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These are the reviews for 1999 events and club nights.
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-== Detour Special Event [Sat 2nd Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Danny Howells(UK), Big Mac, Lilly, Dirty Den.
Touted as one of the UK's most exciting up and coming DJ's today, playing on the Northern Exposure Tour, resident at Renaissance and the Ministry of Sound, this was the first event of the year...and judging by the fact that free tickets were being given out on the night by the Globe, suffered from the bad crowds in town, with most people seemingly still recovering from NY Eve.


-== Culture Lab II : [Sat 9th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Steve Lawler(UK), JJ, Splat.
S.Lawler is the new resident DJ from Cream nightclub in Liverpool, plays a mixture of House, Tribal, Progressive and Phat Beats.
Most people I know who went, rushed into Kremlin before 10pm for the free stamp, then went back later only to find at 12 he still wasn't on. Anyone?????


-== Free outdoor party : [Sun 10th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Welly, Amy, Kaneda, Dazz*k, Saul Bliss, Joel Harmon, Rob Fender, Matt Dec, Hutcho + more.
Yeah it was a freebie, bbq, beer and soccer balls for the kick-around. Apparently lots of people went, I just didn't make it out of bed in time after Saturday night's effort...ah well!
Venue :- bbq area opp. the Swan Brewery, Kings Park 11am - 6pm.


-== Synchro : [Sat 16th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Jogy, Ondy, Choice and Jayd + Guests.
This visit from Amsterdam-based Psy-Trance DJ + producer Synchro, who has releases under the "3-State Logic", "Z to A" and "Krembo" on various labels, showcased Techno, Trance, Phunky Breaks & more...at the Stirling St Hellenic Centre. A few people told me the sound amongst other things was a problem...anyone else?


-== Technological Hazard : [Sat 16th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Voiteck Anderson(live), Natural 1(Melb), Rhys Evans, Shamus, Declan, Hamishmoo, Dan Stinton, Mike Bishop (the Bishop of Techno) and Dave O'Reilly.
Looney Choons and the Soiree posse presented this event at Players Nightclub, which apparently was pretty cool from what I heard.
I have to apologise to everyone especially Looney Choons for missing this one off the coming events pages...my mistake!


-== Progressive [Fri 22nd Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Paul van Dyk(Germany), Chad D, Mr.W and Emmanual.
A prolific releaser of quality tunes, whether Trance or House, it was a rare chance to see one of the top DJ's in action live - and he certainly didn't disappoint. O2 nightclub was still packed when we got there at 3am and the music was really classy, uplifting in style and wicked buildups and breakdowns were the order of the day. I didn't get to hear the locals...any more anyone?


-== Twisted II [Sat 23rd Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Kevin(9-10pm), Rob Fender + Havoc(10-11), Splink-e + Corruption(11-12), M-Zone(12-2am), Greg Packer(2-3am jungle set), Mark EG(3-5am), Freestyle + Leroy(5-6), Hutcho(6-7am).
The Embassy Ballroom rocked well to this, yet another successful party by Choice Promotions and the Vibealite team. I must say it was nice to return to this, one of my more favourite venues. I got there just after 1am, as I was stuck at the club, so I missed a lot of M-Zone's set by the time I got in...but people went off about it to me. Greg's Jungle set once again broke up the Trance and Techno nicely and he was followed by the madman of rave himself...yes Mark EG. He was carried through the crowd by two bouncers, wrapped in a straightjacket and face mask. He then proceeded to go basically ape on stage, breaking, eating and snapping records and somehow finding the energy to play as well. Two hours later and the man known as EG finally let the crowd go of his relentless Techno grip...what a wicked set. He was followed by Sniper + Freestyle tearin up the Happy Hardcore/ Bangin side of things and I rounded off the night, with a set of classic Rave/Old School.
One bad thing that happened was the two losers(who were spotted) who turned off the generator during Mark's set...what a crap thing to do...big disrespect to whoever you are.


-== Kenny Ken : [Sat 23rd Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Kenny Ken + MC Fearless(UK), Greg Packer, Mental, Jay, Echoic, Andrew Vranjes.
On their third visit to Perth, Kenny Ken, one of the best UK jungle DJ's (and a very nice guy) and MC Fearless once again tore up the place in true classic style. This event at Gravity Nightclub apparently was well supported from what I heard and the UK lads went off with Kenny playing lots of new dark and warped jungle of his "Mix n Blen" Records. Shame it was the same night as Twisted II I would've loved to have gone. Shout out to Ran for tha info.


-== Detour Special Event : [Sat 23rd Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Slipmatt(UK), Lilly, Big Mac, Dirty Den.
A rather different preview of the man before Illusion on Sunday...with a House set.
Detour Nightclub was quite crowded for this I believe. Someone told me they reckoned this was the better of his two sets.


-== Comedown Event : [Sun 24th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Welly, Matt Dec, Amy, guests etc
Another open-air comedown party, this time on the South Perth foreshore after Twisted from 8am - 6pm. These are a cool idea and a good alternative to going home lost and wondering what to do. Mark EG and M-Zone played a long set from 2pm onwards which I missed as I lost the plot and had to go home and sleep just after mid-day. Ah well. Respect 2 the free party crew!


-== Dance Till Midday [Sun 24th Jan 99] ==-

Recovery river cruise, aboard the 2-level, fully licensed "River Gambler" with music by DJ Doctor Bill(ex-Havanna). No idea how this one went...anyone?


-== Illusion 99 [Sun 24th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Slipmatt, Hixxy and Vinylgroover(UK), plus locals NVS, Dusta, Menis, Crisp, Dazz*K, Leroy, Internatty & Amnesia.
Montage Entertainment & Dreamscape(UK) presented this event, which being on the Sunday night, with work for most Monday was a problem. The party kicked off at Metropolis which apparently was well setup and featured fireworks (which melted two of Leroy's tunes!). The party was then moved over to 418 nightclub on Murray St due to licensing rules apparently. I didn't go in, but stayed around outside chatting till 4:30am for review purposes. I must say it was a very much younger crowd (I was told approx 700-800) than at Twisted 2, but with Happy Hardcore being the main attraction of the night, its no wonder. Slipmatt played an old school set again, but nothing you can't get on classic compilation CDs these days and even some of the mixes were the same...doesn't he get bored of the same tunes time after time? Give us one of your wicked 1991/92 sets mate! Hixxy dropped a set of Jungle, Happy Hardcore and Trancecore, probably providing the most interesting set of the night. There was a lot of filming going on too...but I don't think those kids will want too many people seeing the tapes.
There was more info at the official page here - which is now back online.


-== Vibealite Free Event : [Mon 25th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Mark EG, M-Zone, Kev, Hutcho, Rob Fender, Matt Dec.
This was very cool...Mark EG and M-Zone basically put this on for the Perth massive as a present cos they loved it here so much and all for a donation! A big night of Trance, Techno and Trancecore for the people not tired of partying over such a hard weekend. Shame more people didn't bother to get out on the night and stay out as well...lots of people hanging around the front left when asked to come in - part time ravers? Anyhow big respect to Mark EG for once again providing some class entertainment by wearing cardboard boxes, flowers flags and anything else he could find! Photos soon!


