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These are the reviews for 2001 events and club nights.
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-== Ibiza + Beyond [Sat 6th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Pete Tong(UK - Radio One), Jason Bye (UK - Home nightclub Syd, London, Ibiza), Pete Gooding (UK - Cafe Mambo, Renaissance, Ibiza), plus DJ Delicious and Darren Briais.

The Globe and Kahlua presented this special club night. Featuring "The long overdue arrival of effectively the public face of dance music in the UK/WORLD...The co-owner and founder of the FFRR recording label (whose back catalogue reads like the history of modern dance music.), the host of the UK's most popular dance music show - Radio 1's 'Essential Selection' and 'Essential Mix', broadcast to over 3 million listeners every Friday night, A+R for the likes of Goldie and the All Saints, the man recently voted 'the most powerful person in Dance music'(Muzik Magazine-issue 45), repeatedly polling in the high end of the Top 100 DJ's in the world chart - currently # 4, DJ guestings at all the biggest UK festivals and superclubs - Ministry of Sound, Cream ...the list goes on (too many to mention.), best known for introducing the phrases 'largin'it' and 'it's all gone Pete Tong', a superstar DJ. In Perth for the first time, as part of the Kahlua Kollective Beats ...Ibiza + Beyond World Tour 2000-2001, for a one night only 'miss this Large event - and your crazy' performance. A very big one for the House/Club crew.
More info at their website here

Venue : Globe Nightclub, Murray St Perth, was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


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-== 2001:A Breaks Odyssey [Fri 12th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Trent C (9-10:30pm Garage,2 Step), Smoulder (10:30-11:30pm Nu Skool Breaks), Fuxxy (11:30-12:30am Breaks), Viper (12:30-1:30am Techstep D+B), Frantik (1:30-2:30am Upfront D+B), Ruffkut (2:30-3:30am Classic D+B), Atari vs Radium (3:30-close Live PA).
MC's :- Method, Ruffkut

Resin crew and the Drum Club presented this special night, which happens to be the birthdays of Sarah [Femail], Nat [MCD] and Lisa, also marked the return of Method from his UK jaunt. The Drum Club was the venue for this very well supported by all accounts event (550 people thru the door stated) 18+ event. Nice one ladz...anyone got more info as we didn't make it...once again because of a boozeup @ Rhino's!


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-== Trancemit [Fri 19th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Mr.W, Puff.

Nexus presented this next instalment of these very popular House/Techno night. Didn't get to this...shame they're always worth a look!

Geisha Bar, James St Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


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-== Calibre [Sat 20th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Kev, Menis, Leroy, Freestyle, Flaunt, with guests Hutcho + Versatile.
MC's :- Pete, Assassin, other drunken yobs.

Calibre presented this first opening night of the new format club. A new Saturday night offering with Hardcore, Techno, Drum n Bass and Old School on tap!
Check the website for more info webpage here

The new Calibre in Belmont was the venue for this quite well supported 18+ event. Good to see the Vermin Crew/Teknology Corps lads assume control of the bar, video gamez + pool table once more! The old Studio 7 proved to be a fresh new venue - and the sound system was VERY loud. Like I said, not a massive crowd, but when people like Mr.Adam Brown are in attendance (along with a few old faces lacking of late out clubbing) then its sure to be a good night! Hope to see everyone there over the next few weeks! Please send your comments to the Calibre crew for feedback will shape the way the club runs!


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-== Hip Hop Jam [Mon 22nd Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Karl Blue, S-Man, Ad Roc, Miguel - "Perth's Hottest club DJ's".

96FM, Sanity Music and the Leederville Hotel presented this special underage night. Something unusual for the underage crew. "Underage clubbing - revolution gets hotter...Playing sizzling party anthems, dancers and Perth's hottest club DJ's. Prize giveaways and much more. Dress casual summer style."

Globe Nightclub was the venue for this all age event. Anyone?


[ Mark One ]
-== Mark One [Wed 24th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Paul Goldie, Boy Luke, mandy, T-Mac.

Mojos presented this night. "2 nights of Deep and Funky House with a pinch of Nu Skool to add some flavour."
Mojos Bar in North Freo was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


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-== Karma Sutra [Wed 24th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Jon Carter (UK), Saul Bliss, Dazz-K, Dirty Den, Big Mac, Lilly.

Raggabone presented this special night. Featuring Jon Carter, who has an extensive history, as a sound engineer for No U-Turn records, to a producer himself and more recently as a remixer for artists from U2, Manic Street Preachers to Luke Slater, Felix Da Housecat and the Prodigy (who he toured with as their DJ). He has residencies at 'Bugged Out' at Cream and at Fabric, London's Home and Ibiza. He also played Brazil's largest carnival in Salvador playing before an audience towards the 3 million mark.

Taipan Room was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


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-== Drum Club Special [Fri 26th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Kenny Ken (UK), DJ SS (UK), plus locals Jay, Viper, Krank, Skelly.
Support is listed as Dazz K, Saul Bliss on the posters for some reason!
MC's :- MC Fearless (UK) + MC Warren G (UK)

Resin + Drum Club presented this very special Drum + Bass night being touted as "The biggest D+B lineup ever to hit Perth"... with the return of four of the UK's heavyweight Drum n Bass/Jungle acts. A big one for Perth on the skyshow night. Well worth attending - even if you've been in a hole and you don't know who these guys are, I'd recommend trying it!

Venue : The Drum Club (rear Taipan Room, Mountain Tce Northbridge). An 18+ event.
Tickets : $28+bf from Central Station, Planet Video, Drum Club.


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-== Starburst [Fri 26th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Cram & Oddesy + guests.

"Come cruise through the day, watch the fireworks and then dance the night away to the sounds of DJ's Cram & Oddesy playing Drum n Bass , Trance & Hardcore. One for those who wanna see the fireworks but want cool tunes at the same time...".
Well I hope you found it ok in the end...having to have been moved from the classic crackerjack site to Langley Park (due to the old site being fenced off), this all ages + everyone-invited event was well put on by the boys - full respect to them and the others (Rhino + Zig Zag) who dropped a free gig and went to the trouble of giving people something better to listen to during the skyshow than the usual commercial crap!


[ Pigeonhold ]
-== Pigeonhold (London:Perth) [Fri 26th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Kookie (Glen Austin), Craftybutcher (Bermondsey), Lucky Pierre (London), Mr.Nonsense (ye olde Yorke), Jayd + Choice plus surprise guests.

Trippy Productions & Treehouse Recordings presented this 'STRAYLYADAY SKYWORKS' event. "All day all night all day all night all day all night all day all night". Another one for those who wanna see the fireworks but want cool tunes at the same time...Trippy Productions would like to thank the city of Perth for it's assistance in the production of this. Trippy Production's most penetrating light show to date. The End of Ellam St, South Perth (not Vic Park as on the flyer), Perth foreshore was the venue for this free event. Anyone???


[ Free-Bass ]
-== Free-Bass [Sat 27th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Echoic + BJam, Troy + Puff, Menis + Freestyle.

Totally free night this night...with the DJs all playing for nothing! More soon.
Check out the webpage here

Venue : Calibre Nightclub (9 Belmont Ave, Belmont) 9pm-late. An 18+ event.
Tickets : free entry!!


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-== Vibes On A Summer's Day [Sun 28th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Saint Germain (France), MJ Cole (UK), DJ Randall + MC Fats (UK), Freq Nasty (UK), Simon Caldwell (NSW), Ransom (Vic), Trey (NSW), Tiger Lulu (Vic) plus many more.
Perth's classic summer festival returns once more - across 5 stages...always worth a look these. More info/review very soon..I hope.
Belvoir Amphitheatre was the venue for this huge 18+ event. Anyone???


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-== Blistering Beats [Mon 29th Jan 01] ==-

DJ's :- Unknown - "Perth's Hottest club DJ's".

96FM, Sanity Music and the Leederville Hotel presents this special underage night. Something unusual for the underage crew. "Underage clubbing - revolution gets hotter...Playing sizzling party anthems, dancers and Perth's hottest club DJ's. Prize giveaways and much more. Dress casual summer style."
Leederville Hotel was the venue for this unusual all age event. Anyone?


[ Hyperspeed ]
-== Hyperspeed [Fri 2nd Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Fenix (SYD), Leroy vs Menis (Old School), Kevin vs Tee (Hard Trance), Quimby (Trancecore), Frenze (Trancecore), Fuxxy (Hardcore), Dan Lucas vs Lumberjack (Hard Acid).

Emerge, Overdrive and Easy Tiger presented this special Friday night. "He has played in Sydney since 1993 at events like 'Utopia', 'Back To Basics', 'Love Nation', 'United', 'Fright Night' and 'Atomic Playground' to name a few, plus his own event - 'Hyperspeed'. Fenix will tear up Elysium with a massive 2hr mix of Old School Hardcore favourites, together with all the latest freeform, Hardcore and a touch of Gabba. The only question is can you keep up?"
This was a well-supported Hardcore event...but could've been busier. Mind you we got completely written-off with all the people we knew there and a good night was had by all! Elysium @ The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ United Nations ]
-== United Nations [Sat 3rd Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Klay + Sardi (Digital), Diamond D + Greg Packer (Loaded Dice), Dan Lucas + Muller (MFI), Hutcho + Karnage (Teknology Corps), Freestyle + Weavy (XS Productions), Leroy + Kev (Elysium), Echoic + BJam (Calibre), Frantik + Ruffkut (Hard Afro).
MC's :- Interjecta, Assassin, Xsessiv, Pete.

Unusual night this...with a selection of DJs from each of the main crews in Perth in back2back sets playing anything from Drum n Bass, Happy Hardcore, Gabba, NRG + Trance - reprazent! This had potential to be a very cool night and didn't disappoint. A primarily Drum n Bass crowd was packing this venue when we arrived about midnight. Shouts out to everyone still playing 'sticker-tag' from the week before! Solid sets from everyone went off well with the crowd (especially Diamond D + Greg Packer's) except unfortunately for Leroy + Kev's Happy/Hardcore which obviously didn't work on this crowd...not their fault just the people weren't up for it...ah well. Anyhow a good atmosphere and great vibe from the biggest crowd to date in Calibre. Excellent night, finished up with KaRnAgE dropping Drum n Bass then myself? '92-'95 bangin Lenny Dee Tribute set.
Calibre Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


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-== Elektrick 002 [Sat 3rd Feb 01] ==-

Channel One DJ's (Main Room) :- Carl Cox (UK), Darren Emerson (UK), Devilfish (Sweden live), Joel Mull (Sweden), Puff, Troy, Mr.W.
Channel Two DJ's (Tech-House Room) :- Chad D, Rudy, Warren 10, Dan Beck.

Delirium and Spiral presented this event. "We are living in the elektrick age...it is our time, time for our music, it is our lifestyle...it is our life".
Metropolis Perth was the venue for this big 18+ event - I think its fair to say a lot of people choosing to see Carl Cox here for less money than the Big Day Out. We were at calibre all night so...anyone???


[ Mark One ]
-== Mark One [Wed 7th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Paul Goldie, Boy Luke, mandy, T-Mac.

Mojos presented this night - with a new date! "2 nights of Deep and Funky House with a pinch of Nu Skool to add some flavour.". For more info or to be added to the mailing list, call Mark on 0408 473 063.
Mojos Bar in North Freo was the venue for this 18+ event.


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-== Karma Sutra [Wed 7th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Pied Piper (UK) with support from Dirty Den.

Raggabone presented this special night featuring the very talented Pied Piper. His UK debut was at 'The Fridge' and has since gone on to play his unique mix of funky Goa/PsyTrance/Techno in Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan etc. He has had releases on 'CreamCrop' and 'Transient Records' (UK). Well worth a look, be interesting to see what he'd play here. Good to see Jayd + Choice on board the lineup too but ah well.
Leederville Hotel, was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ J Majik ]
-== J Majik [Fri 9th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- J Majik (UK), Viper, Trent C, El Hornet, Frantik, Mike L vs Elle Rollo.
MC's :- J Rippa and Ruffkut.

The Drum Club presented this special night. A rare chance to see this man live, he was originally known under the 'DJ Dextrous' moniker and is the man responsible for such Jungle classics as 'Six Million Ways To Die (choose one)' - which by the way is now available on the United Dance Classic Jungle Compilation. A Metalheadz Resident and artist on (his own) Infra Red Records amongst many others. His previous albums 'SlowMotion'(1997) and 1999's 'Night Visions' were received with critical acclaim and his new album 'InfraStructure' will be out this year. Should've been a good gig and a nice different, fresh set from this man.
The Drum Club (rear Taipan Room) was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


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-== Karma Sutra [Wed 14th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Not specified.

Raggabone presented this special Valentine's Day night featuring a visual display of 'The Concise Karma Sutra' (the sixty four doctrines of pleasure), with free Aphrodisiacs from 10pm-12am. Pick up flyers for free entry before 12:30am. The Taipan Room was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


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-== Chicks With Decks [Thu 15th Feb 01] ==-

Zone 1 DJ's :- Kes, Scorchio, Harmony, Michy-T.
Zone 2 DJ's :- Neri, Mandy, Sista Sarah, Mystique.

Mills Records in Fremantle presents this special all lady DJ Day night featuring "An all star ravishing roster of Babe-alicious Beats from the Girls with the Goods". Well I can't say I've heard of any of these chicks except Mystique really but still good to see a different night for the girls. Probably about time. Phillimores (His Majesty's Hotel) cnr Phillimore + Mouat St in Fremantle was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


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-== Drum Club Special [Fri 16th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Viper, Gusto vs Merlin, Ruffkut vs Frantik, Elhornet vs Muller.
MC's :- Jay Ripper.

"The Drum Club will be holding another special night for the supporters of the club...with free entry before 11pm and free Beer, free Champagne and a free barbecue (hot dogs) out back. The last one of these style parties was for Christmas and is sure to be a great laugh again....". Usually messy and well worth a look...
The Drum Club (rear Taipan Room) was the venue for this 18+ event. I was told it was very messy hehe...Anyone?


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-== Abstraction [Fri 16th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- LTJ Bukem (UK), Greg Packer, Adrian Sardi, Klay, Mike L.
MC's :- Conrad (UK).

Loaded Dice + Cyan presented this big night for the Drum n Bass crew. Featuring the return of LTJ Bukem after last year's stormer of a night at the same venue. He is the 'Good Looking', 'Earth', 'Cookin' and 'Nexus' Recordings supremo + artist, his are the labels which have pushed artists like Peshay, Wax Doctor etc to great heights. His tracks like 'Horizons' + 'Demon's Theme' have pushed the boundaries and are far ahead of their time. A big night well worth the trip out - last year was a big one (for KaRnAgE and I and the scene). Shame it wasn't really advertised more.
The Stadium (old Zanadu/Exit) was the venue for this apparently well supported (as usual) 18+ event. We were busy with a mixtape night unfortunately. Anyone???


[ Meltdown 2000 ]
-== Meltdown2000 [Sat 17th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Anton, Shay, Ilya + guests.

Meltdown presented this special night. "A full immersive beachside experience". Attractions included a massive PA, visuals, lighting rig and more. For more info see the website here
Swanbourne Bowling Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Mayhem ]
-== Mayhem [Sun 18th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Brad Raven (Melb), Messy, Armee, Jayd, Frantic, El Hornet vs Elle Rollo, Kl vs Brother B.
MC's :- X Savia.

Presented by the Youth Arts Festival Finale of The WA Fringe.
"For all those digging the recent Vibes filled sunshine – the 100% Controlled Mayhem Festival is not to be missed. This FREE event is going down at the oh so easy to get to Supreme Court Gardens in Perth (cnr barrack st and riverside drive – spitting distance from the belltower) on Sunday the 18th of Feb from 12 till 8pm. The line up features a three deck Techno assault from Teriyaki resident DJ Brad Raven (Melb), alongside the fine local line up of Jayd, Messy, El Hornet vs Elle Rollo, Armee, KL vs Brother B, Frantic and MC X Savia. To keep the pleasure factor going there will be a chill out tent with aromatherapy and massage, a mist tent and giant inflatable creations to play with. Plus there's a band stage with a plethora of acts, including Downsyde and Rollerskates; a performance stage featuring US4 dance, international graf artists Ikonoklast Movement, Hot Grrl Aktion and also the Jedi Knights bombing us with some breakdancing. Free and tasty!" Anyone???


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-== V.I.P II [Fri 23rd Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer vs Echoic, Mental, Splink-e, Hutcho vs Kevin, Fuxxy
MC's :- Jay Ripper & Ruffkut

"Let us take you back once more to the origins of Drum n Bass. The last oldskool VIP night was massive....Greg Packer commented that it was one of the best Old Skool nights he has played at to date....sure to be better second time round!"
Well not exactly sure if this is the final lineup order/partners etc...there seems to be some (printers?) confusion with the way the flyer is written - have to make tha point its '95 Jump Up' not '93 for Mental. Anyhow these are always a good night and a lot of fun...we got there just as Greg P + Echoic went on for a good set of '93 darkness + breaks. A nice big crowd was in the place as well...lots of old faces good to see! With their back2back, they kept making Splink-e + I sweat though, playing about 12 tunes at least we brought to drop. Ah well...lucky we had plenty with me to choose from with us! Must say their set did go down well. Splink-e followed with a nice mixup of 92/93 breaks. Kev and I followed in a very rare Old School Back2Back and it worked out quite well, Kev opting for the more well known classics and I went for the harder, grindy '91-'93 bracket. Good night, good crowd, see you at the next one! The Drum Club (rear Taipan Room) was the venue for this 18+ event.


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-== Assassin's Curry in A Hurry [Sat 24th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Well lots of the scene's best.
MC's :- Lots of them too!

Well why is this here? It wasn't a public event or even actually an event at all but regular readers of this page should know damn well we don't take things seriously...ever. This is just an excuse by our crew to have a 'Big Curry Out' night - so you know why we may have been in pain later on! No batmobile jokes ta! I think its fair to state KaRnAgE was the winner (again) with the most Vindaloo thrown down. If this man sweats you panic...and he was damp!

Assassin's gaff was the venue - you got an invite you should've been there! An 18+ event. BYO curry antidote.


[ Mad Up For It ]
-== Mad For It [Sat 24th Feb 01] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Hutcho vs Kevin, Mr.W, Muller, Frantik, Krank, Dan Lucas, Fuxxy.
MC's :- Ruffkut, Method, Xsessiv.

MFI presented this special underage night in a venue not used in years (since George Vegas if I remember correctly). Attractions include glitter bombs, huge sound system and lotsa lighting as you'd expect from these boys. MFI CDs + discount cards for sale on the night. See flyers for Transperth bus times etc. One thing I have to point out...cheers to the ladz for the shout out on the flyer, but its Hutcho NOT Hutco...there seemed to be a severe spelling problem by the flyer designer!
I got there just before I had to play...thanks to some bigtime car trouble. Cheers out to KaRnAgE and the Escort van for tha lift! A good stage setup was in place...very easy to play on I have to say. Also the lights either side giving the effect of huge flames was an excellent touch. Kev + I were supposed to play back2back but with him turning up with upfront Happy Hardcore and me still having my '91-'93 Old School from Friday (thanks to tha car!) we played two 30min brackets each. Frantik followed us with a characteristic nice hard set of Drum n Bass but possibly too late in the morning for that speed at 4am. Still the crowd was having it bigtime. Shout out to Dan + tha crew @ least this time we got you a beer! Morley Rollerdrome was the venue for this all age event.


[ Elysium March ]
-== Elysium [Fri 2nd Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Leroy, Kevin, Versetyle, Fuxxy, Menis, Rousa, Marvel.

