (feat.TommyKnocker Italy)(Hard DnB set 12-1.30am) - Gilkisons Nightclub9/06/12
Electrified Perth - Opening Night (Trance Massives & Classics set 9-10pm) - Gilkisons Nightclub30/06/12
United - S3rl Special (Hardstyle set B2B w/OuttaControl 2-4am) - Dusk Joondalup14/07/12
Dominate Aug Edition (Special all vinyl Classic Gabber set B2B Ol'Bill 12:30-1:30am) - Gilkisons Nightclub4/08/12
Electrified Perth - 4th Night (Breaks Classics set 9-10pm) - Gilkisons22/09/12
Alpha 6 Special feat.The Pitcher (NL) (Classic Hardstyle set) - Gilkisons Dance Studio26/10/12
Dominate 2nd Birthday (Dark bangin DnB) - Gilkisons8/12/12
Decimation (feat.DJ Brisk UK) (Bangin Hard House B2B w/Clint Scott 11-12am) - BeatBar29/12/12
Sunrise NYE 2012-13 (Dark/Grindy Breaks 5-6am) - Malaga Warehouse31/12/12
Scope DJ (feat.Scope DJ NL) (Bangin Hardstyle ScratchUp B2B w/DJ Zimma 3-close) - BeatBar11/01/13
Pure Old Skool III (feat.Darren Briais exclusive) - Rosemount Hotel2/03/13
Dominate HaRdCoRe Edition (feat.Antrax (NL)) (93-98 Bangin Gabber Classics set 12-12.30am) - Gilkisons Nightclub9/03/13
Alpha6 / HMAS Hardstyle (Hard Breaks/DnB set 6-7pm) - Swan River on a boat30/03/13
TBA Outdoor Doof - Freo Secret Location5/04/13
Back To The 90's (feat.Eric B / Technotronic) (Classic Rave 91-93) - Gilkisons Nightclub2/06/13
Jungle Shakedown IV (Ragga Jungle/DnB 10-11pm) - Ambar Nightclub21/06/13
Dominate HaRdCoRe vs Dnb Edition (Bangin Gabber B2B w/Ol'Bill 11:30-12:30am) - Gilkisons Nightclub6/07/13
Classic DnB Boat Party (Hard & Heavy DnB b2b w/NVS) - Swan River Boat13/07/13
H.M.A.S Soul-T (91-93 Old Skool Rave 9pm-9:45pm) - Swan River Boat9/08/13
United for One Night Only (B2B hardstyle w/ST 11-12am) - did not play - Bar 13824/08/13
Rewind The Vibe (feat.Mallorca Lee/Ultrasonic UK) - did not play venue shut early - Gilkisons Nightclub24/08/13
Back 2 The 90s (91-93 Rave set 1-2am) - did not play venue shut early - Gilkisons Nightclub28/09/13
Dominate Oct Edition (feat.Mark N ex-Bloody Fist Recs/Nasenbluten) (95-04 Dark/Grindy Nasty Amen DnB 3-4am) - Gilkisons Nightclub18/10/13
Classic DnB Boat Party 2 (feat.Mark N ex-Bloody Fist Recs/Nasenbluten) (Dark Nasty DnB 11.40-12.30am) - Swan River Boat19/10/13
Back 2 The Old Skool (feat.Ian M UK) (Classic Jungle/HaRdCoRe 94-98 B2B NVS & Steil) - Gilkisons Nightclub16/11/13
Dominate 3rd Birthday (Dark/bangin Hardstyle Classics B2B w/OuttaControl 2-3am) - Gilkisons Nightclub6/12/13
One.Five.Zero (feat.Code Black (NL) & SUAE (Syd) (2004-08 Hardstyle Classics set 10.30-11pm) - Gilkisons Nightclub4/01/14
Slipmatt's World Of Rave Tour (92-93 set 11-12am) - Bar 138 / Gilkisons Nightclub24/01/14
Final Dominate (feat.I:Gor (PL) & DJ Satanism (Syd) (Hard n Dark DnB set) - Gilkisons Nightclub25/01/14
2014 CrackerJack (Phat Breaks set) - Riverside location TBA26/01/14
Kiddfectious In The Tunnel - Gilkisons Studio2/03/14
Industrial Strength Recs Aust.Tour feat.Lenny D (USA) & Stormtrooper (GER) - (93-98 Gabber Classics set) - Beat Bar29/03/14
Brutal Deluxe Event #3 feat.Tripped (BEL) - (11.30-12.15am bangin Old HaRdCoRe set) - Beat Bar20/06/14
Jungle Shakedown - Ambar Nightclub (Hard DnB/Jumg Up w/NVS & Dair 2-4am & Jungle Classics w/NVS 4-5am)27/06/14
Return To Tricky Disco (bangin 93-98 HaRdCoRe/Gabber Classics set 5-6am) - Osborne Park warehouse5/07/14
Antidote *POSTPONED* - Secret Warehouse Location TBA26/07/14
Defqon 1 DJ Contest feat.Dillytek *Did Not Play* - Stirling St Hellenic9/08/14
Brutal Deluxe Event #4 feat.Geoff Da Chef (SYD) (bangin Breakcore/Gabber set) - Beat Bar23/08/14
Electrified vs Dominate feat.Kid Kaos (UK) - Gilkisons18/10/14
Haunted - Halloween Raft-Up! - Swan River31/10/14
Overload vs Nightmare Underground NYE (bangin HaRdCoRe/Gabber Classics 1.30-close) - Stirling St Hellenic Club31/12/14
Bass Ingredient D&B Sessions #3 (Dark & Nasty D&B 6.45-8.15pm) - 459 Bar Rosemount01/02/15
Nightmares In Perth - Launch (Hard Classic 93-00 Gabber 1-2.00am) - Hellenic Club18/07/15
Berlin Reunion 2015 (Classic 91-93 Old Skool 1-2.00am) - Hellenic Club22/08/15
Nightmares In Perth Ep3 (Hard Nasty DnB 9-10pm) - Hellenic Club12/09/15
Nightmares In Perth DeathMachine Oz Tour (Bangin Hardstyle B2B OuttaControl 9-10pm) - Hellenic Club23/10/15
Haunted II- Halloween Raft-Up! (Bangin DnB Classics B2B NVS) - Swan River Boat30/10/15
Adding back gigs asap!xx/xx/17
Mysteries of The Crate March Edition (Dark TechStep History / DnB Rarities Set 11.00pm-1.00am) - 459 Bar Rosemount9/03/18
Mysteries of The Crate April Edition (Dark & Nasty D&B Set 9-10pm) - 459 Bar Rosemount13/04/18
Adding more back gigs asap!xx/xx/18
Ultra-Sonic & Public Domain Tour (HardCore/Breaks/Techno/HardStyle/aCid set 2-3.15am) - Bar1 Night Club4/10/19
DJ Slipmatt 30 Years Of Rave Tour (Classic Jungle/DnB set 12-1am) - Badlands Bar19/10/19
Resurrection NYE 2019 - Hellenic Club31/12/19

Forthcoming Rave/Club Dates (some details may change)

Event TitleVenue Date
Back 2 the 90s - Hardcore History Edition (93-98 Breakbeat/HaRdCoRe Classics B2B NVS 12-2am)Hellenic Club6/11/15
SkyFreq feat.Skynet (UK) Freq Oz TourThe Monastery21/11/15
Tha Kristmas Kracker (TeKnoLoGy CoRpS Silly Season Special)Hellenic Club11/12/15


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