-== Judge Jules [Wed 27th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Judge Jules(UK), Mad Matt and Ranga.
Leederville Hotel was the host this night to one of the biggest names in House, Judge Jules, although some people think he, like Sasha these days is over-rated. Anyone go?


-== Deejay Punk-Roc [Sat 30th Jan 99] ==-

DJ's :- Punk-Roc(US) + The Fat Fluid Crew(Dan the Man, Royce + Bilsby).
"Your only chance to see one of the world's most exciting new DJ's and the creator of the hit track my Beatbox live at his only Perth Club date.". Not much info on this one...but it was a lot cheaper to see him here rather than at the Big Day Out.
Venue : Greenwich Bar cnr King + Hay St.
Any info anyone?


-== Big Day Out : [Sun 31st Jan 99] ==-

Fat Boy Slim, Groove Terminator, Roni Size(live), Bexta, Deejay Punk-Roc, Luke Slater(UK), Phil Ransom(Melbourne), Audio Response Group, Downsyde, Sonic Animation, Pee Wee(Ferris?), Gully, Greg Packer.
Yeah ok its not purely a dance festival...but I had lots of queries as to who was playing...
You can get more info here :- Big Day Out Website, they're always a good day out + if you've never experienced a festival well worth checking out. The toilets are shocking though! I couldn't get in and after seeing what happened to two guys who were caught by security climbing the fence...thought better of it. I was told Roni Size was very Jazzy in his musical approach and had a lot of problems with jumping decks. Other Boiler Room info anyone?


-== Gravity : [Sat 6th Feb 98] ==-

DJ's :- Hixxy(UK), Leroy, Menis etc.
We finally only got in about 5am and Menis + Leroy were on the dex for their back2back set of Happy Hardcore. I must say the sound system in there though does suck bigtime (from time to time), way too much high end and not enough bass make for a good earache when leaving. You couldn't even hear the MC properly. People said Hixxy played a mixed bag as usual...Happy Hardcore, Trancecore and even House. Anything more to add?
Venue :- Gravity Nightclub


-== Loaded Dice - Subspace [Sat 6th Feb 99] ==-

Mental(jump up), Shuey(drum+bass), Diamond D(hard step), Krank(jazz+hard step), Echoic vs Greg Packer(big beat+drum+bass), Miggy(trip hop+electro), Amnesia(upfront).
Another in the series of these good Jungle events - respect to the lads who bother to put em on. Once again I didn't get down there - one day Dion! Anyone?
Venue : Players Nightclub 10 - late.


-== Vibes On A Summers Day99 [Sun 7th Feb 99] ==-

The Wiseguys, Rae + Christian, Freq Nasty, Mad Professor + Earl 16, Jose Padilla and Norman Jay.
Plus locals : Ribosome percussionists, Ku-Ling Brothers vs Soundlab, The Elements.
Venue : Belvoir Amphitheatre.
These are like a mini Big Day Out, but cheaper and less crowded and mainstream. Very different musical styles here usually. I'd liked to have gone, but sleep got the better of me! Maybe next time. Anyone?
For more info, see the website here.


[Dj Heaven]
-== Choice [Fri 12th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Heaven(UK Ministry of Sound), Emmanuel, Chad D, Puff, Kriece and MRW.
Delirium in conjunction with Agent Mad presented this event, featuring the return to Perth of the UK's best female DJ with support from the local crew too, Puff as usual playing a wicked set of Techno. I was only in there for about three or so hours, but had a good time, although the airconditioning in Kremlin/Church near the bar downstairs left a lot to be desired (ie none) and the crowd was paying out. DJ Heaven? Well she's not just a pretty face, but also a good mixer and played a varied selection of music from funky well-known numbers to harder almost Techno/Acid trax to uplifting House tunes...I'm no major House fan...but I'll always be there to see very different and vibrant sets like this. The crowd was definitely there to see her and she entertained them on and off the decks...pity more internationals can't have her attitude. Respect to Mr.W and the lads for this one again.


-== Deep In The Underground : [Sat 13th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Leroy, Menis, Dair, Sniper, Splink-E, Internatty.
MC's :- Mallard, Dair, Rockit, EVG.
Aurora Productions presented an event "with the underground flavour of times past, combined with the next generation of promoters, DJ's and MC's". Promised an awesome sound and light show at a venue 10 mins from the city, which I didn't find out about. Someone said this wasn't too well supported which is a shame when people try underground events and they don't get the numbers. This comment from Amy : "The venue was very small and hard to find, but a small venue was needed for the small turnout. Most of the crowd was ex-hollywood student who turned out to see DJ Dair. Throughout the night there were more people chilling outside instead of dancing inside. The lighting was impressive and Leroy and Dair went off but all the DJ's played the same as the usually do, nothing original. it also finished early, 4am despite what the flier said."


[Super Collide]
-== Super Collide [Sat 13th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Christian Vogel(UK), Super Collider(live tech-house set), Dan Stinton, Declan, Matt P, Michael Bishop, Martin L, Aaron + Special.
Indian Summer + In-House presented this event which would've been a different night, once again with too much else on. Christian Vogel playing a 2 hour set of hard-hitting Techno with ample support from the locals. Greenwich Bar was far too hot as usual people said, but then sweat goes hand in hand with underground events yeah? Anyone want to add anything?


-== Submerge [Sat 13th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Mental, Greg Packer, Corruption, Menis, Leroy, Size, Amnesia, Splinke.
"Inviting you to be part of something special, Gravity goes back to its beginnings and once again unites all music styles together for one night." - well hardcore anyhow. I was told this was quite crowded all night, but didn't get much feedback other than that. Anyone?


-== Global Love [Sat 13th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Gabe Olivier, Dirty Den, Big Mac, Lilly.
The resident of "Sunny Side Up", Olivier has 17 years behind the decks in Melbourne and is CJ Dolan's partner in the band "Chrome". Valentine's House indulgence.
Detour was apparently quite packed for this one and the music was quite uplifting in its style I was told. Once again anyone?


[Flyer ASAP]
-== Moving Thru Air [Thur 18th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Shuey, BJam, Clay, Tepid.
Break and Enter Productions present a night of Drum + Bass...Jazzy to Intelligent styles.
Fuel was the venue for this event, anyone have anything to say about it?


[Flyer ASAP]
-== Trancemit - "The Dark Room Series" [Sat 20th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- residents Puff and Mrw.
After the great response to the PICA Venue from Science Fiction Nexus booked the black performance space (the basement room where Derrick Carter played) for 5 shows throughout 1999. The first of which was this night. Anyone who has been to a Trancemit before will know the score, deep underground Techno mixed and cut-up all night long. Can anyone offer some review material? Other than Jeremy didn't have a rude shirt on...8-)


-== Back II Life : [Fri 26th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- (Room One)Rushdi, Fusion, SMan, Jay D, Birdie
DJ's :- (Room Two)Jounior, Cut Nice, Bilsby, Royce, Choppy
Rhythm Bug presented this event at the Greenwich Bar of R+B, Soul, Old School Hip Hop + Rap. Anyone?


