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These are the reviews for 2000 events and club nights.
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[ Overload ]
-== Overload - NYE Comedown : [Sat 1st Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- 4-Matt(9-10pm), Internatty(10-11pm), Mental(11-12am), Kevin(12-1am), Freestyle(1-2am), Leroy(2-3am), Menis(3-4am), Rhino(4-5am), Hutcho(5-6am).
MC's :- Presha, Interjecta & Corruptor, Nasty.

Special New Year's Day evening 'comedown event' presented by Technotainment Concepts (NB that is NOT us - we, since 1995 have been the Teknology Corps when we split). This event would've been better to have been in the morning and continue on from the night before, but ah well. A rather small (but lively) crowd was subject to a rather nice n hard/dark style of Drum n Bass, Old School and breaks from all who played. I for one was feeling the effects of a big one and judging from the look on some people I'd say I got off rather lightly hehe. 413 Murray St (The Factory) was the venue for this all ages event. Respect to those who came out and went hard for the second night in a row. Still it was the first party of the new century...so memorable in that aspect.


-== Auxillary : [Sat 15th Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- Splinke(10-11pm), Internatty vs Kaiser(11-12am), Greg Packer(12-1am), Live PA by Fanatik (1-1:30am), Frantik(1:30-2:30am), Hutcho vs Kevin(2:30-4am), Puff vs Mr.W(4-6am).
MC's :- Interjecta, Method, Ruffcut, Frenz-E, Pete, Preacher.

Well we survived the Millennium Bug so anything is possible this year...Storm Promotions(the same crew who presented "Droppin Breakz" events etc) presented this event which I think everyone expected to be good, but not huge...instead a massive crowd that really was up-for-it in a big way raved hard from start to finish...respect to you guyz. The banner decorations were really good and different, sound was good n loud and not often these days you get 4-way bins...so wherever you stood you got the same levels. By the time we fought our way down the alleyway to the entrance Greg Packer was playing a nice class mix of dark Drum n Bass, which the crowd was going off to. Next was the Fanatik PA...our exclusive comeback set (the first since 'Prophecy' in July 98)...we reckoned that we'd been in hiding for too long! Respect to Storm for trying something different and giving us a go. Gave the crowd some mad and dark Breakz, Drum n Bass and ended up with the usual Gabba Techno Terrorism ending - our motto : "Lock up your bassbins and bring out your daughters!" hehe There were a few new remixes and forthcoming release material in there, along with some old favourites. Frantik followed us with a set of Drum n Bass mixed with a few of his own and Static's trax. Good to see more people getting into the production side of things. Kev and I followed with a back2back set of Trancecore into bangin Techno/Hardcore...the crowd really seemed to appreciate the change in styles and we appreciated your response too! Puff and Mr.W rounded up the night from 4-6am+ and the crowd only just started dropping off just after 5am...good to see so many people sticking around so late. The Bridge Theatre cnr of Beaufort & Aberdeen Sts in Northbridge was the venue for this all ages event. Top party...if you didn't go shame, because you really missed out.


[ Shorn ]
-== Shorn : [Fri 21st Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- Frantik(12-1am), Kevin(1-2am), Hutcho(2-3am), Rousa, Marvel, NVS, Kaspa, Drastik.
MC's :- Pete, Method and the TeKnoLoGy CoRpS yobz.

A shearing shed in a massive (and I mean massive...big enough for thousands to rave in) sheep paddock was where this party was held. If you were welcome you should have had an invite. Well we had a lot of running around to do and people to pick up(there were six of us squashed in between records and lager) so by the time we got there (about midnight) most of the people had gone to town to check out Kenny Ken...personally it was so far out I didn't want to do any more driving than this! DJ Frantik was on when we arrived, dropping a set of hard Drum n Bass. Kev hit tha dex next and played Happy Hardcore favourites and a few requests for the birthday crew. In the meantime the Teknology Corps Crew drained the lager like no tomorrow from the large beer bins. I was on next with a set of darker Trancecore and Acid. KaRnAgE kept the crowd entertained for quite a while with a yabbie he had found outside...photos possibly online pending RSPCA clearance hehe. Rousa and NVS were next with some more Hardcore favourites (but Aaron don't ever drop that John Farnham 'You're The Voice' bootleg again please hehe!). We then spent the next 45mins trying to find the exit back to the main road in some of the worst weather I've seen in Perth...man was it raining! Good little party though. Happy 21st Angela!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Kenny Ken + Fearless : [Fri 21st Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- Kenny Ken + MC Fearless (UK), Mike L, Diamond D, Adrian Sardi, Internatty, Krank.
Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this, a rather eagerly-anticipated Jungle event, this was also the launch night of "The Drum Club" - a weekly night of Drum n Bass at Reload on Fridays.
Kenny Ken has built up his reputation and skills from the early days of the UK hardcore scene. He has played for World Dance, AWOL, Dreamscape etc etc etc. He has his own label 'Mix n Blend'. I might add that he is one of the nicest International DJ's I've had the pleasure to meet - really down to earth and friendly. I was out of town at Mundaring, so unfortunately missed this...anyone?


[Stingin The Tail 2000]
-== Stingin The Tail 2000(LoSt In LaGeR) : [Sat 22 Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- Karnage(8-9pm), Beechboro Crew(9-10:30pm), Kev + Stoat (10:30-11:30pm), Hutcho(11:30-1am), Kevin vs Dutchy(1-2am), Menis vs Dair(2-3am), Leroy vs Rewind(3-4am), Jayd vs Choice(4-5am), Dazz-K vs Freestyle(5-6am), general back2back(6-12 noon!).
MC's :- Beer Monsta Kev, Matrix, Assassin, Nasty, Pete, Dom.

Mental, Rhino, Puff, Mr.W and Greg Packer unfortunately never made it...either being lost(nice one lads!) or previous commitments holding them up. Interjecta and Preacher were also AWOL.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control...the party didn't happen on the 8/1/00. If we'd gone ahead and some idiot let everyone down - we'd have all lost out...that wasn't going to happen as this is purely a fun, non-profit casual party. Teknology Corps were very proud to present this return to the backyard party format which became so legendary from the first chapter in 1995. These were the classic underground parties that saw ravers through the last of the dark days of the mafia-driven scene. "If you've been to these or just heard about them via Alcoholics Anonymous, RPH Emergency section or Greylands then you'll know they're well worth the price you pay for the next few days (hangovers, an inability to pass a bottleshop without rushing in and buying a carton, random can-stacking etc).". Whether you were at them, wanted to be or have just heard about them...they're not to be missed. A rather unique way to experience this sort of lineup as well as in such a casual atmosphere.
A private house on Lord St in Eden Hill was the venue for this party. I have to say a big thank you to all who turned up (and there were many) - you were not only a good-natured, fun crowd but were also well behaved...nothing broken or trashed...respect guyz. Nice to see a very different mix of music and DJ's than your typical lineup and I think its fair to say it worked well. Good job by the MC's as well - keeping the crowd hyped (+ drinking all our beer!). All in all one of the longest parties I've been to for a long time...we had to search long and hard to keep finding beer I must say! Also respect to MC Interjecta for the quick flyer design!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Teknology Corps/Hardboiled vs Resin Crew : [Sun 23rd Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- NVS(6pm), Dutchy(6:45pm), Hutcho(7:30pm), Kevin(8:30pm), Leroy(9:30pm).
Hardboiled and Resin Crews united to present another special hardcore Sunday - and with only one day of work before a holiday why not here? Scallywags (Reid Promenade, Joondalup) goes off at the best of time on a Sunday session and this night was no exception - cheers to MC Pete and the crew for getting well hyped!


[ Mixmag 2000 ]
-== Mixmag Australian Tour 2000 : [Tues 25th Jan 00] ==-

Plastik Techno Room DJ's :- CJ Bolland(Belgium) - live, Ben Sims(UK), Mr.W, Michael Bishop, Troy, Puff.
Stateside House Room DJ's :- Lil' Louis Vega/Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez (Masters At Work NY, USA), Dave Jackson, Rudy, Declan, Dan The Man, Martin L, Dan Stinton.
Choice Room DJ's :- Dan Solo(UK), Alan Chamberland(UK), Chad D, Kreice.

Delirium in conjunction with Mixmag & Phatcity presented this, the Perth leg of the inaugural Mixmag Australian Tour, on this the night before the Australia Day public holiday, so the crowd could go hard...phew. Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. These sorts of events are always near capacity or sell out and from what I heard this was no different. Unfortunately I didn't make it...I'd have liked to seen CJ Bolland again...he usually rocks live. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== United Nation : [Tues 25th Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- JJ, Space Ace, Saul Bliss, Sam Allan, Dirty Den, Lilly vs Big Mac.

Raggabone in conjunction with the Leederville presented this event. "Back in 1997 Raggabone presented United Nation at the Embassy Ballroom, which celebrated the unification of Perth's Dance music clubscene like never before, putting the emphasis firmly upon homegrown DJing talent rather than jocks from across the Globe. Forget the recent avalanche of International DJ's and prepare your butts for a soul-stirring shimmy in your own backyard". Also the night before the Australia Day public holiday. Leederville Hotel was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Trancendance Techno Lounge Special : [Fri 28th Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ami Takihiro, Jayd, Koan, Choice and Eeyore.

"Ami's Trancedelic beats have been moving feet and attracting attention everywhere he goes, and his appearance at Trancendance (Ami's last WA show before he left on an international tour) is set to be the highlight of his current stay in the Port City". Pub price drinks and pool tables completed the vibe. Corner of Wray Ave and Hampton Rd in Fremantle was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[Wild West]
-== Wild West : [Sat 29th Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- Splinke(9:30-11:15pm), Hutcho(11:15-12:30am), Menis, Kev, Leroy, Finesse & Rewind.
MC's :- Assassin, Matrix.

Calibre Nightclub presented this rather different event. "Back in the days...Happy Hardcore & Jungle used to be under one roof. Now that time has drawn the two styles apart, we dedicate this special event to show the new and remind the veterans of how it used to be in the early days of breakbeat music". This was a nice cheap hardcore event for those who value the sound of the underground and love their breaks. A good-sized crowd packed Calibre for the night - which ended up very reminiscent of older Gravity days...which was nice, with many familiar faces - always a good recipe for a big night. Splinke kicked off the night with some uplifting breaks (Kniteforce-style etc). I followed with a rather darker side of 93 than I usually delve into...but it was nice to play some tunes I haven't for ages. I think that was the pattern for the night really, which was good - fresher sounds of Old School rather than just the usual trotted out stuff. Menis upped the pace a little with some classic uplifting Happy bangin & break sounds and this was continued by Kev and then Leroy. A rather unusual situation developed during Leroy's set - an event combination (see DJ Fierce review). Finesse & Rewind dropped a lot of breaks and early Jungle classics before DJ Fierce took to the decks until way past usual closing time. With or without the surprise international appearance - this was a cool night...respect to the Calibre Crew. Also must mention the 'mixer incident' during the last track of my set...where the mixer displayed '666' suddenly for no particular reason - spun Menis and I out to say the least...I mean it WAS a hard track but jeez...


[DJ Fierce]
-== DJ Fierce : [Sat 29th Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Fierce(UK), B-Jam, Greg Packer, Adrian Sardi, Diamond D.
MC's :- Method, Interjecta, Assassin.

Loaded Dice presented this big Jungle/Drum n Bass night, the Grosvenor Performance Arena, cnr Hill + Hay St Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. "Fierce is a producer and DJ in high demand all around the globe. His releases on labels such as 'Renegade Hardware', 'Prototype', 'Virus', 'No U-Turn' and 'Metro Recordings' have torn dancefloors apart worldwide. He touches down in Perth with a selection of hot-off-the-press dubplates". Well true to the promo blurb this was probably only second in heat to 'Temple Of Dreams' at the Freo Passenger Terminal in Jan 93 - the aircon was broken in the venue and the crowd and DJ's had to endure ridiculous temperatures to say the least. The promoters had only been able to scrounge one fan for the rear and one for the front of the venue and these very crowded around as people tried to cool off. Large water pistols filled with cold water were fired over the crowd as DJ Fierce ripped it up after Greg Packer's excellent set. I could only stand just over half an hour of going nuts in there and after that took refuge out side with the majority of the crowd...unfortunately the organisers had to pull the pin and move the whole thing to Calibre - basically before someone dies from heat exhaustion. Respect to both crews for making the transition between venues as smooth (and cheap) as possible. DJ Fierce then went on to rip up Calibre with some wicked dark breaks...not that all were brand new...but who cares? They were cool tunes.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Eardrum Torture 2K : [Mon 31st Jan 00] ==-

DJ's :- Selekt vs Kaotic Kid, Jay Cee vs Neurotic, John T vs Berzrk, Izrael vs Skeptik.

Special event by Hardline Rekordingz, the third in the series at the Fuel Bar + Cafe. Also featured a "worst shirt competition", with prizes being awarded for those deemed to be wearing the worst shirts so punters needed to be creative and dress badly! Hardline shirts were not eligible for the competition. I repeat, hardline shirts are not eligible for the competition...Warning if Mr.W turns up on the night however the competition will be declared null and void as noone can compete with some of those hehe (sorry man). Worth supporting, always worth checking out and dammit once again I didn't make it - the weekend just caught up with me. Checkout the official website here. Anyone please?


[Hyde Park Old School 01]
-== Old School Night : [Sat 5th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Hutcho('93 Darkside 10-11pm), Leroy(Classic Anthems), Menis(Knite Force), Dair(95 style).

A special event with pub-priced drinks as DJ Dair celebrated his birthday in style. "Now hear this prepare yourself as the Hyde Park rewind and play a choice of sounds long gone from the scene. Come down to hear the tunes of bangin Old School played by the finest selectas while enjoying the night with the people and atmosphere we have all missed". Hyde Park Hotel was the venue for this 18+ event. This was a cool party nice n casual - a bit like Scallywags really, good to see lots of the hardcore crew out for a big one. Hopefully more will follow soon. Happy Birthday Russell!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== The BIG Day Out : [Sun 6th Feb 00] ==-

Well what can be said - what a huge day...what a hot day...what an expensive day...what a day of squalor...what a day of fun! Well the biggest festival of Rock, Alternative, Industrial, Dance and whatever hit Perth. I thought I'd just add a review of the Boiler Room at least, as this really is (like it or not) Perth's biggest day on the calendar and so deserves mention. I have to say it was one of the hottest days I've spent outside in the sun and even the shade for that matter...phew.
Josh Abrahams & Amiel - A rather effortless set by him, 'Addicted To Bass' was probably the best received track by the crowd (but not by me) but some people thought Amiel flat in tone.
DJ Sean Quinn - Hmm not a good selection of tunes with some really weird/bad mixing somewhere in there.
Honeysmack - For me one of the acts of the day...full-on tearin' Acid 303 mayhem...just the way I like it, in ya face and just a little bit more hehe...sorted the ravers from the posers!
Goldie - Disappointment of the day with a weird choice of tunes, then when he went darker (about time) they were tunes most of the Jungle DJ's in Perth would have in their box...then there was the mixing - with which he himself was obviously not happy as he cursed and carried on as if frustrated.
Basement Jaxx - very House & classic club style set - cut short by a mixing desk blowing apparently. However was very well attended by the crowd who flocked to see them...too Club/Garage in style for me.
[Complete silence as sound system was fixed for around 10mins or so???]
Pee Wee Ferris - Once they got the sound system happening again (there would've been a riot if the Chems couldn't have played) he dropped a set of mainly Paul Van Dyk/Tiesto-style Trance/Trancecore...which gave a slightly different break between sets. Don't know why XPress and Hype didn't mention the sound problems - that was why the tent thinned out XPress!
Chemical Brothers - well probably the best supported set of the day...(although it was also the last one going so that helped) a huge crowd pushed and shoved it's way round the Boiler Room to see the lads rip it up with a few well-known classics (Block Rockin Beats etc) but a few new (live) remixes thrown in there went down well too. Possibly too controversial for the mainstream listeners who seem to expect identical trax to their releases, they played with their equipment and actually delivered a very unusual show - which I quite enjoyed other than the crowds.
Have to say wasn't happy at missing 'Atari Teenage Riot', N.I.N were also quite good - watched their set from the beer hill.
Bassendean Oval was the venue for this all ages event. Crowd apparently 30,000+ - mind you with all the scalpers, people going over/under/through the fences...who knows how many more were there.

NOTE : Claim to fame : Karnage and I OFFICIALLY (verified by door security) were the last punters to leave at 4:15am - and yes work Monday morning was hell to say the least.


[ Get Off Ya Arse ]
*Get Off Your Arse*
-== Mix Up DJ Competition : [Sat 12th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Lumberjack(2nd place) and more TBA.

The Melville Youth Advisory Council presented this DJ mix up competition. Each DJ (or team) got 30mins to prove their mixing skills to the crowd. The winner plays "Yac It Up 2000" (expected audience 10,000 people). Murdoch Uni Tavern was the venue for this FREE all ages event - our main problem being there being no alcohol available...which was rough for us judges who had to endure 4.5hrs of teasing, sitting in a bar with no beer...sigh. Well done to all the contestants who entered and put on a good show.


[ Heresy ]
-== Heresy : [Sat 12th Feb 00] ==-

Warehouse DJ's :- Echoic vs BJam, Greg Packer, Mystique, Diamond D, Frantic, Krank, Muller, JJ, Dan Lucas.
Under The Stars DJ's :- Dave Jackson, Rudy, Dan Stinton, Adam 12, Roller Crew(FBI, Waz, Devo), Paul Raphael, Johnny Round, Timmy T.
MC's :- Interjecta, Ruffcut, Method.

MFI Crew (Scitech/M&Ms) & Submission present this mainly Jungle, Drum n Bass and Big Beat event, "the last unfortunately at this warehouse, but keep a look out for the fattest venue in Perth coming soon".

Venue : MFI Warehouse, 131 Claisebrook Rd, East Perth. An all ages event.
Tickets : $13+bf, with limited door sales, from Central Station, Dadas, Planet Video, Mills records, Atlas Clothing, Red Tickets.


[ Circulation ]
-== Circulation : [Sat 12th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Chad D, Puff, Mr.W, Flex and Declan.
Local Perth dance website Subversal presented this event "If you are looking for a special night of House and Tech-House beats you should check out the very first Circulation party"...Plan B - (rear)Spirit Soundbar, was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Passion : [Sat 12th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Phat Phil Cooper(UK), Lilly, Dirty Den, Kriece, Big Mac.
Raggabone presented this, the fourth instalment of 'Passion'. Phil Cooper is known for "playing at Cream and Ministry of Sound, his likes include Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Soul and House. His DJ style is heavily US-orientated, playing deep primal and jazzy to strong vocals and thumping dark twisted Disco Beats.". Apparently well supported, Zanadu Nightclub for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Blazin v2.0 ]
-== Blazin v2.0 : [Sun 13th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Trooper(Melbourne), Echoic, Viper vs Kaiser, Detonator vs Frantic, Custom vs Binge, Skelly vs Adrian Sardi.
MC's :- Method and Ruffkut.

Resin Crew returned once more to present another special Drum n Bass Sunday event at Scallywags Bar. MPK had over 300 people travel down the freeway to check it out and from what I heard this was well supported as well. Anyone add a comment or two?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Cult : [Wed 16th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Mr C(UK) plus Chad D, Mrw and Big Mac

A special midweek event for Tech-House aficionado's out there the owner and definer of the Tech-House sound, Mr C, who played at 'Cult' at Zanadu Nightclub for this 18+ event. Mr C is most well-known as one third of 'The Shamen' as well as the owner of seminal London club 'The End', and the person behind 'The End' and 'Plink Plonk' record labels. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== The Drum Club : [Fri 18th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ SS + MC Warren G(UK), Klay, Viper, Frantik, Jay, Q-Ball, Rosko.
MC's :- Method, Ruffkut.

Raggabone Crews presented their second International guest at the Friday night Drum Club. DJ SS is one of the founders of 'Formation' & 'New Identity' Records and as a DJ and producer he has helped form the sound of hardcore through from breakbeat in 1991 through to current Jungle/Drum n Bass styles. MC Warren G (not to be confused with the commercial twit) is the vocal sidekick of DJ SS and has hyped Perth as well as international crowds at many events. Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Dream Allnighter : [Fri 18th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Innocence, Funkee Junkee, Influence, Splink-E, Internatty, Sample.

I'd taken a gamble and added this event to the page, if only to inform people of what was going on as I had many emails regarding this party and what was going on. It ended up being cancelled the day before due to a lack of ticket sales apparently...but the flyers (and corresponding rumours flying around) had been appearing then disappearing from the shops. The DJ's playing did not seem to know much and Red Tickets themselves emailed me a week and a half before the event to ask who the promoter was - not a good sign.
Dream is a group in the UK who have been putting on quality Hardcore events for years. I'm not sure if this was the REAL crew or not...I am still trying to find out. However I do have a 'Dream Allnighter' flyer from 1995 and it is IDENTICAL on the front as far as design is concerned. Music styles offered vary from Jungle, Old School to Trancecore etc. The Embassy Ballroom in Carlisle was the venue for this 18+ event.

A few facts :-

  • DJ Energy was never going to be appearing at this event
  • Matt Dec was NOT going to be playing
  • Some shops refused to sell the tickets


[ DJ Ratty ]
-== DJ Ratty : [Sat 19th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Ratty(UK), James Mason, BJam, Adrian Sardi, Echoic, Krank.
MC's :- TBA.

Respect to Junglist Productions and Calibre who united to present this special Jungle night. DJ Ratty is one of the great unsung stalwarts of the breakbeat/Jungle/Drum n Bass scene. His career as a DJ and producer set the standard for many to follow at events by Dance Planet, Fantazia, Total Kaos, XXX and Fibre Optic to name but a few, right from the early days of hardcore. He has produced and remixed many releases with Tango + Fallout and now runs 'Method Recordings' - a label definitely to watch out for. Often brushed over in favour of so-called 'bigger' DJ's, this man often out-mixes, out-scratches and outplays them with ease. This was definitely one set not to miss...and if you did you missed out BIGTIME as the man delivered a set of upfront hardnosed Drum n Bass, mixed with some recent well known favourites in an intricate and visually exciting display...never leaving the crossfader, volume controls or cutoffs alone for long. This is the way it would be nice to see more Internationals play...going out of their way to give the crowd something special...not just a set any decent local could play. This man is in my personal top 5 DJ's easily. Wicked man respect again. PS He's also a wizz at Fifa2000!! Calibre Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Platipus Tour 2000 : [Sat 19th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Union Jack, Terra Firma, Art of Trance & Pob and DJ Patrick Reid(UK), plus local guests including a live progressive beat set by Qube, with DJ's Jayd, Choice, Koan and Kriece.