Presented by Easy Tiger, this is the once-a-month Hardcore night. Apparently fairly quiet this night although with all that is on Sunday night who was surprised? I had a quiet one at home (wow) updating this page...The Drum Club (Old Gravity) was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Techno @ Calibre ]
-== Calibre [Sat 3rd Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Brad Raven (Melb), MrW, Puff, Troy.

Calibre presented this first night of pure Techno in the club. Featuring a stomping Techno Assault on three turntables by Brad Raven. Well when we got there about midnight it was very quiet again...still a few more people rocked up gradually and in the end a fair crowd got right into it. Raven played a solid mix of bangin Techno, Tech-House and even some old Prodigy. Nice guy too.
Calibre Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Berlin Bomb ]
-== The Berlin Bomb [Sat 3rd Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Pacou (Germany - live), Hamishmoo, Declan, Dan Stinton, Michael Bishop, Shamus, Natural One (Melb)

Looney Choons, Tresor & FARQuadrant presented this event, featuring Pacou from Germany in a live set. "Pacou is not only a great DJ, he's a true live act". Not much info on this.
The Ambar, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Elysium March ]
-== Resin Countdown [Sun 4th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Viper, Frantik, Skelly, Ruffkut, J Rippa.

Resin presented this night, running the first Sunday of every month. This will be the last ever Resin nights to be held in the original Scallywags venue, each time a special guest(s) will be included. Something different on a Sunday with cheap drink specials.
Scallywags Bar, in Joondalup the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Slinky 2001 ]
-== Slinky [Sun 4th Mar 01] ==-

Front room DJ's :- Fergie (Ireland/UK), Dave Lee (UK), Christopher Lawrence(USA), Slipmatt (UK).
Back Room DJ's :- Leroy (9-9:45pm), Kevin (9:45–10:30pm), Hutcho (10:30–11:30pm), Big Mac (11:30–12:30pm), JJ (12:30–01:30am), Rewind (1:30–02:30am), Slipmatt (UK 2:30–4:30am), Greg Packer (4:30–5:30am), Menis (5:30-close).
MC's :- Assassin, Hutcho, Kenny L, Kev, Matrix, Pete.

Raggabone, Fireball + Easy Tiger Promotions presented this big night for the Old School, House + Rave crew. Featuring a huge solely International lineup in the front room and "eight of Perth's original DJ's who have laid the path for the future in their respective styles. DJ's from Limbo's, Berlin, Freezer, Infirmary, DC's, Gravity and the Perth Rave circuit". A very big (if bloody hot) night well worth the trip out.
"We present the sounds of the UK super club that is SLINKY. The front room will bang out stomping Hard House + Trance, with Ireland's DJ Fergie (voted No2 DJ in 2000), Dave Lee (Slinky Resident), Christopher Lawrence (USA's No.1 Trance DJ) and the legend that is DJ Slipmatt. Easy Tiger and Fireball will be hosting the back room, and themed as the 'Classic's arena'. An all-star local line up, will re-create the old skool vibe. The line up includes representatives from Freezer, Berlin, DC's, the 93 Rave circuit, and Gravity...To top it all of the founder of the Rave sound himself - DJ Slipmatt show's Perth what it's all about. Each time Slipmatt plays Perth it's an absolute storming show". Well it was potentially big...and it didn't disappoint.

The Taipan Room/The Drum Club Northbridge was the venue for this good 18+ event.


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-== Renaissance Summer Ball [Sun 4th Mar 01] ==-

RENAISSANCE MAIN ROOM: (Metropolis) DJ's :- Timo Maas (Germany), Dave Seaman (UK), Judge Jules (UK), Chad D, Rudy, Dan Beck.

Timo Maas is clubland's newest icon, a new sound and face has turned clubland on its head with a return to quality club tunes. Who can forget is remix of 'Doom's Night' by Azzido Da Bass to name one example.
Dave Seaman is one of UK's top club DJ's, he has played all over the world.
J.Jules is widely regarded as one of the biggest House/Club DJ's and I must say some of his hard House sets just can't be beaten.

Tech-House Room (Metropolis) :- Kriece, Warren 10, Choice, Jayd
Plastik Tekno Room (Globe):- Speedy J (Holland live), Gaetek (Italy), Johannes Heil (Germany live), Troy, Mrw, Puff.
Speedy J is a master innovator and ambassador for the Techno sound check out his career from the 'Plus 8' label days in '91/'92. Gaetek is none other than Italian techno producer Gaetano Parisio. Johannes Heil has spearheaded a revival in German Techno not seen in years.
Loaded Dice Drum + Bass (Globe):- Ed Rush + Optical, Diamond D, Echoic, Bjam, Frantik.
MC's :- MC Ryme Time (UK)
Ed Rush & Optical are among the hottest drum'n'bass producers on the planet right now, their releases on labels like 'No U-Turn', 'Moving Shadow', 'Virus' etc have paved the way for so many other acts and styles - usually one not to miss, but from all reports I got this time, whether it was the heat (or what I don't know), according to quite a few people...they played quite a "flat, old style set for the first half of the set, then picked it up but not with anything that isn't likely to turn up here in the shops in the next few weeks" - unusual, normally the dubplate fever would be outstanding. Other comments - Dave Seaman(UK) played "probably the set of the night" (praise indeed as my mate doesn't really like House) "but the crowd was really wierd, not many familiar faces at all, just a lot of strangers, which didn't help the atmosphere". Apparently Timo Maas also dropped some good stuff as well.

This massive event was presented by Delirium in conjunction with Spiral. Such a shame so much class entertainment is on, on one night...again.

The Globe Nightclub, Metropolis and Frostbites were the three 'arenas' for this big 18+ event. Anyone else???


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-== Break Stuff II [Fri 9th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Tee (2 step), Krank (Nu Skool), Echoic (Nu Skool), El Hornet (95 Jungle/Ragga), Fuxxy (mix of breaks), Skelly (Nu Skool), Muller (Jazzy Drm n Bass).

This event was presented by Emerge. Not too much info on this one...although good to see other crews taking the mickey on da flyers - which coincidentally got banned from Central Station.
Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


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-== Ian Pooley [Fri 9th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Ian Pooley (Germany), Dan Stinton, Rudy, Chris Reid, Declan, Dave Jackson.

This event was presented by Geisha. Not much info on this one...although Pooley is considered one of the best at his genre.
Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Phase 1 ]
-== Phase 1 [Sat 10th Mar 01] ==-

Room 1 DJ's :- Phuture Science (Syd), Mark II (Techno), Versetyle (Hardcore), Nick Stojan (Techno/Breaks), D'Sire vs Shanon (Old School/Drum n Bass), Krazy Jack (Techno), Aden (Drum n Bass), Mofo (Ambient House) and guests.
MC :- Versetyle.

This Techno, Drum n Bass, Breaks + Ambient event was presented by Raw Planet featuring one of Sydney's top Drum n Bass DJ's - Phuture Science (not the UK one). "We welcome all people with an open mind and attitude to our parties. Leave your problems at the door and have a mad night." Also featured a Chill Room running 12am-8am - nice to see. More info at the website here
Dream Studios in Leederville was the venue for this 18+ event. Nice to see D'Sire (ex-Vermin Crew) spinning again. Anyone??


[ L Double ]
-== L-Double [Sat 10th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Adrian Sardi vs Klay (10-12:30am), Mark 7 (Adelaide 12.30-2am) L Double(UK 2-4am), Echoic (4-5am), Mike L (5am-close).
MC’s:- Jay Ripper, Assassin

Featured the man like da L-Double - 'Flex', 'Rinse', 'Rollers' + 'Urban Artists' Records artist/owner, but has also released on 'Metalheadz', 'Reinforced', 'Ram', 'Sour', 'Congo Natty' and 'Tom+Jerry' Records, so he's been around. Drum n Bass fans, especially DJ's would know this man's work over the years - part Jump Up, part darkside, always classy. He has a residency @ 'Back To Basics' in Leeds and hosts a weekly drum and bass show on the new Yorkshire Kiss-105.fm.
Mark 7 was voted 'Best New DJ' in the 2000 National Dance Music Awards. A different night on offer and unfortunately not very well supported by all accounts. I was just as 'guilty', falling asleep at home dammit!! KaRnAgE told me this was one of the best sets for a long time though...so we all missed out.
Calibre in Belmont was the venue for this underrated 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Will-E-Tell [Sat 10th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Will-E-Tell (Melb), MRW, Jayd, Puff, Choice & Adam Kelly (Nocturne Entertainment).

This event was presented by eFusion featuring Melbourne's Premier Techno DJ Will-E-Tell, who is also a nice guy to boot. We've played with him a few times over the years...mainly at the Infirmary and he was always a top bloke. Worth a listen, even if he has softened his sound a lot.
Globe Entertainment Complex was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== HardHouse Nation [Thu 15th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Roosta (UK), Skol (UK), Christian P (Greece), Sunny, Dirty Den, Dekski.

This event was presented by Metros/Sunny featuring some of London's best Hard House DJ's - DJ Skol + Roosta have graced the 'Ministry of Sound', 'Club 414' and are of the '2on1 Records' + 'Honeypot Records' labels respectively. Christian P is one of the players @ 'Energy FM' and one of Greece's top exports. All in all a very different night + lineup...would have been well worth checking out...even if it was at the Fremantle Metros on a Thursday. Apparently a fairly well supported 18+ event even though many people who went probably had never heard of them - nice guys I met them @ System 6. Anyone???


[ Ray Keith ]
-== Drum Club Special [Fri 16th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Ray Keith (UK), Greg Packer, Frantik, El Hornat vs Elle Rollo, Viper, Mystique vs Muller.
MC's :- J.Rippa, Ruffcut, Interjecta.

The Drum Club presented this big, wicked night for the Drum n Bass crew. Featuring the first Perth visit by Dread Recordings head honcho, the man like da Ray Keith. He does a wicked show on UK's Kiss FM and is a real nice guy to boot (albeit quite deaf - hence the huge monitors on stage!). He is 'Dread Recordings' supremo + artist, under titles such as the 'Dark Soldier' etc, he has remixed and produced his way through the years, sometimes the quiet achiever, but always there. This was always gonna be a big one...if you missed out - you really did. A big night well worth the trip out. A big crowd packed the Drum Club and it was good to see so many old faces as well. He played a mad mixup of grindy amen madness (my personal favourite!) smooth hard roolers and his tradmark tech-steppers. The crowd was having it (I was going sick in the corner near the pooltable myself!) and a good night was had by all I'd say. Great night out, the best for ages. The Drum Club was the venue for this excellent 18+ event.


[ System 6 ]
-== System 6 [Sat 17th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Flaunt 8-9pm, Leroy 9-10pm, Weavy 10-11pm, Fuxxy 11-12am, Freestyle 12-1am, Jon Doe (UK) 1-2:30am, Greg Packer 2:30-3:30am, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter (UK) 3:30-5am, Hutcho 5am-close.
MC's :- Assassin, Pete, Energizer.

The first of these special events presented by XS-Productions, System 6 and Dance Arena, showcasing the 'Honey Pot Records' Australian Tour, featuring the return of Billy Bunter (his third visit to Perth) of 'Honey Pot', 'Uk Hard' and 'Hard Trax' labels fame, with his partner Jon Doe (first visit), who has a huge release catalogue on record labels like 'Just Another Label', 'Stompin Choons', 'Digital Beats', 'Honey Pot', 'Tax Disc', 'toast' and 'Chunk' etc. This event was at a secret location (the PICA) revealed by map to try to capture some of the old vibe - which I think it did well.
Attractions included 3D colour Argon laser, massive lighting and sound setup by AVLA + Submission, giveaways on the night, merchandise + more.

The PICA Dark Performance Space was the venue for this excellent all ages event. Very likely that tapes/CDz from this night will be released. A good responsive crowd packed this venue for a good night out - John Doe's set certainly being a highlight for me. Even Billy Bunter got on the mic and gave it some as well...both very nice ladz.

[ System6 map ]
Click here for a map to print out


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Calibre [Sat 17th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Menis (NRG/Hard House 10-11:30pm), Flaunt (NRG/Hard House), Rhino (Old School 12.30-2am), Leroy (Upfront Hardcore 2-3.30am), Karnage (Drum n Bass 3.30-5am), Jordy (Vintage Drum n Bass 5am-close).
MC's :- Assassin, Hutcho, other drunken yobs.

Calibre presented this Hardcore/NRG/Old Skool night. Saturday nights just got a whole lot better with an alternative Hardcore, Techno, Drum n Bass and Old School venue on offer!
Check the website for more info webpage here

Calibre in Belmont was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Argon002 ]
-== Technology Sat 24th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Static, B-Jam, Echoic, El Hornet, Greg Packer, Mike L, Adrian Sardi, Krank.
MC's :- Xsessiv & Interjecta

This night was celebrating Argon Record's second EP release, featuring local Perth producer 'Static' and UK artists 'Profound Noize' of Underfire Recordings. Watch out for forthcoming Argon releases from Phonix, Stratus and tracks featuring Brooke Devine.

Calibre was the venue for this 18+ event. I think its fair to say many people were having a fairly quiet one with Hard Boiled/Jeff Mills the next weekend and there was a very non-typical crowd there (still good to see new people there). Anyone else??

For more info see www.argonrecords.com


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Precision 2nd Birthday [Tue 27th Mar 01] ==-

Dark Room DJ's :- Echoic vs Diamond D, Andrew Vranjes vs Frantik.
Jazz Room DJ's :- Dan Lucas vs Mike L, Muller vs Elle Hornet, live Jungle from Cambion.

Baltik, Inertia Music and Yomomo Productions presented this event, "the next installment of multi-roomed mayhem as a celebration of perth's longest running weekly Drum n Bass success".
Attractions included 'Ali G' on the big screen in the chill bar (reason alone enough to go!), intelligent lighting, two monster sound systems by AVLA, LTJ Bukem 'Producer' giveaways + bonus Baltiks. Hyde Park Hotel was the venue for this free entry 18+ event. Sounded really promising - how did it go? I was stuck at home updating this page as usual. Anyone???


[ Reprazent ]
-== Reprazent [Fri 30th Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- FBI vs Tee, Dan Lucas vs Mystique, Leroy vs Fuxxy, Greg Packer vs Echoic, Viper vs Frantik, Diamond D vs BJam, Muller vs Ruffkut.
MC's :- Interjecta + J Rippa.

Drum Club presented this night, to "showcase the names and faces of the people who have shaped the Drum and Bass scene as you know it". The Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. I was getting ready for Sat night ...so had a quiet one! Anyone??


[ Hard Boiled VI ]
-== HaRd bOiLeD Vi [Sat 31 Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- JJ vs Chad D (Unique back2back 9-10:15pm), Weavy vs Kenny L (Bangin House + NRG 10:15-11:30pm), Mental vs Rhino (Jungle/Jump Up Classics 11:30-12:45am), Leroy vs Freestyle (94/95 Breaks 12:45-2am), Greg Packer vs Hutcho (91-93 HaRdCoRe in ya face 2-3:30am), Karnage vs Mystique (upfront Drum n Bass 3:30-4:45am), Splink-E vs Corruption (classic Old School + breaks 4:45-6am).
NOTE : Dazz K was not to be able to make it, a stint in hospital the previous week left him rather unable to move, so we had a surprise replacement - Kenny L.
MC's :- ASsAsSin + Kronik D (RPG reprazent), K-Cakehola, Kev, Kid Smooth, Lethal, Matrix, Pete, Preacher, Sense, Versetyle, Xsessiv, XTC and other drunken yobs.

Teknology Corps presented this special boozeup...oops night for the whole scene. Yes it was back...Perth's favourite excuse to get absolutely maggoted and then try to dance (except maybe for the Hip-E Club) returning after a 17 month break! We figured it's about time we did another one...its the night we put on for everyone to come to, relax at and enjoy, promoter and punter alike. As usual this night was be taped for blackmail/release in ten years time when I get round to it!!
We don't promise the world, just good music, heaps of fun and no attitude. All you needed to bring was a great vibe, an appetite for wicked tunes ... oh and your stubbie holder!! Featured all the usual Hard Boiled multiple keg madness as only we deliver and I think its safe to say a big night was had by all (special mention to Diamond D and many more!). The unique back2back partnerships and atmosphere that these gigs create have a strong reputation and the night held up to them very well. Good to see so many running amok - shouts out to my crew for the wicked (funny but bloody painful) pile-on near the pool table...about time we had another one like that!! Respect to everyone for making it the night it was - huge!!! Calibre in Belmont was the venue for this wicked 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Plastik [Sat 31st Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Jeff Mills (US), Troy, MrW, Puff.

Delirium and Hardware presented this special Techno/Tech House night featuring the talents of "three deck master, producer of classic Techno and artistic expressionist, Jeff Mills, who now resides in Chicago. He runs cult labels 'Axis' and 'Purpose Maker' Records. Loved by people across Australia, he also released his special album 'The Art of Connecting' in March 2000 which is still a signature landmark". Shame this was on the same night, quite an unavoidable situation for Delirium and us...oh well. Apparently very well supported (and deservedly so)...the man is a Techno legend and has really dropped some of the genre-defining sets over the years. Anyone?
The Globe Complex was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone????


[ Resin Countodown ]
-== Resin Countodown [Sun 1st Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Viper, Frantik, Skelly, Rufkut, J Rippa.

Resin presented this night, the first Sunday of the last ever Resin nights to be held in the original Scallywags venue, each time a special guest(s) being included. Always worth going to we just couldn't make it because we were too caned from Sat night >hic<.
Scallywags Bar in Joondalup was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Fever [Fri 6th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Weavy, Freestyle and guests TBA

If you've seen the flyers there had been a big stuff up with them - there's no Happy Hardcore or Old School getting played ... the promoters of this new weekly have got their wires crossed somewhere. For your information this night isn't run by DJ's Weavy or Freestyle...they are just the resident DJ's. On the night there was some thumping Hard House/NRG and Hard Trance. Apparently a few people made the trek through to check out this new night + venue...hopefully more next time.
Marble Bar in East Perth was the venue for this 18+ event


[ Mash Up ]
-== Mash Up [Sat 7th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer (didn't play), Kevin, Frantik, Muller, El Hornet, Dan Lucas, Nafe, Jordy, Tee.
MC's :- X-Sessiv, Ruffkut, Interjecta.

MFI presented this event, featuring all locals for a change...and why not. Attractions included a 'bees knees' light display (and from photos I've seen it did look quite good) and the big Martin sound system as used @ 'Blackout' and 'Intensity'. Seems DJ Frantik was cloning himself and playing twice according to the flyer!!! Should be quite a good one for the all age crew and MFI keep the flag flying for them. Volume 2 of the Mash Up promotional CDz wa also available on the night, mixed by Muller + Dan Lucas.

South Perth Recreation Centre was the original venue and it was moved to Rollaways in O'Conner (Wax Off 2 venue). An all age event. I was told this was quite well attended. Greg Packer couldn't make it due to prior gig commitments. Anyone???


[ Rewind 2001 ]
-== Rewind 2001 [Thur 12th Apr 01] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Size (9-10pm), Mario Tavelli (10-11pm), Paul 'JJ' Chate (11-12am), Hutcho (12-1am), Greg Packer (1-2:30am), Darren Briais (2:30-4am), Steve Mason (4-6am), Miggy (didn't play), Space Ace (didn't play).
Top Room DJ's :- Darren Briais, Mario Tavelli (1:30-3:30am), Hutcho vs Size (3:30-5:30am).