-== Return to the Source [Sat 27th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Mark Allen(UK), Matt James, Jayd+Choice, Joel vs Zorbman, Dave Jackson, Puff vs Mr.W, Funkle Sam, AmbientDan, with live set from Qube.
This was a chance to witness a very different DJ, who plays anything from Techno, Trance to Goa and beyond. He's mixed it up all over the world and he's well worth a listen. From what I hear he played a cool set too...just had to be too many places that night with no car - damn! Anyone wanna give me a review? His archived set will be online on the Invurt pages ASAP.
For more info :- Awarehouse pages


[Breakbeat v1.1]
-== Breakbeat v1.1 [Sat 27th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Clay(10-11), Dan the Man(11-12), Miggy(12-1), Substance(1-1:30), Echoic(1:30-3), Greg Packer(3-4), Diamond D(4-5), Andrew Vranjes(5-6am).
Players Nightclub was the venue for this event which are usually supported quite well....anyone?


[Scan ASAP]
-== Deep Drum [Sat 27th Feb 99] ==-

DJ's :- Shuey, Echoic, Shep, Adrian Sardi
Break n Enter Productions event, featured projections by Cut n Paste, a 10K Sound System etc.
When I went past the venue, the Il Travatore(bottom of alleyway opp Paramount) about 2am, there seemed to be quite a crowd in there and the Jungle sounded nice n solid. Anyone?


-== Fifth Dimension : [Sun 28th Feb 98] ==-

Arena 1 DJ's :- Welly, Mental, Freestyle, Greg Packer, Matt Dec, Rob Fender, Corruption.
Arena 2 DJ's :- Rhino, Sample, Sniper, Freestyle, Rob Fender, Matt Dec, Menis.
MC's :- Interjecta, Sense, Assassin, Matrix, Presha and usual new guys.
New crew "the Asylum Group" presented this well-attended event on a long weekend which didn't have anything else on surprisingly. It offered quite a broad spectrum of music avenues with Trancefusion, Trancecore, Happy Hardcore, Jungle, Old Skool and House offered. Greg Packer played a wicked set of Techno + 93 stompers in the 18+ arena...one of the best I've heard him play for a while. Matt Dec & Rob Fender followed with solid sets of Trancecore/Trancefusion, the last hour seemed too fast for some people, strange. Corruption I think was on too late with some class Old School breaks that were lost on the few people dancing by then. The backroom had started losing it after 2am, the crowd thinning out as people unfortunately went into Detour where they can go any night, silly when they've paid for more. The all ages arena had quite a large stage setup, but I found it too bright, with too many young kids. The music here was mainly on the Happy Hardcore tip - but it was the room that was going off all night, right to MC Matrix's shouts for "one more" being drowned by the whistles and cheers.


[Renaissance 99]
-== Renaissance Australian Tour [Sat 6th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Roger Sanchez(USA), Dave Seaman(UK), Ian Ossia(UK), plus locals.
The 1999 official Renaissance Australian Tour was set out over 2 rooms, one room featured the deeper, funkier house sounds of New York's Roger Sanchez(Globe Front Room 3-7am), plus locals Declan(9-11), Dave Jackson(11-12), Martin L(12-1), Dan The Man(1-2), Rudy(2-3). The Backroom featured the Trancier UK House sounds of Renaissance UK residents Dave Seaman(12-3am) and Ian Ossia(3-5am)(Passion Room) plus Kriece(9-10.30), Chad D(10.30-12),Puff and Mr W(5-7am). The Globe was packed for this night of House and Trance/Techno. For my money the backroom was the better, more rave/dance-friendly music. Whereas the front room was more of a club-culture atmosphere, although this is where most people were, obviously to check out Sanchez. A good night had by most judging by the big crowd when the party shut in the morning.


[Urban Reality]
-== Urban Reality [Sat 13th Mar 99] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Laidback(UK), DTM and Royce, Miggy, Gully, Echoic and Greg.
Subtle Room DJ's :- Mallinder, Matt P, Chris Reid, Saxon, Andrew Vranjes, Garode, Bilsby, Jobz.
This event was presented by RTR-FM, Cyan and Rhythm Bug across two arenas, with Laidback returning to Perth for an encore 3-hour performance. Releasing on the Bolshi label, if you're into Big Beats, Hip Hop, Drum n Bass and mad scratching, it was an event not to miss...which I did because friends stuffing me round kept me busy till too late. The Venue was the Fuel bar and cafe, and from what I understand it was a wicked night. Anyone please more info?


[Step Back In Time]
-== Step Back In Time [Sat 13th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Size(10pm), Big Mac(12am), Menis(1am), Corruption(2am), Greg Packer(3am), Kevin(4am), Leroy(5am).
Gravity was the venue, for this another listen back at the tunes that paved the way for today's scene. I got in there about 4am after a lot of messing around with mates. Kev was the only DJ I saw here unfortunately (although lots of people said Greg and Leroy ripped it up) and his two hour set did not disappoint, dropping a lot of classic anthems and harder underground stompers. MC Mallard, Assassin and I did the MC bit and the crowd was well up for it. Good to see the sound system has been given a nice boost. M.A.N.I.C's "I'm Comin Hardcore" as always finished the night off perfectly. Also worth mentioning the mass brawl at the front door of the Globe just after 4am with people using axes, knives and baseball bats to seriously damage the front door of the club and a few nearby people - what's the matter with individuals like this? Hopefully a one-off incident.


[Bass Agenda]
-== Bass Agenda [Sat 13th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Frantik, Fuxxy, Clayton, Select, Ruffkut n Detinator & MC Method.
This event, the first by this new crew was held at the Greenwich Bar, featuring lots of new DJ talent playing the best of Jungle, Drum & Bass & hardcore. Revue someone?...unfortunately I didn't make it...hope it went well guyz...


-== Latyrx [Sat 20th Mar 99] ==-

Main Room DJ's :- Dan The Man, DTM, Royce, Bilsby, Jayd(Fat Fluid Crew), Funk Tank with MC's Skank and 2 Kaotic Blackbelt Champions(live lo-fi electronica).
Backroom DJ's :- Drum & Bass on a Hip Hop Tip with Mike L, Doug Disco, El Rollo.
RTRFM & Off The Hook presented this event at the Greenwich Bar, of a rather different lineup and style. Latyrx (feat Lyrics Born & Lateef with DJ Quest) from Oakland California(from the Solesides Crew of DJ Shadow & Blackalicious).
Anyone with a review?