Special World tour of the Platipus Records(UK) core collective. An excellent label, probably the most consistent in quality UK Trance releases and a huge influence in the Trance scene. A mix of live performance and DJ'ing - this would've been quite a unique night of music. What a shame it was the same night as Ratty...although apparently it was well supported...good as these guys put on decent and quality events. Bridge Theatre in Northbridge was the venue for this all age event.
See website for more info. Anyone give a review?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Planet of the Bass Tour : [Sat 19th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Heaven(UK), Dave Chambers(UK), Chad D, Puff, Kreice and Mr.W.

Delirium in conjunction with Spiral presented this event. "After her barnstorming set on New Years Eve, DJ Heaven returns to Perth along with the Ministry of Sound's Dave Chambers for a special gig Zanadu". Well correct me if I'm wrong, this is the sixth time she's played here now...maybe she should be a Perth resident? I'm sure some people wouldn't mind! Dave Chambers is a Ministry of Sound resident, playing House through to Hip Hop. Big one for the House crew. Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Teknology Corps/Hardboiled vs Resin Crew : [Sun 20th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Rousa(6pm), Dair(6:45pm), Hutcho(7:30pm), Kevin(8:30pm), Menis(9:30pm).
MC's :- Pete, Method and Ruffkut.
Hardboiled and Resin Crews united to present another special hardcore Sunday. "Features pool tables, big video screens, numerous beers on tap, friendly atmosphere and classic tunes, there is no better way to end the weekend.". Another night of mayhemic Sunday fun prior to work on Monday - damn. Birthday boy Dair looked remarkably more sober than predicted...practice makes perfect man? hehe...Scallywags Bar, Reid Promenade, Joondalup is the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Apocalypse ]
-== Apocalypse : [Sat 26th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Energy(UK), Influence(UK), Greg Packer, Freestyle, Menis, Matt Dec, Riot, Sniper.
Second Arena DJ's :- Hutcho, Rhino, Star and more TBA.

Well the Asylum Group was going to be back. After the success of the last two parties ('Fifth Dimension' and 'Millennium') they planned their biggest all ages event yet, which was to showcase one of the UK's biggest DJ's in the rave scene today - DJ Energy, an excellent Hardcore/Trancecore producer on 'Stompin Choons', 'Bonkers' and 'Nu Energy' labels. However due to some problems...firstly with venue changes from Redheads, then with certain rival party problems - which I'm not going to go into here. Suffice to say Asylum Group will be back in April/May with this party "when they can provide the party you ravers deserve".
Also DJ Energy was not to be in-country till 24th Feb, so once this event was cancelled other flyers saying he was to be appearing were rubbish.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Eardrum Torture 3 : [Mon 28th Feb 00] ==-

DJ's :- Jacen(out of retirement set), Mr.W(banging hard Acid set), Selekt, Izzy B.

The Hardline Rekordingz crew once again presented another night of alternative fun. Also featured the last set from Selekt, the Perth DMC champ before he headed over to Melbourne. Always something different for a Monday night. More soon on this event featuring DJ Jacen's return from the realms of retirement! The Fuel Cafe in Northbridge was the venue for this free entry 18+ event. Anyone go? Was DJ Izrael outdoing Mr.W on shirt style???? hehe


[ Strike ]
-== Strike! : [Thu 2nd Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Mirriam(Electro), Alec Thomas(Nu Beat), Illicit(Live PA with DJ - Breaks), Mr.W(Techno), Pace(Trance).
The Invurt Crew presented this opening night of weekly Electronica, with pool tables, videos & a live baseball machine. Something different for a Thursday night...on-tap beer and a decent crowd made it a good night! Sluggers Bar(next to The Windsor Hotel, Mill Point Rd, South Perth) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Drum Club Special Event : [Fri 3rd Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Peshay(UK), MC Moose(UK), Greg Packer, Finesse, Gusto, Merlin, Klay, Detonator.

Raggabone presented this special event for the Perth Jungle massive. Peshay is one of the unsung DJ's in the UK scene...both as DJ and as a remixer/producer from 1991 with artists such as Bizzy B, Baby K, LTJ Bukem, Goldie etc on labels such as 'Good Looking', 'Reinforced', 'V Records' through to more underground ones such as 'Paradise'. These days opting more towards a funky Jazz-influenced tip production-wise, I expected something different from a DJ who has often lived in the shadow of more well-known counterparts. Well he certainly did that in his first visit to Perth, but he also played quite a lot of tunes already on the playlist of Perth DJ's...opting for the hard beat, but funky sounding trax and every-so-often dropping in a hard n dark stormer. Rather a flat set overall, although no criticism of his mixing as that was good. We were there for just over 3/4 of his set and told he went a lot harder at the end...MC Moose spent much of his set down at the bar rather than on the mic but when he was on it, he ripped it up. Have to make a comment that the locals played some really good set on the night. The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone else?


[ S-Man]
-== The S-Man : [Fri 3rd Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Roger Sanchez(US), Craig Obey(Sydney), Sam Allen(Melbourne), Joby.

Boss Events in conjunction with Shine presented Roger Sanchez "The S-Man" one of the USA's biggest names in Deep House and Garage. Big one for the House crew - only one local though...unusual. Redheads Bar/Cafe/Club, was the venue for this 18+ event.
A friend of mine offered this "Sanchez was in a word disappointing...unfortunately that was all they were saying about it. Can't understand it myself as the last few times I've listened to him I thought he wasn't to bad at all." Anyone else??


[ Bass Generator ]
-== Bass Generator : [Sat 4th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Bass Generator(Scotland), Rhino, Diamond D, Greg Packer, Freestyle, Menis, Leroy.

A classic Hardcore style event from the crew that brought you 'XS2000' featuring DJ Bass Generator, who has played everywhere from 'Mayday' in Germany, to 'Resurrection' in Scotland and has promoted his own events, such as 'Judgement Day'. He is signed to 'Clubscene Records' (same label as Ultrasonic etc) and runs his own sub-label called 'Bass Generator Records' releasing tracks such as 'Technotrance' etc. A man of many mixing talents and a hugely underrated DJ. One for the hardcore massive and to those who have been complaining of too many Jungle events lately...this was their chance to support a different gig. Good builder sets from Rhino, Leroy, Greg Packer and Freestyle got the crowd hyped up for the man himself. A possible relation to Mark EG was one person's comment to me (he knocked over the monitor three times during his set) as B.Generator went nuts jumping around, pumping the crowd and dancing all whilst mixing a bangin classic Scottish rave set - sometimes cheesy but always hard - something the crowd hadn't heard in a while and I think it was appreciated. Menis followed with a set of rave and hardcore classics which rounded the night off nicely before Diamond D ripped up with some dark Drum n Bass to finish off. A good night, a good vibe and something Perth needs reminding of. Calibre Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Shouts out to Assassin, Matrix and Energizer on tha MIC.


[ Grind ]
-== Grind : [Sun 5th Mar 00] ==-

Room1 (all ages) DJ's :- 4-Matt, Hutcho, Mental (playing for Greg Packer), Kevin, Freestyle, Rhino, Chris.
Room2 (18+ area) DJ's :- Spiar, Karnage, Internatty, Rhino, Diamond D, Mental, Dan Lucas.
Also featuring a live PA by Fanatik in the over 18 arena.
MC's :- Method, Assassin, Corruptor.

Technotainment Concepts presented this two-room Hardcore, Jungle and Old School event at the Factory Nightclub (NB that is NOT us - we, since 1995 have been the Teknology Corps when we split). Promised a massive sound system, effects lighting, theme props and much more - basically ending up the same, this venue always is pretty ordinary. However, was quite a cool event, the all ages arena being the happening one on the night and the only all age event all weekend. The over 18 area was rather sparsely decorated with lighting and very plain, with a crap sound system as well. But people made the most of it...sets to mention include Karnage, Rhino and Mental's.
The all age arena was going off most of the night...cheers for the response during our live PA.
NB DJ In-E-Fekt was NEVER to be appearing...and was replaced with. There were quite a few errors on the flyer, namely DJ names and the date itself...It should've been the 5th as Monday the 6/3/00 was the Labour Day holiday. Matrix and Assassin doing the main MIC honours for the night.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Renaissance Summer Ball 2000 : [Sun 5th Mar 00] ==-

Main Ballroom DJ's :- Sister Bliss(Faithless UK), Dave Seaman(UK), Chad D, Dave Jackson, Rudy, Kriece.
Coastal Breaks Warehouse DJ's :- Adam Freeland(UK), Friendly(Sydney - live), Echoic, Greg Packer, Dirty White Boys, Smoulder, with Percussion by Jeff Be!
Plastik Techno Space DJ's :- Richie Hawtin(Canada), Mr.W, Puff Michael Bishop, Troy.

Presented by Delirium and Spiral Productions, this special long-weekend event was set out over three rooms. A nice selection of DJ's and acts. Comments to me varied from crap to fantastic although everyone agreed that the main room (Globe frontroom) was too crowded. This review by a friend :
"Last nights Renaissance also flattered to deceive, although Sister Bliss wasn't too bad (apart from two shocking mixes near the end, hell I can line up beats that well). Dave Seaman was OK but like Sanchez on Friday didn't play up too the high standards he has previously set. Can't fault his seamless mixing though, absolute velvet. The crowd seemed to be content, with no real exuberance...although a few breaks in the tracks generated the usual hand clapping and cheers, no whistles though. The Globe was absolutely jam packed in the main room and all up this room was the best of the night.
Back room - music wise was OK although I didn't hear too much, sound system was shite though, way too quiet. The supposed Techno room (Frost Bites) was good too although each time I went in the music was more House than Techno, and when I walked past upon leaving it was more US House & Handbag Garage. All up though I had an decent time, good friends and must mention some doll in white shorts, crop top and white FM Boots dancing next to us who was yum!". Globe Nightclub & Frostbites were the venues for this 18+ event.


[ Strike ]
-== Strike! : [Thu 9th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Miriam (Electro 8-9pm), Mystique (Jungle 9-10pm), Karnage (Drum n Bass 10-11pm), Alec Thomas ( Nu Beat/Trip Hop 11-12am), Hutcho(12-1am)
The Invurt Crew presented this night of weekly Electronica, with pool tables, videos & a live baseball machine. Another good night & a reasonable crowd for little advertising. This night was mostly a breaks & Drum n Bass night...getting quite dark at times. Sluggers Bar(next to The Windsor Hotel) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== 3 DJ's : [Fri 10th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ed Rush, Optical, Rennie Pilgrem(UK), The Dirty White Boys (Ralphski + Krank), Greg Packer, Diamond D, Echoic.

Well its about time we had these lads here...a huge night in the Jungle/Drum n Bass calender! Presented by Diamond D - Rennie Pilgrem is a rare treat, these days a big name in the Big/Nu Beat scene and in the past, part of 'Rhythm Section' with Ellis Dee & Ritchie T - a group responsible for some classic hardcore releases from '91-'95. He also has many releases with just Ritchie T, varying from bangin breakbeat through to Big Beat, also releasing under the names Thursday Club, Bionic Dog, Silicon Valley Def Stars, Philadelphia Bluntz, Nu Electro Sound of London...or just plain Rennie Pilgrem. Dropping a good solid set of Acid and Nu Beat sometimes bordering on the edge of Drum n Bass, he even dropped 'Dominator' and 'The Horn Track' in his set which really got the crowd going...especially me!
Ed Rush and Optical have been amongst the most influential producers/remixers in the Drum n Bass scenes on labels such as 'No U-Turn', 'NNU Black', 'Virus', 'V Recordings', 'Metro', 'Protoype' etc etc etc. Wicked dark and hard sounds, as well as many fresh sounds & mad dubplate remixes frequent their sets and tonight was no exception, with a few rewinds the duo ripped it up in fine style. One thing to note, seven of the dubplates they dropped have been around since September last year...so hopefully a release date will be scheduled for them soon! The Drum Club was the venue for this excellent 18+ event.
NB Just to correct the magazines...as they stuffed up a bit.

  • X-Press : The photo was of Ed Rush NOT Optical as it stated.
  • Hype : Rennie Pilgrem used to work with DJ Ellis Dee NOT 'LSD' and the band was 'Rhythm Section' NOT 'Rhythm Connection'
Also they all mention the 'Comin On Strong EP' as being their most sought after and rare release, which is not really the case...any reasonable UK second hand shop will get it straight away for you and for probably a tenth of the $500 the magazines quoted...someone wants to pay that much they can have my copy! - get it right people.


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-== B.T. & Morales : [Fri 10th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- B.T.(UK), David Morales(US).

Spectrum & Def Mix 2000 presented the "Movement In Still Life" Tour of BT, one of the UK's biggest House producers/remixers and David Morales, probably the most famous US remixer of all time (mainly mainstream acts such as Madonna, Michael Jackson etc though). Metropolis Nightclub Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


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-== Wild West II : [Sat 11th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Kevin(10-11pm), Greg Packer(11-12am), Freestyle & Dair (12-1:40am), Fanatik(1.40-2:10am), Bass Generator(2:10-3:30am), Hutcho(3:30-4:30am), Leroy & Menis (4:30-6am).
MC's :- Assassin, Matrix.

Junglist Productions return with another Old School & bangin hardcore event, this time featuring Bass Generator as the surprise guest and a live PA. A good crowd packed into what was a rather casual night in terms of atmosphere...more like a Hard Boiled really...everyone getting completely trashed...including most of the DJ's which for me was a shame as the sound quality did suffer as a result. Also Karnage + I would like to apologise for the problems we had during the PA - one of our PC's was set up to one side of the DJ desk on a temporary stage, but the crowd dancing in that corner were stomping so hard that the hard drives on Karnage's PC froze until the second last track of the set - ah well. Bass Generator followed up with a harder set than the week before but I think its fair to say he was a little the worse for wear with booze...stopping tracks here and there to shout at the crowd and dancing around...at least he kept em entertained that way. I followed up with a set of 92-93 dark breaks and bangin stuff and Leroy + Menis finished up the night with Hardcore and Happy classics. Also should mention one of the decks would just jump from time to time. Calibre (Globe) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Peaking Duck : [Sat 18th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ruffnut(Melb), Greg Packer, Muller, Echoic, Krank, Frantic, Internatty, Dan Lucas.
MC's :- Interjecta, Assassin.

MFI Productions return with another event, this time featuring Jungle DJ Ruffnut from Melbourne. Pica Performance Space was the venue for this all ages event. Anyone?


[ Final Showdown ]
-== The Final Showdown : [Sun 19th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Viper vs Frantic, Detonator vs Rufkut, Skelly vs Hutcho, Kaiser vs Internatty.

The Resin crew was back to present another Sunday night of Drum n Bass and hardcore. "This will be the last Sunday Scallywags event due to the Resin Crew's endeavour to keep our nights vibe as fresh as possible...we will be relocating to another venue in April". Scallywags Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. A rather disappointing crowd turned up to this the final night. However the night was a success as usual, everyone tearing it up and the shouts for one more at the end meant a good night had been had by all I think its fair to say.


[ Fruit ]
-== Fruit : [Fri 24th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Matt & Kayla(Sydney), MC Kray(Syd), Greg Packer, Echoic, B-Jam, Diamond D, Adrian Sardi, Krank.

Elemental with the Breakneck Speeed division presented this event. "Matt and Kayla have appeared on Triple J's mixup a record four times, played at the Big Day Out's Boiler Room around the country for two years. Kayla's particularly technical style of mixing and Matt's knowledge of production have kept this team at the forefront of the Australian Drum n Bass movement. MC Kray is often responsible for hyping the crowd with this duo and is considered one of Australia's best MC's". The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. We had to leave just before their set, but there was a fairly large crowd building up for the night...Greg packer's set rippin' it up as usual. Anyone else?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Danger Zone : [Sat 25th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Kaotic Kid, Jay Cee, Berzerk, John T, Skeptik, Izzy B and more TBA.

The Hardline Rekordingz crew was back to present another night of alternative musical fun. Always something different these gigs. This event also marked the opening event of the first inaugural 'Hardline broken stylus weekend'...apparently quite a good crowd turned up for this event in an unusual location - The Nitrobar for this free entry 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Cream Club Series 2000 Part 1 : [Sat 25th Mar 00] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Paul Bleasdale(UK), Kreice, Puff, Chad D, and Mr.W.
Back Room Beats DJ's :- Declan, Dan Stinton, Matt P, Dave Jackson and Rudy.

Agent Mad in conjunction with Delirium and Spiral presented this special event. Legendary UK club 'Cream' presented the first of three special events planned for Perth in the year 2000. It looked like being a pretty special night with a guaranteed 3hr set from longtime 'Cream' resident and Paul Oakenfold's partner in crime - Paul Bleasdale, responsible for the hugely popular 'Cream Anthems' CD series. Originally down for a three hour set he apparently only played about 2.5hrs - maybe he'd run out of tunes? PICA Dark Room and FUEL Bar and Cafe was the venue for this 18+ event and we missed it for some reason I just completely forgot about it...ah well what can you do? Anyone got a revue?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Eardrum Torture 4 : [Mon 27th Mar 00] ==-

DJ's :- Akira, Invader, Neurotic, Kaotic Kid, Izrael.

The Hardline Rekordingz crew back again with another night of alternative musical fun - two events very close together indeed. Always something different these gigs and for goodness sake don't take em seriously...just support it. "Bring on the hardcore mate". The Fuel Bar in Northbridge was the venue for this free entry 18+ event.
This review from Akira...cheers man.
"A smaller turnout than usual for this free monthly night of hardcore. John T started the evening off with a set of some of the darkest drum n bass I've ever heard, plus some gabber classics. Travis, craving attention as always, managed to blow his entire bar tab in one hit by destroying a table with his oversized feet. Invader, the shortest DJ of the night carried things along nicely with a well thought out set of UK hardcore and his mixing was spot on as usual. Next was Neurotic...the first time that I've heard him mix and I wasn't disappointed - for anyone that thinks newstyle is crap I urge you to check his mixing as soon as possible, he has skills to rival ANY Dutch DJ. Akira was up next and what can I say...played a mixture of UK + Oz tunes finishing up with Lucifers Revenge on Bloody Fist. Rounding off the night was Izrael, the brains (behind tha night) and this was easily the set of the night. Izrael was scratching and cutting up vocals like he was trying to win the DMC's. Despite the small turnout I heard some of the best hardcore sets that I've ever heard played in Perth. Some questions went unanswered, my main concern was why Paul needed to visit the toilets every five minutes (surely they have longer lasting cream than that). Make sure you turn up to the next Eardrum Torture and support the DJ's and the label that are genuinely putting back into the scene."


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-== Entity : [Sat 1st Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Jayd, Choice, Astro, Sonic, Zerocool, Hightech and guests in the chillout room.

Not much info on this event...but basically a birthday party for a friend that was to be potentially shared by many in Perth. Apparently it didn't end up that way unfortunately with a rather small crowd and (many said) a sound system that didn't do the Embassy Ballroom justice for this 18+ event. Still it does look empty if not completely full that venue...shame. Anyone else?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== DJ INK : [Sat 1st Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Ink(UK), Billy Diamond(UK), Frantik, BJam, Echoic, Diamond D.
MC's :- Method, Interjecta.

The Loaded Dice crew returned to present another night of Drum n Bass. The International flavour this time coming in the form of yet another Metalheadz resident - DJ Ink, who has spent much time as a pirate radio DJ before moving to 'Metalheadz' sessions. He also runs his own label 'Architecture' on which he releases, along with 'Renegade Hardware', 'Good Looking' and 'NX Beat'.
Billy Nasty has been playing over 8 years in the UK, holding residencies at Brighton's 'Bass D & Sphere' - I expected something different and more than likely darkside and they didn't disappoint, especially Ink who really did have some mad dark killaz in his record box. The sound system didn't really sound the best for the night but the Globe was packed with a good size (if unusual) crowd. Nice back2back mixup at the end of the night as well by Billy Diamond and Frantik so all you people who go home as soon as the international has played missed out - sucked in! Always well worth attending these gigs...top notch night.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Resin vs Digital : [Fri 7th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Skelly vs Krank, Viper vs Klay, Kaiser vs Sardi, Detonator vs Frantik.
MC's :- Method & Ruffkut.

Different Friday night format with the two Drum n Bass crews battling it out...few interesting pairs there...should've been a cool night for this 18+ event at The Drum Club (Zanadu Nightclub Northbridge). We missed it for some reason...this revue from Brett :-
"Many people came down early to witness Krank and Skelly B2B for a nu-skool breaks set for 2 hrs. The highlight of the night being the set between Detonator and Frantik...who definitely played the sweetest, most cranking set I've ever heard from him....look out for big things in the future from this lad. Frantik dropped 'The Bomb' off his own label 'Hard Afro Recordings'....which immediately had the dancefloor screaming for a rewind!!....So in Resin fashion he rewound this awesome locally produced tune...There's going to be some massive tracks coming from this label.
Things were finished with Rufkut having to get off the Mic and behind the decks to finish the night as the crowd were still pumping for more...the last tune dropped at 4am even to the requests of Just One More!" - thanks man.


[ Bushido ]
-== Bushido - Warrior Bass : [Sat 8th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Finesse(10-11:20pm), Greg Packer(11:20-12:40am), Echoic(12:40-2am), Krank(2-3:20am), Diamond D(3:20-4:40am), Adrian Sardi(4:40-6am).

Junglist Productions and Calibre presented this event. "May the Lord have mercy as they strike down upon thee with great fury and wickedness the uncompromising power of the roughest hardcore Drum & Bass around". Darkside was much the go at this 18+ event at Calibre Nightclub I was told...although not a huge crowd this was a good night I was told. We were far too smashed at Mental + Rhino's party to move...Anyone else?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Plastik : [Fri 14th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Jeff Mills(Detroit USA), Juan Atkins(Detroit USA), Troy, Puff, Michael Bishop, Mr.W.