This special event was presented by the XL team - the original 'Large' crew of Darren Briais + Delicious. This had shaped up to be something very good and very big and certainly didn't dissapoint. "A nostalgic romp back into our musical past as Perth's original House music mavericks & Techno renegades take you back to where it all began". Attractions included a full lighting show + lasers, chill out zone and a video wall documenting Perth's Rave history (had to laugh at people picking out friends on the old rave videos too). This event basically took on the mantle of 'Rewind' + 'Reunion' in one hit - the old (very overdue) faces in attendance certainly testified to that. Great to see lots of people out that hadn't been anywhere for ages. Size kicked off the night with some classic '91-'92 breaks UK style, paving the way for Mario Tavelli to start the wicked club/rave onslaught to come. JJ went thru the more classic club and Italo-Rave style trax and really wound it up nicely for me. I opted for a strict HaRdCoRe '91-'92 style set of breaks + bangin underground trax as I knew the others would tend to go for more for well known favourites (hey there's so many to choose from!). Had to laugh at one guy who insisted the last three trax I played must be from 1994 as they were so hard - know ya history mate...'92 in ya face! Greg Packer followed me with a wicked set of Rave/Summer of Love classic anthems from '89-'92 that went down really well - lot of tracks not heard there for years. Darren Briais very humbly took a later slot and also dropped his usually classy set of classic after classic, which really got the crowd going crazy. Steve Mason rounded up the night very nicely and respect to him for keeping + teasing the nazi security guard waiting to make him finish before 'Observing Your Earth' did! Unfortunately the night wasn't taped - some certain audiovisual technicians need a simple course how to plug audio channels in for crying out loud. Also it must be said that it was a very responsive crowd considering there was no mic available on the night. Metropolis Perth was the venue for this excellent 18+ event. Any late leavers notice the thick fog in the morning...haven't seen one like that for years...very apt.


[ No Flyer ]
-== Drum Club Easter Bash [Thur 12th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Frantik, Viper, Mike L, Elle Rollo, Gusto, Merlin, Rintel, Shogun, Elhornet, Muller, Fuxxy, Skelly and MC J Rippa.

"The Drum Club will be opening on Thursday 12th April to celebrate the start of the easter long weekend! Come down and have a drink as the clubs cannot open Friday and Grooverider is not here till Sunday"....On the same night as Rewind so that was out for me, but always a good night out here. The Drum CLub was the venue for this 18+ event. Apparently quite a few went down here. Anyone??


[ Matt Darey ]
-== Matt Darey's Mash Up [Thur 12th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Simon Barwood (9pm-12am), Matt Darey's Mash Up feat. Marcella (live PA 12am-12:15am), Matt Darey (UK 12:15am-2:15am), Charlie Ash (2:15-3am).

This special event was presented by Rise and Zoom Management featuring the talents of the UK's top Trance producer/remixer - Matt Darey. He also performed a 15min (bit short innit?) PA with his vocalist Marcella playing 'Liberation (Fly Like An Angel)' and 'Beautiful'. If this had been the only thing going on I definately would not have missed this...I've got quite a lot of his material from over the years and no doubt he played some very classy tunes as well. Ah well. Anyone???
Rise Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Elektrick 003 [Sat 14th Apr 01] ==-

Tech House Room DJ's :- DJ Hatiras (Canada), Jeff Tyler (Melb), Rudy, Chad D, Warren 10.
Plastik Techno Room DJ's :- Thomas Schumacher (Germany), Simon Digby (Melb), Puff, Mr.W, Troy.

This event was presented by Delirium featuring the talents of top Toronto based DJ George Hatrius, who is responsible for the awesome 'Spaced Invader' track which if you haven't heard by now you're living in the dark ages! Jeff Tyler is Melbourne's Tech House master and is sure to play a quality set to impress the Perth crowd.
Thomas Schumacher is the master at writing infectious club Techno. From his massive releases on Bush Records such as 'Ficken', 'Shelford Road' and the wicked grindy 'When I Rock', he has re-ignited interest in the German Techno sound. Simon Digby is one half on the Melbourne Wet Muzik team. I didn't get down here as had a few other things on shame really I wanted to see Thomas Schumacher especially and was told he played some nice grindy stuff as I had anticipated. Anyone else any comments??
The Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Grooverider ]
-== Grooverider/Total Science [Sun 15th Apr 01] ==-

Front Room DJ's :- Clay vs Adrian Sardi (9-10pm), Echoic (10-11pm), Greg Packer (11-12am), Frantik vs Viper (12-1am), Total Science (UK 1-3am), Grooverider + MC Moose (UK 3-5am), Diamond D (5-6am).
MC's :- Rufkut, Interjecta, J Rippa (billed), Assassin, Matrix, Versetyle (not billed).
Cave DJ's :- Muller (9-10pm), El Hornet (10-11pm), Merlin (11-12am), Mike L (12-1am), Elle Rollo (1-3am), Gusto (3-5am), Dan Lucas (5-6am).

Drum Club & Raggabone presented this special Easter Sunday event, featuring the yearly return of DJ Grooverider partnered with MC Moose and Total Science - three of the big players in the Drum + Bass scene in the UK. With two arenas, the front room classic hard upfront D'n'B and the Cave - Jazzy, mellow and funky style.
Nothing really much to say.....this was always going to be big, but probably turned into the biggest Drum n Bass gig Perth's had. Unfortunately with that came the cramped conditions and bad heat of the Taipan Room...seriously where was the airconditioning half the night? Quiet a few people I knew had to leave because they were just too hot...but as usual the old faces came out and it was nice again to catch up with so many people as is always the way @ Grooverider. Total Science for me played the better set of the internationals, a mix of dark rollers, tech-step etc. Greg Packer and Frantik/Viper also played very popular sets with the crowd. Have to say as well that MC's Method and Assassin ripped it up on the mic and a lot better than Moose.

Taipan Room, Northbridge was the venue for this huge 18+ event.


[ Ripe + Juicy ]
-== Ripe + Juicy [Fri 20th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Mick Huckaby (Detriot USA), Bilsby, Ben Taaffe, Declan, Momas, Matty P, Dan Stinton.

Geisha presented this night, featuring a visit by Huckaby from Detriot (I'm sure half of Detroit has been here by now). "He is hailed as one of Detroit's top producers and DJ's". Not much more info...one for the House/Garage crew I guess. Geisha Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone more info???


[ Yummy 2001 ]
[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Yummy [Tue 24th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Phil Smart (Sydney), Chad D, Emmanuel, Kriece.

Presented by Liquid Tao Recordings this event features Phil Smart, who is resident at 'Tweekin' in Sydney. He was in DJ Magazine's 'Top 100 DJs in the world' list in 1999. Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Unfortunately I had too much else on this night to get there again (next time guys I promise!!). Anyone?


[ Homegrown ]
-== Homegrown [Tue 24th Apr 01] ==-

Frontroom DJ's :- Greg Packer vs Echoic (old school), Merlin, Gusto, Diamond D, Rufkut, Frantik.
Cave DJ's :- Trent C, Fuxxy, Mike L vs Elle Rollo, Skelly, Muller vs Dan Lucas, Rintel vs Shogun.

Presented by Drum Club, with the Anzac Day holiday to recover why not? A good Drum n Bass (with a dash of Old School/Breaks) gig this looks likely to be. Also happens to be the nearest event to a few birthdays - DJ Frantik's (21st), MC/DJ Rufkut's (22nd), DJ Gusto's (24th)...so I daresay a few of them would have been having a big one! Taipan Room was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ HardHouse Nation ]
-== HardHouse Nation [Tue 24th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Roosta (UK), Skol (UK), Jason Midro (Melb), Freestyle, Dirty Den, Sunny, Dekski.

This event was presented by Metros/Sunny featuring some of London's best Hard House DJ's - DJ Skol + Roosta have graced the 'Ministry of Sound', 'Club 414', 'Frantic' clubs and are of the '2on1 Records' + 'Honeypot Records' labels respectively. Jason Midro from Melbourne is the mixer responsible for the Australian Ministry 'Hard NRG' CD. With local support from Freestyle, Dirty Den and others its shaping up as a very different night...was well worth checking out...although it may be at the Fremantle Metros on a Tuesday - remember Wednesday was the Anzac Day holiday. Well we got there finally about midnight or so. Must say the nazi security (as always there...shame) were unpleasent to deal with...even stopping Freestyle from getting back in to get his records for ages after they shut the doors at 2am to comply with liquor licensing. What they didn't tell people who were going out clearly was that they could not get back in - which left a lot of disgruntled punters on the footpath wondering what to do as town was dead this night for some reason.

Metropolis Nightclub Fremantle was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Limelight 01 [Tue 24th Apr 01] ==-

Frontroom DJ's :- Darren Briais, Delicious, Saul Bliss, Dazz-K, Kinky, Lachsteady, Jules beaumont, Gully, Joby, Dan Stinton.

Presented by XL + Metros and with the Anzac Day holiday to recover, this was something to consider. "Australia's leading turntable technicians in an awe-inspiring soundclash of modern day electronics. Perth's premier league of DJ superstars join forces for an inspirational night of miscellaneous Tech - Beats, House - Breaks, Bass - Bombs". Featured two dance areas, with graphics by Eyestorm Visuals...sounded like a good mix of styles on offer here as well. Hmm too much on!

Metropolis City, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event which apparently was not too well supported, as town was very dead by 1am.


[ Common Factor ]
-== Common Factor [Fri 27th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Common Factor (Chicago USA), James A, Martin L, Declan, Ben Jenke, Dan Stinton.

Geisha presented this night, featuring a visit by tha USA crew. "Renowned for his funky driving tunes on labels like 'Planet E' and 'Paper', and after his awesome live show at the 'Planet E' party, he returns to Perth to throw down a DJ set for the Geisha faithful.". Not much more info...one for the US House/Garage crew.

Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Resin Countdown ]
-== Resin Countdown [Sun 29th Apr 01] ==-

DJ's :- Viper, Rufkut, Frantik, Skelly, J Rippa with guests Rintel vs Shogun, Heretik, Trent C.

Resin presented this night of Hip Hop, Breaks and Drum n Bass, the first Sunday of every month. Something different on a Sunday with cheap drink specials and good atmosphere. "Come check out this sweet venue over looking the beach!" The Beach Tavern, Mullaloo was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Trancemit ]
-== Trancemit 10: Fragments from 5 Years [Fri 4th May 01] ==-

DJ's :- Mr.W, Puff.

Presented by Nexus, with this event Trancemit celebrated 5 years of nights with a special intimate gathering. Always worth a look see these. Geisha Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Would've been quality as usual...Anyone?


[ Elysium Hixxy ]
-== Hixxy [Fri 4th May 01] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Hixxy (UK), Kevin, Menis, Leroy, Rewind, Versetyle, Marvel, Rousa.
MC's :- Assassin, Kevin.

The Elysium crew (Fireball Promotions + Easy Tiger) presented this night, featuring Hixxy from the UK. "Hixxy has to be one of the most influential figureheads in the history of Happy Hardcore. Since the early days of rave, he's blown the roof of events such as 'Helter Skelter', 'Dreamscape', 'Fusion' and 'Future Dance' to name a few. He regularly globe trots to all corners of the earth showcasing his cutting edge Hardcore sound. He is the mastermind behind the 'Toytown' anthem (also the biggest selling Hardcore CD series ever), as well as the record labels 'Bonkers', 'Essential Platinum' and 'Raver Baby'. It has been almost three years since last he graced our shores, if you were there you'll know what to expect - Total Party vibe, Totally avin it...Total Kaos."
I was glad Hixxy's visit this time wasn't marred with controversy and crap like last time with 'Illusion 99' and the sham which it was - which by the way was nothing to do with him, the Elysium Crew or any of the other DJ's.
This was a very cool (and unusual) night...thanks to everyone who was there and especially MC Assassin and Kev who said what needed to be said either side of the minute silence as a mark of respect for DJ KaRnAgE and what a noisy roof was raised for him at the end of it - wicked!. It got a bit much for me and I couldn't say what I wanted to dammit. Big respect out to Hixxy for donating what he did to the wreath fund as well...I felt sorry for him as Adam's passing took the shine off his night a bit but he made up for it by bangin the place down with a nice solid '94-2001 set which went down very well with the crowd! Kind of reminds you that music can relieve the worst in feelings.
Bit more info here

Elysium (Drum Club) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Fundamental : [Sat 19th May 01] ==-

Arena1 DJ's :- Akira, JayD, MRW vs Dan Lucas, Dan Stinton, Adam 12, Ondy, Dazz K.
Arena 2 DJ's :- Kaos, Muller, Rufkut, Sinistah, Frantik, El Hornet, Krank, Tee.

MFi presented this special rave event, in a very different venue indeed. "Since this venue is quite a fair distance away from you Northern suburbs crew and for people who don’t have their own transport we have decided to get some charter busses running from Perth direct to the venue. They will be leaving from Perth at the Ent.Center car park from 9pm, all the details will be on the flyer. Tickets for the bus will be $5, this includes a ride there and a ride back at 6am".

Venue : The Fun Factory (Hampton Road Fremantle). An All Ages event.
Tickets : $26+bf Ticket Master 7 (Reds), Sanity, Dance Arena, Central Station Mills Records and Planet Video.


[ Lost The Plot 2 ]
-== Lost The Plot II [Fri 25th May 01] ==-

DJ's :- Marc Smith (Scotland) Reflex (Holland), Hixxy (UK), Kevin, Leroy, Menis, Freestyle, Hutcho, Fuxxy.
MC's :- Pete, Assassin (billed but was in Hong Kong), Matrix, Frenz-e, Interjecta and other drunken yobs (Kev, myself etc hehe).

The Lost Promotions crew return with this HaRdCoRe night of mayhemic madness. The first event was a wicked little party and now they're pulled out the plugs to try something much bigger!
DJ Marc Smith (Scotland)
For many years Marc Smith has been hailed as one of the main pioneers and innovators behind the progress and growth of Scotland's Hardcore scene. Not surprisingly he has been DJ'ing for over 15yrs all over the world. He has released numerous trax on labels such as 'Bonkers', 'Nu Energy', 'Notorious Vinyl', 'Clubscene', 'Federation' etc etc. Won't dissapoint and about time we got this man out to Perth (he has been over East once before).
Re-Flex (Holland)
Mixing over seven years, since he was 13, Re-Flex won the Haaglanden (Hague Lands) DJ Mixing Championships in 1999, beating some of the most experienced DJ's in central Europe. He has played along side some of the legendary Hardcore DJ's, such as Dark Raver, Buzz Fuzz, Lady Dana and DJ Isaac. He plays bangin Dutch Hardcore + Darkside sets for the crowd. A genuine rare treat for Perth ravers, the first true visiting DJ from the home of European Hardcore...Rotterdam since the 'Thunderdome Tour'.
Hixxy (UK)
In case you missed the last Elysium, Hixxy blew the roof off with some bangin sounds with his 1994 - 2001 selection. "Hixxy has to be one of the most influential figureheads in the history of Happy Hardcore. Since the early days of rave, he's blown the roof of events such as 'Helter Skelter', 'Dreamscape', 'Fusion' and 'Future Dance' to name a few. He regularly globe trots to all corners of the earth showcasing his cutting edge Hardcore sound. He is the mastermind behind the 'Toytown' anthem and the biggest selling Hardcore CD series ever, as well as the record labels 'Bonkers', 'Essential Platinum' and 'Raver Baby'. It has been almost three years since last he graced our shores, if you were there you'll know what to expect - Total Party vibe, Totally avin it...Total Kaos."
This event will have Rave, Gabba, HaRdCoRe, Hard NRG, Techno, Drum n Bass and more on offer - not to be missed part crew - see you there!

The Bridge Theatre in West Perth was the venue for this popular all ages event. For once the cold kept the crowd inside more than on the footpath (where in the past it has been a problem for promotors with authorities). Shame some had to let it down by scamming rather than supporting this event...but well done to the crew (that actually did do their jobs). A good night.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Dial Triple Zero [Sat 21st May 01] ==-

DJ's :- Micah (Flys 99,Pines etc), Puff (Delirium etc), Horizon (Gravity), Hutcho (Calibre, Elysium etc), Devo (Roller RTR), Alister (Pines), Joe Moore (Flys 99).

Fleshworx Entertainment presents this huge launch party (and world premiere) of the 'Dial Triple Zero' BMX/X-Treme bike video. The music will range from Alternative bands (9-11pm), Video screening (11-12am) to Happy/Hardcore, Techno/Acid, Trip Hop, Drum n Bass etc (12-6am over two arenas).
This was be a VERY different night for Perth featuring freestyle BMX ramp demos, bike burnouts, body painting, product giveaways, fire breathing, live tattoo & piercing shows plus more. The night was also filmed for the next video BMX/X-Treme Sports video.
Unfortunately the quite large crowd that attended decided to start leaving after 1am (when the free scotch ran out) and I only got to put on ONE track (the Blade theme hehe) as the management in their infinite wisdom decided to shut down...even though these was still a lot of mainly ravers + clubbers there...shame. Good night though - well done lads! Metropolis City was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Elysium June ]
-== Elysium Special [Fri 1st Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- Menis (9-11pm), Leroy (11-12am), Marc Smith (Scotland 12-1am bangin set), Hutcho (1-2am Gabber set), Pace (2-3am), Kevin (3-4am).
MC's :- Kev, Pete, Assassin, Hutcho, other drunken yobs.

Easy Tiger & Fireball presented this special HaRdCoRe night. "After the huge night everyone had at the May Elysium with the Dj Hixxy, Fireball and Easy Tiger brought Perth another night of Hardcore Madness". A nice big Friday crowd packed in on a cold night for this. The others DJ's played mainly bangin HaRdCoRe + Happy Hard with a dash of breaks...Marc Smith dropped a wicked bangin set and he really worked the mixer and gave it some - probably a better set even than the week before (and what a nice guy he is to boot!). I was booked (and played) for the second week in a row a specific Gabber set (yay!)...so it was hard as hell from the two of us in a row! Not only that (the chance to see the tartan terror if ya missed him last @ Lost The Plot II), also with lots of drink specials all night - evidence enough was Mr.Barnes singing on the mic! Nice one guyz good night...
Check the website for more info webpage here
Elysium was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Audiophile ]
-== Audiophile [Sat 2nd Jun 01] ==-

Outside and Downstairs DJ's :- DJ Behan, Big Ear Chad (Rhibosome), DJ Pickle, KL vs Cooker, Dr.Jase, DJ Nice, Mike L.
Inside and Upstairs DJ's :- Chippo + DJ CJ, Kenny L, Alex vs Wayne, Weavy vs Freestyle.

This '15hour huge local gig' took place in a previously unused riverside venue over two rooms with full bar facilities. Featuring a massive lineup of top local DJ's covering Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Ambient/Garage, Deep House + French House, Hard House + Trance. Different indeed.
Also have to point out that Emas were involved, but this was an independant production, not an 'official' Emas production...apparently there has been a bit of confusion as to this. Proceeds from this event go towards renovating the venue. I was told quite a lot of people attended and althought they nearly shut the upstairs arena at about 2am a flood of people from town soon filled it up again. Bit more info here
Mounts Bay Yacht Club was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Sonik 2001 [Sun 3rd June 2001] ==-

Plastik Techno Arena DJ's :- Dave Clarke (UK), Ade Fenton (UK), Puff, Troy, MrW.
Loaded Dice Arena DJ's :- Zinc + Pascal (UK), Adrian Sardi, Mike L, Muller, Elle Rollo, Clay.
Progressive House Arena DJ's :- Humate (Germany), Chad D, Warren 10, Adam Kelly, Kriece.

Another in the yearly series of these huge events, presented by Delirium in conjunction with Stussy, Spiral & Loaded Dice. More info + revue asap!

Venue : Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Elysium March ]
-== Resin Countdown [Sun 3rd Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- El Hornet vs Elle Rollo, Viper, Frantik, Skelly, Rufkut, J Rippa.

Resin presented this night of Hip Hop, Breaks and Drum n Bass, the first Sunday of every month. Something different on a Sunday with cheap drink specials and good atmosphere. "Come check out this sweet venue over looking the beach!"

Beach Tavern was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ H.A.R.D ]
-== H.A.R.D [Fri 8th Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Kristian (UK), Troy, Freestyle, Weavy, Choice, Dirty Den.