-== Lush [Sat 20th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Joe 19, Jobz, Jules Beaumont, K Alee, Craig Emm, Dave Jackson.
The Perth House Music Appreciation Society presented this event, at the City of Perth Life Saving Club with many attractions including a fully licensed venue(with pub-priced drinks) overlooking the Indian Ocean, onsite chef & free buffet, projections and live mixing by Eyestorm video. Two areas; one indoor(Arabian tent chillout lounge), equipped with bar and Dancehall, the other a wind-shielded sundeck for moonlit dancing and an Ocean view. A double-decker shuttle bus service was on hand to transport punters to the event and then at 3am to Players Nightclub for free entry and drink specials.
Anyone got a review to offer...sounded cool.
More at the PHMAS webpage.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Raw Doof [Sat 20th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Steve(7pm), Brian Vee(7:45), BJ(8:30), Brian Vee(9:15), BJ(10pm), Shiva(11), Matt Starkey(11:30), Mr Rossi(12:15am), Smokey(1am), Skip E(1:45), Smokey(2:30am), Jogy(3:15), Mage(4am), Mr T(4:45), Flip(5:30), Mr T(6:15), Mage(7am-close).
"12 DJ's uniting all styles for a f**king crankin' night of Banging Breaking Beats. So grab your crew, and pay homage to Perth's FRESHEST DJ'ing talent."
Different little underground party this one...hell it was FREE so i hope it was supported well.
Venue :- Perth Horse & Pony Club, Jon Sanders Drive, Osborne Park.
Anyone with a review??


[ Scan ASAP]
-== Equinox [Sat 20th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Puff, Jayd vs Choice, Sire, Kilian, Son of Ugly.
"Rave in a cave is a natural environment together with the greatest sound and lighting technology to warp and overwhelm your senses for the day of the equinox." A very different event for those who don't mind travelling to get a good party in.
Venue :- Injidup Amphitheatre, Wave Studios Springs Rd.
Anyone make the trek...hope so...these events are rare.


-== Moving Thru Air : [Thur 25th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Shuey, Bjam, Klay, Tepid.
Break n Enter productions presented this Drum + Bass night.
Venue : FUEL(Pica Bar) 7:30pm - 12, $3 entry.


-== The Nth Degree [Fri 26th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Rush + Jobes.
Not much info on this one...just a B+W flyer, with references to Hype + Phenomena Mags.
Unfortunately cancelled by the magazine that pulled out.


[Enter The Kiddo]
-== Enter The Kiddo [Fri 26th Mar 99] ==-

DJ Kiddo, Pinto + RAF.
Billed as the "Master of soulful garage & uptempo House" from London + Ibiza...playing regularly at Miss Monneypenny's, God's Kitchen and the Lizard Lounge...(UK i take it?).
Venue : Redheads Nightclub. Anyone???


-== Absolution [Sat 27th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Sean Quinn(Melbourne), Chad D, Puff and Mr W.
Spiral Promotions presented this first in a series of monthly events, this one featuring Sean Quinn who is most well known as one half of legendary Australian dance act "Quench", and also as a member of "Our House". O2 Nightclub was the venue...i didn't make it...anyone???


-== Encore [Sat 27th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Chase, Matt P, Greg Packer, Echoic, Dave Jackson, Colin Clarke, Dan The Man, Declan Doherty, Dan Stinton, Adil Bux.
"After a capacity house at Ohm Nrg underground last month, Perth's Old Skool party crew dedicated to nu skool sounds, return to Players for another night of 4 deck, 2 mixer, MC-505 & sampler madness." Anyone have anything to offer about this Players Nightclub event?


[Covert Bootleg]
-== Covert Operation [Sat 27th Mar 99] ==-

DJ's :- Billy B, Dart, Devo, FBI, Waz.
Hmm well aside from the comment that using another crew's name for an event ain't on...(remember the COVURT OPERATION series of netmixes at the Jackal last year guyz?? - see review98) then this was an event of "Drum+Bass with breaks flavour thrown in." Anyone have anything to offer about this Attic Bar(above the Regal in Subiaco) event?


-== Earthstomp Festival 99 [Sat 3rd - Sun 4th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Astro, Choice, Christian, Colby(USA), Daz(Izrael), Jogi, Matt James(UK), Jayd, Killian(Ireland), Tipi Sam + Zero Cool
Tribe of Gaia presented "3 days of celebration through Ritual, Installations, Doof, Healing, Co-existence"
Featured Indigenous Ceremony, Two Dance Parties, freaky performers, drum + didge circles, bands, workshops, market stalls, healing tent, Chai and food zone.
Perth at last got a 3 day festival, we've all been hanging out for it and the onslaught of a long-weekend party...phew it was hard going judging by the looks on the faces of those who ventured the distance to get there! Well aside from all the offshoot attractions, the music was the main reason for being there, and it was kept to a high standard with the likes of Jayd, Choice + others ripping it up for hours on end with a variety of styles...Choice telling me the only thing he didn't play was Drum+Bass.
Venue : Indjidup, near Yallingup.
More here.


-== Grooverider [Sat 3rd Apr 99] ==-

DJ Grooverider(UK), Jay, Q-Ball, Rosko, Greg Packer, Size, Amnesia.
The Godfather of Drum+Bass returns to Perth once more to unleash his brand of Jungle. Gravity was packed for this 18+ event, with many old faces + quite a few new ones checking out the legend for the first time. Although he has been here many times since 1992, i haven't missed him once, but I've never tired of listening to the man's music and deck ability. I must say though this time he was far more relaxed...in his mixing, his selection of tunes + how hard he played. In the past he has dropped sets which inspired the crowd to go mad when a sick, dark grinda, hoova or bassline has kicked in. This night, however, he played more musical-styled Drum+Bass tracks from his album and let the trax run far longer before mixing them. When he dropped Ed Rush's "Locust remix" - which although a wicked tune(for the 3rd time that night), is almost a two year-old dubplate for him...it raised quite a few eyebrows amongst local Jungleheads, for it was unusual because he normally plays so upfront + ahead of everyone else. Personally i thought Greg Packer's set bettered him on the night, both for darkness and sheer Jungle brutality...more of what we've come to expect of "The Rider", not a local. Must also mention Jay's warmup set, which was cool + the best I've heard him drop for a long time. Shouts out to MPK too!


-== Passion [Sat 3rd Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Phil K(Melbourne), Lilly, Dirty Den, Big Mac.
Phil K is one of Melbourne's top DJ's. He is resident at "Sunny Side Up", has a Radio show on Kiss FM "The Friday Tapes". He is also part of the "Free Radicals" with singles releases to his credit. This one was for the House crew who wanted something a little slower + lighter. No less crowded though, Detour was packed in here as well...anyone on the music?


[After Dark]
-== After Dark [Sat 3rd Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Menis, Leroy, Greg Packer, Sniper, Kevin, Freestyle, Splink-E, with a live PA R.A.W + MC Mallard.
"A new series of events to provide the growing Perth party scene with the quality and excellence that it deserves". Basically a party for the non-Jungle, all-age ravers out there. The Gravity Warehouse looking quite crowded inside there...i didn't end up having time to go in unfortunately, but the music sounded good each time i went past. Anyone???


[Meaty Beats]
-== Meaty Beats [Sat 3rd Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Paul Malone, Chris Reid, Ondy, Joe Moore, with Substance(live).
Nice to see a trademark-design take-off flyer again...there hadn't been one for quite a while...this time its Meaty Bites dog food. Players was the venue...but can anyone give me a review???