Delirium and Nexus presented a big night for Techno fans and Electronic music fans alike, legendary Detroit Techno DJ, Jeff Mills (co-founder of 'Underground Resistance Records', owner of 'Axis' and 'Purpose Maker' labels) who let loose on 3 decks and a Roland SH-101. He is often renowned as certainly one of the fastest mixers in the world, often averaging 50 records/hr in his sets
Juan Atkins is often considered the originator of Techno, setting up pioneering label 'Metroplex' a stablehouse for Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes amongst others.
Well I billed it as one not to be be missed - and what did I do? Forgot about it! Ah well what can you do? Sigh...anyhow apparently very well supported and Mills dropped a wicked mix of Techno as only he quite manages to do...Anyone else???
Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Lunasea : [Sat 15th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Atom 1(Melbourne), MPK(Adelaide), Greg Packer, Mystique, Krank, Frantik, Viper, Klay, Muller, Dan Lucas.
MC's :- Method & Ruffkut, Interjecta.

MFI and Submission presented this Drum n Bass event. Atom 1 is probably Australia's best known (& upfront) Drum n Bass/Jungle DJ, having been one of the pioneers playing the style...(alongside others like Greg Packer etc here). He holds residencies at many respected Jungle clubs over East and has released tracks on a number of compilations, most recently on Formation Records...this is his second visit to Perth, the first being at the Infirmary in 1995. He played a wicked 2hr set of hard and dark-edged type tunes...unusual to have an Australian DJ play totally of Test Presses and White Labels. DJ MPK is Adelaide's best Drum n Bass DJ and a nice guy too...tending towards the harder, darker side he has played all over Australia and is always well worth checking out...although on perhaps a little late, there was still a large crowd at this event when we left just after 5am...good to see.
The Bridge Theatre in Northbridge was the venue for this well supported all ages event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Optimum Recordings : [Sat 15th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ink(UK 2-4am), BJam, Echoic, Big T, Adrian Sardi, Diamond D, Greg Packer.
MC's :- Method and Ruffkut.

Junglist Productions and Calibre presented this special Drum n Bass event - featuring the darkside of DJ Ink once more before he returns to the UK and a nice bangin hard set it was too...pity the people weren't really there in great numbers for this, the last night of hardcore for a while at this club dammit!! A good night was had by those who bothered to check it out though...nice set by Adrian Sardi as well. "Optimum Recordings showcases some of their premier DJ's with a preview of their forthcoming releases on the night". Respect to the boyz for this one.
Calibre @ Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event...the last there for a while.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Pied Pier : [Sat 15th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Pied Piper(UK), Lilly, Dirty Den, Big Mac, Jayd, Choice.

Awarehouse presented this special Trance event. "Pied Piper started his career at 'The Fridge' in Brixton, London and has since gone on to play at all the regular UK Goa/Psychedelic nights alongside artists such as Mark Allen, X-Dream, Tsuyoshi Suzuki and many more a master at 8hr Trance sets. He has played at anything from festivals to small parties in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Austria, Greece, New Zealand, Israel and Japan to name but a few". He is currently a Transient Records UK resident...and this is certainly a wicked label if you know it. Respect to the boyz for this one.
Reload @ Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Perthquake ]
-== Perthquake - The Uprising : [Fri 21st Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Internatty vs Kaiser(9-10pm), Freestyle(10-11), Dair(11-12am), Adrian Sardi(12-1am), Greg Packer(1-2am), Kevin(2-3am), Hutcho(3-4am), Menis(4-5am), Leroy(5-6am).

Fireball Productions presented this hardcore event. "Good Friday just got better". This was a pretty well supported event...really the only all ages thing this Easter weekend, featuring Hardcore, Trancecore, Old School and Drum n Bass. A party of the style that Perth has really lacked lately. I think its fair to say everyone had a pretty big night...the crowd getting right into it, however the lack of MC's did make some difference to atmosphere...Kenny L and Kev filling in where possible. Channel 31 also did some filming here for the 'VBOOM' show and that was shown on Thur 4/5/00. The Recovery party at Nitrobar (Norwood Hotel) 6am-12pm...had quite a few recovering people at it too...good to see. DJ's Dair, Sniper, Menis and Leroy playing there.
The Stirling St Hellenic Centre was the venue for this all ages event.


[ Interphase ]
-== Interphase : [Fri 21st Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Emmanuel, Jayd vs Choice, Kreice, Hawkeye, Tigger, Jeremy.
Live PA's :- Sensory Overload vs Schlerb, Qube.

E.M.A.S presented this Good Friday event featuring Trance, Techno, Goa etc - "Feel the vibrations on a cellular level with EMAS...it's all gotta start somewhere".
Always good music dropped at these...well worth a look usually. The Bridge Theatre Basement was the venue for this all age event.
This revue by Simon :-
"Upon arrival at the Bridge Theatre basement, the first thing noticeable was a wall of bass coming from somewhere inside. Past EMAS parties have been known to go to extremes in sound and lighting, and even from outside, it was evident this one was to be no exception. Once inside, the full effect of the lights and sound hit you hard. There were the Roboscans, six 218s, there was the biggest, baddest soundsystem I've seen in Perth since Advanced Engines. The highlight of the night didn't come from the setup though; it came from the acts. Qube was first with a nice melodic live set, then was the Awarehouse master - DJ Choice with his own brand of hard trance with a psychedelic edge. Sensory Overload vs. Schlerb were next with what I consider to be the most well produced live Trance and nu-school breaks set from a Perth act ever. Then came Emmanuel, followed by Yummy Recordings DJ Kreice, both playing some killer fat Techno and hard house. The intensity only rose from there, with Resonant Production's Tigger hopping behind the decks for an onslaught of filthy Acid Techno. Hawkeye was next, showing us once again why at the start of his set, some girl in the crowd yelled, 'we love you Simon!'. Ending the night was DJ Jeremy with a mix of Psy Trance, fat beats and Platipus Trance. It was 6am when the familiar sound of 'Amphetamine' tweaked its way through the speakers to a more than appreciative crowd. The lights went up at 6:10am to a roar of "one more track...one more track!" It didn't happen. Top show though, I'm looking forward to their next one."


[ Earthstomp ]
-== Earthstomp 2000 : [Fri 21-24th Apr 00] ==-

Doof DJ's :- Pied Piper(UK), A.B.Didgeridoo Oblivion(NSW - live), Nick Taylor(NSW), Jogy, Psybaba, TP Sam, Avi Galaxi, Choice, Jayd, Colby, Koan, Micah, Tym, Qube(live), SINthetic(live), Doctor Twang(live), Schlerb vs Sensory Overload(live), Harmony, Sista Sarsphar.
Chillin Chai DJ's :- Hitek Lolife, Colin Bridges, Adrien Webb, Auditory Spiral Crew, Dave Supagroova, Vellocet(live) and open mic stage.

Tribe of Gaia presented this yearly three day (Easter weekend) event with open mic stages, funky performance art, markets and free workshops.
See website for details.

Farmland down south (Nannup) was the venue for this all age event which apparently was well supported as usual, despite the long drive from Perth...although supposedly dogged by the death of a 14-year old due to an OD...probably a lot more to it than that. Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Mawfunk Too! : [Sat 22nd Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ben Jenke, James A, Chris Reid, Jason Burton, Hau Tran, Special, Martin L and the Raw Funk Crew - Declan, Dan Stinton, Matt P.

Raw Funk Productions presented this event featuring maw moody grooves and saucy House. Spirit Sound Bar was the venue for this 18+ event, which was pretty crowded when I walked past...I tried to blag my way in but the doorguy wasn't having it hehe...ah well. Anyone??


[ One More Drop ]
-== One More Drop : [Sun 23rd Apr 00] ==-

Frontroom DJ's :- Steve Mason, Dirty Den, Lilly, Big Mac.
Backroom DJ's :- Sniper, Dair, Splinke(11-12am), Hutcho(12-1am), Kevin(2-3am), Leroy, Menis, Greg Packer(didn't play).

Raggabone presented this special Easter Sunday event commemorating the return to the old DC's/Gravity arena - now known as the 'Taipan Room'. "Raggabone were residents at DC's for three years. During that time they staged many memorable nights - The Madhatters Ball, Cream Tours, Reunion, Tasty NYE and featured many internationals. Gravity played host to many international nights featuring DJ's such as Slipmatt, Slam, Grooverider, Brisk, Billy Bunter, Sy to name but a few".
Well what a big night and an alternative for those wanting either a break from Drum n Bass or to hear classic Old School + bangin style tunes. On a weekend where there was far too much on, the 'Taipan Room' and 'Soul City' as it now known was absolutely rammed to the roof all night for this 18+ event (talk of 20mins to get to the bar in DC's etc and forget the toilets!). The place was really going off in a big way and it was so nice to be back in the old (and best) room in Perth with so many old faces. My only criticism was that too many DJ's played Happy Hardcore on the night (so I'm glad I stuck to Old School) and in such a big block of 4hrs of it too. Greg Packer couldn't make it otherwise he would've broken it up nicely. Still a wicked night had by all!!!


[ Grooverider ]
-== Grooverider : [Sun 23rd Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Grooverider, Finesse, Detonator, Klay vs Viper, Adrian Sardi vs Greg Packer, Kaiser vs Internatty.
MC's :- MC GQ(UK)

Raggabone and the Drum Club also presented this event, featuring the return of the Jungle Don to Perth...so yeah they really cleaned up this night! In case you didn't know, or have been hiding in the bush for years Grooverider has played every big Drum n Bass event worldwide and is currently signed to Sony's 'Higher Ground' label. He runs his own label 'Prototype' and has been releasing tunes since 1990 with Carl Cox and Fabio on 'Perception', 'KMS' and 'FFrr' to name but a few - he has been coming here since Nov 1992 and this was the first time I've missed him...but I just couldn't leave the old Gravity to get down here...which was a shame. I was told he played some good tunes in his set...which also ran way overtime (but then again who's gonna kick him off?) although he did some weird FX with some trax as well apparently which some said didn't work. MC GQ is an often seen companion onstage as he rips up the mic and the crowd in his own unique style. A pity there was so much on this weekend, I'd have loved to have got there, but what can you do? Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this well supported 18+ event.


[ Gatecrasher ]
-== Gatecrasher - Global Sound System : [Mon 24th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Drum n Bass DJ's:- Illicit(10-11:30), Mystique(11:30-12:30am), Klay vs Adrian Sardi(12:30-2am), Greg Packer(2-3am), Karnage(3-4am), Hutcho(4-5:30am), Karnage(5:30-6am).
Funky House DJ's:- Ricky, Doug Disco, Bilsby, Boogieman Krack, Joby, Gully.
Global Sounds Room DJ's:- Scott Bond(UK), Matt Hardwick(UK), Binary Finary(live), Sean Quinn, Sam Allen.

Spectrum 'New Age Of Dance' presented this huge Easter Monday holiday event (crowds up to 5000). Quite a mad night, but there was so much on this weekend...I was really feeling it by the fourth night in a row! Still good idea mixing House, Club, Trance and Drum n Bass/Old School into one event. Email their mailing list for info. From what I heard of Matt Hardwick and Scott Bond, they played very uplifting House/Paul Van Dyk Trance...nice though and the crowd were having it. Binary Finary went off bigtime as well...even though off DAT it was nice to see em in the flesh. The Drum n Bass room was where I spent most of the night though and it was good to see so many people in there all night...good sets by everyone (Greg P, Karnage etc) I thought and a nice rare touch to see Klay vs Sardi like that, nice for me to get to play 91-93 breaks to a different crowd, many of whom had been wheened into Hardcore by Drum n Bass...respect to all who made it a great night.
NB Due to a stuffup by the printers there was some really bad spelling on the flyers...the DJ names above are the true lineup. Actually they corrected it all in Xpress then for some bizarre reason then put 'Old Scholl' instead of Old School next to my name...sigh what can you do??? Metropolis Perth Nightclub was the venue for this very well supported (rumours up to 5000) 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Eardrum Torture : [Mon 24th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- John T, Berzerk, Akira, Neurotic, Izrael.

Possibly the last E.D.T at this venue due to a change in management from May 1st. Also featured the worst shirt competition II - did Kev defend his title in my Megadeth shirt again? Or did Mr.W turn up in something as only he can and reclaim his true title?!!! FUEL Bar in Northbridge was the venue for this free entry event...just seems every time these are on I'm playing or at something else...which is a shame. Anyone???


[ Random Logik ]
-== Random Logik : [Sat 29th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Neurotic, Freestyle, Leroy vs Menis, Greg Packer, Kevin, Scott Brown(Scotland), Mike E(Holland 3:00-4:30am), Hutcho(4:30-5:30am), Puff vs Mr.W(5:30-6:45am).
MC's: Method, Interjecta, Kevin, Assassin
Also featuring a live PA by Violation (not sure if they played).

"Teknoscape and Unity in conjunction with Evolution Records UK presented one of the world's biggest names in hardcore, DJ Scott Brown. The DJ/Producer made an exclusive appearance in Perth for this big event (and what a treat...I have to say he's one of the nicest, most down-to-earth Internationals you'll ever meet - respect man!) One for the hardcore massive, not to be missed!". Well anyone who was at or heard of the Sonic Festival should be aware of Scott Brown at the very least, where he ripped it up till the Police shut the event down at 3am. He has been a stalwart of the bangin hardcore scene both in Scotland and all over the world, through his labels as well as being one of the most prolific producers in the scene, having released under many, many different names, the best known perhaps being "Q-Tex".
PICA - Dark Performance Space was the venue for this all age event and it was well supported considering the onslaught of events last weekend. A very chilly night outside helped keep the main room packed and a very, very (too) loud sound system pounded out the music onto the crowd. Have to say it was one of the loudest I've heard in ages...even with earplugs in!
Big shout out to Mike E - one nice guy (nice Oz souvenir Holden badge around his neck too!) who played a nice tearin set of Drum n Bass with a difference...suddenly dropping Hixxy + Sharkey's 'Toytown', then straight back into D n B!! Well it was different! I, like a lot of the DJ's though suffered from bouncing decks when people decided to walk right behind us...ah well you get that. Must also give a big respect out to MC Assassin for getting the crowd to chant my name (gimme an H-U-T-C-H-O etc) as I came on for my Old School/bangin set...one of those wicked crowd bonding moments. Thanks a lot for that Perth - respect to you all. Puff vs Mr.W rounded off the night with some nice bangin Techno/Tech House. Good night this one...well done guyz.


[ Honeysmack ]
-== Honeysmack : [Sat 29th Apr 00] ==-

DJ's :- Honeysmack(live), Puff, Troy, Chad D, Mr.W, Rudy.

Delirium in conjunction with Cyan presented this special Techno event. "Honeysmack is a legend in the Melbourne electronic scene, he is probably the most exciting live act to emerge in Australia in years" - hmm soundwise yeah he's very good...wouldn't say his live show is visually amazing but then the music is what counts and he bangs out some wicked hard 303 Acid madness...probably my favourite act at the 'Big Day Out' actually (ooer controversial there) dammit why the same night as Scott Brown??? (sigh). The Globe Nightclub was the venue for this apparently well supported 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== J-Zone : [Thur 4th May 00] ==-

DJ's :- J-Zone(USA - live), Dan The Man, Bilsby, Pawell, Kaotic Kid, Nathan J, FunkTank, Choppy.
MC's :- Tsunami, Skank, Optimus.

Ecko LTD, Fat Fluid + Off The Hook presented this Hip Hop event. J-Zone is an aspiring Hip Hop producer and MC out of Westchester, New York. His debut album 'Music For TV Madre' has been huge on the underground circuit for over a year now. He released his second album 'A Bottle Of Whup Ass' at the show and it also marked the (hopefully) temporary closure/move to new premises of 'Off The Hook' Records. Geisha Nightclub, James St wasa the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Yummy 2050 ]
-== Yummy Space Disco 2050 : [Sat 6th May 00] ==-

DJ's :- Phil Smart(Sydney), Mr.W vs Puff, Kriece, Big Mac, Lilly.

"It's time to dust off the space suit and refuel the jetpacks...". Phil Smart was for some reason the only Australian DJ to be included in the DJ magazine 1999 "Top 100 DJ's in the world" poll. There are quite a few who certainly deserve to be in there...ah well, no accounting for taste. Anyhow he's there for a reason...so it was fair to expect the best in Tech House + House this night from him. Apparently a well-supported gig, unfortunately I got the worse for wear courtesy the bar at the Globe and wasn't able to move anywhere else this night. Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this reasonably priced, 18+ event.
This revue from C.W. - "Rocked in just after 12 with a tight crowd pumping away to Puff and moving around the club was good. Within a short time after Whippy came on for a short stint of Vs , sound like Puff won with no sign of Mr.W after that , from what I saw. Big Mac played a solid set that actually revved up the night for the headliner Phil Smart - the only Oz DJ on the 'World DJ Top100' well I thought that was expecting a high standard. Started up well with a slow but groovy wind with crowd ready, seemed he was a bit hesitant throughout most of his set though, good start with a great wind up, the crowd were sure up for it. Kriece - like this guy, he took you on a journey + finished off the night well. Overall, crowd was tight...moving round was ok but wouldve liked upstairs open for a look down. Trippy stuff with those lights in the corners, visually awesome. Bailed out after last track bout 6.30 with a good vibe."
This very honest one from DaJ :-
"I hate House music. It is the blandest, most repetitive and ripped off form of dance music. I went to Yummy Space Disco 2050 just intending to catch up with crew and to hang around for a couple of hours (at $10 who really cares how long you stay). That said, Phil Smart rocked my little mind. Someone is going to have to re-define House for me 'cos that Breakbeat, Electro, super funky s**t he was playing couldn't be House or I'm going to have to eat a lot of my words. His set started funky and hard and just got better all night. By the end of his set I could hardly walk, but I was still bouncing off the walls and ceiling. His last half hour must have been designed especially for me. Breakbeats and 303 screaming madness among all of that bass and kicking beat. He can come back anytime. Long live surprising nights." - cheers guyz!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Large : [Sat 6th May 00] ==-

DJ's :- Darren Briais, Delicious.

The return of Berlin's favourite son to Perth was marked at this opening night of House, Club and Speed Garage tunes...a night featuring "An amalgamation of sound". Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event and a rather large crowd came in to check it out, nice to see so many familiar faces out on a cold night. Good vibe and mixing by the House 'dynamic duo' made for a good atmosphere and vibe this opening night.


[ Calibre ]
-== Calibre : [Fri 12th + Sat 13th May 00] ==-

Fri DJ's :- Menis (10-11pm), Leroy (11-12am), Kev (12-1am), Freestyle (1-2am), Dair (2-3am), Hutcho (3-4am).
Sat DJ's :- Jordy (10-11pm), Rosko (11-12am), James M (12-1am), Klay (1-2am), Viper (2-3am), Merlin (3-4am).

The welcome return of Calibre to Perth was marked at this opening weekend with of Old School and Bangin Hardcore tunes on the Friday and Drum n Bass on the Saturday...well-needed alternative of nights to attend and quite a few people made the trek to Metropolis Concert Club for this 18+ event. A good night had by all and I must admit Friday was a bit hazy for us all after a rather good boozeup at Facter's place beforehand!


[ Mixamatosis ]
-== Mixamatosis : [Sat 13th May 00] ==-

DJ's :- Hawkeye, Tigger, Micah, Dr.Claw.

Resonant Productions and the Nitrobar presented this event. "The Pines meets EMAS at this free pub party. Expect some of the best Trance and Acid Techno Perth has on offer". Nitrobar (Norwood Hotel) was the venue for this 18+ event. I had a quiet one Saturday after Friday night's onslaught.
This revue by Simon :-
"The Resonant Productions DJs were out to impress the management of the Nitrobar to ensure themselves a regular spot. Impress they did, and Mixamatosis is now going monthly. DJs Hawkeye, Tigger and Micah played hard and furiously to a large and eager crowd. Dr Claw was sick, so the three DJs played an awesome back to back to back hour at the end which got the dancefloor moving."


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Hard Afro Recordings : [Fri 19th May 00] ==-

DJ's :- Simon vs Skelly (Nu-Skool Breaks 9-10pm), Echoic (10-11pm), Rufkut (11-12am), Adrian Sardi (12-1am), Frantik (1-2am), Detonator (2-3am), Viper vs Klay (3-4am), Smoulder (Club V mixing champ 4-5am).
MC's :- Method , Rufkut and Interjecta.

Bass Agenda and Resin crew presented this event showcasing local talent and the launch of DJ Frantik's Drum n Bass label "Hard Afro Recordings" with their first two track releases 'The Bomb' & 'Flatliners' featured amongst others. Apparently quite well supported...I didn't get there unfortunately. I was told Adrian Sardi played a really tearin set of classic Bad Company etc trax, with Frantik following up with about 20mins of his own tunes, then playing a lot of Amen style break trax which went down well with the dancefloor. The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event.
Tickets : $6 entry on the door.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Wet Musik vs Trancemit : [Sat 20th May 00] ==-

DJ's :- Will-E-Tell(Melb), Simon Digby(Melb), Mr.W, Puff..

The return of the Trancemit series of events brought to you by Delirium as usual.
"Wet Music is Australia's freshest Tekno label...the brainchild of Melbourne DJ's and producers Will-E-Tell and Simon Digby...they have four stunning releases so far, as well as a live CD recording 'Wet Music Mix-Up Volume 1'. Their live show features turntables, drum machines, compressors and effects and incorporates Hard Techno, Tribal Drum workouts and minimal textures." Always worth checking these out! The first 200 tickets sold also get a free Trancemit mixtape.

Venue : Players Nightclub, Adelaide Tce Perth 9pm-late. An 18+ event.
Tickets : $14+bf from Planet Video, Mills, Complex, Central Station.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Cartridge II [Sat 3rd Jun 00] ==-

Dark Chamber DJ's :- Diamond D, Greg Packer, Echoic, Adrian Sardi, Mystique.
Jazz Chamber DJ's :- Andrew Vranjes, Krank, Clay, Mike L, Matthew Vranjes.

Hyde Park Hotel, Yomomo and Precision Tuesdays presented this special night of double-barrelled Drum n Bass mayhem. Something different on a Saturday, a good lineup and what more reason did you need to go? Hell it was free as well! The Hyde Park Hotel was the venue for this 18+ event, which I was told was reasonably well supported...Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Sublime Submissions Tour : [Sun 4th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Andrew James(Sydney), Jonathon Wall(Sydney), Big Mac, Lilly, Dirty Den.

Raggabone and Zoom Management presented this big House/Club event. "Andrew James is well known for a modern approach to music, smooth technique and the ability to provide seamless loops of beats while avoiding anthem overkill. Jonathon Wall is one of Australia's most accomplished and technically brilliant DJ's. His style ranges from breaks and Electro to funky House and Techno." This was the tour of these two 'Sublime Nightclub - Sydney' residents to celebrate the launch of their new 2000 mix CD.

Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event....Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Madhatters Ball : [Sun 4th Jun 00] ==-

Hardcore DJ's :- Splinke(8-10pm), Hutcho(10-11:30pm), Corruption(11:30-12:30am), Sniper(12:30-1:30am), Kevin(1:30-2:30am), Dair(2:30-4am), Menis(4-5:30am), Leroy(5:30-7am).
House DJ's :- Big Mac, Dirty Den, Lilly, Steve Mason, Emmanuel, Nathan, Jayd, Choice, Space Ace, Kriece.

Raggabone presented this classic yearly fancy dress ball, with this...the fifth anniversary event, these are always good for a laugh and full of atmosphere...well worth the effort to get dressed up!
Splinke dropped some nice breaks to a rather empty room, as lots of people decided obviously to come out later...shame. The room had started filling and kept doing so thru my set, and the queues outside were pretty bad at stages apparently. I opted for '91-'93 breaks w/some scratches and then went typically bangin at the end...and why not hehe. Corruption continued the Old School trend and played some nice breaks + scratched it up too. Sniper was next and he opted for his usual solid bangin set and it went down well with the crowd, who by this time had swollen to capacity. Kevin went for a Trancecore set and the uplifting side of it went off bigtime. Dair + Menis followed with nice bangin sets of Happy Hardcore, some classics and uplifting tunes which kept things going nicely till Leroy played a very good Old School set of '91-'94 favourites and the plce went off till 7am...my legs for one were very sore the next day!!!
Nice to see some old faces in there and once again be back in the best room in Perth. Recovery party @ the Viper Room (174a James St opp. Paramount) from 6am-late with Dazz-K, Saul Bliss and Kulture.

Taipan Room (old DC's + Gravity) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Sonik 2000 ]
-== Sonik 2000 : [Sun 4th Jun 00] ==-

Tekno Room DJ's :- Claude Young(Detroit), Mr.W, Puff, Troy, Michael Bishop.
Choice House Room DJ's :- 'Evil' Eddie Richards(Fabric/The End UK), Pure Science(live), Chilli Hi-Fly (Ministry of Sound), Rudy, Chad D, Declan.
Rhythm Bug Room DJ's :- The Freestylers(UK), Rhibosome(live), Dirty White Boys, Echoic, Mallinder, Bilsby + percussion by Jeff Be.
Loaded Dice Room DJ's :- Fierce(UK), Matrix(UK), Billy Diamond(UK), Greg Packer, Adrian Sardi, Echoic, BJam, Diamond D.
MC's :- Method and Ruffcut.

Delirium, Spiral, Loaded Dice + Rhythm Bug presented this classic yearly huge event. Around 3500 presale tickets sold always means a party is a potential sardine-city and this was no exception.
Globe Nightclub + Frostbites were the venues for this multi-arena 18+ event.
Feedback so far :-

  • Freestylers :- Really bomb set of Beats + Breaks
  • Fierce + Matrix :- Matrix ripped it up but Fierce wasn't himself. Bjam good in here as well.
Revue ASAP...although I could do with some input...I'll be honest I didn't get there...every report through the night was one of huge queues and bad heat.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Independance : [Sun 4th Jun 00] ==-

1st Level (Hard House) DJ's :- John Kelly(UK), Groove Terminator(Sydney), Kasey Taylor(Melb), Sean Quinn(Melb), Dave Kirkpatrick(Sydney).
2nd Level :- Interactive Space Room.
3rd Level (Funk) DJ's :- Dave Chambers(UK), Riki, Kulture, Doug Disco, Boogie Man, Joby, Gully.

Spectrum (new Age of Dance) returned with another huge event, featuring an equally huge lineup of House and Funk DJ's...just a shame there was so much on this weekend, as not everyone was going to get to see people they really wanted to.
John Kelly has consistently been voted in the Top20 DJ's in the world and his resume includes 'Cream', 'Gatecrasher' and 'Ministry of Sound', his compilation 'Retrospective of House Vol.1 sold over 250,000 copies in the UK alone.
Groove Terminator (live from Adelaide) performed some of his huge trax, including 'One More Time' and 'Here Comes Another One' amongst others. He is described as Australia's Fat Boy Slim.
Sean Quinn is probably best known for the track 'Dreams' with CJ Dolan as 'Quench', but also for being a very diverse DJ which has led to an ARIA nomination and work with Paul Oakenfold's 'Perfecto'.
Kasey Taylor's stint at Melbourne's 'Mansion Club' led towards it being voted as one of the world's top clubs by Ministry Magazine and he is often compared with John Digweed and Carl Cox. Kasey and Sean Quinn have released 'Vapourized Vol.1', a mixed compilation together as well.
Metropolis Nightclub Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Roots I ]
-== Roots Pt I : [Fri 9th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Leroy(10-12am), Greg Packer(12-2am), Darren Briais(2-4am), Hutcho(4-6am).
MC's :- Assassin, Hutcho, unknown.

Calibre presented this event, the intended first night of a special tribute weekend of the history of Old School/Rave and Hardcore.
This was a cool night, featuring the best of Breakbeat and classic Rave/Hardcore '91-'93...with longer sets than usual these days from all DJ's.
Leroy kicked off the night well and played a good solid set of Rave + Hardcore favourites which let the crowd build up and certainly got the place going in style. Greg Packer came on about 30mins late (after car trouble) and played a rather different set for him...starting off mainly with 89-91 House and gradually working up in bpms to 92 Hardcore. I personally knew a lot of the tunes but I think its fair to say many didn't and it didn't go down quite as well as say if the crowd had been old 'Freezer Nightclub' crew. Few nice little bootlegs in there by the man himself too! Darren Briais was on next and dropped a great set of 91-92 Rave + club classics...probably the best set (in that style) I've heard him play for ages. The crowd really rallied to his change in pace and was going off in a big way. Being a Friday night had taken its toll of the punters though and by the time I came on (4am) a lot of people had made a move home. Hence I only got 45mins of my set in before the club shut, dropping mainly harder '91-'93 Rave and breakbeat. A good night and a shame more people didn't bother to turn up you missed out. This night was taped and might be released in the future. Calibre in the MAIN ROOM @ Metropolis Nightclub Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Paul Van Dyk : [Fri 9th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Paul Van Dyk, Chad D, Charlie Ash, Dr.Bill, Simon Barwood.

Rise presented this event, featuring the sounds of P.V.D, one of the top three Trance (of this style) producers in the world (the other two being Ferry Corsten and Matt Darey).
This should have been a good night, his set last January certainly sent the O² crowd wild. I missed it due to the Old School night...but he was sure to be good, although he was late enough to go on at 3am and the $35 door charge probably reflected his large fee due to his new-found fame...which to me was a bit rich.
Rise Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Roots I ]
-== Roots Pt II : [Sat 10th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- B-Jam, Echoic, Greg Packer, Mental, Krank.
MC's :- Interjecta.

Calibre was to present this event, the second night of a special tribute weekend of the history of Jungle to Drum n Bass, featuring a look at the history of Jungle from '94 and Breakbeat from '93...with longer sets from all DJ's and a nice different lineup...postponed due to Calibre being shut down after a noise complaint. See Hot-news page.


[ Mixamatosis 2 ]
-== Mixamatosis 2 : [Sat 10th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Dr.Claw, Micah, Hawkeye, Tigger.

Resonant productions and the Nitrobar presented this event...a different night and a rare opportunity to hear Acid Techno all night. The Nitrobar was the venue for this free entry, 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Delirious Members Party v3.0 : [Sat 10th June 00] ==-

DJ's :- Chris Leibing(Frankfurt), Mr.W, Puff, Troy, Rudy, Chad D.

Delirium presented this event of course and the special guest this time was one of Frankfurt's finest - DJ's Chris Leibing. Leibing was a longtime resident alongside Sven Vath at the 'Omen' and continues to play alongside Sven at 'Cocoon' whilst also writing and releasing music on his 'CLR' and 'Audio' labels. He is well-known for long and intense Tech-House and Techno sets. Players Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.
This revue by Will (cheers!) :- Came through the door during a fast paced well held 'Troy set', the five or so people on the dance floor not reflecting the mix. Was followed up nicely by Puff in one of his 'when are you going international?' sets and finished off with a little repetitive and slow start by Chris Leibing but ending up nice and hard with a hint of House in there. Great night for the price, and damn loud.


[ Ascendence ]
-== Ascendence : [Sat 10th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Dr.Claw(Tech Dementia), Johnny Round(Tekno Lobotomy), Mike G(Jungle Eruption), Muller(Lethal Drum n Bass), Micah(2-3am + 5:30-6am Trance Dimension), PSI-Fact(3-4am Psycho Acid), Hutcho(4-5:30am Stampeding Beats)
MC's :- Kane, Gareth.

New promoters present this Old School, Trance/Techno and Drum n Bass All Age event. Something different and in a rarely seen part of the Globe (the old offices upstairs). Also nice and cheap event with some fresh talent on show...good to see a large crowd supporting the underground...this was a party for ravers BY ravers.
"Our mission is to unite the crews of Perth in a night of cosmic Trance, corrosive Acid bangin Techno and Abrasive beats...your mission is to experience the dawn of a new era and ascend with us to a new level."
This was a great effort by these lads for their first party (hopefully not their last!) and great to see a younger crowd getting into hard Techno/Acid mixed with Drum n Bass. The night flowed nicely all night although possibly a bangin Hardcore set might've helped things a long a little bit and broken it up a bit better, but other than that....nice sets by everyone I heard. Micah dropped a nice set of Hard Acid/Techno (just my cup of tea) that went off well with the crowd. PSI-Fact then mixed it up on the CD-dex and did a very different set of Techno...many his own trax and I have to say respect on a cool idea man. I then played about 25mins of Trance/Trancecore, (the monitors died about here - groan!) Acid/Techno and then finished up with some really hard stuff (as I have done a lot lately) on the Gabba tip...'Disciples Of Annihilation' eat your heart out!! Micah then finished up the night (we split the last hour due to the final DJ not being able to make it) once again in his nice hard Acid/Techno style.
See website for more info.

Globe Nightclub (upstairs above West Coast HiFi) was the venue for this excellent all ages event.


[ Capacitor ]
-== Capacitor : [Thu 14th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Zerocool, Rob, Hutcho (probably replaced by Karnage or Kevin).

A different night at this rarely used venue. I have no idea what happened yet as I was down south for a few days and missed it. The Loft Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Bad Company ]
-== )E|B( : [Fri 16th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Bad Company(UK), Clay, Krank, Diamond D, Echoic, Greg Packer.
MC's :- Sense, Method, Interjecta.

Loaded Dice presented this event, featuring tearin Drum n Bass producers 'Bad Company', a group of four producers (Darren 'D-Bridge', Danny 'Fresh', Jason 'Maldini', Michael 'Midnight' Vegas) who have released on many labels such as 'Virus', 'Renegade Hardware', 'Prototype' and their own ')E|B(' label. Greg Packer was rippin it up when we got into the venue, followed by Clay, then Echoic. Nice solid sets from all the locals warmed the crowd up nicely, although Greg should've probably done the guest's warmup...playing the harder of the three. After nearly not getting here (they missed their first plane) two of the B.C. lads DJ'd an interesting set. Although the mixing was not spot on (in some places really out...too many in-flight drinkies maybe???) the tune selection was definitely a crowd winner...playing many of their own trax and remixes, trax off their album, their 'Champion Sound' remix and even the original 'Living In Darkness' on 45!! Also fair to say a lot of the impact of so many wicked tunes was dulled by the nature of their play...they really did go full on from the word go and so many trax that when played in the middle of slightly less stormers make a crowd go nuts. All in all a good night, nice atmosphere and the place was really heaving at points. The Drum Club @ Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Wicked II ]
-== Wicked² : [Fri 16th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Freestyle(10-11pm Hard House set), Menis(11-12am), Paul Holden(1-3am Sydney), Kev(3-4am), Leroy(closed didn't play).
MC's :- Assassin.

Calibre presented this event, the (official) second in this series, the first since 1994's "Wicked" by Holden and Echoic at Sinatra's Bar.
"Paul's high energy happy hard sets have kept him in the game for the last 20 years. He regularly plays in all the major cities in the land. His production skills have seen his tracks on many a compilation. Paul is a true entertainer and guaranteed to be absolutely wicked!"
Probably fair enough to say this was potentially better suited to an all age crowd, it was held in the VIP area, which was not ideal by any means but the best the Calibre crew could do at such short notice. Thanks to the guy who complained this was the very last night here and so the event was secondary obviously to Metros...which is a shame. Power/amp problems dogged the night but a good crowd got there to see the locals pitch their best against the man from Sydney who dropped a typical 'Holden-style' rave and stompy classics/favourites set. Calibre @ Metropolis Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. I didn't make it myself...anyone else???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Trade Australia : [Fri 16th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Gonzalo(Spain/UK), Dirty Den, Nafe, Riki, Mal.

Spectrum of Sound returned with yet another big House night...this time featuring Gonzalo, the man who filled Tony De Vit's very big shoes at 'Trade' in London. This Spanish DJ (now living in London) has 10 years experience under his belt, his first production "Attitude" sold out in just two weeks and his next project is with top hard House producer Paul King.
Mailing List :- spectrum@space.net.au

Metropolis Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Potentially big - anyone????


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Cosmosis : [Sat 17th June 00] ==-

DJ's :- Cosmosis(UK live), Lilly, Dirty Den, Big Mac, Jayd, Choice.

Awarehouse and Reload presented this big Trance/Goa club night featuring Cosmosis from the UK. A very popular live act from London, with many releases on 'Transient', 'Return To The Source', 'Tip' and 'Phantasm' records which have been received with much critical acclaim. Very worth checking out. Reload @ Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. The place was very rammed when we got down there and going off to some wicked tunes in the 2-4am bracket (when we were there) from Cosmosis, as one might expect. Nice solid God/Trance really played with some feeling and it worked well...nice to see such a different crowd there as well. Nice one to the Awarehouse ladz as usual. Any more anyone?


[ No Flyer ]
-== Sunday Session : [Sun 18th June 00] ==-

DJ's :- Paul Holden(Sydney), Dirty Den.

Sunday session at this commercially/House orientated night. Leederville Hotel was the venue for this 18+ event. Saturday night he played a surprise House set at 'Large' @ the Globe (which was quite good) Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Large : [Wed 21st June 00] ==-

DJ's :- Satoshi Tomiie, Darren Briais, Delicious.

A big club night featuring Japan's legendary DJ/Producer. "He first had hits with 'Tears' with Frankie Knuckles in 1989 and has gone on to become a major part of the acclaimed Def Mix crew. His debut album 'Full Lick' takes the listener through a journey of music showing the world exactly how to create a modern Dance masterpiece. He has played Ministry of Sound, Cream, Pacha, Yello and Rennaissance to name but a few clubs in the UK". Globe Nightclub was the venue for this bug House 18+ event. I was too knackered...Anyone?


[ Abstraction ]
-== Abstraction : [Fri 23rd Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- LTJ Bukem(UK), MC Conrad(UK), Greg Packer, Adrian Sardi, B-Jam, Clay and Mike L vs. Doug Disco.
MC's :- Conrad(UK), Method.

Loaded Dice & Cyan presented this event, featuring a 3hr set from legendary Jungle/Drum n Bass DJ &&; producer LTJ Bukem, who has released many trax on his own, as well as being famed for his unique DJ style and for running the 'Good Looking Records' (since 1991) and 'Looking Good' labels. As well as releasing the very successful 'Logical Progression' and 'Earth' compilations. One of the main players in the breaks thru to Jungle and Drum n Bass genre...his 1991 tune 'Demon's Theme' set a new standard in breakbeat and still stands up today just as much as it did back then. It was a rare opportunity to see the man live with support from MC Conrad who is literally a legend on the M-I-C, having ripped it up with every major DJ and promoter in the UK such as Fantazia, Helter Skelter, Raindance, Dance Planet etc etc. They didn't disappoint either, with a large crowd packing the The Drum Club @ Zanadu for this 18+ event. It was nice to see many faces I hadn't seen out for ages there, although I'd say its fair to say many there didn't know what to expect of the man. Faultless mixing (aside from the odd stage bump from over-enthusiastic punters) along with Conrad's Fx-unit-echoed vox made for a three hour trip thru what is really best described as 'soundscape breaks'. Great night and for sure one for the spliff crew...respect.


[ Volume ]
-== Volume : [Fri 23rd Jun 00] ==-

Upstairs DJ's :- Abel El Toro(Sydney), Choice, Jayd.
Downstairs DJ's :- HiTek Lolife, Pete B + Sneake(Byron Bay) with QUBE(live PA).

A different night this, with a very different venue - about 150 people jumped aboard the Crystal Swan a riverboat on the Swan River! Sydney DJ Abel El Toro (Sony DJ) played a mix of pumping Trance and Twisted beats, with a nice local lineup of pumpin Techno and alternative dance...apparently a very cool event with the captain of the boat at one point putting on the reverse thrusters and the whole catamaran hull spinning on its axis in the middle of the river!
More info here at the Efusion website

The 'Crystal Swan' (riverboat) was the venue for this unusual 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== SoulFuric : [Sat 24th Jun 00] ==-

Techno Arena DJ's :- HMC(Melbourne), Voitek(Melbourne - live), Troy, Hamishmoo, Johnny Round, Rudy, Dan Stinton, Mr.W.
Drum n Bass Arena DJ's :- Usual Suspects(UK), Greg Packer, Echoic, Mike L, Devo, Muller, Krank.
MC's :- Brain-Dread(South Africa), Interjecta, Assassin(not billed), Method.

M.F.I presented this big event, featuring the sounds of House, Techno and Drum n Bass.
This was potentially a very different night and full respect to the MFI boyz for nearly pulling off a big coup for the scene here. I guess its fair to say noone ever thought we'd see the Ent.Centre used for a rave - we nearly did years ago...and I have to be honest its not cheap. They came close...not really sure of the official reasons...will try to find out for you.
"The Usual Suspects emerged as the force in the Drum n Bass community in mid 1998 with their first release 'Killer Bees'. Signed to 'Renegade Hardware', they have also released on labels such as 'Aspect', 'Eruption' and 'R&S' Records. This was the first visit to Australia for the trio, don't miss this as they hit you with a high-octane, white knuckle ride into the sonic senses."
DJ HMC has been proclaimed by DJ Magazine as the Godfather of Australia's dance scene. One of the first DJ's to break the new sound down under in the late 80's and a tradition of excellence that earnt him a place at Berlin's 'Love Parade'. He has released trax on 'Phreakin' Records (his first solo EP went to number one in the German Dance chart) and runs his own label 'Data Music'. He has thrilled Perth crowds before with his unique talents.
Viotek Anderson has released 30x12" and 4 albums of his own brand of Techno onto the world on labels such as 'Primate', 'Bush', 'HartHouse', 'Plug Research', 'High Octane' and his own 'Truck Music'. He has toured the globe with some of Techno's greats and returns to Perth as a follow-up to his infamous set at Player's.

Globe Nightclub ended up as the venue for this all ages (Drum n Bass arena Globe upstairs) and 18+ event(Globe main room) on a very wet and cold winter night. We caught some half hour of HMC, which for me personally was rather flat House, (but to be fair the large crowd was having it) so I spent most of the night in the packed Drum n Bass arena...although I don't know how...the heat in there was punishing...(according to a mate's thermometer 48 degrees at one point) I was just waiting for someone to collapse. The Usual Suspects ripped up a pretty savage set right from the word go, although jeez the sound system was hell loud and I had earplugs in! Anyhow the brave UK lads sweated their way thru a two-hour set of Amen madness and dubplate pressure...respect. I don't think with the heat in there they could believe it was our winter! Assassin and Interjecta providing the majority of the MC duties, hyping the crowd who struggled with the heat but won. I caught some of Krank (nice solid beat trax) who followed, before finally relenting from the heat and fogged up glasses to the main room where Mr.W was tearin it up with a nice solid Techno set which had the large crowd pumping well to the end. Good event...but the Globe has to do something about the ventilation in the upstairs arena before basically someone dies of heat exhaustion.


[ InSkoolOutSkool ]
-== In School, Out School, Old School, New School : [Sun 25th Jun 00] ==-

DJ's :- Hutcho (darkside 1993 9-10pm), Mental (jump up 1994 10-11pm), Greg Packer (steppers and pure Jungle 1995 11-12am), Klay (Soundscapes 1996 1-2am), Adrian Sardi (Hard Drum n Bass 1997 12-1am), Mike L (Solid DnB 1998 2-3am), Diamond D (1999 3-4am), Billy Diamond(UK) (upfront 4-6am).
MC's :- None (no mic).

A rather unusual special event this, with local and International talent featuring each DJ playing music from a specific year - good idea. The title? Something to do with Dr.Seuss - either you'll understand that or you won't. Geisha Nightclub was the venue for this well supported 18+ event. I wasn't the only one more than a bit strung out from the nights before...but it was a good chance to see DJ's play era-specific trax of their choosing and an very interesting selection resulted...such a shame it wasn't taped as with so many recent events...everyone pulling out something special and solid mixing and tunes helped the night along well...one complaint? The bar licence only running till just after 12am at an allnight event, which did not go down well with many punters. Great night.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Large : [Wed 28th June 00] ==-

DJ's :- Timo Maas, Darren Briais, Delicious, Rudy(not billed).

Future Entertainment and Large presented this big club night featuring Germany's most sought after Clubland DJ/Producer/Remixer. Definitely one not to be missed this one and judging from the huge crowd a common thought.
"His sound is best described as percussive, tough and funky, it defies pigeon holes, he takes everything from Progressive Trance to twisted breakbeats and fuses them with dirty great basslines and squelching Acid riffs to forge his own unique style. His trax are played by Carl Cox, Sasha, pete Tong and even FatBoy Slim and Norman Jay"
Check out his remix of 'Dooms Night' by Azzido Da Bass to see what he is capable of...wicked tune.

Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event which had a mainly (ooer dare I say) 'Leederville trendy House crowd' at it...but there was a sprinkling of curious Hardcore/Techno ravers...good too see. Rudy was playing a long build up set of House and Beats when we got there as there was some hold up somewhere, but finally the man himself hit the decks to a big crowd response and until we left he dropped a very Tribal-sounding House and Hard House set...some nice stuff in there. Anyone else?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Eraser : [Fri 30th June 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Bailey(UK), Adrian Sardi, Mystique, Frantik, Viper, Dan Lucas, Klay.
MC's :- Flux(UK).