XS Productions presented this special Hard NRG/House night, featuring the excellent talents of the UK's DJ Kristian from Kaktai Records. He has been bangin out the Hard Nu NRG, Hard Trance and House for over seven years and his releases are well worth a listen. Unfortunately this event was not at all well supported (perhaps the Nick Sentience event was the cause - apparently not ... that wasn't crowded either). Shame Perth you missed out on a potentially great night. respect to XS for coming through with the goods...did I make it? No ... like an idiot I slept through my alarm! Grosvenor Performance Space was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Nukleus Tour 2001 ]
-== Nukleuz Tour 2001 [Fri 8th Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Nick Sentience + Dave Randall (UK), Pinto, Riki.

"Experience the label that helped to make Hard House what it is today. Direct from the UK are Nick Sentience and Dave Randall. Two of the ever growing stable of DJ's that has taken the world by storm under the NUKLEUZ name. Renowned worldwide for their innovative tracks such as "Communication", "Lizard", "I Feel Love" and "Komodo" this is a night you shouldn't miss.
Both Nick and Dave have been around for a while and are held in high regard by many in the clubbing scene. Appearing regularly on BBC's Radio 1 and responsible for the "Hard Beat", "Clubcutz" and "Noise Maker" series of releases these boys will not disappoint.
Potentially a big event considering the popularity of this label with local DJ's (+ punters) but apparently it wasn't rammed and also considering that it was a cheap entry price - where was everyone this cold night? At home in front of the fire apparently. The Church Nighclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Gods Kitchen Tour [Wed 13th Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- feat. John'00'Fleming, John Agnelli + Nelson, Darren Briais

Info + review online ASAP!
Venue : TBA
Tickets : TBA.


[ V.I.P III ]
-== V.I.P III [Fri 15th Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- Hutcho vs Mental ('91-'94 breaks + darkside 9-11pm), Jay (Jungle - Drum n Bass classics 11-12am), Greg Packer ('91 breaks - upfront Drum n Bass 12-3am), Frantik vs Rufkut (upfront Drum n Bass 3-6am).
MC's :- J.Rippa, ASsAsSin + Kronik D (RPG reprazent), Pete, Versetyle + X-sessiv.

"Drum Club's series of VIP parties have shown you the evolution we now know as Drum n Bass. We present VIP3, not only to give you the past and present, but the future sounds of Perth."
Well what a night. I ended up doing an impromptu back2back with Mental kicking off the night...great to see some people getting into it all right from getting in the door - respect. Jay took over with the next set. Nice rollers and some solid favourites kept the crowd pumped up nicely before Greg Packer ripped it up with a great set spanning some 9+ years, which went off. Frantik + Rufkut ended the night with some nice tearin tunes as well.
Unfortunately it wasn't taped...Viper and I did try AGAIN (sigh) - maybe next time? The Drum Club was the venue for this huge (500+ punters there) wicked 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Hi:Fidelity : [Wed 20th June 01] ==-

DJ's :- Flex, Chad D, Colin Clarke, Dazz K, Declan, Dan Stinton.

Bumpin out the US Dub-Beats + Tech House grooves. Ambar Nightclub was the venue for this free 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Bennys ]
-== Thursdays @ Bennys [Thu 21st June 01] ==-

DJ's :- Phil Cooker, with regular guests Paul Malone, Michy T, JJ, LOK, Boogieman Krak, Lachsteady, KL.

Funxploitation and the Paddington Alehouse present this first weekly night of Funk, Rare Groove and Old School Breaks.

Venue : Bennys, Sth Tce, Fremantle Rd 8pm-12am. An 18+ event.
Tickets : FREE entry.


[ F L U I D ]
-== F L U I D : [Sat 23rd June 01] ==-

Room 1 (main room) Funky thru Tech House DJ's :- Paul Raphael, Freestyle, Saul Bliss.
Room 2 (VIP Lounge) Breaks DJ's :- Dazz K, Greg Packer and Krank.

"Despite the reputation that venue may have it is one of the classiest looking clubs in town following its recent renovations and now with this new direction it is attracting true clubbers. It is looking like being a quality night". Something different that side of town...hopefully its gets some support. The Esplenade (old Club Atlantis) was the venue for the second week of this this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Tactical Manoeuvres ]
-== Tactical Manoeuvres : [Sat 23rd June 01] ==-

DJ's :- Doc Scott & MC Justiyc (UK), Greg Packer, Bjam, Mystique, Echoic, Diamond D.

This event is presented by Loaded Dice. "Doc Scott is described by Goldie as 'the king of rollers' has helped define the sound and progression of Drum'n'Bass as much as heroes Fabio and Grooverider". Last August's first visit by Doc Scott, one of London's favourite Drum n Bass sons was huge. He hit the crowd with his typical hard rollin' style and this time he was very similar. He has been a leader in the UK breakbeat (now termed Old School) scene with his 'Absolute 2' label releasing classics such as 'NHS EP' in 1991 and the remixes in 1992. He has played for all the major breaks/Jungle/Drum n Bass promoters in the UK, he releases and remixes and a multitude of labels, running his excellent '31 Records' label and holds a residency at the Metalheadz nights with MC Justiyc. He was also a founding member of 'Metalheadz Recordings'.
We got there about midnight, to find a very crowded Ambar and as usual with this sort of international a mixed aged crowd...from the youngest to oldest clubbers...good to see so many people I hadn't seen in ages. Starting off his set to a huge crowd response...the Doc opted for a nice smooth club-edged rolling sound in which to build his set and he chose some very good times to drop in those nasty amen-riddled darkside stab trax - so funny to see the trendy Drum n Bass crew's face when they first hit...soon sorts the dancefloor into HaRdCoRe Jungle/Drum n Bass heads + those who will be wallflowers once those hoovers kick in (I was going nuts in the toilet to the first one hehe). MC Justiyc provided the only lyrical support during the Doc's set, but he was a lot better + smoother last time I thought. Assassin ripped it up very nicely over Greg Packer who followed up the main set with probably a harder edged and generally overall more solid set. A good night as usual by Dion and the Loaded Dice crew...respect out to BJam to on tha album release. Big shout out to X-Sessiv (all da best man) who joins the list of crew we lose overseas.
This was also the launch of Loaded Dice Records and the first album produced by Bjam 'Tactical Manoeuvres' - funnily enough Doc Scott's last visit was the launch of Greg Packer's debut album.

Ambar Nightclub was the venue for this excellent 18+ event.


[ Drum Club Membership ]
-== Membership Launch [Fri 29th Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- MPK (SA), Viper, Frantik, Elle Rollo, Mike L, Ruffkut, El Hornet, Muller, Merlin, Gusto.
MC's :- Assassin, J.Rippa.

This event featured MPK who runs Big Dog records in South Australia's Drum n Bass capital, Adelaide. "Well Daniel aka MPK is no stranger to Perth. He has been to the west coast several times now to show his unque style and what better way to launch the new Drum Club memberships being made available exclusively on this night! Hope to see you all there...should be a really good night, especially for all of you who are regulars to the club." I was told this was quite a popular gig for SA's biggest Drum n Basshead's fourth visit. More info here. Drum Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Wish I'd made it...anyone?


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 30th June 01] ==-

DJ's :- Hutcho b2b Rousa (7-8pm), Leroy (8-9pm), Freestyle b2b Boy-D ( 9-10pm), Splink-e b2b Corruption (10-11pm), Menis b2b Pace (11-12am), Kevin b2b Marvel (12-1am).
MC's :- Pete, Hutcho + some other guyz.

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the first of a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of perths most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore".
We all got smashed - DJ's + punters alike...(shouts out to Sven + Rob Fender tha birthday boys!!), run amok as usual, earlier and in a different pub...hehe nuff said! Nice to be somewhere else on a Sat night...nice n cosy little venue this one...well worth checking out. Slightly altered lineup than flyer due to management changing closing times etc. The Rosemount Hotel in North Perth was the venue for this great 18+ event.


[ No Flyer ]
-== Resin Special [Sat 30th Jun 01] ==-

DJ's :- MPK (Adel) + other guests.

Resin presented this special invite-only night of Drum n Bass, featuring guest MPK from Adelaide. Not much info on this - I was too busy getting hammered @ 'Resistance' to make this one unfortunately...
The Beach Tavern in Mullaloo was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Velocity ]
-== Velocity [Sat 30th Jun 01] ==-

Main Arena DJ's :- Fuxxy, Rufkut, Tee, Muller, Ondy, Frantik, Dan Lucas vs Lumberjack, Krank, El Hornet.
Chillout Zone DJ's :- Dan Lucas, Tee, Eks, Tim Dearle.

Emerge Productions presented this special Drum n Bass/Breaks/Techno event, featuring a strong local lineup at another new venue (respect to these guyz for trying sheer variety!). We got there about 12:30am and a large crowd was both inside the venue and hanging around outside as usual - even during the rain. Nice one (not) to the two guyz who tried to bumrush the event over the fence - only to take it (and some people on the other side) with them - then complain about getting thrown out...sheesh. Nice solid sound system and the crowd was havin it bigtime.
Talk Of the Town Ballroom (4 Carson Road Malaga) was the venue for this all ages event.


[ Winter Breaks ]
-== Winter Breaks [Sat 30th June 01] ==-

Arena 1 DJ's :- Sean Quinn (Melbourne - exclusive 4hr set), supported by Chad D, Adam Kelly, Warren 10.
Arena 2 DJ's :- Simon Coyle (Melb) + Kazu Kimura (Brisbane) - Celebrating the release of their new double CD 'Sound Design', supported by Joel, Essx, Mr.W.
Progressive House Arena DJ's :- Humate (Germany), Chad D, Warren 10, Adam Kelly, Kriece.

"In the tradition of great Uni parties eFusion and Technique present Winter Break 2001, the first in a series of events celebrating mid and end of year holiday breaks. Showcasing some of the finest in DJ's".
Nice flyer design this. Bit more info Efusion website.
Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Metaphase ]
-== Metaphase [Sat 30th June 01] ==-

DJ's :- Sensory Overload vs. Schlerb, Hawkeye, Kriece, Choice, Jeremy, Ondy.

EMAS presented this event, featuring Itch-ee and Scratch-ee, the pioneers of Australian Techno. "Reknowned for their live shows, the duo return to Perth after a long break and several legal wrangles over their name. Putting aside their solo careers, Paul Mac and Andy Rantzen are once again taking their joint show on the road, so be prepared to embark on a journey through their world as they showcase their new album 'It Is What It Isn't'. Forming in 1990, Andy Rantzen and Paul Mac put in the hard slog to help spearhead the young Australian dance scene with their ground breaking 'Irritable' EP. As Itch-e and Scratch-e, the duo have remixed, created, constructed, deconstructed, and renamed themselves. Their hit single 'Sweetness & Light', from the 'Itch-e Kitch-e Koo' album, picked up the top dance award at the '94-'95 ARIA awards, where they publicly thanked the ecstasy dealers of Australia in their acceptance speech! And all of a sudden they were (in)famous, but, just as suddenly, legal wrangles forced them to give up the well loved Itchee & Scratchee name. Three years in the making, their latest album 'It Is What It Isn't' is the result of all of the duo's DJing experience. Luscious production mixed with tinges of dark techno and fluffy trance make this one of those awesome dance albums which stands up to Underworld or Ken Ishii, but is uniquely Australian in that it can be fun, dark and beautiful at the same time. The album is currently spawning singles such as 'Step Inside My World', 'Princess Universe' and 'Spin Cycle' which are being caned on JJJ". We did a live gig with them (as FaNaTiK) in 1995 @ The Infirmary - nice guyz good show too! Didn't get to make it as there was just too much on dammit...Grovernor Backroom in Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Bailey ]
-== DJ Bailey : [Fri 6th July 01] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Bailey (UK), Greg Packer, Muller, Elle Rollo, Frantik, El Hornet, Dan Lucas.
MC's :- Ruffkut, Assassin, X-Sessive, Interjecta.

This event was presented by MFI in conjunction with Hotdog. "For the best part of the last decade, DJ Bailey has been one of the most important players in worldwide drum 'n' bass scene. This is DJ Baileys 3rd visit to Perth and his previous visits have shown he is definately one DJ not to miss. Ultra fast mixing, brutally upfront tunes and amazing technical skills prove that this man has his finger on the drum'n'bass pulse". Dark, hard dubplate pressure - all crew muss big up!
Well I WAS hoping to see you there...but hot chocolate and a comfy sofa put me to sleep early - damn!

Stadium Nightclub (Formerly Zanadu) was the venue for this well supported 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Elysium March ]
-== Elysium [Fri 2nd Mar 01] ==-

DJ's :- Leroy, Kevin, Menis others TBA.

Presented by Easy Tiger, this is the once-a-month Hardcore night. This was Kev's + Menis's final (Elysium) sets in Perth...and as you know from above dammit - I didn't get out. Respect to these two boys and good luck in all they do over in the UK/Ireland. The Drum Club (Old Gravity) was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 7th July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Versetyle b2b Magnetic (7-8pm), Fuxxy (8-9pm), NVS (9-10pm), Hutcho b2b Mental (10-11pm), Quimby (11-12am), Leroy b2b Menis (12-1am).

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the second in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of perths most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
Good boozy night this one...very similar to the HaRd BoiLeD theory of get in the door and get smashed asap! Well done to Ben for getting in before everyone else (even Mental!) and getting completely hammered. Great to see a good sized crowd again here in a nice cosy little venue with a no-hype attitude to the night...Rosemount Hotel, Fitzgerald St is the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 14th July 01] ==-

DJ's :- 4D (7-8pm), Fuxxy (8-9pm), Magnetic vs Freestyle (9-10pm), Splink-e vs Corruption (10-11pm), Leroy vs Sniper (11-12am), Rousa vs Versetyle (12-1am).

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the third in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of perths most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
Nice to see Sniper having a spin again - also DJ Freestyles birthday set (which also went on to 'Fluid' @ Club A to party on later...). Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Graeme Park : [Sat 14th July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Graeme Park (UK), Dan Stinton, Rudy, Cee vs Tamar.

Presented by Spiral/Technique/Agent Mad, this event featured the return of Graeme Park, "one of the UK’s pioneering House jocks. Graeme started out spinning in Nottingham through working at its vinyl haven, 'Select-A-Disc', before a seminal residency at Manchester club 'The Hacienda'. He has since played every major UK clubnight including Cream, Ministry of Sound, Renaissance and Home - using his quote of 'its not what you play its how you play it'". For this night he played a long 4hr set - right to the end of the night as it turned out. We got there quite late - around 3-ish and the place was still havin' it. Quite a few welcome old faces had come out to see the man and his music (although a bit light for me) was going down well with the crowd...a mixture of Handbag House, Funk and even a Housey Hall + Oates cover ('I can't go for that' - one for the 80's crew!). He certainly seemed an international who bothered whether the crowd got into it or not...nice to see. Globe Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ eXpEriMeNtS 1.0 ]
-== eXpEriMeNtS 1.0 : [Wed 18th July 01] ==-

DJ's :- SquarePusher (live), MrW, Echoic, Troy, Mallinder.

Presented by Nexus, Delirium, Eupho Spug + Agent Mad, this night featured the UK's legendary electronic artist that is SquarePusher. "He is probably one of the most experimental electronic performers of our time. Along with Aphex Twin he has shaken the electronic establishment to its core with stunning releases on Warp, Rephlex and Spymania. His music defies categorisation...complex, fluid, inventive, constantly striving to strike the balance between energy and innovation. The subtlest all out assault on the block. SquarePusher is second to none in his field of one..." Have to say the videos ain't too bad either - definately one not too miss this gig...shame it was on mid-week, still work Thursday never looked so dull. Ambar Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Didn't get there dammit. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Perfecto Australian Tour : [Fri 20th July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Mark James, Sean Quinn + Kasey Taylor, Choice, Sam Allen, Adam Kelly, Jayd, Riki.

Presented by Church Nightclub/Future Entertainment, this night featured the best Oz talent in House, Techno, Tech-House and Club etc as Perfecto releases 'The Underground Sounds of Australia' on June 4th in the UK and July 16th in Australia - The first in a new series of EPs showcasing DJ/Artists from different countries around the world. "The concept for Underground Sounds of Australia started at the end of last year, when Paul Oakenfold was on a Perfecto tour down under with Mark James - named as No.1 in the Top 50 Most Influential and Powerful People in Australian Dance Music in Ministry Magazine. It was then that he got into the sound that was unique to the country and asked Mark if he'd be interested in working on this project. As Mark explains: The rest just fell into place, Paul already knew of Pee Wee and his work while Sean and Kasey released a track on Perfecto a few years ago. Paul knew we were all friends and thought it would be a great idea for us to collaborate on this. The only instruction was to do something we would play ourselves". Something different this. Church Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. I was at the Drum Club getting smashed hehe. Anyone?


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 21st July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Mental and more TBA.

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the fourth in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
I was actually supposed to be playing B2B w/Mental again - but with the BeRLiN times being shufled three times on the day I ended up unable to make it. Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Genesis ]
-== Genesis : [Sat 21st July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Rol-N (Melb - Drum n Bass), Krank (Rollin Nu School Breaks 10-11pm), Hutcho ('91-'93 Old School 11-12am), Big Mac (classic rave 12-1am), Greg Packer vs JJ (Old School 1-2am), MrW (retro Trance + Techno 2-3am), Frantik vs Dan Lucas (upfront Drum n Bass), Muller vs El Hornet (Drum n Bass + Breaks).

This event (which was huge, no doubt considering the first use of this legendary class venue since 1993) was presented by MFI. "Dedicated to re-living the days and music of old, coupling with the sounds of now to bring you a night that will reflect the happy vibe of the early dance scene".
I mean what can you say...it WAS in BeRliN - it was gonna be packed by those who WERE there, those who PRETENDED to have been there and those who WANTED to be there. This was be a complete sellout of presold tickets - hope you got yours early as many were ringing me on the day hanging to get in.
The DJ times unfortunately were still being sorted out into the evening...hence some of the lineup chaos on da night. An unusual choice of splitting the night into Old School/Drum n Bass and this was debated (the pros and cons of this choice) well into the night. Anyway the place was going OFF BIGTIME...especially during the Old School sets (which were taped after some hassle) and the crowd did do an age swap when the hard Drum n Bass of Rol-N started - many of the older crew hitting the courtyard outside for a smoke then. Whatever your taste in music - old or new it was a great night and nice to be back in such welcome surroundings...ReSpEcT 2 Mfi for gettin this + bringing back many an old memory.
The old Berlin Nightclub (all heads bowed in praise) cnr Rowe + Milligan St was the venue, Perth 9pm-6am. An all ages event. (+15 minimum - although obvious as that was to check there were some young ones in there.)


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Technique : [Sat 21st July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Infrasonic (live), Telaxu, Choice, Jayd, Dirty Den.

Presented by Technique, this night featured the best Perth in House, Techno, Tech-House and Club etc.
Globe Nightclub, Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Doc Martin : [Sat 21st July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Doc Martin (UK), Dan Stinton, Tone, Joby.

Presented by Spirit, this night featured the much-awaited visit of Doc Martin - a legend in House, Techno, Tech-House and Club circles...one of the world's biggest names in House/Club. DJ'ing since 1986, he is one of the main founders of the strong West Coast dance scene. He has played at The Twilo in New York, Cream in '95-'97 and his remix work with A Tribe Called Quest, Moloko and Dub Tribe, with his many releases on labels such as 'Moonshine', 'Shaboom' + 'Defiant Records' have further cemented his cult status.
Spirit Soundbar, Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Miles Holloway : [Sat 21st July 01] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Miles Holloway (UK), Echoic, Saxon, Mallinder, Declan, Dan Stinton, Bilsby.