-== KungFusion [Sun 4th Apr 99] ==-

Coldcut(UK)(live), live set from Perth act Rhibosome, Fat Fluid Crew, Saxon, Echoic, Mallinder and Chris Wright
Backroom DJ's :- (drum'n'bass) B'Jam, Echoic, Greg Packer, Shep and Shuey, Andrew Vranjes vs. Jase from Outta Space, Adrian Sardi and Clay.
This Easter Sunday event brought to you by Delirium, RTR-FM, Cyan and Offworld was packed...over 2000 squeezing into The Globe. Rhibosome did an unusual live set with drumming, scratching/sampling which got the crowd going. The Fat Fluid DJ's then took over for a while before the main attraction, playing a good selection of Trip Hop + Big Beat. Coldcut are probably most well known as the pioneers of UK sample house and now as the owners of legendary UK beats label Ninja Tunes. They are regarded the world over as a groundbreaking Live act incorporating 4 turntables, samplers, CD players and live vision mixing. Coldcut were recently voted best live act of 1998 by UK Magazine 'Muzik'. They didn't disappoint, mixing up the audio + visuals with a cross-section of design + styles. I don't think most people that were there though knew much of them or what to expect - and it showed in the surprised looks on many faces. After they'd finished + came on for an encore, i ventured into the backroom to check out Greg's set...but he wasn't there on the night, so it was left up the other ladz to do it and they didn't let the crowd down.
This event (audio + video) was also broadcast live on the net via the Invurt page. I must say we had a good time doing it. Respect to the Delirium crew.


-== Discovery [Sun 4th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Marco Polo(Italy), Saul-Bliss, Steve Mason, Dazz-K, Rabbi.
Based in Milan, Marco Polo is one of Italy's most respected House DJ's, playing in the UK at Ministry of Sound, Progress and Cream. He has released tracks on compilations and one of his choons "A Prayer To The Music" has been remixed by John Digweed. One for the House crew for the Easter Long Weekend in DC's Nightclub, but many people choosing instead to check out Detour's event instead. Someone told me it was quite a funky House sound from Polo, but he didn't set the crowd on fire by any means.


[ M A R Z ]
-== M A R Z [Fri 9th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Daffy(9-10pm) Trance, Dusta(10-11pm) Happy Hardcore, Freestyle(11-12pm) Happy Hardcore, Greg Packer(12-1am) 93+94 hardcore, Kevin(1-2am) Uplifting bangin, Hutcho(2-3am) Old School, Matt Dec(3-4am) Trancecore, Splink-E(4-5am) old breaks + bangin, with Ondy playing the chillout all night.
MC's :- Assassin, Presha.
The Orbit crew presented this all ages event "a new generation of dance parties that push the boundaries of cerebral experience to levels that have never been experienced before. This event is something that can only be experienced on another planet...".
Nice-price party with a strong lineup...you can't go wrong, not for this money, but still at this venue(the Asia House), people have a tendency to hang around outside + chat rather than go inside and stay there. Solid sets of Happy hardcore from Dusta + Freestyle, paved the way for Greg Packer who dropped a great collection of 93-94 breaks. Kevin then took the rather young crowd on the harder Happy trip and I slowed it all down a bit with some 92-93 hardcore. Matt Dec jumped on after me and played a nice set of Trancecore which went down well, followed by Splink-E with some more harder breaks and another DJ(sorry can't remember his name - will check) raising the hands up again with some classic bangin trax. Surprise DJ of the night was Craig Emm(DJ Wheelie) who rounded up the night with House. The chillout room featured a multitude of DJ's such as - NVS, Blackout, Daemon etc.


[Loaded Dice]
-== Loaded Dice [Sat 10th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Clay(10-11pm), Sardi vs Krank(11-12:30am), Diamond D vs Vranjes(12:30am-2am), Echoic vs Packer(2-3:30am), Rosko vs BJam(3:30-5am), Internatty(5-6am).
MC :- Aswan of Dog Pound Productions.
Diamond D Productions once again presented this event of "10 DJ's, 4 turntables, 1 Nightclub". Very worthwhile checking out these events if you're into Drum + Bass and Jungle. Good music, good effort and good value for money as usual. Just missed Greg's set by the time i walked there from Northbridge - apparently it was a stormer. Liked what Rosko + Bjam played too cool...after that the night's a blur! hehe


-== Stateside(vs 3.0 Detroit) [Sat 10th Apr 99] ==-

DJ Derrick May(USA), DJ Nick Law(Sydney), .
The Detroit House legend played O2 Nightclub, Perth as part of an annual event called "DIGITAL". Delirium decided to go for a more intimate event this time. Featuring the godfather of house music Derrick May along with Sydney Stateside DJ Nick Law as well as Perth Stateside residents Declan, Dan the Man, Dave Jackson, Martin L and Rudy it was a capacity night as people pushed in to hear the legend. I have to be honest i don't rate his music or style(but each to their own its cool if ya do), but readily acknowledge him as one of the scene pioneers. Nice to see Colin Bridges in there tearin up the carpet with the best if them.


-== WaStEd(Brisk + Rush) [Sat 17th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's(Arena One, all ages) :- Kevin(10-11pm), Leroy(11-12am), Greg Packer(Techno 12-1am), Rush(UK 1-2:30am), Hutcho(2:30-3:30am), Brisk(UK 3:30-5am), Matt Dec(5-6am).
DJ's(Arena Two, 18+) :- Aim-E(10-11pm), Splink-E(11-12am), Brisk(UK 12-1:30am), Rob Fender(1:30-2:30am), Rush(UK 2:30-4am), Greg Packer(Jump Up 4-5am), Freestyle(5-6am).
MC's :- Interjecta, Assassin, Hutcho, Karnage.
Vibealite and Choice Promotions once again joined forces for another big one...potentially a huge party with two internationals + a good local lineup. For some reason though, the crowd was less than expected. Well those that missed it & those that were lightweight enough to leave early, missed out on a wicked night of music/rave. Globe Nightclub was the venue, using Gravity + the Globe Warehouse for the all-ages area.
All ages Arena :- Kev couldn't make it so i played his set, followed by Leroy with a solid set of bangin + Happy. Greg Packer came next dropping a set of 92-93 classics which built nicely up to DJ Rush. He played a great set of bangin Trance, Trancecore & a touch of Happy...with some of the best scratching I've heard live...the crowd appreciated it and went off big time. I came next, dropping 92-93 grindas + stompers which broke up the night (+ thanks for the wicked crowd response you were a pleasure to play to!) a bit before Brisk dropped a nice hard bangin set - and was obviously the man the crowd had come to see. Matt Dec finished up in this arena with a great set of Trance+Trancecore which kept the crowd going right through to the end and shouts for more.
Over 18 Area :- Aim-E & Splink-E kicked the night off with sets of Trance/House & breakbeat respectively, followed by Brisk who played a bangin set to the crowd's whistles. Rob Fender was up next and was subject to the old Perth curse - the crowd walking straight out the door after the international...which is a crap thing to do. Those that were left listened to a nice solid set of Trancecore as only Rob knows how. Rush's Techno/Tech-House set suffered from the same problem, as the over 18's stayed either in the other arena or didn't return...a shame to see a UK DJ playing to a sparse crowd. Freestyle came on for the last set and got it going again once the doors were opened to Detour. Note :- flyer design/name changed due to original title being rejected by the Globe, if you've got this design(Wasted) they're a collectors item