MFI + Groove Therapy presented this event, which to be honest was rather poorly supported Perth - a little rain, thunder and lightning too much for you? Well you missed out.
"DJ bailey's fierce mixing style and versatile attitude towards a crowd makes his dance floor vibrate worldwide. He has residencies at 'Metalheads' and 'Renegade Hardware' nights - don't miss one of the most intelligent and skillful DJ's of today". I do know this last time he was here (I missed it) he went off bigtime - and once again didn't let his reputation down with bangin hard Amen tunes and some wicked dubplate mixes. With the very noticeable lack of MC Flux (where was he?) Bailey did drop quite a few older trax in there, as have quite a few visiting DJ's lately...notably 'Can't Punish Me' getting a massive crowd response and rewind even though it had been dropped earlier in the night by a local - as usual to little reaction.
Must also mention a great solid set from Adrian Sardi and Mystique - who got quite a nod of respect from the ladz for dropping 'Yo Bitch!'. Drum Club @ Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event which should have been a lot bigger but the people there made the most of it anyhow.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Dave Chambers : [Fri 30th June 00] ==-

DJ's :- Dave Chambers(UK), with unnamed support.

Redheads presented this event featuring Dave Chambers, who is "one of the biggest names in Nu-Skool UK House + Club. He has played in countries as diverse as Ibiza, El Divino, Manibos, Miami, Egypt, France and South Africa. Fresh from his appearances at the 'Monkey' and 'Ministry of Sound' tours earlier this year, he is surely not to disappoint". Redheads Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Ministry 2000 ]
-== Ministry of Sound 'Club Nation Tour' : [Sat 1st Jul 00] ==-

Club Nation Main Room (Globe main room) DJ's :- Echoic vs Clay, Rhibosome(live), Rudy, Andy Van(Madison Avenue), Groove Terminator(Sydney), Dirty White Boys.
Deep Nation Room (Globe upstairs) DJ's :- Momas, Martin L, James A, P'Nau (Sydney - live), Dan Stinton, Declan, Cutter.
Tekno Nation Room (Frostbites) DJ's :- Michael Bishop, Troy, Puff, Christian Smith(Sweden), Mr.W.
Trance Nation Room (Globe warehouse) DJ's :- Bilsby, Chad D, Sean Quinn, Mark Dynamix(Sydney), Kreice.

A different night across two venues and four rooms. "A club-based tour leading up to the 'Big One' at Belmont Racecourse at the end of October". The 'Club Nation' album is the first Australian dance compilation by Ministry of Sound to coincide with a national tour encompassing an all Australian lineup. A big one for the House/Techno/Beats crew and over 4000+ got into this one, another big event for the Delirium crew who presented this, the Perth leg of the tour...respect as usual!.Globe Nightclub + Frostbites were the venues for this all ages(upstairs) and 18+ event. We didn't get there till nearly 3:30am but the place was still rammed (actually till the end) and many people still trying to get in. Went thru all the rooms...for me the best being the 'Tekno Nation' room followed by the 'Trance Nation' room which Mark Dynamix had pumping nicely. Christian Smith was unusual for a Techno DJ; scratching, doing spinbacks and entertaining the crowd more than most international visitors to Perth...once again not disappointing, with nice hard Techno/Trance beats with a little bit of Acid thrown in on the very loud and solid sound system. Also must mention Puff and Mr.W as usual with very popular sets. Well put together and organised as usual from this crew.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Technics World DJ Championship : [Sat 8th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- .

Big event in the DJ calendar this one...the annual DJ mixing championships...the winner from Perth going to the National Finals (Melbourne 6/8/00) and hopefully onto the World Finals in London on Sept 24th 2000. More soon.

Check out the official website here.

Paddington Ale House, Mount Hawthorn was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Raw Funk! : [Sat 8th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Rick Wade(Detroit), Ben Taafe, Special, Martin L, Hau Tran, James A, Chris Reid, Raw Funk Crew (Dan Stinton, Matty P, Declan).

Raw Funk Productions presented this event featuring Rick Wade - "the producer of the 'Moods and Grooves' hit 'Quantum Expression', owner of legendary Detroit label 'Harmony Park' and renowned globe-trotting DJ". A big Deep House/Funk/Garage night.

Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Bass Agenda 3 ]
-== Bass Agenda 3 : [Fri 14th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Speare, Simon vs Skelly, Klay vs Adrian Sardi, Viper, Detonator, Frantik, Mike L.
MC's :- Rufkut and MC Method.

This was the Resin Crew's last gig (also the regular Drum Club night at Zanadu) before touring the Eastern States, so there was more of a crowd than usual to make the most of it. With the MC's tearin it up as much as the local DJ talent who dropped a nice selection of solid Drum n Bass and rounded of nicely with a Jump Up set (which went down very well as usual with all the ladies), plus a good atmosphere from the crowd, it all made for a good night. Also good to see people stayed a lot later than normal for a Friday. Shout out to Finesse and Reese for not being able to move out of the corner sofa and NVS who was celebrating his 21st birthday this night! Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Pulse ]
-== Pulse(Tasch-E's Goodbye) : [Sat 15th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- the Kuntz Krew(Eks, Timmy T + Tim D), El-Hornet, Lumberjack, Puff vs Mr.W (12-1am), Greg Packer (1-2am), Hutcho vs Karnage (2-3:30am), Johnny Round vs Ryan (3:30-5am).
MC's :- Assassin, Matrix.

This was another very different Perth club night with an unusual lineup - all playing for free - a purely benefit, non-profit gig which was to raise money for Tash-E who is off to see her auntie in Yugoslavia who unfortunately has cancer and needs urgent treatment.
A good crowd turned up to make this worthy night a great success...respect Perth. A crap sound system and deck setup however had the DJ's cringing somewhat...hence Mr.W + Puff leaving early save them requiring medication. Be nice to know what idiot glued the locknut on the right deck so that the tonearm could not be raised to stop it skipping. Anyhow apart from that good sets from all and nice hype work on the Mic from Assassin (who was also celebrating his birthday!) and Matrix plus some cool people in the crowd helped the night along no end. One thing also the management were rather tight to say the least with no drink specials or barcards for the DJ's who had all donated their time for free - Karnage and I leading the fight for discount lager to no avail...ah well.
Good X-Press review of this event as well in the 20/7/00 issue. Players Nightclub (or Limelight now) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Winter Breaks ]
-== Winter Breaks : [Sat 15th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Hutcho vs Karnage(12-1:30am), Doug Disco, Frantik, NVS, Sinistah vs Heretik, T-Cee, Waxonwaxoff.
MC's :- Matrix, X-sessiv.

Kamma and Connor presented this different Hardcore + Drum n Bass night - which was basically a birthday party but essentially just an excuse for all to have a great night at this rarely used venue. Also featured $1 bottles of water...which is hell cheap these days! Over 150 people supported the underground with this event only to have the night unfortunately cut short by rather over-zealous Police who seemingly took advantage somewhat of a younger crowd/organisers and shut it down at around 11pm after a couple of busts. Cheers to Daniel (happy birthday man) and others who bothered to ring the DJ's and as many people as possible to save them the drive down for nothing.

Victoria Hall, Fremantle was the venue for this (donation only) all age event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Jenna's 18th & James' 21st : [Fri 21st Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Sinistah, Heretik, Pace, Fuxxy, Frantik, El Hornet, Lumberjack, NVS, Craziest, Kevin, Hutcho, Rousa, Destiny.
MC's :- Pete, X-Cess.

Noone in particular presented this boozeup oops I mean Birthday bash night - and yes it was yet another night of complete alcoholic annihilation...I just needed Karnage with me to complete the scene - always helps if you know the barmaid and I did hehe so come closing time was downing water for the sober-up like no tomorrow with Freestyle. All DJ's played 30min sets to fit in all the guest DJ's but I think it was probably best as everyone was so smashed that longer sets might've resulted in people passing out! Good to see the Teknology Corps has many possible new members in training! Well supported with a nice crowd and a very good night...(hic) Happy Birthday guyz!!! Spirit Soundbar was the venue for this 6pm-1am event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Trancemit vs Hardgroove : [Fri 21st Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ben Sims(UK), Puff, Mr.W.

Delirium/Trancemit presented this Techno/Hardgroove night - another in a long line of these parties by this very busy promotions team. Worth checking out always. Players/Limelight was the venue for this 18+ event. I was told it was well supported and a good night...I forgot! Anyone?


[ Sensation ]
-== Sensation [Sat 22nd Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Dair (10-11pm), Hutcho vs Kev (11-12:30am), Greg Packer (12:30-1:30am), Scott Brown(Scotland 1:30-3am), Leroy vs Menis (3-4am), Mr.W vs Puff (4-5am), Dirty Den vs Dazz K (5-6am).

"'Eazy Tiger Promotions' is a new name for a new millennium. Comprising of members of previously highly successful production teams like The Teknology Corps, Fireball Productions, Gravity and the Vermin Crew, we intend to provide unique, innovative and exceptional parties which will long be remembered. Drawing on a wealth of experience and our new found enthusiasm, our parties will provide the perfect venue, comprehensive sound and lighting, the right blend of music and value for money."
The main act of the night came in the form of Scottish Hardcore legend DJ Scott Brown. His second visit to Perth this year, the Evolution Records head honcho, responsible for classics such as 'Now is the Time', 'Technophobia'(otherwise known as 'Power to the People') and the timeless 'Power of Love', plays Perth once more with his seemingly unending ability to churn out quality tunes on his (and many other) labels (Evolution, Mainframe, Twisted Vinyl, Bass Generator, Mokum etc.), which have earnt him gigs in throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Japan, Canada and Australia. Featuring nearly all of the locally based award winners from the 'Hypnosis 99 Dance Awards' this promised to be a night of quality music straddling the dance music spectrum from Happy Hardcore to uplifting House and dark Drum and Bass to hard Techno and it didn't disappoint. A good-sized crowd filled the Bridge Theatre from quite early on and although this was mainly a younger crowd (there haven't been many all ages gigs lately) everyone was up for a big one. A large police presence was definitely felt both inside and out, with many younger kids hanging round outside getting searched...why we always say come inside don't hang around outside all night.
DJ Dair was on the dex when I got there and was pumping out a typical nice hard set with scratching and more effort than most. Kev and I were billed as going back 2 back but at the last minute we thought we'd play different styles on the night hence we played separately. I opted for a more Techno/Trance/Acid style as I thought this might break things up better on the night. Probably fair to say the harder stuff went down well...as is usually the case with a younger crowd, but worth a try! Respect to Matrix + Assassin for the Mic duties. Kev came on next and played a very characteristic bouncy Happy Hardcore with many crowd favourites which went down well. Greg Packer's Drum n Bass set as usual was excellent, featuring many trax from his forthcoming debut album, with even a few of my mates who hate Jungle admitting they liked his set. Scott Brown's set veered much toward a traditional Scottish rave style - hard n bouncy and it went off well with the crowd - with Matrix, Assassin and Kev rippin it up well on the Mic as well. Leroy & Menis go well back to back and these lads dropped a nice bangin set of Happy Hardcore which pumped the crowd well but possibly there had been too much Happy Hardcore in a row and they didn't get the response they might of otherwise. Nice set ladz. Mr.W vs Puff always play a quality Techno set and started off quite harder than usual but as is often the case at all age events their music is sometimes lost on younger ravers who don't get to hear this style much and therefore the response is not always forthcoming...anyhow good set from these lads. Dazz-K + Dirty Den's Hard House/NRG set finishing off the night very well and uplifting the crowd to end the night off in fine style. Cheers out to Dazz-K for throwing down the challenge to me by finishing with a Gabba track at the end...well wait till next time mate! 8-)
All in all a good night had by most I'd say, I think all DJ's had fun with the bouncy decks but things are never perfect!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Sunny Side Up : [Sat 22nd Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ozzie La, Gab Oliver, Phil K.

Not sure who exactly presented this House/Club night - featuring 3hr sets from all three of these Melbourne DJ's/Producers. "'Sunny Side Up' has been nominated the best part night in Australia at the 3D World National Dance Music Awards 2000". 187 Stirling St, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Travelling Beyond [Fri 28th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- LumberJack (Trancecore), Pace (Hard Trance), Fuxxy (Trance/Hardcore), Frantik vs Viper (hard killer beats), NVS (Happy Hardcore).

Unlisted promoter (Fuxxy?) presented this one-off night offering a "Party that will push the boundaries of Hardcore". Something different on a Friday which lately has been all Drum n Bass...nice n cheap too! Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. I didn't make it as to be honest I'd been up over three days and my energy level was such that even sleep was an effort. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Koncrete Jungle : [Sat 29th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Moving Fusion(UK), Greg Packer, Muller, Adrian Sardi, Frantik, Clay, Dan Lucas and Kosen.
MC's :- Assassin + others (not billed).

MFI and Submission presented this big Drum n Bass night - featuring tearin' UK DJ/Producers Moving Fusion, who have had massive releases on Ram Records with 'Turbulence', 'The Begginning EP' and remixes of Bad Company's '4 Days'. They have toured with Andy C, Shimon and Red 1 and to much appraise. This was definately one not to miss as it was also the final night of the Drum Club. Unfortunately I did as we were celebrating a big birthday night elsewhere...ah well!
Few comments from people :-

  • "They played some wicked hard tunes which made the crowd go wild, even though (as is the usual situation in Perth and anywhere I suppose) when some were trax (which local DJ's currently play to mediocre response) were dropped the crowd went totally nuts".
  • "There was some bad dissing of MC Assassin when on the mic by certain people - which is really out of order as he is one of Perth's best and only compliments Drum n Bass sets. The guy who replaced him tended to mumble and drone on one boring level over excellent track breakdowns + buildups etc which spoiled some of the set".
Sounded great..ah well maybe next time...shame about the dissing. Anyone else???
The Drum Club @ Zanadu (last night before moving premises) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Prophase ]
-== Prophase : [Sat 29th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ondy (German Trancemaster returns to the Emas stage), Kriece (Yummy Records head Techno honcho), Tigger (Resonant Productions head Techno frontman), Mr.W (Delirium's Tech master), Choice (Awarehouse Trance giant), Jeremy (Emas' own morning Trance specialist).
Sensory Overload vs. Schlerb (live).

"This event picked up where 'Interphase' left off, as Emas gathers the cream of Perth's Tech community. With lighting by Jase From Outta Space and the MSR Sound System, this will be an event not to be missed!". Always good choons at these and well worth a visit. I walked past several times and popped inside for a short while to check it out. A good crowd was packed in the room and were going hard to a usual high quality set from DJ Choice...nice tunes man respect.
For more info see the Emas website

The venue was moved for some reason from upstairs @ the Globe Nightclub to Frostbites just down the road for some reason for this all ages event. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== DJ Regal [Sat 29th Jul 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Regal (UK), Gully.

Backbeat presents this special night. "DJ Regal (aka Paul Eve), is one half of the UK outfit 'Bronx Dogs' and is the brains behind the 'Marble Bar label. An ex-member of the Wall of Sound's 'The Wiseguys' whom he quit after the hugely successful first album 'The Executive Suite'. Bronx Dogs released their 'Three Legged Dog' album earlier this year, as well as having remixed St.Ettienne and Jungle Brothers. His style is compared more to DJ Shadow's moodier soundscapes than Fatboy Slim's party japes...quality funk on the menu".
The Backroom @ the Spirit Soundbar was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== 31 Records Tour : [Fri 4th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- Doc Scott(UK), Krank vs Mystik, Greg Packer, BJam vs Echoic, Diamond D vs Frantik.
MC's :- Justiyc (UK), Method, Interjecta.

Loaded Dice presented this big Drum n Bass night - featuring the talents of one of London's favourite Drum n Bass sons - (the long awaited) DJ Doc Scott. He has been a leader in the UK breakbeat (now termed Old School) scene with his 'Absolute 2' label releasing classics such as 'NHS EP' in 1991 and the remixes in 1992. He has played for all the major breaks/Jungle/Drum n Bass promoters in the UK and now runs his excellent '31 Records' label and holds a residency at the Metalheadz nights with MC Justiyc. This was also the launch night of Greg Packer's 'Interphase Recordings' with his debut album.

A large crowd packed in for this big night and the sound system was certainly so much better than last time we were down there...(hell a pair of crap home lounge speakers would've sufficed over that). Good sets from all the DJz on the warmup...especially Greg Packer who previewed a lot of his trax off his new album which went down really well. Doc Scott came on to a big cheer and MC Justiyc ripped it up big time throughout his set...which was very characteristically 'London' in style with some bloody wicked 92/93 sampling trax which made Greg, KaRnaGe and I (and the crowd) go off! One of the better Drum n Bass sets in recent times.
Shouts out to Greg + Nadia for staying up so late and not turning into pumpkins! KaRnaGe's bit Nikki for passing out at the bar and having to get us to drop her home so we missed some of his dammit...ala Dutchy's missus from Hard Boiled IV @ Gravity last year - but in that sense ReSpEcT...nice to see some girlz upholding the boozeup standard of the TeKnOloGy CoRps! Great night just a shame as usual that so many split for home as soon as the international was finished...ya soft...what are ya?
Players/Limelight was the venue for this excellent 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== B[if]Tek : [Sat 5th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- B[if]Tek (Sydney), Echoic, Dirty White Boys, Mr.W, Puff + Troy.

Postponed - see 'Elektrick' 2-9-00!!

Delirium and Cyan were to have presented this event - featuring Canberra/Sydney act B[if]tek, who are "a retro-futuristic Live act, originally a part of 'Clan Analogue' they first hit the airwaves with 'Sub Vocal Theme Park' in 1996. Their music is the unique soundclash of disparate elements where the past meets the future; bringing the analogue and digital worlds together with a dash of subversive and surreal humour. Their latest album '2020' has been receiving his JJJ and RTR-FM airplay." Apparently a very 'kooky' live show. Players/Limelight was to be the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Life Cycle : [Fri 11th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Stash(UK), Krank vs Speare (upfront D n B), Mike L vs El Rollo (Bristol Soundz), Internatty vs Amnesia (95-96 rollers), Dan Lucas vs Muller (anything is possible!).
MC's :- Method and others.

M.F.I + Submission presented this Drum n Bass night - featuring the UK's DJ Stash.
" Unlike most other internationals visiting Perth lately, Stash is not a producer who now spins he is purely a DJ first and foremost. Claiming a residency at the underground Soho club, he has become known to huge crowds each week. Stash fuses the dub, the dark and the Jazz with precision - his diversity winning the crowd everytime. A new venue and a new DJ."
The MFI events are always worth checking out and being a first new night at this great venue as well. Sole City 105 Francis St (the old Gravity) was the venue for this 18+ event. A nice crowd on a very cold Friday made its way back into the classic backroom. The sound system wasn't fantastic but the lighting setup was certainly an improvement on that of old. We got in there finally just before than main man - Stash was on. He played some wicked hard and dark trax - as well as some old classics...Ed Rush's 'Mothership' being one of them, which certainly got the older Jungle crew going nuts. Cheers to Dan for another good night.


[ Technet ]
-== Technet [Sat 12th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- Puff, Troy, Choice, Jayd, Sneak_e, QUBE(live), Blair, Mikey B.

Efusion returned to present this special night. "Pulse Radio, with over 20,000 listeners has cornered the Internet broadcasting market in areas such as New York, London, Amsterdam and the east coast of Australia. Now it's Perth's turn and eFusion Studios is bringing to the world the cream of our local talent. With the Awarehouse team of Choice & Jayd banging out the Trance tunes; Tech-House legends Puff & Troy; QUBE's live original tracks; Sneak_e mixing original mp3's from the Net; and two new-generation up-and-comers Mikey B & Blair; this will prove to be a night not to be missed".
Broadcast on www.pulseradio.net. Its was also Jayd's going away party as he is off down South for a month then taking off to Melbourne and Sydney.
Check their website at efusion.com.au for more info. Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Wax Off 2 ]
-== WaX Off II - 18th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- Hutcho vs Splinke (9-10pm), Greg Packer (10-11pm), Johnny Round vs Ryan D (11-12am), Muller vs El Hornet (12-1am), Kevin (1-2am), Fuxxy vs NVS (2-3am), Frantik vs Klay (3-4am), Neurotic (4-5am), Lumberjack (live 5-6am).
MC's :- Interjecta, Method, Kev and Frenz-e.

Emerge Productions and true Light & Sound presented this event, in a never before used venue - which was I must say very nice to be back in one like this...a roller skating rink...for me at least the first time in five or so years. Their first event, placed 2nd in the 1999 Hypnosis Dance Awards for best all ages dance event (well it was a really good party). "Wax Off 2 will bring you everything you remember from last year on a bigger and better scale. Featuring the sounds of Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Techno, Trance, Drum n Bass & Old School".
Well I must say a lot of work had gone into this event...a good setup, nice lighting and nice solid loud sound (which somehow the venue held in - even though of course some idiot apparently complained about the noise and I must say even in the carpark outside it was quiet). Great also to see a return to the big video screen so rarely seen these days...Gfx videos always add to a night. Splinke couldn't appear due to transport problems hence me playing by myself for the traditional Old School set ending up with an old favourite 94 DJ Houseviking gabba track hehe. Greg Packer hit tha dex next with his usual high quality mix of upfront promo Drum n Bass featuring a lot of his own material off CD. The crowd was still building up and up (there was a lot of people in there at one point) and it's fair to say it was a very young crowd with a few older ravers here and there. The Techno which followed Greg didn't really go down too well with the crowd overall...not really the DJ's fault but they were just on at the wrong time for this age crowd. Things picked up well with the Hardcore sets by Kev and Fuxxy vs NVS - some nice tunes lads...even though Fuxxy nearly didn't make his set due to a bouncer who wouldn't let him backstage until I distracted him by arguing with him. To be honest after that I was mainly in the carpark chatting to people (one of those nights when conversation takes over) and caught the tail end of Lumberjack's set...nice to see local music being dropped a bit at parties lately!
Rolloways Leisure Centre, 352a South St O'Connor was the venue for this all ages event.
Respect to the organisers for a good night and pulling off a different party.


[ Euphoria ]
-== Euphoria : [Sat 19th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- Fuxxy vs NVS (9-10pm) Hutcho vs Mental (10-11pm), Greg Packer vs Frantik (11-12am), Billy Bunter(UK 3hr set 12-3am), Leroy vs Menis (3-4:30am), Freestyle vs Dirty Den (4:30-6am).
MC's :- Assassin, Matrix, Pete, Hutcho, Sense, Hyperdrive + others?.