Presented by Geisha, Hype Magazine and Paper Records present this night featuring House and Club maestro Holloway (aka Salt City Orchestra). Hailing from Manchester, along with his label, he is one of the UK pioneers of House, holding respect as one of the most refreshing and truly innovative producers and Djs in the world. He is renowned for blending soulful US Disco and House with distinct UK flavours and phat breaks. He playsed three hour set for the Geisha faithful.

Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Residents ]
-== Residents [Fri 27th Jul 01] ==-

DJ's :- Viper, Rufkut, Muller, Mike L, Elle Rollo, Merlin, Frantik, El Hornet, Gusto, with Static (Live PA).
MC's :- Assassin, J Rippa.

Resin presented this night of pure Jungle, Breaks and Drum n Bass, featuring Static's latest Drum'n'Bass tracks with his live PA. Also celebrating the (many) residents of the Drum Club. A good night I was told. Anyone?
The Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 28th July 01] ==-

DJ's :- Weavy (7-8pm), Fuxxy (8-9pm), Mental vs Splink-e (9-10pm), Boy-d vs Versetyle (10-11pm), Leroy (11-12am), Subsonic (12-1am).

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the fifth in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Ministry - Club Nation : [Sat 28th July 01] ==-

Metropolis Club DJ's :- DJ Lottie (UK), Infusion (live), Mark Dynamix (Syd), Declan Lee (Syd), Chad D + Kriece.
Globe Breaks Room DJ's :- Freq Nasty (UK), Dan Kahuna (UK), Smoulder, Dirty White Boys, Echoic.
Globe Drum n Bass DJ's :- DJ Fierce (UK), Greg Packer, Klay, Diamond D, Elle Rollo, B'Jam.
MC's :- Method + Ruffkut.

Presented by Delirium/Loaded Dice, Ministry of Sound, Frontier Touring Co, JJJ and Ministry Magazine, this huge night features the best Perth in House, Techno, Tech-House, New School Breaks/Drum n Bass and Club etc. Good solid lineup this. More soon.

Globe Nightclub, Perth and Metropolis City, Northbridge were the venues for this huge 18+ event. I was away on holiday down South...Anyone?


[ Trancemit vs Theory ]
-== Trancemit vs Theory : [Fri 3rd Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Ben Sims (UK), MRW, Puff.

Presented by Nexus in conjunction with Agent Mad. "What can be said about Ben Sims that you wouldn't already have heard...a master 3 deck DJ, Ben Sims is considered one of the most unique and inspiring Techno DJ's in the world. He returned to Perth once more for a 3hr - three deck workout". Big one for the Techno/Tech crew.
Ambar Nightclub, Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Elysium]
-== Elysium [Fri 3rd Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Symphoney (9-10pm), Leroy (10-11pm), Hutcho ('92+93 breaks + bangin Acid 11-12am), Rock-It (12-1am), Sniper (1-2am), Pace (2-3am), Marvel vs Versetyle (4-close).
MC's :- Assassin, Pete.

Presented by Easy Tiger, this is the once-a-month Hardcore night. This was a wicked night I must say... The Drum Club (Old Gravity) was the venue for this 18+ event. One of those great nights where everyone gets so smashed and has such a big night that it takes till next week to get over it hehe. Must say Kev + Menis were missed here.


[ Gatecrasher ]
-== Gatecrasher - WorldWide Live : [Sat 4th Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- John Kelly (UK), Ashley Casselle (UK), Jayd, Choice, Boy.

Yet another UK ClubTour - this month presented by Agentmad and Delirium. John Kelly (UK) has been Djing a phenomenal 16 years, and since 1996 has never been voted out of the top 20 dj’s in the world. John has regularly appeared at clubs throughout the uk and ibiza including his longstanding residency at gatecrasher. His respected status has taken john to nearly every important club in the UK and in Ibiza. He has featured as a GATECRASHER resident at PASHA, MANUMISSION, SPACE AND CLOCKWORK ORANGE to name a few. Worldwide, John has built a strong reputation and fan base in Amsterdam, Majorca, Las Vegas, Orlando, Paris, Canada, Hawaii, Dublin, Cologne, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Portugal, South Africa. To compliment John’s remarkable touring status, he has gained much attention through hosting regular guest spots on Pete Tong’s 'ESSENTIAL MIX' radio one programme, made various appearances on KISS 100 and more recently started the first dedicated weekly trance based show on RADIO FG, Paris. John has also been involved in numerous production and remix projects, the most notable being the top 40 hit 'OUTRAGEOUS' with partner Judge Jules. He has produced a number of CD compliations that have sold over 250,000 in the UK alone. His latest compilation is the 'SUPERCLUB DJ’s JOHN KELLY'.
Ashley Casselle (UK) - shot into the consciousness of the nations dance floors with his first release 'SHOW ME' by Daydreamer, which led to a dazzling and diverse range of production and remixes. He perfected his intricate production skills on artists as Chris Issac, Derrick Carter and D-ream whilst embracing progressive house. More recently Ashley can be found recording as ASHTRAX, an outlet for his ever-evolving sound melting tech-house, breakbeat and dirty grooves. He has played on Sasha and Digweeds' highly acclaimed NORTHERN EXPOSURE TOUR, holds a residency at GATECRASHER and plays across the UK's finer dance floors, including BEDROCK where he regularly spins. He has played on the GATECRASHER Global Sound system in Japan, China, and Philippines and across Asia as well as regular appearances at GATECRASHER'S summer residency in Ibiza. He is a favorite with the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Nick Warren and Timo Maas as well as gaining respect from London's breakbeat mafia. One of his sets encompasses a diverse range of darkly uplifting tunes.
Globe Nightclub, Perth was the venue for this huge 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Resin Countdown ]
-== Resin Countdown [Sun 5th Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Rintel vs Shogun, Viper, Frantik, Skelly, Rufkut, J Rippa.

Resin presented this night of Hip Hop, Breaks and Drum n Bass, the first Sunday of every month. Something different on a Sunday with cheap drink specials and good atmosphere. "Come check out this sweet venue over looking the beach!"
Beach Tavern, Mullaloo is the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 4th Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Not sure who played other than Mental vs Splink-E.

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the sixth in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event. Yeah we got smashed hehe.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 11th Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Versetyle (Breaks 7-8pm), Fuxxy (Breaks/Gabba 8-9pm), Hutcho ('93 darkside 9-10pm), El Hornet (94/95 Ragga Jungle 10-11pm), Freestyle vs Corruption (95-96 Happycore battle 11-12am), Pace (upfront Happy Hardcore 12-1am).
MC's :- AsSaSsiN + Pete.

Ruff Knite productions present this event, the seventh in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of perths most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
Good to see a lot of up-n-comings getting a shot here. Fuxxy was bangin out some serious BPM hardcore when we got there (respect!) until I changed it (just a bit!) into '1993 in Ya FaCe and A Little more' - cheers to AsSaSsiN + Pete for rippin up tha mic for me too. Mr.El Hornet next with a nice solid set of well known Jungle favourites and the place was very crowded and havin it! Freestyle vs Corruption went for a very popular classic set of Happy Hard that reminded me very much of old Gravity sets of the time and Pace finished off the night nicely. Phew what a boozeup!
Unfortunately DJ's Versetyle + Pace lost their tunes as some theiving dog broke into Olly's car later and nicked their record boxes. See the 'Hot News' page for more info on this crap theft. Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Groove Asylum ]
-== Groove Asylum [Wed 15th Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Darren Briais + Delicious.

Geisha + XL Productions presented this new midweek event featuring the talented DJ team who made the Globe and the Metros City go off on Saturdays gone by. "Release your midweek insanity"
A good sized crowd for a night which basically was advertised by word-of-mouth + email - nice one people! Nice Hard House + Club tunes played here and a nice casual midweek atmosphere. Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Breaking Point ]
-== Breaking Point [Fri 17th Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Smoulder, Skelly vs Krank, Atari vs Trent C (Live PA), Greg Packer (birthday boy), Muller vs El Hornet, Gusto, Viper vs Heretik.
MC's :- Assassin, J Rippa, Rufkut.

Resin presented this night of pure Jungle, Breaks and Drum n Bass, featuring Atari + Trent C's latest 2-step and breakbeat tracks with their live PA. Also celebrating the overseas success of MC Assassin and Greg Packer's birthday! Apparently even GP succumed to the endless rounds of drinks - well done mate we've finally rubbed off on you! A good night I was told. Anyone?
The Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Love Parade ]
-== Love Parade : [Wed 22nd Aug 01] ==-

DJ's :- Dr.Motte (Ger), Puff, Dirty Den, Kinky, Simon Barwood.

Rise presented this event, featuring the return of one of Germany's favourite Techno/Rave sons. DrMotte (last here for 'Big Bad Head' @ Elevation) is one of the Berlin Love Parade's originators and a DJ with a style all his own. Well worth a look. "With attendance of over a million faithful ravers, Berlin's Love Parade is an annual event with no rival in the history of the world. For eleven years its message of peace, love and unity through the agency of electronic dance music has been broadcast by the masses thronging the streets of Germany's capital centre."
Rise Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ DataBass ]
-== DataBass : [Sat 25th Aug 01] ==-

ADJ's :- Rich W, DJ Ron, Fuxxy, Static (Live PA), Muller, Dan Lucas, El Hornet, Frantik.

MFi presented this event - yet again in another nice location. "This event is to bring the intimacy back into a party. There will only be 400 tickets on sale to give the place a happy little vibe and given some great tunes on the night we think, will go down a treat. This venue is amazing! It backs onto the river so you can chill out by the water while laying on the grass (rancho relaxo). See the views of Perth city or gaze along the beautiful water. Its only 5mins from the city!". Didn't get there dammit - anyone?

Venue : Kilburn Hall, Mounts Bay Sailing Club (5min walk from UWA campus), 10pm-late. An All Ages event.
Tickets : $15+bf from Central Station Mills Records and Planet Video.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 1st Sep 01] ==-

DJ's :- Prime (7-8pm), Leroy (Old Skool 8-9pm), Freestyle vs Corruption (9-10pm), Redemption Lost Records Duo set (10-11pm), Magnetic (11-12am), Subsonic (12-1am).

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the tenth in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore".
Bit quieter but there was a few things on this night...and generally a pretty stale Sat night..this was the best of it for us. Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Bass Agenda ]
-== Bass Agenda [Sat 1st Sep 01] ==-

Main Room - Drum'n'Bass DJ's :- Frantik, Dan Lucas, Rufkut, Muller vs Greg Packer, Clay, Diamond D.
Lounge Room - Breaks Odyssey DJ's :- Krank, Trent C vs Tee, Dazz K, The Management, Smoulder.

Fluid and Bass Agenda presented this special event. "After lying dormant for over two years, the original members come together to bring you a party that has a feel of yesteryear but with a unique and refreshingly upfront atmosphere. Doing it proper since 98 - Bass Agenda returns".
The one thing against this venue (which is well worth a look see) is the licence, which finishes at 3am, that being said there were a lot of people going to this event, although when we got there at 2am, the numbers had thinned quite a bit for some reason...although as I said, this Sat night was a wierd one...so no fault of this event, which has some good tunes being dropped at it. The Esplanade, Scarborough (Fluid - old Club Atlantis) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Elysium ]
-== Elysium [Fri 7th Sept 01] ==-

DJ's :- The Management, React, Sniper Vs Subsonic, Magnetic, Versetyle, Rousa.
MC's :- Assassin, Pete.

Presented by Easy Tiger, this is the once-a-month Hardcore night, always quite a bit one and well worth getting out and getting into it. "Hardcore Vibez and we run tings". A week later this month, perhaps it showed as a lot of people got the Drum n Bass and this night mixed up...ah well we had a big one! Elysium (Drum Club), Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 8th Sep 01] ==-

DJ's :- Hutcho ('91-'93 Old School 7-9pm), Magnetic vs Versetyle (95 style 9-10pm), Splink-E (Bangin' 10-11pm), Pace (upfront Happy Hard 11-12am), Sniper (upfront Happy Hard 12-1am).

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the eleventh in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
Probably Magnetic's last set for a while as he's likely to go overseas asap. Well what can be said about this night - our crew was out in force BIGTIME for Dobbo's (DJ In-E-Fekt's) birthday and we drained the bar dry and ran amok like noone has in there. Also is this a crew record? We were stuffing around in the carpark so much - WE GOT THROWN BACK IN to the venue by security!!! Unbelievable...probably because the bar sales were down so much...anyhow if you weren't there you missed out on the best one here yet! Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this >hic< free 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Botchit and Scarper [Sat 8th Sep 01] ==-

DJ's :- SOTO (UK), Dirty White Boys, DJ Ecks, Mallinder, T-cee vs Systematix, ALec M vs Doug Disco.

Ambar presented this event featuring DJs\Producers SOTO from the famous 'Botchit and Scarper' label. Not much info on this event.

Ambar Club, Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ No flyer ]
-== Celebrating the WAMIs [Sat 8th Sept 01] ==-

DJ's :- Echoic (8pm-9:30pm), Chad D (9:30pm-11pm).

Special night, with a live-to-air broadcast from 8:00pm W.S.T. live around Australia on Triple J.
"Echoic is widely regarded as one of Perth's best breaks and Drum'n'Bass DJ's and producers. His recent involvement in 'Offworld' and his release with Adrian Sardi has seen him chosen by Triple J to open the live mix.
Chad D is universally regarded as one of Perth's best club DJ's, having opened for most big touring internationals in the last 3 years. His style is deeper to Tech-House and he was chosen by Triple J after being highly recommended by impressed visiting Sydney and Melbourne DJ's". Nice to see some of the Perth lads getting a go over a very dominated Eastern States mixup series.

Globe Nightclub, Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Tech.nology : Kiss.My.WAMI v1.0 [Fri 14th Sep 01] ==-

DJ's :- Martin L (10-11.30pm), Manuel Bonrod (Live 11.30-12.15am), Chris Davey (12.15-1.45am), Josh Taaffe (1.45-3.15am), MrW (3.15-4.45am), Puff (4.45-Close).

WAMI in conjunction with Losounds and Nexus present "An evening to celebrate the rituals of Technology and it's musics : showcasing the live extravagances and vinyl deconstructions of Perth's underground Techno Community : Sound : Sweat : Innovation : Groove".

Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Fight Club ]
-== Fight Club [Fri 14th Sept 01] ==-

DJ's :- Gusto vs Merlin, Mike L vs Elle Rollo, Viper vs Rintel, Rufkut, Frantik, Muller vs El Hornet.
MC's :- J Rippa, Assassin and X-sessiv.

Drum Club presented this event (also X-sessiv's official welcoming party as a Drum Club resident), and no its nothing to do with the linen suit brigade fighting on Saturdays..."There was a big bouncy boxing ring on the night for all to have a bout...got word of a few fights...Dan Lucas vs Viper, Static vs Cint, Steve Mason vs Big Mac and of course the exhibition match of the night Lilly vs Mystique (lilly won) all decided by K.O.!" Well, bouncy boxing style anyway...good idea and a lot of fun...unfortunately I had prior commitments dammit...anyone?

Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 15th Sep 01] ==-

DJ's :- Leroy, Fuxxy, Mental, Rufkut, Versetyle, others.

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the 12th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore."
Fairly quiet down here this night but it was the same night as 'System 6'. Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ System 6 ]
-== System 6 : [Sat 15th Sep 01] ==-

Arena 1 DJ's :- Kevin Energy (UK - did not play), Willow, Rob Science, Choice, Lumberjack, Deski, Weavy, Freestyle, Flaunt.
Arena 2 DJ's :- Corruption (9-10pm), The Management (10-11pm), Zig Zag (11-12am), Viper vs Rufkut (12-1am), Muller vs El Hornet (1-2am), Packer vs Frantik (2-3am), Krank vs Darren Briais (3-4am), Hutcho vs Mental (4-6am).
MC's :- Assassin + Kronic, Energizer, JRippa, Pete, Kid Smooth, X-Sessiv, G-Rock, Xavier.

Presented by XS Productions + T.H.C (Tonka Heavy Corps), this huge 2-arena night was to feature the talents of DJ Kevin Energy (UK). "At the modest age of 21, he has accomplished far more for his age than any other person in the UK dance industry. He has been DJing and producing for more then five years now and has travelled the world extensively". His back catalogue of releases as a producer, are well worth checking out and many DJ's probably have one or two without realising the artist's true identity. Well unfortunately like many this weekend (and for the second time), he never got here. He was stuck in Canada unable to get a connecting flight due to the towelheads bombing the World Trade Centre. Dave Willis (old BeRliN boy who's been AWOL down south for years) aka Willow was the surprise guest replacement. Good to see a lot of old faces I hadn't seen for a while...
I can't really give much of a review of the main arena as I stayed in Arena2 most of the night...where it was going off, then emptied out, then filled up again for the last couple of hours. One gripe was the bar being shut @ 1:30am (and early at that), lots of people running round looking for beer to scam the rest of the night! (including us).
Big respect out to tha MC's Assassin, Kronic, Pete and Xavier who tore it up over my set w/Mental - respect guyz ya rocked it!
A good mix of music (Hard House/NRG, Trip Hop/New Beat, Drum n Bass, Old School etc) offered at a good price in a wicked venue not used since the 'Adrenalin Tour' in 1996...what more can ya say...it should've been bigger. Quite a few people I spoke to since, went to Technique @ The Globe but didn't get to see Warren either (see review) and wished they'd come - shame.

Italian Club, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event with a lot more potential.


[ Technique ]
-== Technique feat. Nick Warren [Sat 15th Sept 01] ==-

DJ's :- Nick Warren (UK 3 hr set), Chad D, Choice, Jayd, Warren 10.

Presented by Spiral, this was be a big date in the House calendar...shame once again there was too much on this weekend. "Nick Warren is one of the UK's quintessential progressive house and breaks DJ's. A master craftsmen, he is universally respected amongst dance music's elite as the DJ's DJ. He was once described by Carl Cox as 'the person who can read and work a crowd better than any other'. Nick Warren has left an enduring mark on dance music. And who can ever forget his set at 'Digital 1999' ... a set of power and precision". Another big one...and another international who didn't make it to the church on time...courtesy the Airline problems in OZ and overseas. Instead he played Rise Sunday night, for 4 hours and apparently really well. See the letter from Delirium explaining...top marks to them for doing the right thing for the punter.
Globe Nightclub Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Koncrete Jungle ]
-== Koncrete Jungle : [Sat 22nd Sept 01] ==-

DJ's :- Moving Fusion (UK), Greg Packer, Frantik vs El Hornet, FBI, Dan Lucas vs Muller, Mystique vs Ruffkut.
MC's :- Ruffcut, JRippa, Assassin (not billed).

Presented by MFI, this event featured the return of UK's 'Moving Fusion' (aka Jeff & Spar) - who have "been responsible for some of the biggest dancefloor killers ever known to grace a record deck. 1997's 'Turbulence' saw their first outing on Ram Records, and it was truly ground breaking, the rest as they say is history". If you missed their last wicked visit then it would be fair to say that was the better or their two trips here. That aside they did play some classic tunes, mixed with some stormin upfront stuff as well as a few unusual experimental choons...different to say the least, not all went down too well, but they soon changed styles when the floor flagged a bit. Full marks to MFI for a good night - and a big one was had by all...also a big Happy Birthday shout out to Dan!

Stadium (Zanadu) Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Tonic Special : [Tue 25th Sep 01] ==-

Deep + Dark Room DJ's :- Moving Fusion (UK), Dan Lucas, Krank.
Jazz Chamber DJ's :- Adrian Sardi, Klay, BJam.

Hyde Park and MFI presented this event. Nice one by these lads and a good opportunity to see the UK boys for FREE - thats value!
Hyde Park Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free entry 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Rewind Club Series ]
-== Rewind 96-98 [Wed 26th Sep 01] ==-

DJ's :- Miggy, Joby, Darren Briais.