{Breakbeat v1.2]
-== Breakbeat v1.2 : [Sat 17th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Tepid(10-11pm) mellow Drum+Bass, Dan the Man(11-12pm) Hip Hop, Greg Packer(12-1am) Electro/Big Beat, Mark-T(1-3am) Chemical Breaks, Echoic(3-4am) Big Beat, Krank(4-5am) Old School Breaks, B-Jam(5-6am) Blended Drum+Bass.
Intelligense Productions presented this event at Players Nightclub, with DJ Mark-T, one half of the "Yardbrush" DJ duo resident at "Medicine" in London and the infamous "Mazzo" in Amsterdam. He is a versatile DJ who plays House, Techno, Big Beat and Drum+Bass. Greg Packer told me he played some really different stuff...anyone got anything else to add?


[DJ SS 99]
-== DJ SS + MC Warren G [Sat 24th Apr 99] ==-

DJ SS + MC Warren G(UK), Internatty, Amnesia, Gary Corbett, Andrew Vranjes, Adrian Sardi, Mental.
SS returned once again for the Jungle crew, the man behind "Formation" and "New Identity" labels, amongst others. He's been a key figure in the move from breakbeat/rave to Jungle both as a DJ + as an artist. With a different lineup of locals to support him as well(as well as the very cool Warren G on the mic), this event looked to be cool to check out. However, when we got there about 3:40am and the crowd had mostly been thrown out the door (by the Liquor and Gaming rules re ANZAC Day), the talk wasn't of how good SS was, but how p'd off they were with being charged money for a gig that must've been previously given a closure time. Someone i know spent a total of 10mins in there for the money...which reflects badly on Gravity(even if it wasn't their fault). Shame when an international comes all this way and not one person commented on his set, just what Nazis the authorities are etc.


[Battle Royale]
-== Battle Royale [Sat 24th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Dan the Man, Royce + Bilsby(Hip Hop 11-1:15am), Greg Packer + Echoic(Phat Breaks + Beats 1:15-3:45am), Son Of Sam + RAW(S.Australian 4 deck mixup - Drum+Bass + Jungle 3:45am-close).
Rhythm Bug presented this event at Players Nightclub, with two different Eastern States DJ's/Producers for an Anzac day long weekend treat. Pre-party at Fuel from 8pm with DJ sets from Attache, Longwon, Adrian Sardi, Mallinder, Saxon + BJam...entry was $5 on the door.
Anyone offer a review? We went past but couldn't get in due to the doors being shut because of licensing rules that night.


-== Absolution II [Sat 24th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Jeff Tyler(Melb.), Mr.Whippy, Puff, Chad D, Gully Jobz.
This second event by Spiral Promotions at O2 Nightclub, featured Jeff Tyler from Melbourne (his 3rd visit to Perth), described as "a consummate cross-genre DJ, playing long sets that incorporate House, Tech-House, Electro and Techno. Expect seamless mixing, creative programming and an intense 4 hour journey."
Anyone a review? These are normally cool events.


-== AbunDance Psi-Trance Party [Sat 24th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- TBA.
Hmm sorry no info other than the venue was the Indidup Amphitheatre...anyone??


[Scan ASAP]
-== Volume : [Sun 25th Apr 99] ==-

DJ's :- Kate Monroe, Curlee, Dirty Den, Kinky, Milly, Moosh, Rudy, Saxon, Tremaine.
Sydney House + garage DJ, Kate Monroe has played at many parties over East, including the Mardi Gras, Pride etc.
According to X-Press this Detour(Globe Nightclub) event went off...one wonders if the House arena suffered as much from the licensing problems as the hardcore area...certainly seemed to be mainly ravers standing on the street wondering what to do for the rest of the night. Anyone want to offer more?


[Scan ASAP]
-== Razor's Edge [Sat 1st May 99] ==-

DJ's :- Adrian Sardi, Andrew Vranjes, Clay, Declan, Echoic, Greg Packer, Jase from Outta Space, Royce.
"Finely sliced directional styles like you haven't seen for a while...". Other attractions were a sound-system boost by AVLA and $4 Coronas all night, which would've gone down well. Players the venue again for this, yet another Jungle event hosted there...the people i spoke to who went said it was a good night, but could've been supported better. This by Phil A. - "The production crew had gone to the effort of decorating Players with blown-up photos of hard-drives & UV, putting stacks of scans AND the MSR kick-ass sound system in there - the DJ's themselves played everything "breaky" from darkside drum n bass to acid breakbeat - and Jase from Outta Space rocked the crowd with his warped set. Go to their next one, highly recommended."


-== Special Event : [Sun 2nd May 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Groove Terminator(Sydney) + guests.
"Playing in the open air". He's made some good trax (eg "Losing Ground" - wicked), and played them too, but I've seen him snub punters on many occasion...so the ego might be a little large? The Leederville Hotel was the venue for this event. Anyone?


[Scan ASAP]
-== DJ Spooky : [Thur 6th May 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Spooky(US), Dan the Man, Sire, Andrew Vranjes.
Special event this one...shame it was on a Thursday. Described as one of the 10 most important American electronic music artists. His musical span covers Hip-Hop, Ambient, Dub, Drum+Bass, Electronica, Rock, Jazz and classical styles tied together by his brooding, layered soundscapes. His album "Riddim Warfare" is currently out. No idea what the tickets price was for this, which apparently was a really cool event. Players Nightclub again stealing the venue honours. Anyone?


-== Plastik : [Sat 8th May 99] ==-

DJ's :- Christian Smith(Sweden), Will-E-Tell(Melb), Puff, Mr.W, Troy, Michael Bishop.
Delirium and Nexus return with another Plastik gig. Christian Smith is the leader of the Tech-House sound having released killer tracks on his own labels Tronic and Strive and the recent smash 'The Downunder EP' on Primate. He was also the first signing to Carl Cox's new record label In-Tech. Melbourne's Will-E-Tell has been a regular visitor here since Infirmary days, playing anywhere from Trance to Tech-House. Usual quality local line-up, plus new Tech-House talent in M.Bishop.
02 Nightclub was the venue for this one again.