XS Productions presented this special opening night of this new club...featuring the return of the UK's Billy 'Daniel' Bunter...a very versatile DJ who plays a mix of NRG/House/Trance/Techno and Happy Hardcore plus some unusual back2back sets from the local Perth DJ's.
Fuxxy + NVS went B2B for the 2nd night in a row and kicked the night off with a nice set of older Hardcore and Old School, followed by Mental and I with a set of '92-'93 breaks. Sheer desperation for a smoke got us through our set seemingly in no time and Greg Packer and Frantik dropped their solid Drum n Bass set for the main warmup. Sometime during this I lost the plot (lack of sleep, no beer for over an hour etc) and proceeded to hog the mic somewhat - much to the amusement of Assassin, Matrix and Pete hehe ah well there's always one etc.
I must say it was nice to have such an unusual crowd in there...so many old faces - some people I hadn't seen out since 1996 or longer. Because of this there was a very good atmosphere of people taking turns in catching up and then dancing...cheers out to everyone for being so responsive and apologies to anyone who died laughing with me on the mic hehe (hey it was a big weekend - cheers to Mr.Adam Brown for the lager Saturday!!).
"At the age of 25, he has a surprising amount of experience having played for 10 years for some of the UK's biggest promoters such as Labyrinth, 2000AD, Desire, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Dance Paradise and World Dance and many more. More recently he has moved towards playing and producing Hard House / NRG and has played at some of the best underground nights such as Sunnyside Up, Cheeky Little Monkey and Sundisential. He has played in many countries such as Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada etc and is also visiting Ibiza, Ireland and USA as part of this tour. He has many releases on his 'Happy Jack' and the ground breaking 'GBT UK' labels and more recently on 'Hard Trax' and 'Honey Pot Recordings'. As part of the 'DBSK' duo, he also remixed the Top40 hit 'A9' by Aerial on FFRR, the classic 'Bullet Proof' on Tidy Trax, Dj Slicks 'Just 4 You', Pablo Gigarno's 'Definition of a track' on Eve and Jaz Van Houghton's 'Di Dah' on Nebular. He has a new album 'Raising Hell' out now on Virgin Records.".
He is well worth a listen and for those who saw him last time at Gravity in 1997 it was an opportunity to catch up with his new branching out of styles (which are wicked). The man played a 3hr set - 1 hour of Old School (which went off bigtime as the people crowded in) and 2hrs of Hard House/Trance/NRG, which I think was good for Perth crowds to hear that particular style. Leroy + Menis played a nice set as usual of bangin Hardcore but I think this night it didn't go down as well as it should've because of the older age of the crowd...dunno. Freestyle + Dirty Den rounded up the night with another nice B2B set of NRG/Hard House which got the last dancefloor energy out of the crowd well.
The problems with the MSR sound system will be ironed for the next night...also a couple of dodgy stylus needles didn't help. Once again nice to see a video wall and the Aurora Vortex laser.
One downer was the guy who decided to test the side window with a rubbish bin showering some people with glass inside...very smart mate. Even better was that we got his rego plate 8-).
Other than that, a wicked night and hopefully the start of something Perth really lacks - a successful Hardcore/Rave club.
Also a big shout out to my p.i.c KaRnAgE who was celebrating his birthday this night as well - ReSpEcT man!
Gilkisons Dance Studio was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Underground Resistance [Sat 19th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Rolando (Detroit USA), Mr.W, Puff, Troy + Michael Bishop.

Delirium presented this big Techno night featuring Detroit Techno pioneer label 'Underground Resistance' DJ - DJ Rolando. "One of the later recruits to the label, Rolando (aka the Aztec Mystic) became one of the most important figures in the organisation after two releases; his 'Aztec Mystic Mix' which compiled all of the label's brightest tracks in a stunning compilation and his 'Jaguar' single which became a leftfield dance hit and a flashpoint for the label's anti-major label stance. An ex-Freestyle and Hip Hop DJ, he mixes with a purist Detroit ethic, representing all styles of UR and Detroit Techno...come see the fresh face of Detroit interpret what is undoubtedly the world's most important Techno label".

Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event which apparently was not supported as well as these events usually are - a shame if so as Delirium parties are always worth checking out. Anyone???


[ Abel El Toro ]
-== States Of Dance : [Sat 26th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- Abel El Toro, Echoic, Adrian Sardi, Greg Packer, Mikey B, Blair, Sneak-E.

Efusion presented this Big Beat/Drum n Bass night - featuring Sydney Sony CD Abel El Toro, who first visited Perth in June for 'Volume' returning for his Sony CD release 'States Of Dance'. "As part of his nationwide tour, DJ Abel cuts and scratches a furious non-stop mix of Big Beat rockin breaks with a dash of Drum n Bass".
More info here at the Efusion website

Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Widescreen Electronic ]
-== Widescreen Electronic [Sat 26th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- Jase from Outta Space vs Scope, Andrew Vranjes vs Matt Vranjes.

This was a special night at the Hyde Park Hotel featuring Trip Hop, New School Breaks, Deep Progressive Breaks and Bass and Drum and Bass. "Live interactive duel via Midi Sync" between J.F.O.S + Scope - don't know what that is? All the more reason to have gone down and seen what its all about! (Ok its basically a PA 'battle'). A free event too...we never got there...shame as JFOS is always good live. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Plastic [Sat 26th Aug 00] ==-

DJ's :- John Ferris (Sydney), DJ Nervous (Sydney), Darren Briais, Delicious.

Large presented this special night featuring the 'Plastic' tour (nothing to do with the Delirium events), its two main frontmen with many years club experience between them and which showcased full theme decor, unique 3D animated visuals and earth shattering sound.
"Bringing an unparalled atmosphere and energy that have made the Plastic night Sydney's most popular weekly Hard House event within the hedonistic clubbing community".

Globe Entertainment Complex was the venue for this very crowded 18+ event. There wasn't much else on so I guess everyone decided to go out...we got there about 3:45am and Nervous was playing an ok but rather flat Hard House/Trance set. Delicious (as usual) played a much better set to round up the night which was rammed to the end.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== V.I.P [Fri 1st Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Rintell vs Viper, Klay, MC/DJ Rufkut, Detonator & MC Method, Frantik, Mike L with special guest MC Interjecta.

Resin, The Drum Club and Toast presented this special night which was also the 21st birthday of the "Triple OOO". A night of Drum n Bass anthems both classic and new. The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Elektrick ]
-== Elektrick [Sat 2nd Sep 00] ==-

Global Underground/Nu Breed Room DJ's :- Declan (10-11:15pm), Kreice (11:15-12;30am), Chad D (12:30-1:45am), Danny Howells(UK 1;45-5:45am), Rudy (5:45-close).
Cyan Room DJ's :- Gully (10-11:15pm), Echoic (11:15-12:30am), B[If]Tek (Live Syd 12;30-1;30am), Dirty White Boys (1:30-2;45am), Laidback(UK 2;45-5:45am), Smoulder (5:45-7am). Mellow Mellow Bar DJ's :- Dan Stinton (10-12am), Clay (12-1:45am), Martin L (1:45-3:30am), Adrian Sardi (3:30-5:15am), James A (5:15-close).

Delirium presented this special three-room event that featured the return to Perth (after his killer New Years Sci-Fi set) of UK breaks champ Laidback. Also featured was a second Tech-House room featuring UK DJ Danny Howells and recently-postponed-till-now B[If]Tek. Danny Howells is the DJ partner of John Digweed at the legendary 'Bedrock' clubnight.
"We are living in the Elektrick age...it is our time...time for our music...electronic music has come to define our generation...it is here to stay...it is our lifestyle...it is our life..."
A very packed night in Northbridge...we were outside at 12:30am and it looked rather cramped in there...Redheads Dance Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Euphoria logo ]
-== Euphoria [Sat 2nd Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Fubar (ex Lucky Luke 10-12am), Dair (Hardcore 12-1am), Greg Packer (old school set 1-2am), Freestyle (TBA 2-4am), Matt Dec (Trancecore 4-close).

XS Productions presented the second night of this new club and unfortunately a rather quiet one for the night although there was lots on elsewhere. The people that were there though partied hard and full respect to them. Nice sets from everyone made for a good night. The crowd? No excuse really as people have been complaining bigtime lately of a lack of different nights...oh well third time lucky eh? Support it people! Gilkisons Dance Studio was the venue for this 18+ bi-weekly event.


[ Planet Love ]
-== Planet Love [Sat 2nd Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Jordan Leist (10-12am), John Robinson (Japan 12-2am), Trixta (ex-UK 2-4am), Dirty Den (4-6am).

Unknown promoter presented this special night featuring "Jordan Leist, Japan's Trance/Progressive House God, and John Robinson - The headliner in Japan at the Tokyo Dome in front of 50,000 etc.". Apparently went quite well...I got caught up with other things (as usual) and didn't get there dammit. Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Tectonic [Thu 2nd Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Wayne Williams vs Alex Cochrane.

A different Thursday night out featuring "bangin Hard House + Trance to blow your mind".
The Loft Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[ Bang The Bunny ]
-== Bang The Bunny [Fri 8th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- The D@rkdancer, Pegasus, Deluxe, Dj Chilli, Subsonic.

e-Tech presented this...a Progressive Trance/ Nu-School Breaks style event with a group of underground Trance DJ's from Canberra / Sydney plus Perth locals. The venue had just been fully refurbished with a new sound system and very good lights. Something different on a Friday. Club Bayview was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Heresy 2 ]
-== Heresy 2000 [Sat 9th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Muller, Internatty, Krank, Greg Packer vs Mystique, Cause 4 Concern (UK), Frantik vs Viper, Dan Lucas vs FBI, Adam 12.
MC's :- Method, X-essive, Interjecta, Ruffkut.

MFI and Submission presented this event 'Cause 4 Concern 002' a big Drum n Bass night featuring Cause 4 Concern (made of DJ Optiv, Tobie, Mark C and Stuart) who are "A four man collective hailing from Guildford, Surrey who have been involved in dance music since the late 80's and following their formation in 1999 have been injecting the Drum n Bass scene with some refreshing new life and direction. They have had a string of releases on their label and Aspect's sister label 'Perspective', as well as remixes for Aspect. Their releases have been played by the liked of Andy C, Fabio, Bad Company, Doc Scott, DJ Lee, Grooverider and Jumpin Jack Frost.". Their website is at www.cause4concern.com.
This was my first visit inside this venue and very nice it was to be back inside a traditional warehouse once more. Decorations were minimal but the focus was the DJ's and on lighting and to be honest I didn't miss them. Muller and Internatty had kicked off the night with Jazzy through to '95 steppers and the place was really packing them in by the time Krank ripped up a fine set of '93-'95 classic breaks through to Jungle. Nice to hear so many rarely heard tunes again. Greg Packer & Mystique's back2back for me was the set of the night and certainly made the crowd go nuts with some bangin favourites and class upfront slammers. I have to say full credit to Mystique who is an excellent DJ in her own right, she is a nice solid mixer and is able to give most of the guys in the scene a run for their money. The main act "Cause 4 Concern" followed taking about half an hour to move from smooth more laid back rollers until unleashing some really tearin tunes, characteristic of many of the visiting international UK DJ's, culminating in the new Renegade Hardware which, not surprisingly got a huge rewind and brought the house down twice. Just a shame he got bumped a few times in the mix by careless stage walkers. Dan Lucas & FBI opted for quite a funky Jump Up style which rallied the still large crowd nicely; Shy FX's "Original Nuttah" bringing back many a memory for the old Scallywags crew. Viper & Frantik played a hard late set to round off the night, with a mixture of very upfront slammers plus a few favourites including "Champion Sound" and even though it was the third time it had been on that night went off as usual. Adam 12 wrapped the night up, dropping a nicely mixed set of Old School '91-'93 Rave classics and then going into'94-'95 morning piano tracks. Throughout the night Interjecta, Method & Ruffkut tore it up on the mic and hyped the crowd although sometimes the levels overbore the music somewhat. A good event, complete with confetti bombs and fireworks this was certainly a big night for the Drum n Bass scene with no shortage of a new generation of fans coming through. Well done M.F.I. The MFI Warehouse(Claisebrook Rd East Perth) was the venue for this sold out all ages event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Superclub Series : Oblivion303 001 [Sat 9th Sep 00] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Choice (9-10:30pm), Saxon (10:30-12am), Rudy (11-12am), Les Ryder (UK 1:30-3:30am), JJ (3:30-5am), Rudy (5-6:30am).
Sub-Science Room DJ's :- BJam (9-10:30pm), Andrew Vranjes (10:30-12am), Echoic (12-1:30am), Greg Packer (1:30-3am), Diamond D (3-4:30am), Merlin vs Gusto (4:30-6am).

Presented by E-Fusion this was potentially a huge House/Drum n Bass event...featuring Liverpool DJ Les Ryder, who had been a Cream resident since 1994. "In 1996 he supported the Prodigy in Moscow, Paris + Valencia and has also played alongside Carl Cox on his Ultimate World Tour. His sets start from hard House + Techno and go through to a funkier freestyle set which he can incorporate anything from The Clash to Disco, Hip-Hop to Drum n Bass". This was the first in the series of these big club nights, Metropolis Nightclub the venue for this 18+ event. Didn't get down there myself but I heard it was well supported, the House arena being the main crowd puller, the Drum n Bass room upstairs was reasonable but suffered poor sound I was told by DJ's and punters alike. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Large Special Event [Wed 15th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Kasey Taylor (Melb) plus Darren Briais and Delicious.

Large, Future Entertainment + Vapour Recordings presented this special midweek event. Featuring touring Melbourne DJ Taylor, who was promoting his new 'Vapourized Volume 2' mix CD. "Launching a sonic arsenal of Progressive Trance and Tek-House sounds aimed directly at Perth's dancefloor. He brings with him the natural ability and technical brilliance, that has him well known and respected by the biggest names in the business, across Australia and around the world (just check any of Sasha or Digweed's recent album sleeves 'thank you lists' for proof!". Always a good night out and Wednesdays here just keep getting bigger. The Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Loaded Dice [Fri 15th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Lee vs Marcus Intalex (UK), Presha (NZ) plus Diamond D vs Echoic, Adrian Sardi vs B'Jam.

Loaded Dice presented this special Drum n Bass event...featuring the production duo of the UK's Lee + Marcus Intalex. Intalex is probably well known to producers/DJ's here for releases on 'H' division records, as well as his work with ST Files and Future Cut on the remix tip. Quite a unexpected quality set from them...usually pro-producer visitors to Perth lack the DJ side, but not these lads...nice tight mixing and very nice tunes...which went down very well with tha crowd - my pick being the new 'Horn Track 2000' and Ray Keith's 'dubplate 2000' remixes. Shout out to the old pool table crew - Cello, Ash, Shannon etc! Good night, good tunes...but why did so many people leave before the UK ladz were halfway thru their set? Weird. DJ Presha from New Zealand also featured. The Drum Club was the venue for this well supported (earlier in the night!) 18+ event.


[ Euphoria logo ]
-== Euphoria [Sat 16th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Versetyle (10-12am), Greg Packer (93 Old School 12-1am), Freestyle (Hardcore set 1-2am), Hutcho(I'm goin hard! 2-3am), Leroy (Hardcore/Old School 3-4am), Weavy (NRG/Hard House/Trance 4-6am).

XS Productions presented the third night of this new club and it could've been a lot bigger. There were more people than in previous weeks but Perth you are getting lazy - come out! Always something different on a Saturday and lets face it - its the ONLY club in Perth where you can get Hardcore, NRG, Old School, Trance, Drum n Bass and more all in one night. Everyone is complaining there's no hardcore nights on but there is - here! If you don't support it then it will die Perth - wake up, get off the couch and come out!!! Gilkisons Dance Studio was the venue for this 18+ event.


-== Phantasy [Sat 16th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Mike G (Darkside), Al (Tekno Terror), Hawkeye (Massive Acid), Ondy (Trance Outbreak), Dr.Claw (Hardcore Assault), Katerpolt (Live OldSkool).

Electro Perspective presented this nice underground event. "Inviting you to journey with us into a new era of sonic bliss and optical serenity with the unleashing of pHantasy!". No more info was given but lotsa these guyz play wicked underground Techno/Acid sets (which as many of you know I love to listen to/play myself)...worth supporting parties like these. The Asia Centre Stirling St was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ CodeBreakerV001	]
-== Code Breaker v.001 [Sat 16th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Michael Bishop, Dr Gonzo, Troy, Hamishmoo, Puff, Johnny Round, Dan Stinton.

The Looney Choons crew presented this apparently well supported event (nice to see them back on a flyer) "Bringing some Techno back on the charge". No more info was given (or probably needed) but you know it'll be mad up for it stuff...Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[ Bassbin ]
-== Bassbin [Sat 23rd Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Mickey Finn(UK), Echoic, Adrian Sardi, Matthew Vranjes, Mike L, Smoulder.

Scheemin Productions, Geisha and Loaded Dice presented this special night, featuring the second Perth appearance of the much-vaunted Jungle/Jump-Up don Mickey Finn who has played just about everywhere and for every promoter both in the UK and worldwide...about time we had him here again. This is one of the breakbeat/Jungle masters - and Geisha is not a huge venue so getting tickets early to avoid missing out was essential. We just did't get down there...but I was told it was crowded - bigtime. Shame once again no Greg Packer on the lineup. Geisha Nightclub Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Large Special Event [Sat 23rd Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Captain Kirk (Syd), Jason Midro (Melb), Mark Dynamix (Syd) plus Darren Briais and Delicious.

Large + Ministry of Sound presented this special event showcasing the 'Ministry Of Sound - Hard-NRG ~ The Album' CD launch. This was a big House/Club night featuring Mark Dynamix (Sydney) fresh from European DJ Tour and the recent 'Club Nation Tour'. They didn't exactly flog the CD all night - maybe one or two trax here and there, Jason Midro even dropping a Gatecrasher one in there! A big crowd packed in for the night, but the atmosphere wasn't huge...shame. Nice last set by Mark Dynamix with some mad scratching and cutting. Always a good night out and Saturdays here are a great alternative when the Hardcore ain't flowin. Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


-== Technet II [Sat 23rd Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Puff, MR.W, Choice, Jayd, Mike Barker vs Adam Kelly.

Awarehouse & eFusion presented this event. "After a packed out night for the premiere of Technet we now have the sequel. Again we have gathered the cream of local DJ talent featuring Jayd, who will be back from a hiatus in Margaret River for a brief stopover and if you caught his set at our first Technet night then you'll definately not want to miss this one!". Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. We went down to check it out about 3:30am and it wasn't very crowded (although apparently well supported earlier), the majority of punters unfortunately pulling the pin early as with so many events as of late. Choice was on the decks and I must say some very tunes he did drop whilst we were there as well...respect man. Anyone else???
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[ Sunburn ]
-== Sunburn [Fri 29th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Frenz-E (Trancecore 9-10pm), Hutcho (93 Old Skool Darkside 10-11pm), Subsonic (Hardcore 11-12am), Freestyle (NRG 12-1am), NVS vs Fuxxy (Old Breaks 1-2am), Menis vs Leroy (Hardcore 2-3am), Skelly (Old School 3-late).

The Drum Club presented this special night of Hardcore/Bangin + Old School and nice to see such a big crowd in the old backroom again. "This night is set to be a scorcher, just make sure you don't get burnt!" Frenz-E was finishing up a nice warm up set when I got there (straight from late work) just in time for a few beers then on. I dropped a special request 93 darkside set for the b'day boy - cheerz to KaRnAgE who did the crowd mic abuse honours during it! Subsonic hit the dex next (ain't seen ya for a while man - cool!) with some solid bangin happy anthems then Freestyle played a very smooth set of Hard NRG which deserved to go down better than it did. Next NVS dropped some very nice Old School which went off - with some classic breaks/Happy Hardcore from the b'day boozer...oops I mean DJ Fuxxy (Simon) who was celebrating his 21st so we were expecting a likely worse-for-wear set from him (well he was just vertical) hehe and why not - I don't remember playing my 97 birthday gig at all! Good to see everyone getting really smashed which led to a great atmosphere in there. Menis & Leroy banging in down before I was half carried out the door due to the driver wanting to go home - damn I had lots more barfight in me yet...unusual for me to go home before Frantik (hehe sorry man!). The Drum Club was the venue for this really cool 18+ event.


[ Gatecrasher 2000 ]
-== Gatecrasher 2000 [Fri 29th Sep 00] ==-

DJ's :- Tall Paul (UK), Robbie Nelson (Ireland), Anthony Pappa (Melb), Taylor (USA), with local support from Mal Wickham, Doug Disco vs Alex Mcc, Ricky, Paul Bilsby, Joby vs Gully.

Future Entertainment + Spectrum crew presented this big House event as Gatecrasher continued their 2000 tour of Australia + NZ - this time coinciding with the release of the 'Global Sound System' album...the one on the Easter weekend earlier this year went off...although a Drum n Bass room (which we ran last time) this time would've helped that again I think ah well.
Tall Paul - 'Muzik' Magazine's top DJ of 98/99, he plays at 'Turnmills', 'Gallery', 'Gatecrasher' and all the big UK clubs. He runs 'Duty Free Recordings' and does the Sat night 'Mix Down Session' on London's Kiss FM. He had just been voted 'Best DJ' at the London Club + Bar Awards 2000.
Anthony Pappa - This popular Melbourne DJ has played in the US and Europe at clubs and festivals, his production releases such as the 'Freefall - Skydive' single have topped the charts and his mix CD series the Global Underground's 'Nu Breed' have sold like hot cakes.
Robbie Nelson is one half of huge production duo 'Agnelli + Nelson' he was also the Irish DMC champion 3 yrs running in the late 80's. His class uplifting House + Trance sets have crowds screaming for more...not to be missed.
Taylor - In Oz after a tour through Ibiza, UK, Europe, Asia and USA is the man touted as 'America's answer to Sasha'. His progressive West Coast style has been heard on labels such as 'Platipus' and Scotland's 'Hook' records.
See the Gatecrasher official website for more info.
Metroplis Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event, which although quite well supported would've been bigger but for the $65 on the door tax - no way for one style party...Anyone???