XL Productions presented this midweek event, taking punters back to the 1996-98 days of Krush Nightclub. "Who can forget the smooth vocal House and Garage delights from Joby delivered to an endearing crowd, or Darren Briais' fanatical mix-up of pumping club stormers, or a late night....made that little bit extra special with a head cracking selection of phatt breaks and beats from the effervescent Miggy....ahhhhh those late, late, late mornings!!! A clubbing event not to be missed, a night to rekindle old friendships, make new ones or just bathe in the musical nostalgia of a clubbing era that was - KRUSH!".
Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== John B : [Fri 28th Sept 01] ==-

DJ's :- Heretik vs Sinistah (9-11pm Two of the best up and coming DJ's in Perth), Dan Lucas vs Elhornet (11-12 MFI man vs Drum Club/MFI resident), Static Live PA (12-1am it'll 'epic' your socks off), Greg Packer vs Adrian Sardi (1-2am Our local producer posse), John B (2-4am UK), Frantik vs Rufkut (4-5am).
MC's :- J Rippa, Assassin and X-sessiv.

Drum Club/Resin presented this event, another big one for the Drum n Bass crew, featuring the man like da John B, fresh on the heels of his new album release. He has released on many labels, 'Shoebox', 'New Identity', 'Prototype', 'Formation', 'Renegade Hardware' and his own label 'Beta Recordings' (which he started in 1999) to name a few. His sound, whether hard, dark + twisted or jazzy, vocal and complex has helped shape some of the scene as we know it over the last few years.
Static played a very nice live PA (nice to see you don't get many these days) of smooth synth lines and nice fresh rollers...good quality well done man. This night was well worth checking out and I have to say one of the best/freshest Drum n Bass sets I've heard from an International in a while. As expected the man himself dropped a varied set of rollers, hard steppers and amen-heavy stromers...right through to some very class vocal-laded tracks. Respect out to the MC's who did an excellent job of keepin it hype...

Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this excellent 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 29th Sep 01] ==-

DJ's :- 4D, Leroy, Tee, Fuxxy (birthday set), Versetyle vs pace, Sniper.

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the 14th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore." Fuxxy's birthday being celebrated tonight - we expected it to be messy and apparently he got well trashed! (why not eh?). Didn't make this - lightweighted out at home asleep on the couch...oops!! Anyone got blackmail photos hehe...

The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Digital 2001 : [Sun 30th Sept 01] ==-

Live Main Room DJ's :- Chad D vs Kriece (9-11pm), Boy vs Warren 10 (11-1am), Judge Jules (UK 1-3:30am), Lucien Foort (Holland 3:30-6am).
Stateside House Room DJ's :- Declan (9-10.20pm), Tamar (10:20-11:30pm), Cee (11:30-12:40pm), Rudy (12:40-1:50pm), James A (1:50-3am), Gene Farris (USA 3-6am).
Plastik Techno Room DJ's :- Joel vs. Essx (9-11pm), Puff (11-12.20am), Troy (12.20-1.40am), Mistress Barbara (Can 1:40-4:40am), Mr.W (4:40-6am).
33 and 1/3 Breaks Room DJ's :- Double Action (9-10:20pm), Dirty White Boys (10:20-11:40pm), Echoic (11:40-1am), Freestylers (UK 1-4:40am), Smoulder (4:40-6am).
Loaded Dice Drum'n'Bass Room DJ's :- B'Jam (9-11pm), Frantik (11-12:30am), Matrix (UK 12:30-2:30am), Shimon (UK 2:30-4:30am), Diamond D (4:30-6am).

Presented by Delirium, this huge Queens Birthday Long Weekend event takes place over five arenas. Never doing things by halves these lads...this will be a party to definately check out. "From humble beginnings two years ago Digital has now grown to be one of the key dates in the Perth dance music calender. Over two years Digital has presented artists of the calibre of Nick Warren, Derrick Carter, Stacey Pullen, Phats and Small and Konflict. This year we go one step further, moving to larger and new premises in the form of the Entertainment Centre."
Judge Jules - "the grandaddy of superstar DJ's, having been there-done that, played there, done that radio show, written that tune, played that Festival and club ... he is quite simply one of the biggest DJ's in the world. Continuing his hugely successful Radio 1 show and his residencies at Gatecrasher and God's Kitchen, Judge Jules has recently been pushing a harder more percussive tech and trance style. After 5 successive sold-out shows in Perth this should be no different ... as he returns to fire up the Main Room with a 2 hour selection of new club anthems..."
Rotterdam's Lucien Foort - "emerging as part of the new breed of progressive house superstars. Gaining respect from the likes of Sasha, Nick Warren, Jimmy Van M and Dave Seaman, his productions are unique in pushing a fusion of smooth progressive house and tough tech tones. As a DJ, Lucien has gone from strength to strength, this year playing regular slots at Gatecrasher and Cream in the UK and constantly around Europe. He has played the recent Love Parade festival and is playing Amnesia in Ibiza during the summer months. He also runs his own Singularity night back home, having also released two CDs under the Singularity banner, which have both made a mark worldwide. Other exploits that have raised eyebrows on a global scale include his remix of progressive favourite 'Breathe in U' by Tekara and other remix commissions for Positiva, Bedrock and React. Lucien's international fan base is constantly extending, with his sights now firmly set on Australia and New Zealand. Expect a redefinition of melodic, progressive house with an unmistakable tech edge".
Gene Farris - "the sinister minister of the changing sounds of electronic music. For the Gene machine, music is his true belief, consistently producing the very best in twisted disco and jackin' house. Chicago born and raised he caught the DJ bug at the tender age of twelve when he was given his first pair of turntables ... inspired by the likes of Ron Hardy, Prince and Roy Ayers he began blending a mixture of funk, disco and soul. Farris quickly became a major player in the thriving Chicago scene garnering respect alongside artists such as Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak, releasing his early productions on Relief, Sounds, 83 West and Communique. Just recently Gene Farris has concentrated on his own Farris Wheel imprint and album releases for Soma. Gene's DJ style is a frenetic mix of Chicago loops and house and disco .... a 3 deck master .... and musical player".
The Freestylers - "the UK's bad-boys of breaks. A cheeky combination that is 2 parts breakbeats, 1 part electro, and 1 part Jack Daniels ... funky old-skool and new skool party music. And so it is they return to Perth, having ripped apart the breaks room at Sci-Fi last New Years Eve. This time they promise to be better behaved (ha!), more in control (ha!) ... just bring your party shoes and a health dose of humour as you can expect the phattest selection of breaks, electro and funky house ... FFFF ... RRREEEE ... STYYYLERS!"
Matrix - "one of drum'n'bass new heroes. A mild-mannered young player who has changed the face of drum'n'bass with groundbreaking collaborations on his own 'Metro Recordings' and on other labels such as 'Virus'. Regarded as one of the finest drum'n'bass studio engineers he has worked with the who's who of drum'n'bass...Goldie, Optical, Dom and Roland and Ed Rush...get set the full rinse out as Matrix and Shimon push the envelope just that little bit further..."
(NB he ain't new so someone doesn't know what they're talking about)
Shimon - "one of the UK's key drum'n'bass players .... sitting alonside Andy C and Ant he is greatly responsible for the explosion of Ram Records worldwide in the last couple of years. From his own early releases on RAM such as 'Predator' and tracks such as 'Quest'; 'Recharge' and the 'Terrorform EP' with Andy C and 98's long-player 'Sound in Motion'. That aside Shimon has defined RAM with an integral contribution in The Ram Trilogy alongside Ant and Andy C....two releases 'No Reality' and the recent 'Molten Beats' album have re-defined drum'n'bass. On the DJ front Shimon has been busy round the UK and abroad for the last 4 or 5 years...this will be his first visit to Oz...come see why he is placed alongside Zinc and Andy C as a smooth deck craftsmen".

Entertainment Centre (see map) Perth, was the venue for this huge 18+ event.
Well certainly a massive event this one, we got there about 2am and it was rammed I must say and they were still turning away people willing to pay $80 or so to get in if thats any indication! Events of this size are a pain at the best of times to coordinate and this must've been no exception but the sound was having trouble in the Breaks room (whoever was on after the Freestylers was caning it REALLY badly...so bad most people left the room) and the Drum n Bass 'arena' lost sound at least four times then was running on wall power and the volume was crap to put it midly. Shame cos Shimon was the man I was there to see and it just didn't do the wicked tunes justice...that and the carpet that was tripping everyone up all night in there - damn. Full respect to the Drum n Bass crew for battling it anyhow and making the best of a bad situation. Pity the Sunday Times had to print such dross about it the same weekend. Respect Delirium for pulling out the stops again.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Plan B : [Mon 1st Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Kinky, Tim Bee, Lewis James, Straps, CLC.

Blend Productions presented this morning comedown event, for the people who haven't worn themselves out @ 'Digital 2001'. More info here.

Grosvenor Hotel (back room), Perth 6:30am-2pm for this 18+ event. I think this would've had a lot of people at it if it had been a donations-based gig, instead of eight bucks that time of day. I know promoters need to cover costs but after some people paid $60+ a ticket last night, perhaps this morning they had empty pockets. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Revival [Fri 5th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- React, Rousa, El Hornet, Marvel, Greg Packer, Sinistah, Da Management, Versetyle + Pace.
MC's :- Pete, Brian C, Sir Mix A Lot.

Presented by Elysium/Easy Tiger posse, a bit of a different lineup (and range of styles) for this monthly event, with all profits apparently being donated to Greenpeace. The first 50 paying ravers through the door also received a free mix CD.
Didn't get there myself, but understand it was a very busy night earlier on...good to hear. Elysium, Northbridge was the venue for this well supported 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 6th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Versetyle vs Pace (Old School), Fuxxy (Breaks), Subsonic vs Magnetic (Happy Hardcore), Frenzy vs React (Hardcore), Marvel vs Rousa (upfront Hardcore), Hutcho (92/93 Old School/DarkSide/Bangin).

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the 15th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore.". A little quiet when we got there - the weather? Anyhow those that had made it out stayed for a good variety of tunes here...good time as always! Nice to see even Mr.Adam Brown made it out for a change! RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Phatt Bass : [Sat 6th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Warp Brothers (Germany), Simon Barwood, Dr.Bill.

Presented by Rise and Zoom Management, this event featured Oliver Goedicke + Jürgen Dohr aka the Warp Brothers, made famous for their (official bootleg) 3rd version called 'Phat Bass' of the Pump Panel Confusion remix track from 'Blade'. I've got their album as well and its very similar uplifting hard Trance...good stuff. Nice price too and they were doing a 3hr set from midnight.
I was told by friends who went that this was quite a good gig, but there just weren't many people around at all, strange at this price...maybe it was just one of those nights...a bit cold and everyone stays at home? Rise Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Reprazent 3 ]
-== Reprazent 3 : [Fri 12th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Fuxxy vs Leroy (9-10pm Bass Agenda va Elysium), Dan Lucas vs Muller (10-11 MFI posse), Klay vs Adrian Sardi (11-12am Point of View), Greg Packer vs Krank (12-1am Interphase vs Precision), Frantik vs Phonix (UK) (1-2am Hard Afro vs Argon Records), Viper vs Rufkut (2-3am Drum Club vs Resin), Hutcho vs Mental (3-4am Teknology Corps).
MC's :- J Rippa, Assassin and X-sessiv.

Drum Club presents this special event, for the Old School, Breaks and Drum n Bass crew, featuring a solid lineup of back2backs from the Perth (and overseas) massive. This will be well worth checking out - see you there!

Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this cool 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 13th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Frenz-E vs Benny Hill, Fuxxy, El Hornet, Freestyle, Pace vs Versetyle, Magnetic.

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the 16th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore." Once again a litle quiet but then picked up soon after we got there, with those that had made it out enjoying a good variety of tunes as usual. RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Spring Break : [Sat 13th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Mike Barker (10-11.30pm), Kriece (11.30-12.30am), Adam Kelly (12.30-1.30am), NuBreed (Live 1.30-3am), Phil K (Melb 3am-close).

Efusion and Technique presented this event featuring "Phil K, Melbourne's pre-eminent DJ returns to Perth after a 2 year absence, ready to unleash a set of phunky Breaks and Progressive House.
As well as a live set from Nu-Breed (Melb) : Triple J faves and Melbourne heroes finally reach Perth for a debut live performance".
Kriece was debuting the first release for the new 'Liquid Tao label' by himself, Puff, Chad D, and Euphospug - a Perth first!!!! The Globe was the venue for this apparently quite well-suported 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 20th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- TBA.

Ruff Knite productions presented this event, the 17th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic Dj's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore." Once again a litle quiet but it was pouring with rain and the gig @ Swan Barracks was on - a good variety of tunes as usual. RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ After Forever ]
-== After Forever : [Sat 20th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Clarky (Metalheadz UK), Muller, Dan Lucas, Frantik, El Hornet, Krank vs Fuxxy, T-Cee.
MC's :- Interjecta (nice 2 hear ya again mate!), Rufkut, X-Sessiv and others.

MFI Productions presented this big Drum n Bass event featuring the talents of the Metalheadz DJ Clarky. He is a DJ/producer who has been quietly churning out some classic tracks over the years on labels such as Blackmarket, Gyroscope, Meltdown and Paradox to name a few. These days his Drum n Bass sets are "brutally upfront featuring the most wanted dubplates. His DJ'ing has taken him around the UK and Europe w/greats such as Ray Keith and Grooverider."
We got there just as the man himself got on the decks and it was going off. A large crowd (1000+ maybe?) had packed this excellent venue and were going off to the tearin beatz. Clarky played a nice hard set, with quite a lot of older favourites in there mixed up...something we're hearing a bit of lately and why not - good tunes deserve to be played past when the dubplate wears out. Must say I enjoyed the last bit of his set - absolutely crashing amen pressure! One thing to mention...late morning the sound did fluctuate up and down - in some places VERY noticably...when all of a sudden you could talk quietly and then have to shout two minutes later! Overall though a top light, music + venue show from MFI. Swan Barracks, Northbridge was the venue for this all age (but 15+) event.


[ Rewind Club Series ]
-== Rewind 93-95 : [Wed 24th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Paul 'JJ' Chate, Darren Briais.

XL Productions presented this midweek retrospective event, taking punters back to the 1993-95 days of the legendary Aqua Nightclub. "Release your midweek insanity, enter the Groove Asylum! A clubbing event not to be missed, a night to rekindle old friendships, make new ones or just bathe in the musical nostalgia of a clubbing era that was - Aqua!".
Unfortunately I just couldn't get there - early shift at work then next morning killed my party mood dammit. Anyone? Geisha Nightclub, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ DrumnBass vs Hip Hop II ]
-== DrumNBass vs Hip Hop : [Fri 26th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Dr.Dex (9-10pm Surgery time...), Kaotic Kid vs Doug Disco (10-11), Greg Packer (11-12am Rare Hip Hop set), Adrian Sardi (12-1am Jazzy Drum n Bass), Downsyde MC's w/DJ Armee (1-2am), Frantik vs Rufkut (2-3am Drum Club residents), El Hornet vs Dan Lucas (3-4am Da Hotdog and MFI man).
MC's :- J Rippa, Assassin and X-sessiv.

Drum Club presented this second special scene throwdown event, with the Hip Hop/Rap and Drum n Bass crew in a mixup challenge. Greg Packer's set was (as expected) very interesting - last time he played this style was at his six hour set @ Players from memory...and it was funny to see who reckoned they'd been around a while and those who pretended to know tha tunes! hehe. Also featured 'Shroom' doing his class pieces in the courtyard between 9pm-12am and 'Aerial Assault' breaking on the night between 11pm-12am. This would have been well worth checking out - me? I took it easy due to tomorrow night's onslaught...yeah, yeah. Anyhow people that went told me it was a very big crowd (rather Hip Hop orientated) and hence there were not so many regulars there...ah well apparently all had a good time anyhow.
Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Surprise Birthday ]
-== Surprise Birthday : [Sat 27th Oct 01] ==-

DJ's :- Weavy (9-10pm), Hutcho vs Mental (10-11pm), Dair vs Leroy (11-12am), Versetyle vs Fuxxy (12-1am filling in for Corruption vs Splink-e).

Teknology Corps + Ruff Knite Productions presented this event, the 18th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic DJ's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore." Was a very messy one as usual, especially for me being the birthday boy...18 again haha!!! - great night had by all...thanx so much 2 everyone who as there...big surprise for me on entry, with the streamers + song etc!!! Cheers out to Scott + the boyz for helping Kell with it all....and Russell for having us back to his gaff in the morning!

RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Ministry Annual : [Sat Oct 27th 2001] ==-

MoS Annual Main Room DJ's :- Ferry Corsten (Holl), Anthony Pappa, Mark Dynamix, Chad D, Warren 10, Boy, Kriece.
Alive Techno Room DJ's :- Devilfish Live (Swe), Eric Powell, Technasia (live), MrW, Puff, Troy.
Stateside House Room DJ's :- Alton Miller, Wok Institute (Declan Lee, Time McGee), Dan Stinton, Declan, James A, Nic Tan.
Loaded Dice Drum'n'Bass Space DJ's :- Dom + Roland (UK), Diamond D, BJam, Sardi, Ruffkut, Clay.

Devilfish :- Frederic and Sina make up the two evil minds behind this inspiring Swedish Techno outfit. Bursting onto the global scene only a few short years ago the Devilfish sound has made a huge impact worldwide through a rapid succession of solid, tribalistic releases. Quickly establishing themselves as the headlining act for the hugely respected BUSH RECORDS label Devilfish are on the verge of taking the next step. Armed with sophisticated studio production techniques and a fierce ear for phat, robotic loops they are championed by the worlds best DJ’s. You need look no further than to the likes of Carl Cox, Thomas Schumacher, Luke Slater or Joey Beltram to find a Devilfish groove, be it under one of there many guises such as the dark electro sounds of CFA, the funky house grooves of SF Express and Pimp Squad or the fierce Techno madness of Intergalactic Phonk.
Eric Powell :- Growing up and paying his turntable dues in his hometown of Manchester, U.K, Eric Powell is a respected veteran of his trade. The founder of Internationally acclaimed record stable BUSH Records his role in the development of some of the worlds highest profile artists and indeed electronic music’s progression cannot be denied. Dave Clarke, Thomas Schumacher, Felix the Housecat, Timo Maas and Trevor Rockcliffe have all compiled a hefty back catalogue for this monster label. Touring the world since the early nineties Eric Powell has enjoyed a successful career championing his versatile sound throughout the worlds leading clubs and compiling a strong list of past releases. He arrived on Australian shores in early 1999 and since then has gone on to rock dance floors at many of our counties most prestigious clubs and parties adopting it as his home country at the same time.

Hopefully the D'n'Bass arena will be looked after a bit more than 'Digital 2001' this time. As usual Delirium don't do it by halves.

Hmm this was another of those huge events, which to the novice may seem daunting but to the experience raver I think seem a let down. The atmosphere is very hard to maintain when so many people are just wandering around all night looking for where to be and locating lost mates. We spent most of our time with the first bunch of mates we found. That to be said Delirium had once again pulled no expense and had tried to go the extra (as usual) with punters getting promo packs + CDs handed out...even girls walked the carpark flogging 'Ministry' caps. For me though the music makes a party not the merchandise and other than Devilfish, Dom/Roland and Ferry Corsten I found it a bit lacking. Also the Drum'n'Bass arena this time, although clear had little or no bass...and so the trax sounded weak...shame. Good set though. Must say I feel sorry for those poor guys who had the cracker accident in the carpark right on closing time...ouch. Belmont Racecourse, Goodwood Parade, Belmont was the venue for this big (6000+ I was told) 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 3rd Nov 01] ==-

DJ's :- Prime, Fuxxy, Leroy, Dair, Versetyle vs Pace, Rousa vs Magnetic.