-== Hi-Tech : [Sat 15th May 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Mishka(UK), Jayd vs Choice, Emmanual, Hawkeye, Ondy, with live sets from NU23 and Schlerb.
EMAS presented this event featuring "As a resident at London's premiere underground clubs, including "The Fridge", "Heaven" and "414 Brixton", Mishka is at the forefront of the new wave of underground Trance and Techno. He has had releases on Choci's Chewns, VCF, Public House, VCR and Black Liquid Records (all of which have class standards) and will be playing his latest releases". If you're into the heavier/Acid style Techno then this was the go this night, unfortunately lots of people being swayed by Colin Dale's reputation instead of doing some research as usual beforehand. I have to say though, respect to EMAS for pulling this venue like a rabbit from the hat; Swan College is an old army barracks, it was like a custom-built warehouse and held the sound so well you could hardly hear the event at all outside. Inside the crowd was dancing all night and those who stayed outside to talk kept running inside for shelter when it was raining, so the crowd was kept at a pretty good level. I liked the music the whole time i was there (2am onwards)...nice solid Techno, Trance, Goa and Acid. My only negative was i think the comedown set of mellow ambient etc second last killed it early for a lot of people. Respect on a good party guyz...if you didn't go you missed out on a good one.


[The Sting]
-== The Sting [Sat 15th May 99] ==-

DJ's :- Dirty Den(22:00-00:00am), Lilly(00:00-01:00am), Big Mac(01:00-02:00am), Colin Dale(UK 02:00-04:00am), Mr.W(04:00-05:00am), Puff(05:00-06:00am).
Colin Dale has been playing for over 15 years worldwide and his Kiss100FM radio show has been hugely popular since 1985. He is "One of the foremost purveyors of Techno with a smooth groovy House edge and has supplied the beats at some of Britain's coolest Tech-House clubs, such as Eurobeat2000". Such a shame another night with two good Techno jocks on at the same times. If you into the lighter-side of Tech-House and Techno then this was your best option, but most of the people i knew who attended this rather than 'Hi-Tech' wished they'd gone to the latter. Anyway from what i heard of his set the mixing was great as always, but it lacked the punch of his old sets which tore the place up at his last visit to "The Infirmary". This was certainly the place favoured by the crowd on the night though and Detour was packed.


[Graeme Park]
-== Graeme Park : [Wed 19th May 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Graeme Park(UK), Dave Jackson, Rudy, Milly, Dirty Den, Steve Mason.
A "living legend" in the UK House scene, playing for over 15 years to crowds all over the world. He has just completed work on the "Malibu Massive" and "Miss Moneypenny - Too Glorious" albums. Be nice to finally see the legend live...well worth a look, although work on Thursday is always a bit dodgy after a big night!!
Ahh I can't believe I missed this Detour Nightclub event...simply because I forgot...sigh. Anyone???


[Scan ASAP]
-== Awarehouse [Sat 22nd May] ==-

DJ's :- Andy Carroll(UK), Niall Duggan(Ireland), Matt James(London), Jayd, Choice.
Another event by Hoopy Doo Productions in association with Awarehouse...this time featuring Andy Carroll from Cream UK, on his 1999 Tour. Finally Perth gets one of the most sought after DJs to come out of the UK in the last ten years and a founder DJ of the legendary Superclub "Cream". Also featured Niall Duggan(resident Kitchen, Dublin) and Matt James(Chimera Sound System). More info at the website.
Well I didn't get down to this event at O2 nightclub, which was also broadcast live on the INVURT Netmix site. Someone told me the numbers were down a bit...which has been a sad problem for parties lately, as the Awarehouse gigs are always value for money. Anyone?


[Atom One]
-== Atom One [Sat 22nd May 99] ==-

DJ's :- Kayla + Matt(Sydney), Paul Holden(Sydney), Greg Packer, Mr.Whippy + Puff, Kevin, Internatty, with Violation P.A.(live).
MC's :- Ruff Ride, Redy, Kev.
Teknoscape Productions present this, their first (but big) event. Quite a mixed-bag of DJ's and styles...Jungle, Happy Hardcore, Techno/Trance + bangin' stomp.
After the party was moved from Embassy Ballroom because licensing problems for the under 18's, to the Swan College(which is a class venue), i think everyone was worried. The tickets sold outnumbered the license, but somehow everyone fitted in. There were more outside who couldn't buy tickets though. When we got there, it was during Violation's PA, with Kev hyping the large crowd. They played a mix of stomping hardcore with a touch of breaks/drum+bass. Kayla + Matt stepped up next and played a nice solid set of dark Jungle to a very responsive crowd. Greg Packer followed them with a wicked set of Old School which really did get the crowd going. Mr.Whippy + Puff played next with a good set of solid bangin set of Techno...but no disrespect to them, didn't go down too well with the younger crowd. I just think they were on too late. Kayla + Matt came on to round off the night with another set of wicked hard Jungle. The only downer(if you can call it that) for me was the MC at the end who stumbled for words and should've let someone else more confident end it all off - and no i don't mean Interjecta. Good first party for these lads though...well done.
Oh shout out to Alex the Gunners supporter ok?
For more info, go to the Hypnosis webpage.


[Scan ASAP]
-== Absolution III [Sat 29th May] ==-

DJ's :- Jayse Knipe(Melbourne), Mr.W, Puff, Chad D, Gully + Jobz.
Spiral promotions presented this event again at 02 Nightclub, featuring the man responsible for the Ministry of Sound Australian Tour CD and DJ Excursions mixed CD - Diversitality. "Fresh from a tour of South Asia expect some of the finest waves of electronica". Always good events these and usually very well supported...Anyone?


[Scan ASAP]
-== Bass Agenda 2 [Sat 29th May] ==-

DJ's :- Ruff-Kut, Detinator, Klay, Frantic, Fuxxy, Mark Veenstra.
MC's :- Method, Ruffkut & Interjecta.
Greenwich was the venue for this second in the series. Ruff Kut & Detinator kicked the night off with upfront, Klay was up next and dropped a mellower builder set(possibly not the best time for that style as the room filled with a change for the harder). Frantic spun a nice hard up front Drum+Bass/Jungle set with some old classics thrown in - good effort mate. Fuxxy hit the dex next and unfortunately I had to got then but i was told he dropped 95 style with some Happy Hard breaks thrown in and finally Mark V rounded the night off with new & old dark Techstep & breaks. I missed their first event but was glad i got down to this one. Good tight atmosphere and a nice crowd made for a good night. See ya at the next one guyz respect.


[Scan ASAP]
-== Orbital LP Launch [Sat 29th May] ==-

DJ's :- Druid, Momas, Dan Beck, Tom C, Dave Jackson plus live percussion by Goss, with live set by Schlerb.
Since 1989 Orbital have set a high standard with releases and have carved themselves into the Techno hall-of-fame. 44 productions presented this event at Players Nightclub...Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== All Out : [Fri 4th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Skank, Funktank, Select, Fuxxy, Internatty, Amnesia, Frantik.
MC's : Ruffkut + Method.
Something different...a Drum + Bass vs Hip Hop event. Good to see a few parties like this happening lately.
All age event, the venue being the Asia Australia building, cnr Stirling + Bulwer st Highgate....Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Inertia : [Fri 4th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Inertia(live), Jase from Outta Space (live), Andrew Vranjes, Echoic, Jo19, Mallinder.
"Yomomo productions in association with the beef flavoured noodle present"...Inertia, who returned to Perth on their '99 CD launch tour...Was nice to catch up with our old label-mates again, their set and Jase's being let down by bad sound though. Echoic was playing when we got there, a nice set of TripHop etc for the crowd. The music was excellent all night, both live sets really different and intricate in style. Inertia's (rare)tradition of live vocals was upheld, even though the mic sounded like it had been dropped in a bucket of water - full marks to them for dealing with it. Also a shame more people weren't there, but those that were went off. 18+ event.
Venue : Greenwich Bar, under His Majesty's Perth.