[ Digital 2000 ]
-== Digital 2000 [Sun 1st Oct 00] ==-

This Queens Birthday Long Weekend event by Delirium (who never do things by halves) featured 4 rooms with Internationals as follows :-

Choice Main Room DJ's :- Judge Jules (UK - one of the world's biggest club DJ's, he always drops a wicked uplifting Hard House set), John'00'Fleming (UK - Trancemaster from clubs like 'Cream', 'Sundissential' etc expect the best), Sean Quinn (Melb - at the forfront of Oz music and part of the huge 'Quench', 'Our House' and 'Progression' Progressive acts) plus Rudy, Kreice, Chad D.
Stateside House Room DJ's :- Derrick Carter (USA - deep + funky Chicago House legend) plus Dan Stinton, Declan, Martin L, James A.
Plastik Tekno Room DJ's :- Surgeon(UK - deep emotive yet brutal Techno and veteran of a 3yr residency at Berlin Techno haven Club Tresor), James Ruskin(UK - 3 deck rich percussive Techno master), Umek(Slovenia - 3 deck master of funky metallic sounds and twisted driving kicks), Valentino(Slovenia - phat and funky Techno sets with rich layers of tribal drumming) plus Troy, Michael Bishop, Puff, Mr.W.
Loaded Dice D'n'B Room DJ's :- Konflict(Rob Data/Kermal UK - have big releases on 'Audio Blueprint', 'Renegade Hardware', 'Architecture' and their own label 'Negative') - who I would've loved to have seen but I hate multiple parties in one night. I was told they played an ok set but went really dark in places...damn my favourite style...ah well. Locals featured Clay vs Elle Rollo, Echoic vs Krank, Mystique vs Andrew Vranjes and B'Jam vs Diamond D who would've ripped it up as well.

A very big event...although perhaps all parties this weekend suffered from too much on as this was not as full as people were expecting from past experience. Must also say very nice flyer too - respect ladz. Damn there was too much on this weekend!
Globe Nightclub/Frostbites was the venue for this (as usual) huge 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== The Final Drop [Sun 1st Oct 00] ==-

Hardcore Room DJ's :- Sniper (10-11pm), Hutcho (11-12:30am), Freestyle (12:30-1:30am), Dair (1:30-2:30am), Leroy (2:30-3:30am), Menis (3:30-4am), Kevin (5-7am).
House Room DJ's :- Rachel Harvey, Big Mac, Dirty Den, Space Ace, Lilly, Steve Mason.
MC's :- Assassin, Pete, Matrix, Kev/Hutcho, other drunken yobs + MC Plum.

Raggabone presented this event, the third (and final apparently - why?) in the series of these nice 'back-to-Gravity-days' nights. Always worth going to and a lot of fun to play at I can tell you...shame once again there was so much on this weekend, still this is where I wanted to be...nothing beats the atmosphere and seedy darkness of that back room hehe. Great to see so many crew there and so many good mates. "The Absolutely Final Drop will launch a thousand memories...if you weren't there the first time round...pack a fruit box and a change of underwear...because this nostalgic return is going to be one hell of a trip!" Also featured a drag show in DC's the return of Rachel Harvey from the UK and MC Plum from Sydney. For my money though the back Hardcore room is where it was at - in nice old faces and atmosphere - never was much one for the DC's corridor at the best of times.
Sniper was bangin it down nicely when I got there..good scratchin too man! Respect out to the 'Adam Brown Gabba Crew' who were going hard for it the last half of my 'Lenny Dee 92/93 tribute set' hehe. Freestyle followed me with some old favourites and bangin/NRG which got the crowd up nicely before Dair, Leroy + Menis all dropped the bangin Hardcore they do so well. Kev finished up the night with more Happy Hardcore, a little Old School which rallied people well before the ritual nicking of the decorations five minutes before the lights go on commenced. I think it's fair to say the atmosphere was better Friday night @ 'Sunburn' don't know why as there were lots of people here (maybe they just went too hard the Fri night of the long weekend?) but I think as so many were going back + forwards between the big events this night many didn't settle hence the lack of vibe at times. Personal comment from me once again was too much Happy Hardcore in a row that needed badly to be broken up with something else like Breaks/Trance etc. Respect to the Hardcore crew for making it a good night again...Taipan Room / Soul City (ex-DC's/Gravity) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Tribal Beats ]
-== Tribal Beats [Fri 6th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- MPK, Toga, Mark 7, Viper, Klay, Frantik, Ruffkut, Detonator, MC Method.

Presented by the Drum Club, Resin Crew and Raggabone this was a special 'Taste of Adelaide' night. Featuring three of their finest :-
MPK : who plays a variety of Drum n Bass with a focus on Hard Funk and a hint of Jump Up beats. Ths first SA DJ to play all breaks sets. A very nice guy too!
Toga (Quarantine Crew) : Moving up quickly thru the Dj ranks, this man pushes the heavy tech sound of no-nonsense Drum n Bass.
Mark 7 : Nominated in the 'National Dance Awards' for 'Best New Dj Talent' he is a New School leader. A great ability to hype the crowd, unique cutting, scratching and fast mixing are what to expect.
The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Believe it or not I fell asleep on the sofa BEFORE 8:30pm...nearly beat Fat Cat - jeez not good! Anyone???


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-== Plastic Club Tour Returns [Sat 7th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- John Ferris + DJ Nervous (Syd) plus Darren Briais, Delicious.

Presented by Large and Sydney's Plastic crew...after the successful first weekend recently (it was RAMMED) the tour returns once more before heading home. The Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== UK Breaks Special [Sat 7th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Danny Mcmillan (UK), Big Ear Chad, Saxon, Nallinder, Echoic.

Presented by Geisha and Offworld..."Danny McMillan is a member of the Nu Skool breaks elite. Currently working alongside Rennie Pilgrem as the A+R man for TCR Records. He is also responsible for the hugely successful 'Nu Skool Breaks 1+2' on Kickin Records. His own tune releases vary from dark party breaks thru to Jazzy and Deep Nu Skool. This guy rocks and is not to be missed!" - Should've been a good night this one but I was at Rhino's boozeup and wasn't coherent to move let alone drive! Geisha Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Euphoria logo ]
-== Euphoria [Sat 14th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Rooka (10-11 Old School), Versityle (11-12), Matt Dec (12-1 Trancecore), Freestyle + Weavy (NRG/Bangin), Fuxxy (3-4 Bangin), Hutcho (4-6 Old School/Gabba).

XS Productions presented the fourth weekend in this bi-weekly format club which had been off for a couple of weekends due to all the big holiday Sunday action etc! Featured CD giveaways on the night as well! Gilkisons Dance Studio was the venue for this regular 18+ event, which had a better crowd which stuck round a lot longer than in previous weeks.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Loaded Dice Special [Sat 14th Oct 00] ==-
! ! C A N C E L L E D ! !

DJ's :- Andy C (UK), Frantik, Mike L, Diamond D vs BJam, Echoic vs Greg Packer.
MC's :- GQ (UK), Method, Interjecta.

Presented by Loaded Dice this was to have been a massive one for the Old Breaks/Drum n Bass crew - the much-vaunted first Perth visit by Andy C, who has "been at the forefront of the Drum n Bass since the beginning. His involvement not only in mixing, but production and numerous remixes on his own labels, 'Liftin Spirits' and the classic 'Ram Records' ". MC GQ is one of the most respected MC's in the Drum n Bass and breaks scene and he also runs 'Emcee Recordings', a nice fresh Drum n Bass label. A wicked DJ and MC combination - this would've been one not to miss!! Unfortunately his agency has deemed it in their infinite wisdom to give three different stories (read crap excuses) to the three Oz promoters as to why the two ladz can't make it right now...bit suss if you ask me...More info on this as soon as I get complete truth - NOT gossip. Respect to Loaded Dice for cancelling and hopefully bringing him here some other time rather than going ahead with a cheap replacement.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Jungle Insurgency [Fri 20th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer vs General Justice (real Ragga Jungle Insurgency), Elle Rollo vs El Hornet (the elle title fight), Krank vs Diamond D (the KKK takes on the Black Panther), Echoic vs BJam (the battle for Optimutha supremacy), Mike L vs Klay (Dr.Evil up against Austin Powers), Dan Lucas vs Muller (roid rage takes on the lager monster), Andrew Vranjes vs Adrian Sardi (the fried one and the sausage), Frantik vs Mystique (a true beauty contest).
MC's :- Method, Ruffkut and more.

Drum Club, Precision and Lani de Fly presented this event - an Amnesty International Fundraiser, with all proceeds going to help fight the fight for for human rights - this was a very worthwhile gig and a good lineup to boot! So it was good that this event really packed in a big crowd - which stayed a lot longer than many events lately. Greg Packer + General Justice's set really went off - nice to see a crowd go nuts to locals instead of just internationals again. Reminded me very much of old Gravity days...we got completely smashed I must say...so did a lot of other people! The Drum Club was the venue for this big 18+ event. Shout out to Dave C. for a good night!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Rise Special Event [Fri 20th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Ferry Corsten (Holland), Dr.Bill, Simon Barwood, Charlie Ash.

This event featured the first Perth visit by Trance/Dream heavyweight DJ Ferry Corsten - who is a frequent lineup companion for Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto as well as an extensive remixer and producer in his own right. Expected was a nice tight mix of Trance/Progressive/Dream House - but apparently he played an hour of rather club-styled House, followed by an hour of uplifting (but not riveting) Dream Trance - rather surprising, as I've heard some very recent sets of his and they rocked. A few friends that went said the event was ok but not what they hoped...shame. Rise Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone else???


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-== Subvert [Sat 21st Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Alise_D vs Bitbot (liveset), Troy, Choice, Frantic, Lara, The Swedish Chef, Aaron + Dave (live electro madness), Dan (liquid chill), Bouncy Castle by MadCow Entertainment.

MadCow Entertainment presented this rather unusual very underground night. Proskate demos by S.K.A.W.A, visual jammin by Paul, Diz + the burns unit, installation gallery by hodpac, morganic, petro and Diz, with Catwalk fashion as well...phew. This event was proudly not sponsored by multinational corporations. City Farm in East Perth was the venue for this all ages event (although it didn't state age limit on flyer). A friend who drove past said it looked a very young crowd from outside...
This by Dan (cheers mate!) :-
"When I arrived there was some nice House playing in the main room, with Drum n Bass in the outside arena. It was pretty average (I'm not a big Drum n Bass fan), however I spent most of the time in the House room. Later on there was a bit of a turn around. The Drum n Bass went to the main arena (which I thought was a bit of a disappointment). As I arrived to the outside arena there was some 'E-boo' guy trying to get the crowd singing, he reluctantly left and purposely banged the decks to make the vinyl skip (alot of people wanted to smack him out) and let Dan Stinton (I think?) and Alex Mcc play some awesome two-step which the older crowd loved. All the kids that were doing there Drum & Bass moves to the 2-step, that p__ed me off a lot also. The night overall was pretty good, city farm management had to kick about 100 ravers out when it closed (about 7am, from memory..).. it was well worth the entry fee".


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Large Special Event [Sat 21st Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- CJ Dolan (Melb) plus Darren Briais, Delicious.

Another big House/Club night presented by Large, RTR-FM, Hype magazine and Festival Music...featuring CJ Dolan (of 'Quench' fame) in a very rare (and we were told his last) DJ performance, promoting his new single 'Embracing The Sunshine'. A very depleted crowd was in attendance for this event...obviously the other things around town took tha crowds. CJ Dolan took nearly the whole set to work up to anything worthwhile...slow House + very light Trance...easily surpassed in crowd response and atmosphere by Darren Briais + Delicious' sets. Shame for Dolan to go out on such a lacklustre end. The Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


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-== Superclub Series : Oblivion 002 [Sat 21st Oct 00] ==-

DJ's/Acts :- Griff + Jay Walker (UK/Ibiza), Maestro, Rudy, Choice, James A, Andrew Vranjes, Declan, Chris Reid, Klay, BJam.

Another big House/Club event...featuring DJ's Griff + Jay Walker from Ibiza (Super)Nightclub 'Manumission' and 'Bar M'. This night featured Manumissions full carnival-style entertainment : body-painted dancers, fire-eaters, go-go dancers, drag queens and plenty more nudity and general lewd stuff - hence the crowd there I guess!! Zanadu Nightclub was the final venue for this night after it was moved from Metropolis. Official website here. Anyone with more info???


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-== Geisha Special Event [Sat 21st Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Kid Kenobi (Sydney), unknown locals.

Launch of Remix Magazine with special guest DJ Kid Kenobi & local support. Geisha Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Drum Club [Fri 27th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Klay + others I don't remember.

Resin crew and my liver presented this special Alcoholic Holocaust ala Stingin The Tail for me - cheers to Kev, Mr.Size, Brett/Resin + the bar staff for getting me so rotten I had trouble seeing what colour the pool balls were! hehe I normally don't review Friday nights but had to mention this one. Also I hope to god Klay didn't get too much on that video camera! Special touch of the night was straws in our jugs - how did we get so many beers in without going to the bar? The TeKnology CoRps approved method of nicking jugs/beers whenever people put them down within reach hehe...ahem Anyhow a blinder (in more ways than one) night. Also hope you liked the Back2Back impromptu MC session from Kev and I - not often you get two guyz on tha mic in exactly the same state! Respect crew! Drum Club was the venue for thid messy 18+ event. PS I STILL wasn't carried out - another year to the record (maybe only cos KaRnaGe wasn't there)!!!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Black Lung [Fri 27th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- David Thrussell (Snog/Soma), Cell 7, Cambion, Ekaf Eman.

Cell 7 Productions presented this special night, featuring David Thrussell of Snog/Soma fame - don't know the names? Then you don't know your history of Oz Electronica! Different Electro special for a Friday. Limelight / Players (under Sheraton Hotel) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Euphoria logo ]
-== Euphoria Special (ha!) Event [Sat 28th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Rousa vs Marvel (10-12am Old School breaks), Menis (12-1am Hardcore), Hutcho (1-2am 92/93 Old School), Leroy (2-3am Classics), Freestyle (3-4am Hard NRG), TBA 4-6am.

XS Productions presented the fifth (and last for now) weekend in this bi-weekly format club which happened to fall the same night as this big weekend - Ministry of Sound you say? Nah I meant my birthday hehe!!! Always something different on a Saturday and lets face it - it was the ONLY club in Perth where you could get Hardcore, NRG, Old School, Trance, Drum n Bass and more all in one night - plus watch me get slaughtered...nah hang on you can see that anywhere...oh well. The invitation was to come get mashed, smashed or trashed...I don't care which just nice to see a few of you this night!!!
Gilkisons Dance Studio was the venue for this rather quiet end to yet another Perth Hardcore Club - respect to everyone who came down to wish me Happy B'day.


[ Ministry Clubbers Tour 2000 ]
-== Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide tour [Sat 28th Oct 00] ==-

Main Room DJ's/Acts :- Chicane (UK - live), Fergie (UK), Chilli Hi-Fly (Syd), Rudy, Chad D, Kreice.
Stateside Deep Room DJ's/Acts :- DJ Declan Kelly - playing for cancelled Terrence Parker (Detroit), Simon Caldwell (Syd), Dave Jackson (ex-Perth now Melb), Declan, Dan Stinton, Martin L, James A.
Plastik Room DJ's/Acts :- Fumiya Tanaka (Japan), Eric Powell (UK), MrW, Puff, Troy, Michael Bishop.

This was going to be a huge House/Club event whatever you thought of it - with capacity being set at 10,000 (but there were reports of 12,000+ there). Delirium never ever do things by halves and this event would have been no exception. Once again it was tha birthday boozeup night so I didn't make it - so I got a very prompt review from Sean...cheers man...this from him :-
"We arrived at 1:00 and had to wait in line for about half an hour. By that stage we had long faces and decided it was not too much fun. It started pretty sedately. Chicane came on soon after and to be honest I wasn't expecting it to be that upbeat. They started off with some flute type music but then...things definitely picked up. It was great and crowd really went crazy. After deciding I needed a bit more nutrition if I was to keep partying on through the night, things really lifted. I had no idea who the djs were from then on, but nobody else seemed to either. There was no need to worry because the music kicked ass and the crowd was crazy for it.
This was the time of night when the five of us basically got completely lost. I think you will know what I mean when you get to the point of just wandering around. Belmont Park is huge so it was easy to go from floor to floor and to outside, sitting on the grass then going back in for a boogie. I am sure that if we had stayed in the one spot we would have caught up with the others but hey, who wants to be rational and reasonable at that point in the proceedings.
At about 6:30am we went back to the car, thinking the others might be waiting for us there. They weren't but thankfully we had parked on the grassed overflow parking area, so we had somewhere nice to lay down. The sun was up but those people choosing to go off were still going off. I love to see such enthusiasm. Lots of chatting later, we left the event when they kicked everyone out at 8:00am.
In the car, when we were at the lights of Gt Eastern Highway, everyone in the cars around us had music cranked up and everyone had hands out of windows doing the hands in the air thing. There were whistles and whoops all round. Where or when else would you see such excitement, smiling faces and solidarity amongst car drivers and passengers?
What can I say, it was a great night. The article in the Saturday's West said that this will be the biggest summer for dance music in Perth. A kind of summer of love for the new Millennium (the real one this time). It is great to see dance music really going from strength to strength. After the negative press for raves in the early to mid-90's, it is great to see how professional and responsible promoters have carried the day. It sounds like the perfect time to get back on board.
One of my favourite bits of the night was when I asked a security guy if we could climb over a barrier that he standing next to. He just smiled and said 'there are no rules'. Just how it should be!" - Thanks man!

Belmont Racecourse was the huge venue for this massive 18+ event. Hell it even made the West Australian!


[ Resin Reunion ]
-== Resin Reunion [Sun 29th Oct 00] ==-

DJ's :- Viper vs Rufkut, Frantik vs Detonator, Mike L vs Elle Rollo, Skelly, Judith Elund vs Adam Kelly.
MC's :- Method and guests.

Resin Crew promoters presented this special Reunion night - "All Scallywags massive it's time for a once off Resin reunion on sacred ground (so bring a healthy thirst)". Be good to be back at the old Sunday watering hole and scene of many a brain cell end-of-weekend fryout! There was no way I was going to get there - whether or not I remembered it...Assassin and I only stopped drinking just before lunch from Sat night hehe!

Scallywags Bar was the venue for this free entry 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Perfecto Australian Tour 2000 [Fri 3rd Nov 00] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Paul Oakenfold (UK), Breeder (UK), Mark James (Syd), Choice, Sam Allen.
Funky Room DJ's :- Doug Disco, Bilsby, Dan Stinton, Joby vs Gully.

Future Entertainment and Spectrum presented this - a big night for the House/Trance/Progressive crew...the legendary scene pace setter, the 'biggest Dj in the world' (according to the music press and Guinness Book Of Records) - owner of the Perfecto label (of which he is also a prolific producer and remixer on over the last ten years). He regularly plays all over the world and hosts radio shows on Radio One (amongst others) in London. A major player (well he has been voted the No.1 DJ in the world three years running so he's doing something right) in the scene. The man himself came on rather suddenly at 1am instead of 2am to a big cheer from the crowd and straight away began his 3hr excursion on progression - be it House/Trance/Big Beat/Mainstream remixes. I'd have to say I've heard him mix a more crowd-friendly live club set, this one was more akin to a CD mix release (where I'd say it would've been appreciated more by people). Don't get me wrong he did play some excellent tunes, the mixing (although very relaxed, even slow in places) was perfect and he was very responsive towards the crowd...nice to see, many internationals tend to put their head down and do what they want. One thing - who the hell was the dude on stage with the cowboy hat on trying to do an Edge from U2 look? Weird...
Breeder champion the upfront Progressive sounds - first coming to major notice appearing on Sasha and John Digweed's 'Global Underground CDs'. Their releases on their own 'Rhythm Syndicate' label have sold in excess of 40,000 copies. This is their first visit to Australia. Not sure if it was just one or two who played but it was a good comedown/late morning set which kept the crowd awake right until we left - which was after 5:30am in the morning. All up? A good club night, with many old faces out...
There was also a double-disc mix album out by Oakenfold on Nov 6th - Paul Oakenfold - "Travelling" on FMR.

Metropolis Nightclub was the venue for this very crowded 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== V.I.P - Let Your Dreams Be Seen [Fri 3rd Nov 00] ==-

DJ's :- Lots of people and more TBA.

Unknown promoters presented this special 'VIP' night. Something different on a Friday - an invite only gig no invite no entry...if you had one you'd have been there!

Somewhere on High Rd Fremantle was the venue for this 18+ private event. We just didn't get time dammit...anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Reprazent [Fri 3rd Nov 00] ==-

DJ's :- Skelly vs Krank, Mike L vs FBI, Adrian Sardi vs Greg Packer (Digital vs Interphase), Echoic vs BJam (Optimum Recordings), Frantik vs Diamond D (Hard Afro vs Loaded Dice), Viper vs Klay.
MC's :- Method, Ruffkut

Drum Club and Raggabone presented this night to "showcase the names and faces of the people who have shaped the Drum n Bass scene as we know it. Come and sample some of the new releases on local labels, Interphase, Hard Afro and Optimum Recordings. Promo giveaways on the night". Should have been quite a good night...but I must say to be honest not all the people who have shaped the Perth DnB scene are playing - thats just an honest opinion - nothing against the crew or DJz. Loads of mix tape giveaways apparently on the night too including: SS and Warren G - old Gravity Tape, Greg Packer - old skool Reunion mix, Echoic - big bud mix.

The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Break Stuff ]
-== Break Stuff [Fri 10th Nov 00] ==-

DJ's :- Fuxxy (Oldschool Breakz), Muller (Drum n Bass), Elle Rollo v El Hornet - (Funky Drum n Bass), Frantik v Rufkut (Jump Up), Krank v Ralphski (Nu Skool Breakz), Dan Lucas v Tee (whatever!), Radium & Atari (Live Breakz PA).

Kuntz Crew presented this night. The 'Live Breakz PA' featured - 2 Perth guys who have both made a name for themselves on a international scale, with some of thier tunes (MP3z) getting playtime far and wide, they will be playing a selection of Drum n Bass through to Nu Skool Breakz, and beyond. Apparently it was gonna be "bigger than Adam Brown" - quite a tall order...last I saw of him he was HaRdCorE MaSSiVe! 8-)

The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?????????


[ LoSt The PloT ]
-== Lost The Plot [Sat 11th Nov 00] ==-

DJ's :- Internatty (for Greg Packer), Frenz-E, Hutcho, Kevin, Leroy, Menis, NVS vs Fuxxy, Frantik, Lumberjack.
MC's :- Assassin, Kev, Matrix + more.