Ruff Knite Productions presented this event, the 19th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic DJ's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore." Preparty for Ravenstein and (as always) a worthwhile night on its own - I had a bit of a quiet one (wow) and hence was only there for an hour or two. Not too many people out, I think most were either at home getting over Fri night or @ Ravenstein. Good tunes though.

RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ RavenStein ]
-== Ravenstein : [Sat 3rd Nov 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Beni Chill (Old School 9-10pm), Lumberjack (Techno/Trance 10-11pm), Flaunt (Hard House 11-12am), Fuxxy vs Leroy Old School 12-1am), Weavy (NRG/Hard Trance 1-2am), Greg Packer (Old School 2-3am), Freestyle (NRG/Hard Trance 3:30-4:30am), Direct X (Hard Trance 4:30-5:30am), Zig Zag (5:30am-close).

XS Productions presented this special event, with something a little unusual
- 1)a map venue and 2)its fancy dress. Nice idea.
"XS return with a Halloween fancy dress special guaranteed to rip it up!!! Join us as we dance with the spirits and creatures of the night at a secret warehouse sanctuary. The best local Hard House / NRG, Hard Trance + Old School DJs have been assembled to supply the audio pleasures for you ears. With spooky theming and scary graphics from the Elite Laser completing the scene, you can be sure of a screamin’ night of entertainment. So make the effort dress for the night and don’t delay... grab your fangs, broomstick or cape and let the freak show begin!" Apparently rather well supported, with quite a few people making the effort w/fancy dress - especially DJ Weavy who I'm told was dressed as an evil clown and was riding round the event on a scooter scaring tha pants off people haha. Good to see a party with this style of music (more Hard HRG/Trance orientated) getting the numbers. A warehouse in Glendalough was the venue for this all ages event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== 33 1/3 : [Sat 3rd Nov 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Adam Freeland (UK), Smoulder, DWB, Echoic.

"When Adam Freeland released his pioneering Coastal Breaks mix album three ago, it signalled a new era in dance music, putting the breakbeat sound centre stage. Originally from a house background, Adam initially made his mark in the club scene by effortlessly throwing in elements of hip-hop and Electro into his deep house sets. As more and more dance DJs and producers pick up and run with the breakbeat baton, Adam Freeland remains at the top, committed to pushing dance music in a new and exciting direction. He is a regular visitor to the US and Australia where his Trans-continental antics have even led him to collaborate on tracks with dance guru BT. He is the breakbeat ambassador, travelling the globe and spreading his own unique take on a sound that transcends the musical barriers of old. ". Would've liked to have checked this out but just too much on that night for me. Globe Nightclub, Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Interphase Label Special : [Fri 9th Nov 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Klay vs Elle Rollo, Mike L, Muller, Adrian Sardi, Frantik vs Diamond D.
MC's :- J Rippa, Assassin, X-Sessiv.

Interphase Records + Drum Club presented this special 'Interphase Label Night' event. Well just in case you've been living under a rock for the last year or so..."Greg P. has been very busy in the studio of late with a track out on Hardleaders 'We hear Drumz' which is selling very well globally, a track 'Touch me' scheduled for release on LTJ Bukems 'Good looking records' and now his first vinyl release on his own label 'Interphase' called, 'Moments & Crossroads'....
Come to the Drum Club as we hold the first Interphase label night to celebrate all 3 releases which will be available for purchase on the night at discount prices for this night only. Greg will also have promo cd's of sneak previews of forthcoming releases on the label scheduled for 2002 to giveaway". Poor excuse I know but we were fixing my PC and moving stuff so didn't make it...sure Mental + Scotty had a beer or two for me though! ReSpEcT to Mr.GP for putting Perth on tha Drum'n'Bass map!
Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Line:Out ]
-== Line:Out : [Sat 10th Nov 01] ==-

DJ's :- Invader (7-8pm whatever-he-feels-like-on-the-night-core), Hutcho (8-9pm HaRdCoRe. Highly likely to play something nasty with 'hoovers' in them), John T (9-10pm hydraulik-core + fully paid member of slack hardcore producers inc), MRW (10-11pm Hard Acid + Techno. Yeah baby), Adz Wriot (11-12am the DJ formerly known as Berzerk), Izrael (12-1am 6152 punk ass mfs DJ squad).

Hardline Rekordingz present this event, a special night (with a diverse cross-section of music) amid the weekly series. This will be a good night of music and not something that happens very often (probably just as well for legal reasons!) - see you there!!!

More information here :-
Forum Board

RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Technet 3D ]
-== Technet 3D : [Sat 10th Nov 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Puff v Troy (on 3 Decks), Mike Barker & Blair.

Efusion present this special night at a different venue. Nice back2back team-up and you can be sure these ladz won't dissapoint. Was taped hopefully for release later - to scare your grandkids or hurt the neighbours!
The Monkey Bar (upstairs @ the Brass Monkey) was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Drum Club ]
-== Goldie CD launch : [Fri 16th Nov 01] ==-

DJ's :- MK1 (ATM Magazine UK - guest set), Viper, Roller Crew, El Hornet, Frantik.
MC's :- Assassin, Rufkut, X-Sessiv.

Resin productions present this reguler club event, playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Drum n Bass, tonight featured the launch of Goldie's new mix CD. There will be giveaways of the CD and a special guest appearance from ATM Magazines 'MK1' from the UK.

Drum Club, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 17th Nov 2001] ==-

Featuring DJ's - Frenzy (7-8pm), Fuxxy (8-9pm), Rousa + Magnetic (9-10pm), Leroy + Dair (10-11pm), Pace (11-12am), Marvel (12-1am).

Ruff Knite Productions presented this event, the 20th in a weekly series. "A weekly Saturday night consisting of Perth's most energetic DJ's playing the finest selection of New Skool Breaks, Old Skool, and upfront Happy Hardcore.". Good warm-up for Mickey Finn this evening...not too quiet either!

RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ The Next Level ]
-== The Next Level : [Sat 17th Nov 2001] ==-

Drum Club All Ages ARENA 1 DJ's :- Dvise, Merlin vs Gusto, Viper vs Rintel, Greg Packer, Mickey Finn (UK) Frantik vs Rufkut, El Hornet vs Muller, Static, Sinistah vs Heretik.
ARENA 2 Oblivion DJ's :- David Miller (Breaks), Hutcho vs Mental (Old Skool 11-12am), NVS (Old Skool), Fuxxy vs Leroy (Breaks), Freestyle (Hardcore), Frenz-e (Happy Hardcore), Quimby (Trancecore), Akira (Psy-Trance), Versetyle vs Bezerk (Gabber).
MC's :- J Rippa, Assassin and X-sessiv.

Presented by The Drum Club, Resin and Urban Takeover this somewhat rare all age Drum Club event was certainly one not miss. Featuring da man like da Mickey Finn - "Urban Takeover artist, owner and partner to DJ Aphrodite, Mickey Finn will be headlining this massive all-ages event. Renowned foremost for his DJ skills and being at the helm of the UK Drum n Bass phenomenon, which means that Mickey's record bags are full of the most upfront dubplates and latest releases from producers all round the world. Can you handle the Next Level?".
His career has spanned from the very early years of rave in the UK and taken him to Europe and all over the world. From his infamous work with Aphrodite as 'Urban Shakedown' with 'Some Justice', 'BassQuake' etc or on their label 'Urban Takeover', he has been one of the big names helping to shape the sound of the breakbeat, Jungle and Drum'n'Bass scene. He has played for just about every big promoter in the UK - probably his biggest visit to Perth yet...was a well wicked night I must say, with over a thousand punters cramming into the venue. Sound problems (compressors kicking in too early etc) dogged both arenas for a while. Would have to say it was not the best set I've heard him play...to be honest he looked VERY tired and in need of bed after Canberra the night before...but he did play some nice tunes over 2 two hour or so set and the MC's certainly helped tha crowd go off. A good night. Bridge Theatre, Beaufort St Northbridge was the venue for this all ages/18+ event.


[ Urban ]
-== Urban : [Sat 17th Nov 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Richie Rich (Hardware Corp, Melb), MrW, Puff, Joel, Essx, Alex + Wayne.

The was the first in the series of eFusion's 'Urban' events. The Globe will play host to Melbourne's premiere Techno legend, Richie Rich (of Hardware Records fame). "Born in Melbourne, Richie McNeill is the face of Hardware, Australia’s largest Techno organisation. Richie is one of the hard-working originators of the Melbourne + Australian techno scene. His commitments still include regular work as a DJ, producer, remixer, promoter, label manager, KissFM radio producer/presenter, record shop and distribution owner and is currently venturing into film and television score. In 10 years, Richie has organized over 120 events with Hardware also running clubs like 'The Chinese Laundry'. His DJ’ing has secured him a prime techno show on Melbourne’s Kiss FM as well as guests spots on radio around the country. Richie went on to set-up Azwan Transmissions, a label set-up to offer the world top class Techno and trance for the sunny country. The Hardware Records shop and distribution is now open and is doing well with more shops planned for the future. Finally, the studio is set-up and he is now producing music. Richie’s style varies from hard-minimal techno to soft-uplifting cruise, trippy break beats and funky house. Like most DJ’s, he went through the Underground Resistance madness of 1991, the EYEQ/Harthouse craze of 1994/1995, the Chicago Trax acid phase of 1988, the UK progressive time of 1993 and of course, the MFS trance bliss of late 1993/1994 and the Doof psy-trance of 1995. And now? Anything funk with a general uplifting party vibe.".

Venue : Globe Nightclub, 393 Murray St Perth 10pm-6am. An 18+ event.
Tickets : $10+bf presale or $15 on the door.


[ Roller ]
-== Roller 2K+01 : [Thu 22nd Nov 2001] ==-

Featuring DJ's - Greg Packer, Dart, Devo, FBI, Kent, Blend and guests...
MC's :- Mastermynd + Whitey.

"A new millennium of Drum n Bass" and hey something to do on a Thursday night if ya can't be bothered shopping! Just thought I'd mention this particular night cos its their second birthday.

Venue : Rosemount Hotel, Fitzgerald St, North Perth (opposite pot black) 8pm-12am. An 18+ event.
Tickets : free entry!!


[ Trilogy Pt.2 ]
-== Trilogy Pt.1 : [Fri 7th Dec 2001] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Aphrodite(UK - cancelled), Krust (UK), Die (UK), Elle Rollo vs Mike L, Frantik, Rufkut, Merlin vs Gusto.
Cave Space DJ's :- Muller, EL Hornet, Viper, Devo vs Dart, Adrian Sardi, Clay.
MC's :- J Rippa, Assassin, and X-sessiv.

Drum Club presents this special Drum'n'Bass club event - the first in the Trilogy series and a big night for the D'n'B scene. Unfortunately Drum and Bass pioneer DJ Aphrodite has had to cancel his Australian tour. The news came in Tues 6-12-01 that he had an accident and broke his arm dammit, cancelling his whole trip. Hopefully he gets well soon and then we can have him back in fine style. Should be a very cool night anyway though - see you there! More info here.

Venue : Drum Club, 105 Francis St Northbridge 9pm-late. An 18+ event.
Tickets : $33 on the door or see Trilogy Pack below.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Cross-Section : [Sat 8th Dec 2001] ==-

Resistance Arena DJ's - Dair, Fuxxy, Pace, Magnetic, Versetyle, Leroy.
MC's :- Pete + other yobs.
Roller Arena DJ's - Frantik, Devo, Dart, Blend, FBI, Kent.
MC's :- Mastermynd.

"A new millennium of Drum n Bass, Hardcore, Old School and Breaks" - should be a cool night this.

Venue : Rosemount Hotel, Fitzgerald St, North Perth (opposite pot black) 8pm-late. An 18+ event.
Tickets : free entry!!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Tonic@The Hydey [Tue 11th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- El Hornet, Tee, Adrian Sardi, Matt Vranjes.

Different early week night of Breaks/Drum'n'Bass here, just thought I'd put in the next couple of weeks for ya.

Venue : Hyde Park Hotel, North Perth, 8pm-close. An 18+ event.
Tickets : Free entry.


[ No Flyer ]
-== Soccer Match [Thurs 13th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's/Players! :- TBA.

Ok its not an event but it belongs here cos its a laugh and it involved DJs. "To add some much needed humour into the scene, we’ve arranged a soccer match between Perth Scots and English Hardcore lads. Our international guest DJs will also be representing their respective homelands. The game will be held at Courtside Recreation centre, Canning Vale at 5pm. So come and serve abuse and laugh at your DJs trying to look fit and athletic. Obviously, there will be a few swift half’s to be had after the game courtesy of the losers.". And why not - see you there!

Venue : Courtside Recreation centre, Canning Vale, 5pm on. A non-serious event.
Tickets : Free entry.


[ No Flyer ]
-== Elysium’s 1st Birthday : [Fri 14th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Hixxy (UK), Scott Brown (Scot), React, Versetyle, Pace, Dair, Sniper, Marvel, Rousa, Leroy.
MC's :- none listed, but I think Assassin + Pete will do honours at least.

Presented by the Easytiger + Fireball crews, this should be a big night once again for the Hardcore scene. "Elysium has been pushing the Hardcore sound for a year now, so to celebrate Elysium steps up again, with some of the best hardcore talent on the planet. Direct from England + Scotland come BOTH of Perth’s favourite internationals. Hixxy (UK) and Scott Brown (Scot) touch down to show Perth what’s fresh on their 'Evolution' + 'Raver Baby' labels. Cast your memory back to ‘Sensation + Random Logik’ where Mr Brown blew it up with all that Evolution style and you’ll know why this is an essential event. In May this year DJ Hixxy rocked Elysium to its foundations with his new cuts and surprisingly some Dutch stuff too. Blend those events vibes and you’re in for a double dose of Hardcore Biz niz. It’s very rare for Perth to get two such names on the one bill so hold tight for the Hardcore ride".
Scott Brown - Is the man behind 'Evolution Records', QTEX and some of Hardcore's biggest anthems such as ‘Power of Love’ which has had a recent update. His set of Evolution dubs and Nu-Skool is highly anticipated.
Hixxy - His name is synonymous with Hardcore worldwide, as a result is one of the most ‘in demand’ jocks on the planet. Hixxy is ‘Essential Platinum + Raver Baby’ and is responsible for pushing the boundaries of the hardcore sound.
Plus the two of them are some of the nicest guyz you'll have the pleasure to meet. Shout out to DJ Kev - we'll have to tape it for ya man! See you there.

Venue : Elysium (Drum Club), 105 Francis St Northbridge 9pm-late. An 18+ event.
Tickets : $22 on the door.


[ cOSMIC xtc ii ]
-== Cosmic XTC II - 10yr Reunion : [Sat 15th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Hutcho vs Mental, In-E-Fekt, Manic, Rob Fender, Size, Weavy.
MC's :- Assassin, Pete, Xavier, Xsessiv + other drunken yobs.

Teknology Corps proudly presented this very special underground event. Basically if you know your local scene history, our crew started putting on parties in 1991. We count 'Cosmic XTC' as our first 'real' event (we'd done others before but they were not really 'professional' enough) ... a party done by DJ In-E-Fekt, myself, BPM and Mental + Manic (who were not long over from the UK) at the Bill Cole Centre in Riverton - which has since been knocked down. We want to mark this unique benchmark, not only for ourselves but also for tha Perth scene. Many people may not realise the story behind our crew...so maybe it was time for a little history to be told - not to big up our chests, just to set the record straight. Our idealogy has always been for politics-free events and this was no exception...we stand on no-ones toes (except when we're dancing!)

As such we are proudly the FIRST Perth underground RaVe crew to reach this milestone - the oldest still running (ooer bit of a worry!). Anyhow the idea behind this event is celebrating the ten years of Perth rave 1991-2001, hence all DJ's playing on the night had been playing out in '91 or before ONLY - true Old School In Ya FaCe!
Only FoR ThA HeAdStRoNg!
...also this was a nice staging off event for MFI's 'Blackout'.
Well as can only be expected at this sort of event, the crew, the punters and I think even some of the staff got maggoted hehe very messy one was had by all and nice to see a lot of old faces who hadn't been out in years. RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this very boozed up 18+ event.


[ Blackout 2001 ]
-== Blackout 2001 : [Sat 15th Dec 01] ==-

Drum'n'Bass/Jungle/Breaks Arena (main) DJ's :- Red One (Ram UK), MK1 (UK), Frantik, El Hornet, Muller, Dan Lucas, Sinistah, Greg Packer.
Trance/Progressive/House Arena (outdoor) DJ's :- Nik Fish (Syd), Akira, Lumberjack, Dirty Den, Jayd, Dazz K, Tee, Urbane.

MFI and Emerge presented this big event, with a nice mix of styles across two arenas.
Red One (Ram Records UK) - "MFI and RAM Records are two names that seem to go hand in hand. After smashing Perth two years in a row, MFI are pleased to present the next DJ from the RAM crew. Schoolmates with Andy C he organised events in London under the name 'Imagination', played at the Berwick Manor and on pirate radio on 'Syndicut FM'. He has released tunes since 1994 on Ram Records and sister label Liftin Spirits. This is his first visit to Australia". Should be good for dubplate pressure.
Nik Fish (Syd) - "Nik Fish is well known for his musical antics on and off the decks. One of Oz's best known DJ's, playing for over a decade on radio + in clubs + overseas in Berlin amongst other countries".
MK1 (ATM Magazine UK) - "Reporting and partly running one of the worlds most popular Drum'n'Bass magazines has got MK1 the exposure throughout Europe and beyond".
The (unofficial) 'pre-rave' was @ The Rosemount at 'Cosmic XTC II' - hopefully we saw you at both!
We got there as Red One just got on tha dex and the place was going off...a (mainly) underage crowd was having it big time to tearin' tunes on a very loud sound system (even from behind the speakers!). Nice setup and usual good effort from the MFi crew...nice one ladz. Have to say MK1's set late morning was full of wicked D'n'B tunes old and new as well...a big surprise Adam Brown's classic Gabba speedcore tune right near the end and after voting vocally for more D'n'B at the MC's request they got it - nice touch. Swan Army Barracks, Northbridge was the venue for this very loud + well supported all age event.


[ Liquid Tao ]
-== Technet : Liquid Tao [Sat 15th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Kriece, Chad D + Puff.

"The next installment of Technet, with Kriece and the guys about to release their new label, 'Liquid Tao Recordings' - a new underground Electronic label featuring the cream of Australia's talent - so the next Technet will be part of the launch.
The last Technet attracted 173 people (and if you know the size of the Monkey Bar you'll know with that number it was busting at the seams!)". They were expecting another good turnout for this one as usual so hopefully you got in early if you wanted to get in!
Technets are broadcast via http://www.pulseradio.net to over 30,000 global listeners. More Information @ www.efusion.com.au or www.liquidtao.com.au.
Shame it was on the same as ours...damn - guess your option later was either this event or 'Blackout' then.
The Monkey Bar, Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Meltdown 2001 ]
-== Meltdown 2001 Sat 15th Dec 2001 ==-

DJ's :- Anton, Danielsun, Ilja, Lok, Michy T, MRW, JJ, Shay and more TBA.

"Meltdown is an annual dance party designed to showcase the talents of local DJs in a fully immersive beach side experience! This is a non-profit organization heading in to its 5th successful year...Meltdown 2001 is set to rock beach-side at a fully customized and improved Swanbourne Bowling Club. Featuring a Massive PA, lighting Rig, big screen visuals and more. More info here

Swanbourne Bowling Club, Swanbourne was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Underground Systems 2.0 : [Sat 22nd Dec 2001] ==-

Resistance Room DJ's :- Versetyle, Pace, Dair, Magnetic, Fuxxy, Rousa, Leroy.
HaRdLiNe Lounge Bar DJ's :- Akira (7pm), The Last Ninja (live 7:50pm), Noistruct (live 8:20pm), Hutcho ('92/93 Lenny Dee tribute set 8:50pm), Adz Wriot (9:40pm), John T (10:30pm), DJ Jacen (post-retirement set 11:20pm), Max Veritech (12:10am).

