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These are the reviews for 1993 events and club nights - finally getting round to documenting some older events!
Will keep adding when I can so keep checking back often to see another bit of Perth Rave history get posted.

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-== Escape [Sat 11th Sept 93] ==-

DJ's :- Blackjack (actually ex-Big Bad Head UK head honcho aka DJ Dynamo), Greg Packer, Chase, Darren Briais, Rhys Evans, Miggy, Hubba, Space Ace, Adil Bux, Rachel Harvey, Being, Mr.Whippy, Dan The Man.
Liva Acts - Technomaniac (Direct from Belgium), FaNaTiK Live PA feat.DJ-In-E-Fekt.
MC's :- Big Audio Derek, The Candy Man.

E.S.P Crew (Thomas V.Raeder's first promotions crew of many to come) with some of the OHM NRG Crew lads presented this huge event - "ESP will telepathically transport you to a new dimension in aural, visual and surreal surrounds utilising Australia's best light & sound amplification equipment and technicians - Escape taking you on an all new spiritual high!".

advertised 30K of TurboSound (would say it wasn't far off it was bangin in there) and the Oz premier of the 3 beam full colour laser...well there was a laser not sure it was that one though...might have been a customs issue etc. Think quite a few of the original attractions (Pyrotechnics, Video Wall etc) as usual just didnt work out fitting properly in the venue. Don't think we ever got a proper story on Technomaniac's non-appearance...something about 'they missed their flight' we got told the day before hmm. Overall though a wicked event in a carpark this big it really felt like the old London warehouse raves of a few years before...just one MAD night & a LOT of ravers in there.

Venue : Sunday Times Storage/Carpark, Pier St Northbridge 10pm-10am. An all ages event.
Tickets : $22 presale from Dadas, Scoop Boys, 78 Records, Body Music, Ego Trip Freo, Zomp Shoes, more on the door.


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