Unknown (crew) promoters presented this special birthday party "Celebrating the 21st birthday of the ever schwepervescent Geraldine, with audible ecstasy being supplied by the DJ's...plus some lyrical masters that will blow your mind". This was a very cool night...different location too (which was a bit of a pain to find - but well worth it)...Club Fiumano E Giulino was the venue for this all ages event.
This was a wicked small party - the type that only come along every so often - good crowd, good atmosphere and in a very different venue than most events these days. Top marks to the organisers for pulling off a good night to be at and a good night to play at. Respect to Di and Mr.Brown for letting me dust off more of my Gabba - next time harder still I promise!!! More online asap.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Liberator 02 [Sat 11th Nov 00] ==-

DJ's :- Chris Liberator (UK), Choice, Micah, Essx/Joel, Tigger.

Presented by Awarehouse C.Liberator is consistently rated among the world's top 100 DJ's, by trainspotters at Mixmag, Musik and DJ Magazine - but who cares about those posers...now for the facts from the real people in life...he is a close colleague of Mark EG + Choci and a major player in the London Trance/Techno scene. He regularly releases & remixes on 'Stay Up Forever', 'TEC', 'VCF', 'Cluster', 'RouteMaster' Records + 'Smitten' amongst others. Hard punishing Acid Techno is the name of the game. This was his second visit to Perth after last September's great night...well worth checking out - should have been a wicked gig...Zanadu Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Unfortunately I just didn't make it down to this one...too much on in one night again...sigh. Anyone????


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Nocturnal Alliance [Fri 24th Nov 00] ==-

DJ's :- Adam Kelly, Greg Packer, MrW, Gully, Kreice, Choice, Rudy, Mal Wickham, Chad D, Judith Elund, Max Landy.

Hellrazor presented this special night. Something different on a Friday and in an area made popular by the Scallywags nights it had great potential. Unfortunately I didn't get there - shout out to Adam kelly for getting this happening.The Edge Nightclub in Joondalup was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Slinky 2000 ]
-== Slinky InterContinental Tour [Sat 25th Nov 00] ==-

DJ's :- Garry White (UK), Tim Lyall (UK), DJ Law (Melb), Darren Briais, Delicious and Dazz K.

The Globe, Freebass.com.au and Slinky presented this special UK-styled Club night.
"Slinky was launched at 'The Opera House' night-club on Friday 2nd May 1997 with the idea of supplying the first quality weekly dance night for the South Coast area. A converted theatre, the 'Opera House' is the largest independent night-club in the country with over 6,000 people passing through its doors every week. Slinky became a new clubbing concept bringing together two different types of dance music in one club, with uplifting house in Room 1 and Cocoshebeen (Drum n Bass) in Room 2. Priding itself on continually providing top quality line-ups Slinky hosts the finest DJ talent from around the world in both rooms every Friday night. DJ's include - Paul Van Dyk, Dj Heaven, Danny Rampling, Pete Tong and many more.
Official UK site here - which is very nice. Oz promoters website here

The Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. I knew quite a lot of mates that went to this event...just waiting for a couple of reviews to come in now...


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Elysium [Fri 1st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Slipmatt (UK), Leroy, Menis, Kevin, Rousa, Marvel.

This event was presented by Easy Tiger and Fireball in conjunction with Ragga Bone and was also the opening night of a new monthly-format Hardcore night. "Slipmatt is the founder of Hardcore, the Don, the Godfather. From Raindance to Ibiza he's done it all. Say no more experience it again".
Well judging by the emails I obviously opened some controversy here but IN MY OPINION (and to be fair my knowledge) he isn't what I'd call the 'founder of Hardcore'. I wasn't having a go - just putting the record straight in cyberspace...nothing against the event or the crew...so up yours to the idiot that said that one. So once again I'm going to clarify my statement and back it up with fact.

To be honest I don't think the title has ever belonged to one person...the scene is neither yours nor mine - its everyone's. Back in the day I'd say it was more the producers that shaped the sound...mostly back then the DJ's were not producers they just played other's tunes. Early Hardcore trax would have to be tunes like Homeboy/Hippie's 'Total Confusion', D-Shakes 'My Heart The Beat' etc. We are talking 1990 here. Grooverider, Carl Cox, Pigbag, 'Evil' Eddie Richards, Luke, Sasha etc were the big DJ's back then. Slipmatt is in there with the classic Rave/Hardcore/Breaks crew certainly - his major break though coming at Raindance in 1991...I have DJ Sy tapes though going back to '89, which makes him a better contender for 'original'. Slipmatt's scene contribution via XL records as 'SL2' (Slipmatt + Lime) and on their 'Awesome' label (Breakin Free etc) are enough reason to applaud the man. Still - perhaps its fair to say he's one of Happy Hardcore/4-Beat's originators at least - which he is. He has been around for a long time but give me his '91-'94 sets anyday...his last formulated effort at Reunion'99 left me very cold. Still everyone has an off night so we were hoping he'd pull his finger out this time. The lads told me he'd promised to play far more break-orientated Hardcore this time...so we went along, the night a big one for Hardcore crew, nice to have a club again!
What a wicked night...everyone brought along a good party attitude and it was very infectious..the place going off all night long. Slipmatt played probably the best set he has done here - a good mix of classic Rave and Hardcore...for once not going cheesy just uplifting in style...about time. The crowd was having it bigtime and I must say made me dance myself stupid. Good to see lots of old faces and nice to have a Hardcore event of this size in the old room again...well done guyz. The official Club website is here - http://www.elysium.s5.com/. The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Rise Special Event [Fri 1st Dec 00]==-

DJ's :- Robert Miles (Italy), Charlie Ash , Simon Barwood + Dr Bill.

This event was presented by Rise. Robert Miles' huge track 'Children' was the first exposure to Dream Trance for many of the Perth uninitiated...especially @ The Leederville 96/97. Can't honestly say what he's like as a 'live' DJ...other than I like some of his music.

I was told he played some pretty nice (but slow) House/Club numbers in the first hour of his set at least. Anyone else?

Rise Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Delirious Summer Festival [Sun 3rd Dec 00] ==-

Main Arena :- Laurent Garnier (live), Green Velvet (live), Friendly (live), plus locals Rhibosome, Illegal Procedure (live), Jase From Outta Space (live).
Stateside House Tent :- Josh Wink (US), Doc Martin (UK), Gemini, Suburban Knight, plus locals TBA.
Plastik Tekno Tent :- Richie Hawtin, Space DJ'z, Billy Nasty (UK), Cari Lekebusch, plus locals TBA.
Loaded Dice/Scheemin Drum n Bass Tent :- Dom and Roland (UK), Aphrodite (UK), Freq Nasty, Jacques Lu Cont, Ransom, plus locals TBA.
Choice Tent :- Peace Division, Andy Van from Madison Avenue, Jeremy Healy (UK), Sean Quinn (Syd).

Delirium in their amazing capacity to never do things by halves presented this huge event. A rather huge and wicked gig this one...something for everyone...like a dance scene Big Day out. A lot of wicked acts at this...there is so much on this month as usual though! A massive crowd was tipped for this one and it perhaps wasn't a big as expected but still huge. Some people were complaining at ticket prices but you must realise just how much cost and effort goes into an outdoor of this nature.

I was told by a few people that this unfortunately suffered very badly from 'post-International-itis' ie as soon as tha Internationals finished everyone ran next door where the next 'big name' was starting to play. This happened after Aphrodite and left Greg Packer (before his second track had come in) spinning to a very small crowd...which is stupid. Ah well big parties don't always bring out the true believers...I was told it was a great day but there were lots of 'trendy ravers/clubbers/trainspotters' which seem to dog the scene at the moment. Respect to Delirium for pulling this off. Belvoir Parklands was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone else?


[ VIP Old School ]
-== Old Skool VIP Special [Fri 8th Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Krank vs Skelly (95-96 Rave Breaks + Big Beat), Mental (Jump Up classix), Greg Packer vs Echoic (93-94 Jungle), Hutcho (91-93 breaks/Darkside), Gusto vs Merlin (93 dark style).
MC's :- Assassin, Pete, Rufkut + guests.

The Drum Club and Raggabone presented this special rewind breaks night. Something different on a Friday...and a great boozeup oops I mean night!!! A far bigger crowd than usual had packed in for this event...showcasing the progression from breaks to Jungle to Drum n Bass. Good atmosphere and plenty of lager kept the crowd heaving till the early hours...good to see for a Friday with locals only. Just wish the night had been taped...not often you get a good history of music like this...ah well. The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Advenjah Festival ]
-== AdventJah Festival 2000 [Sat 9th Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw Rec/San Francisco, USA) + DJ Rome (Lootpack/ San Francisco USA), DJ Will White (Propellerheads, UK), James Holroyd (Chemical Brothers Tour DJ, UK), Captain Tinrib (Tinrib Records, UK), Max Alien (Alien Trax, London UK), Baba (Full Circle crew N.York, USA), Nick Toth (Sydney), Kenny L, Doug Disco, JJ, Dan Stinton, Joby, Gully, Dan The Man, Bilsbey, DJ Army.
DJ Jean (Holland), The Tidy Boys (Sundissential/Tripoli Trax, UK), Dave Lee (UK - Mezzanine), Andy Passman (UK - Naughty But Nice/Republica, UK).

This event was presented by Spectrum and Metropolis featuring a 4 deck mixup by Peanut Butter Wolf + DJ Rome from San Francisco, Will White is from the UK's Propellerheads, J.Holroyd is the Chemical Brothers tour DJ. DJ Jean is a huge German Trance legend with his trax such as 'The Launch' and his mix CDs getting into Dance charts everywhere. Captain Tinrib (live PA) is the main man behind the UK's 'TinRib Records' - a label on the forefront of HardBag, Trance + NRG for the last four years, which has seen releases by M-Zone and Karim. The Tidy Boyz are a hugely successful House/NRG remix + production duo. Huge one for the HipHop/House/NRG crew, lots of good quality acts on offer here. Should have been huge...but I think suffered from the Delirious Festival. Also Peanut Butter Wolf cancelled last minute and his presence was sorely missed. Karnage said that DJ Rome took over and played a 3hr set - ripping it up in the last 2hrs true DMC style...but to a small crowd as many had come to see P.B.Wolf and left because he wasn't there - idiots. We didn't make it as once again we were far too spastic @ Rhino's boozeup! Metropolis Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone else?


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-== Sunne's Birthday Party [Sun 10th Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Lachsteady (7-7:30pm), Dan Lucas vs Muller (7:30-8:30pm), Hutcho vs Mental (8:30-9:30pm), Sinistah vs Heretik (9:30-10:30), Tee vs Eks (10:30-11:30), El Hornet vs El Rollo (11:30-12:30am), Kev (12:30-1am).

This event was presented by ravers 4 ravers. Basically a 21st birthday party (boozeup) for Mr.Sinistah with an unusual lineup...and night. Many of the crowd looked fresh whilst the DJ's looked seedy-as...(shout out to Frantik for joining the two day club!) myself included coming off the back of a 48hr lager bender (aka casual TeKnoLoGy Corps DJ mixup) @ Rhino's hehe. Mental couldn't make it due to being totally written off in the afternoon! Nice sets of Jungle, Drum n Bass and Tech-House from all made for a great unusual Sunday night...Kev getting my old 'last set jinx' - only getting to drop one tune before the club shut early. Although I still maintain a pile-on on the birthday boy should've been done! The Red Sea Nightclub in Subiaco was the venue for this good little 18+ event.


[ C-Division launch ]
-== C-Division Launch [Fri 15th Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Devo, Agent42, Radium + Atari, Klay, Elle Rollo + Mike L (Spirit Recordings), Echoic + Bjam (Optimum Recordings), Frantik (Hard Afro).

"C: Division is two partners, Ryan Briggs (agent42) and Phil Ioppolo. Both having worked heavily in the industry in all aspects of club culture. Namely, Management Fill, Bar, Graphic Design, Promotions, Photography, Public Relations and Djing itself. C: Division has achieved success in two prior events held at Geisha, these include 'Swinging From the Rafters' and 'In Skool Out Skool Old Skool New Skool'. Aimed at the Drum 'n Bass/Breaks market C: Division intends on changing the face of events, incorporating live musicians, photographic exhibitions, short film screening, classy props and the freshest in local talent. We aspire to showcase local talent in Perth with the utmost respect and class in which it deserves".
I'm sorry chaps I just didn't get the time to add this or update my page...big apologies for that. The flyer was dated incorrectly as the 14th instead of the 15th...hope that didn't affect things.

The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


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-== Blackout [Sat 16th Dec 00] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- DJ Ellis Dee (UK), Kaos (ACT), Muller vs El Hornet, NVS vs Fuxxy, Mike L vs El Rollo, Dan Lucas vs Frantik.
Emerge Outside Arena DJ's :- Greg Packer, Krank vs Ralphski, Dan Stinton, Dazz K, Choice, Lumberjack, Timmy T.

This event was presented by MFI + Emerge. Ellis Dee was the international that many ravers saw @ their first Rave at the classic Raggabone 95 event @ the old Polygon Nightclub. I remember standing there with Kev trying so hard to bootleg it on tape...not very well either! Even DJ Freestyle got caught trying to climb the fence that night in the rain! Can't honestly say when exactly I first heard him play but it must have been around early 1991. A huge DJ in the UK in the classic 91-95 brackets, he has played for 'Helter Skelter', 'Fantazia', 'Dreamscape', 'Slammin Vinyl', 'World Dance' etc etc and all over the world. He has always championed the Breakbeat/Jungle/Drum n Bass sound. His sets have spanned the Rave, Breaks thru to Drum n Bass genres.
His releases with Rennie Pilgrim + Ritchie T as 'Rhythm Section Recordings' and singly with the 'Ellis Dee Project' series and others on labels like 'White House' have been massive and have helped to shape the Breakbeat/Hardcore sound. For a good idea of his styles check out the new 'Slammin Vinyl Old School Classics' CD with DJ SY - a wicked mix. Well worth checking out and he's a nice guy as well.

Quite a strong Police presence outside greeted us on arrival (although it is only just over the road from Central HQ). A big crowd had come out for this gig and deservedly so. This is a good two arena venue and NY Eve here should be wicked as well. The one problem (at least backstage) was the sound which was bouncing around off the walls quite a bit hence some of the problems mixing by the DJ's. By the time the @#$%# chick on the door let us in, we were in fairly late...just in time for the visiting Interstate DJ - Kaos who opted for a jump-up style set (much along the lines of Mental + Rhino in the past) which went down well, not always my cup of tea but it always goes off with the crowds.
The man like the Ellis Dee hit tha dex next. Nice to hear an International like this play what could best be described as an (excellent) underground Hardcore/Rave classics set with a few well known favourites thrown in - not the formulated sets some visitors play. Not often that I get to go nuts to the 'Energizer #2 EP' or Egyptian Empire's 'Horn Track', its usually me playing them - wicked! Nice to see he was also taking requests from us and having a good raver to raver chat with people. More visitors like him please. Also must say great hype job on tha mic by Kev. Frantik took the helm as Karnage and I nipped off to the Globe for a quick barcard (as you do) hehe and when I got back I stayed in the courtyard with many others as the sun came up to a good morning set by Timmy T and Dan Lucas. Respect to Dan + the MFI crew for this one...good effort. The Swan Barracks in Northbridge was the venue for this excellent all ages event.


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-== Blueprint 002 - Sat 16th Dec 00] ==-

A.B.Didgeridoo with DJs Koan and T-Mac.

Outrageous Fortune presented this event, featuring A.B.Didgeridoo in a special three-hour performance. "A.Bs internationally renowned style combines percussion, electronic drums, didgeridoo and digital effects to provide a hypnotising experience of sonic mastery. As the last show of A.Bs WA tour, Blueprint 002 marks an opportunity to experience A.Bs unique and innovative musical mastery in an exciting and intimate three level caf setting. Joining A.B. will be DJs Koan and T-Mac, poetry performers and surprise guests to complete an exceptional event not to be missed.".

The Starfish and Coffee cafe in Fremantle was the venue for this all ages event. Anyone?


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-== Central Station Xmas Party [Wed 20th Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Usual Large resident Djs.

Large and Central Station presented this special Xmas night. Something different on a Wednesday.

The Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


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-== Technet 3 - Sat 23rd Dec 00] ==-

DJ Kazu Kimura (Jap), Darren Briais, Delicious, Choice, Life of Brian, MrW, Puff, Joel and Troy.

Efusion and Awarehouse present this event, featuring special guest for round 3 of the Technet series; Japanese DJ Kazu Kimura fresh back from his East Germany + Japan tour with a bag of fresh new white label banging Techno tracks. This 3 deck master has been described by Ben Sims as "..equally the country's best Techno DJ...". In keeping with the number three mode, he'll also be doing a 3-hr set. More info at www.efusion.com.au.
Venue : Globe Nightclub, Murray St Perth. An 18+ event.
Tickets : $15 on the door.


[ Intensity NYE 2001 ]
-== Intensity [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Krank (Nu School Breaks 9-10pm), Viper vs Ruffcutt (Junglist Takeover 10-11pm), Corruption (Classic Old School 11-12am), Rob Fender (Special one-off midnight set 12-1am), Frantik (hard Drum n Bass 1-2am), Freestyle (upfront uplifting Hardcore/NRG 2-3:30am), Fanatik (3:30-4am), Frenz-e vs Versetyle (Hardcore/Rave 4-5am), Hutcho vs Splink-E (tearin 92/93 Hardcore 5-close).
With an exclusive live PA (about time!) by Fanatik (lock up your Bassbins + bring out your daughters!) - expect something hard, something nasty...we take no prisoners! Will feature exclusive new live material + forthcoming releases.
Devo (Roller promoter jazz's it up 9-10pm), NVS (Hardcore favs 10-11pm), Neurotic (nu style Gabba 11-12am), Dan Lucas (Jump Up 12-1am), Fuxxy (Hardcore mixup 1-2am), Muller (hard + dark Drum n Bass 2-3am), Weavy (slammin NRG 3-4am), Rhino vs Mental (Drum n Bass classics 4-5am), El Hornet (sunrise-smooth breaks 5-close).
MC's :- Assassin, Energizer, Frenz-e, Lethal, Pete, Sense.

XS Productions, MFI + Emerge present this special two-arena event featuring Drum n Bass, Hardcore, Old School, NRG, Trancecore.
Attractions :- Custom AVLA sound system for the night, Aurora Vortex laser, CD sales, video games, special surprise @ midnight, Free New Year's Day comedown event (which the nazi council rangers shut down mid-morning) @ the old crackerjack site.

Swan Barracks, was the (wicked) venue for this large all age event. Complete info asap.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Science Fiction 2000 [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- CJ Bolland (live), Christian Smith, DJ Heaven (UK), Graeme Park (UK)
Breaks + Beats Room DJ's :- The Freestylers (UK), Laidback (UK), Rhibosome (live), Illegal Procedure (live).
Plastik Tekno Room DJ's :- Adam Beyer, Joel Mull (live), Honeysmack (Melb - live), Joel Mull (DJ Set).
Loaded Dice Room DJ's :- DJ Ink (UK), DJ Loxy (UK), plus locals TBA.
Raw Funk/Deep City Room DJ's :- TBA.

Delirium presented this very special night - the true millenium! Lots more soon on this huge NYE event.

Belmont Racecourse was the venue for this 18+ event. I was told it was not as big as expected...anyone?


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-== Rise 2000-2001 [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Simon Barwood, Dr.Bill, Charlie Ash.

Rise presented this special NYE clubnight.

Rise Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


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-== Bubblin' Over [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Nick Alexander, Brett Costello, Slick, DJ Kyte.

Geisha presented this special R&B NYE clubnight. "Quality R&B for the ladies - Bootie Shakin' Classics + Happy Hip Hop with no attitude".

Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Paramount 2001 [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- BombLollies (live), Kenny L, Mezzy, Salty, unlimited guests.

Paramount presented this special NYE clubnight. Features "Ultimate midnight countdown, indoor pyrotechnics, special sound, lights + decor. Perth's biggest ever all night party" - well I have to contend for a start that but whatever.
Paramount Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== SunDance [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Dirty Den, Steve Mason, Saul Bliss, Dazz K, Sam Allen, JJ, Big Mac, Lilly, Heppa.

Raggabone & The Leederville presented this special NYE clubnight. "This venue will be put to rest once and for all, that tired old cliche 'I dance on the inside'. Get airborne...where the responsibility of NYE resolutions can be swept up by the whispering winds and scattered elsewhere - for you to pick up shattered at some later 2001 date" - hmm think they drank too much but anyhow its cheap! Recovery party ($5 entry) from 6am with masseuse's and light Jazz House beats.
The Leederville Hotel was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Big Wig [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- IllPickl (Sydney), Chad, JJ, Scorchio + Bebo (Milkcrate crew), Lachsteady, Phil Cooker, Doug Disco, T-Mac, Jules, Goldie (no not the UK one), Mike G, Colin Dee (Ireland), Backbone.

Mills Records presented this special NYE night. Featuring "The Phattest & Freshest tunes over three arenas - Courtyard, Mixed Sweets, Chill Spot".
IllPickl has been producing and releasing music since 1991 under various guises - his style? A funky, percussive merging of House + breakbeat. He has supported many internationals and had residencies at The Globe in Sydney, Chinese Laundry, Club 77, Home and played @ Space in Ibiza - a first for any Australian DJ. He played a two hour set.
Phillimores Hotel in Fremantle was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Basement New Years Eve [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Chris Reid, Josh Taaffe, Special, Dave Clark, Jason Burton, Ben Taaffe and Chris Davey.
Also featured an exclusive live performance from electonic innovator Franklin Hartstey, "The Mystery Producer".

Perth's underground presented this alternative NY Eve night...with not a regular lineup, or the hype (and then price) that goes with it. Good on you ladz.
"The 'Mystery Producer' is leading the charge of contemporary, cerebral electronic artists creating novel and original sounds with a deep Techno bent. He does whack live stuff such as play bass guitar through effects processors 'till it sounds like a pipe organ, or filter white-noise over and over until it's tonal!
The night also showcases some of the deeper and less recognised DJs in Perth who are pushing Techno and House into new realms. Avid and passionate collectors, many choose to play only a few special gigs each year".

Limelyte (old Players), under the Sheraton was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ 2001 Bass Odyssey ]
-== 2001 A Bass Odyssey [Sun 31st Dec 00] ==-

DJ's :- Brad Raven (Melb), Simon P + Fluro77, Psi-Fact, Kaneda, Triplex.

Tom Toms Events presented this special underground NYE night, which showcased the Techno, Trance and Tribal sound. Not much more info than that really...other than a mobile to ring on the night for location info. Not sure of the venue for this all ages(?) event. Anyone?


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