Ok well here's the lowdown for this one...a two room, free gig - with proceeds from the HaRdLine room going to charity...namely the Perth City Mission - so it was a very worthwhile cause for getting smashed at - ah yes and the tunes as well! The Resistance room featured Happy Hard/Breaks/Old School etc (Leroy dropping in his own words 'a very Hutcho 93 set' haha), the Hardline room mainly Gabba, Hard Techno/Acid/Bangin/Noisy wake your neighbours up stuff! These are always well worth attending...one of the few places to hear music this hard these dayz. I dunno where the Perth crew was this night, people seemed to come and go which was a shame as some very rarely heard stuff was dropped this night. We got there as Last Ninja was finishing up his PA, Noistruct on next with some different trax...loved the Bubble Bobble Gabba themesong! I just tried to play as much old '92-'93 rare grinda/hOoVeR stuff that I could dust off, then thought stuff it at the end and decided to break the 400bpm+ barrier. Adz Wriot + John T played a cool varied set of anything from Drum'n'Bass to bangin noisecore - nice one guyz. Wicked to see my old Gabba partner Jacen on the dex once again...been way too long! As expected he unleashed a nasty brutal set of classic TeRRCoRe onto the faithful. I had to leave after that unfortunately to go to other gigz dammit, but I'm sure the other ladz ripped it as well. One good thing was the whole night was recorded for blackmail purposes and the CIA I heard are going to drop copies of it on Afghanistan to flush out tha Taliban. Top night.
Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this great free 18+ event.


[ Extreme Dance ]
-== Extreme Dance : [Sat 22nd Dec 2001] ==-

Hard House/Trance/Progressive Room DJ's :- Deksi (Hard House), Troy (Techno), Choice (Hard Progressive Trance), Weavy (Hard House/Trance), Steve Nichols (UK), Freestyle (Hard Trance/NRG).
Drum'n'Bass/Breaks/Old School Room DJ's :- Leroy vs Fuxxy (Breaks + Old School 9pm-11pm), Dan Lucas (Drum'n'Bass 11pm-1am), Mental (Jump Up/Drum'n'Bass 1-2:30am), Mental vs Hutcho (Drum'n'Bass 2:30-3:30am), Hutcho ('92-'93 HaRdCoRe + breaks 3:30am-close).
MC's :- Assassin, Pete, JRippa, Xavier.

Larry D's + Fever presented this event featuring Steve Nichols from the UK. Also featured an after-party at the venue which finished a bit early cos lots of people softed out, then after they shut lots more turned up of course. Well if people weren't at the Globe I dunno where they were, this should have been a lot bigger a night. Some very good music was played and everyone I heard play put a lot of effort into their sets and the crowd did appreciate it, the MC's all doing a good job of vibeing it up as well (except for one guy who everyone wanted to kill). Good visual setup + lots of potential with this one...but just not very well supported, shame. One gripe - most of the bars shut towards the end of the night and I like a lot of people spent the last 2+ hours very thirsty. Shout out to Space Ace who was down there celebrating his birthday!
Italian Club Complex, North Perth was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Technique - 33 1/3 : [Sat 22nd Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Stanton Warriors (UK), Dirty White Boys, Smoulder, Echoic.

Technique presented this special club event, featuring "The Stanton Warriors are a house/breakbeat duo from Britain that have taken the world by storm with their new mix CD, 'The Stanton Session' and various smokin' remixes of artists like Basement Jaxx and Plump DJ's. When they DJ they tend to cover the whole spectrum of sounds from Two-step to Garage to Breakbeat to House, washing away any preconceived notions about any of the genres. They basically rewrite the book on music that gets the body moving. In the UK they are famous for their clubnight at Fabric 'The Stanton Sessions' which has featured artists as broad as Kruder and Dorfmeister, Adam Freeland and The Plump DJ's".
Globe Nightclub, Perth was the venue for this 18+ event. A lot on this night as well - I would've thought this went well these guyz are pretty popular but town was quiet (maybe XmaS?). Just didn't have time to get here. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Ho Ho Xmas Eve 2001 : [Mon 24th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Ben M + James A.

"Xmas Eve in the Inglewood features two of Perth's finest DJs parading their many styles back to back over 5 hours. These two lads from 'Deep City' fame take over the lounge from 8pm till late lead us through a festive selection and bring in xmas 2001 with truly deep style".

Inglewood Hotel, Mt.Lawley was the venue for this free 18+ event.


[ Frenetic vs Resistance ]
-== Frenetic vs Resistance : [Wed 26th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Flaunt vs Sunny, LumberJack vs Weavy, Direct-X vs Freestyle, Pace vs Quimby, Versetyle vs Dair.

Frenetic + Resistance presented this Boxing Day Special event and "Invite you to join us for a Boxing Day show-down, Ten DJ's will battle it out in a very entertaining deathmatch between Hardcore + hard House and beer vs Bourbon. Let's get it on..." Should be cool.

RoseMount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event. Anyone?


[ BreakFest ]
-== BreakFest : [Wed 26th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's/Acts :- Tayo (UK's 'MOB' - Nu Skool), Soul of Man (UK's 'Finger Lickin' - Funky Breaks), Krafty Kuts (UK's 'Finger Lickin' - Hip Hop), Runaways (UK - Hip Hop), Jessica Joy (UK's 'Finger Lickin' - House/Breaks), Nu Breed (Melb live PA), Soundlab Offworld Sounds (live), Rhibosome (live), Flux Capacitor (live), plus local DJ's.

Presented by Backbeat, this event offered "One arena, one party, one vibe".
Tayo(UK) - In recent years Tayo Papoola has built up a solid rep for himself in the nu-skool breaks scene. He is one of the founders of the club Friction (together with Rennie Pilgrem and Adam Freeland) and the boss of the Mob label, now home to Kevin Beber (of Tsunami One fame) as well as the Stanton Warriors. Tayo has also pursued a successful career as a publicist and music journalist. Not bad for a 25-year-old.
Soul of Man (UK) - The story begins in 95...Justin and Jem meet and start making music. In 96 Justin opens Vinyl Addiction, the world's first combined bar, cafe and record shop in Camden. In 97 they set up Finger Lickin' Records and release the first single under the guise of The Soul of Man. In 98 they continue to push their unique sound of funky breakbeat forward with more releases on the label whilst DJing in the Uk and overseas. Support for the label is growing fast, from Norman Cook to the Freestylers, from Poland to Australia...from the US to Spain...Soul of Man mix everyone, from james Taylor Quartet to Jimi Hendrix! In 99 there remains very few DJs without at least one Finger Lickin' tune in their box. Soul of Man have had many releases since their remix album 'Breakthru Volume 1' through to 'It's a Finger Lickin' Thang!'
Krafty Kuts (UK) - The terms 'funky' and 'breaks' have been bandied about so much over the past couple of years that it's easy to forget that the sound has roots which are many, many years old. DJs like Martin Reeves, better known to many as Krafty Kuts, have been cutting up beats of a rather irregular nature for over a decade. With a passion for old school hip hop and electro, and drawing inspiration from legends such as James Brown, Martin immersed himself in old skool DJ culture at an early age. The man actually won a DJ comp at the just 12. By the late eighties he was a man in demand, DJing at a range of clubs all over Britain's south.
Nu Breed (Melb) - They've released only one single and a smattering of remixes, but NuBreed is already some of this country's hottest musical property. With DJs like Rennie Pilgrem, Adam Freeland, Lee Burridge and Danny Howells caning their tracks and publications like Mixer (USA) and International DJ (UK) singing their praises, they're poised to hit the international scene with a hype few Australian acts have ever known. Listening to Danny Bonnici (one third of the group) dutifully recite their discography, it's clear that the trio are as impatient as the rest of us to see their music filling record bags around the world, but in the meantime they're happy to keep winning new fans with their legendary live performances.
There will also be a licenced area, with more info @ www.breakfest.info. Good way to help dance off the old Xmas dinner.

Belvoir Amphitheatre, Upper Swan was the venue for this huge 18+ event. Got stuck with family do's so didn't make it. Anyone?


[ Divinity ]
-== Divinity : [Wed 26th Dec 2001]] ==-

DJ's :- OZY (Iceland), Paul Birken (USA), Matt Freeman (USA), Dave Miller, Jason Burton, Dan Stinton, Chris Reid, Josh Taaffe.

Presented by Choas Industries + The Losounds crew, with all profits donated to Greenpeace.
OZY (Iceland - 3 deck tribal tek) - "For the last 8 years dj-ing and producing electronic music has been Ornolfur's number one priority. Ornolfur first made his mark on the Iceland music scene by releasing the first Icelandic drum&bass record in 1997 under the name Hugh Jazz. His increasing interest in minimal techno materialized in his Ozzy alias, under which he released among the first techno ventures of critically acclaimed Icelandic techno label, Thule Records. Soon after, he embarked upon another breakbeat adventure which ended with the release of his first LP, "Happy New Ear" under the moniker Early Groovers. It received good reviews in the musical press around Europe, in magazines such as Muzik, Jockey slut, Sleazenation, DJ Magazine, Uncut, Groove Magazine and Raveline, to name a few. It reached nr. 7 on the Icelandic albums top ten chart for 1999, in the biggest national newspaper and was praised by many journalists the same year. Producing now under the name Ozy, upcoming projects include a minimal techno LP on Thule Records, future releases on other well known labels and of course not forgetting imminent DJ and live gigs in various places around the world, such as Australia, France, Belgium and Norway".

Paul Birken (USA) - "When most Live Pa’s are backstage at the 45 minute mark Paul’s just getting warmed up, he will be doing a monster 2 hour live pa from Techno + Electro to Breaks + Funk. A Paul Birken live performance is erased after every set, leaving the sounds only in peoples minds...Paul Birken has been exploring live electronic music for over 15 years from those early teen days with his old C-64 computer and a few synths to the present ever changing studio and Live setup. He has released extensively in the past 6 years on various labels including Communique, Drop Bass Network, Catalyst, Brooklyn Music, Hi-Pass sounds, Nu Futura, Spy vs Spice, people of rhythm, tape, flatiron, head in the clouds, flashpoint, sabatour and Framework. He recently launched his own label Tonewrecker recordings, the label is an outlet for Paul's own creations and other artists whose work contains the necessary funk bangin elements. Lookout for a NuSkool cut of the classic track 'Speaker Freakin'".

Matt Freeman (USA) - "A rising star on the US circuit for his tight mixing and diverse sets. From phat and funky house to Electro/Breaks + Acidic Tek sounds. His set is always a pleasant surprise. In 2000 Matt started up Flashpoint recordings which has featured tracks by Paul Birken, Tony Rohr + himself. Matt has played extensively with legends of the US scene such as Dj Funk, and Dj Rec, on top of a few international gigs. He has also been a resident of the Assylum nightclub for 5 years...Matt has played at such exlusive parties as Winter Wonderland, Contact, Chemistry, Speaker Freakin, and the ladies Christmas bash".

Divinity will be featured across 2 areas :-
Divinity Ballroom : where the main acts are show cased in a stunning production.
Dream Lounge : will feature couches,Inspired lighting, and music on a chilled vibe. More info here website
Embassy Ballroom, Carlisle was the venue for this (I'm told) quite well supported 18+ event. Got stuck with family do's so didn't make it. Anyone?


[ FutureShock ]
-== FutureShock : [Sat 29th Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Lo Key Fu, Rawbone, Denzel, Stojah, Druid, FN, Trav, Enclave Invisibles.

'The Ultimate System Of Ordered Chaos' - Brought to you by 9 Planets Fashion Collective. Not much more info than that. Very 'Avant Garde' Sci-Fi flyer must say...
Grosvenor Hotel Backroom was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Resistance ]
-== Resistance : [Sat 29th Dec 2001] ==-

Room 1 DJ's - Leory, Dair, Versetyle, Pace, Fuxxy, Lewis Parkinson.
Room 2 DJ's:- MK1 (UK ATM Magazine), Devo, Tee, Frantik, Rufkut.

Ruff Knite Productions presented this special event, featuring "2 rooms of Drum'n'Bass, Breaks, Garage and Hardcore". Nice idea just b4 the NYE ratrace this one...
Rosemount Hotel, North Perth was the venue for this free 18+ event. We had a massive boozeup at our place - hence I didn't (and couldn't) move and we got the stragglers from this all night - people told me what it was like but do I remember? hehe no. Anyone?


[ Sci-Fi 2001/02 ]
-== Sci-Fi 2001/02 : [Mon 31st Dec 2001] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Dave Seaman (UK/Renaissance), Sister Bliss (UK/Faithless), Infusion LIVE, Chad D, Warren 10, Boy, Kriece.
Metalheadz/Loaded Dice Drum'n'Bass Room DJ's :- DJ Storm(UK), Randall (UK), Diamond D, B'Jam, Greg Packer, Mystique.
MC's :- MC Rage (UK), Jay Rippa, Mastermynd and Sinista.
33+1/3 Breaks Space DJ's :- Freq Nasty (UK), Ten-Sui (UK), Smoulder, Dirty White Boys, Echoic.
Plastik Techno Space DJ's :- Jay Denham (USA), Eric Powell (UK/Bush), MrW, Puff, Troy, Essx.
Point of View Room DJ's :- Adrian Sardi, Clay, Mike L, Elle Rollo, Dan the Man.

A huge lineup and this was the first confirmed one announced for NYE - ...
Although apparently down on previous years' numbers (reports of two rooms being closed early to spread punters into other arenas). Belmont personally doesn't appeal to me as a venue, but you have to admit this was a lineup worth checking out if you could. Reports I got :- the Drum'n'Bass arena sound was a lot better than usual (about time) and Randall/Storm tore it up.
Belmont Racecourse, Belmont was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Trilogy Pt.2 ]
-== Trilogy Pt.2 : [Mon 31st Dec 2001] ==-

Main Room DJ's - Darren J (UK), Kenny Ken (UK), Heretik vs Sinistah, Jay vs Qball, Viper vs Rufkut, Frantik, El Hornet, Muller, Merlin vs Gusto, Detonator (Back from the UK).
Room 2 DJ's :- Saul Bliss, Dazz K, Skelly, Fuxxy vs Leroy, Dair, Hutcho vs Mental (5-6am), Phonix (UK), Rintel vs Shogun, FBI, Devo vs Dart, Trent C vs Dub Society. NB This arena featured D'n'B, Old Skool, Breaks + 2-Step.
MC's :- MC Skibadee (UK - probably the world's No.1), Assassin, J Rippa, Rufkut, X-sessiv.

Raggabone, Drum Club/Resin + the UK's Drum+Bass Arena presented this special NYE event, featuring some heavyweight UK Drum'n'Bass names - potentially the biggest party this NYE.
"Darren Jay and Kenny Ken will perform two sets ... one will be a back-to-back AWOL oldskool set featuring all their VIPs ... and then of course their own individual sets. The major sponsor for this NYE's event is 'Drum and Bass Arena' - better known as www.breakbeat.co.uk. The whole night will be videoed and broadcast via their website online, also ATM magazine (Run by Shy FX's mate Frenzic) will review all 3 of these events in a later issue. This will be a massive event for the local scene's standing internationally in the world Drum'n'Bass community".
Certainly it has put Perth on the map, unfortunately the punters did not support it as well as it should have been...The Embassy Ballroom looking somewhat empty at times, even at midnight probably only 3/4 full maybe...shame. Like a lot of events this NYE the punters didn't match the size of the event...perhaps in this case a near-full night of D'n'B was too much for some, hence they went elsewhere. Saying that, this was a very well setup party, the main room nicely decked out..with two large projection screens showing the midnight countdown clock, a clear solid sound system, pyrotechnics @ 12 etc - the effort was there just not the numbers. It has to be said Skibadee (proving his No.1 status), Assassin, JRippa + the other MC's ripped it up finestyle, as did Darren J/Kenny Ken. The AWOL set for me (as I'm sure for many original Jungle crew) being the highlight of the night. Arena two was a bit smaller than it needed to be but proved a good chillout from the antics of the main room all night. This party, for my side - was VERY recommended...definately the one to be at.
The Embassy Ballroom, Carlisle was the venue for this excellent 18+ event. Anyone else?


[ Intensity 2 ]
-== Intensity II 2001/02 : [Mon 31st Dec 2001] ==-

Main Arena DJ's :- Dan Lucas, Dazz K, El Hornet, Frantik, Heretik, Muller, Rousa, Sinistah.
Outdoor Arena DJ's :- The Management (9-10pm), Hutcho vs Mental (10-11pm), Lumberjack (11-12am), Weavy (12-1am), Freestyle (1-2:30am), The Church Decorator (2:30-3:30am), Versetyle vs Pace (3:30-4:30am), Direct X (4:30-close).
MC's :- Assassin, more TBA.

Emerge, MFI and XS Productions united once again to present this special NYE event, featuring a big all-local lineup and value-for-money partying. "Just like last year, I'm sure this will blow your minds...with great music, great people, great vibe. What more do you want to bring in the New Year."
We got in just after 9pm and those who were there early started things off in the right frame of mind - getting right into to it all. Leroy + Fuxxy were dropping some very nice breaks to kick off the evening. Mental + I (impromptu B2B) dropped a harder '92-'95 style set of breaks, with Lumberjack taking over the 4x4 bangin reigns as we had to leave. Didn't get to look inside the main room, but the courtyard (rear ViP one used this time) was setup quite well, except maybe the decks (which were quite in the dark for the DJ's). Mention must be made of DJ Weavy who once again made the effort + dressed up as his evil clown alter-ego, complete with scooter...classic to see people's stunned looks as he rode past - well done mate. When we made the dash to Embassy @ approx 11:30pm this was definately filling up very well, although I was told it went a little flat after midnight crowdwise (as Perth often does) it rallied again for the rest of the night. Also the comedown was held here in the morning (see review below). Swan Barracks, Northbridge was the venue for this big all ages event. Anyone else?


[ eFusion NYE ]
-== eFusion VIP NYE Party : [Mon 31st Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Dan Stinton, Puff, Adam Kelly, Kriece, Mike Barker.

"A balmy night, first-class DJ's, funky and Tech House sounds, great friends and an awesome atmosphere...bring in the new year at the Brass Monkey Hotel and the glassHouse. The DJ's will be playing the glassHouse (formerly the Monkey Bar) and the music will be broadcast throughout the Hotel. The glassHouse area will host the eFusion VIP New Year's Eve party and entry is by VIP card only. There are only very few of the passes left so visit www.efusion.com.au to see how to get yours. If you've contacted us for your VIP pass you should have already heard how you can collect it. If not, then please email us at info@efusion.com.au and we'll sort it out".
Apparently this event did very well, with people quequing down the block to get in, a good location like this always helps I suppose and one of the best choices in town to go to, this was always going to be popular...well done again guyz.
The GlassHouse (formerly The Monkey Bar), Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone add more?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== ...And Then Some : [Mon 31st Dec 2001] ==-

DJ's :- Chris Reid vs Simone, Martin L vs Gear, Dan the Man vs Bilsby, Milk Crate Crew.

This event was presented by Sir James wicked wines, AVLA, RTRFM92.1 and Yomomo Productions. "Featuring original jazz groove giants 'K' (live) - the band that has been tearing up the hotel on a friday night plus the cream of Perth's DJ talent. With champagne giveaways, plus other drinks giveaways, complimentary foodstuffs and more...". Never got much more info on this one.
Inglewood Hotel, Mt.Lawley was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


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