-== Evolution : [Sat 5th June 99] ==-

DJ's(Main Room):- Dave Jackson, Mr.W, Dirty Den, Dave O'Riley, Rudy, Troy, Adam12.
DJ's(Rhythm Device):- Greg Packer, Echoic, Bilsby, Shuey, Klay, Muller/Dan, Tony Jay.
Special event at Scitech Discovery Centre of all places...good venue to scam(and big too). We got there about 1am and the place was very crowded. I could've got in (ta Dave!) but my passengers didn't want to pay.... Lots of people said the Drum+Bass area though was too small and since it was the most crowded all night should've been looked after better. Others said they thought although the venue was wicked, the party relied too heavily on the props rather than actual decorations/sound etc. Greg Packer's set was one which quite a few people said was the best of the night. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Trancemit vs Space DJs [Sun 6th June 99] ==-

Frontroom DJ's :- Space DJ's(UK), Puff, Troy, Michael Bishop, Mr.W.
Cavern DJ's :- Declan, Daniel Stinton, Matt P, Martin L, James A.
Delirium in conjunction with Nexus presented this event, featuring the eagerly-awaited return of the Space DJ's to Perth. I missed everyone playing before as we were out the back setting up the netmix, but Puff again didn't let the crowd down with a very popular harder Techno set that the crowd responded well to. Space DJ's are manic 4 deck Techno mixers from the UK and didn't disappoint - i have to say that although their set was technically perfect, the music, sometimes nice n hard in beats lacked much variety and floated around the minimal style. If only it had had a nice phat acid line over the top it would've been mad, quite a few people going into the cave during the last hour of their set. Troy followed afterwards with some nice Techno tunes until I left at 5:30am. The bass was wicked and Buzz certainly got it pumping hard this night i must say. The Sideroom in the cave was popular all night, but it also had the only seating...in there was more a chilled beat atmosphere.
The Taipan Room(ex-DC's Nightclub) was rammed for this 18+ event.
Also was broadcast live by us on INVURT Netmix


-== Gravity : [Sun 6th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Splink-E(8-10pm), Sniper(10-12), Freestyle(12-1.30), Corruption(1:30-3), Leroy + Menis(3-6am).
Special Sunday night hardcore lineup for the long weekend - thank god for one hardcore event...i didn't make it down due to the Netmix being on but i heard it was quite popular. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Marvel : [Sun 6th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Echoic, Shuey, Adrian Sardi, Klay, Muller, Dan.
Another different event...a Drum + Bass + Hard Jazz. Seems to be the trend...small one-offs. Also four different flyers for the collectors amongst you out there.
This 18+ event in The Aardvark + Firken(the old Racquet Club) was cancelled.


-== Blackalicious [Fri 11th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Gift of Gab, female vocalist MC Nova and their DJ Chief Excel(USA), Royce, Bilsby, Choppy and Select.
Fat Fluid and Off the Hook presented this event featuring Blackalicious from Francisco (as featured on Mo Wax Records)...bringing with them a unique US sound of their own.
The Greenwich Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


-== Unity : [Sat 12th June 99] ==-

Gravity DJ's :- Shuey(10-12), Mental(12-1), QBall(1-2), Dr.S.Gachet(UK 2-4), Adrian Sardi(4-5), Jay(5-6am).
Detour DJ's :- Big Mac(10-12), Steve Mason(12-1), Huggy(UK)(1-3), Dirty Den(3-4), Lilly(4-5), Dr.S.Gachet(UK)(5-6am).
DJ Huggy, a House DJ with a career dating back to 1988, is a resident at Back2Basics and has appeared at Ministry of Sound, Cream and Slam to name a few. Dr.S.Gachet is one of the UK's unsung Old Skool Jungle legends, running the Audiomaze label and recently starting a House sub-label "Johnny Biscuit Records". He has appeared at the likes of Universe, Helter Skelter, Dreamscape etc. A different 2-arena event for those into House and Jungle. After playing in Gravity, Dr.S.Gachet played the last set in Detour.
Globe Nightclub was the venue again...I was away unfortunately - anyone??


[Entity 99]
-== Entity [Wed 16th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Terry Mullan(Chicago), Phil Smart(Sydney), Sugar Ray(Sydney), Dave Jackson, Troy.
DJ Terry Mullan is a name synonymous with Chicago's funky House scene. A rising producer in the late 80's, he has covered Hip-Hop, House, Disco and Techno. He has released on Definitive Records with Ritchie Hawtin as the 'Serotonin Project' and more recently with 'Halo' on Smile Records. His unique style makes him much in demand in the US. Phil Smart and Sugar Ray from Sydney are renowned the world over in the UK, Europe and US...they guarantee never to disappoint a crowd. Taipan Room (old DC's) was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone???


[Ibiza 99]
-== Ibiza Dreaming [Fri 18th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Tom Campbell(Melbourne), Dirty Den, Dazz K and Damian James.
Pure Silk Productions(the same team who brought you the Christmas Special Event) presented this event...with a summer-flavoured feeling for the winter blues. Tom Campbell plays a euphoric blend of Progressive, Tek House to deep uplifting Trance, being currently resident at Silvers and the Q-Bar. We got to the Globe about 2:30am and it was going off well...although not a huge crowd, the people that were there were all dancing and there was a good atmosphere considering the rainy weather. Good solid House/Trance and i must say Dazz K played a wicked last set. Oh and in case you're wondering its pronounced 'Eyebeetha'. Good effort lads.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Progressive [Sat 26th June 99] ==-

DJ's :- Allister Whitehead(UK), with Chad D, Mr.Whippy and Rudy.
A Spiral promotions event. Progressive returns with UK House legend Allister Whitehead for his first ever Perth appearance with a 3hr set. DJ'ing since 1987 he has travelled the globe playing to huge crowds everywhere. His mix CD's with Jeremy Healy have sold 10,000+ copies. Seen as one of the best House DJ's you'd assume he's not one to be missed, but everyone i talked to who went said literally he was crap...playing Handbag House, the best track being his first - oh well everyone can have a bad night(i have got excellent tapes by him though). Anyone else?
O2 Danceclub was the venue for this 18+ event.
For more info see the website


[Hard Boiled IV]
-== Hard Boiled IV [Sat 3rd July 99] ==-

DJ's :-
9-10pm Rousa vs NVS (Classics + beer drinking backing music)
10-11pm Dutchy (Bangin)
11-12am Rhino vs Mental (Jump Up / Drum+Bass)
12-1am Kevin (Hardcore Classics) - you p*ssed b*stard!
1-2am Freestyle (Upfront Hardcore)
2-3am Leroy vs Menis (Happy Hardcore)
3-4:30am Hutcho vs Greg (Old School / Rave Classics)
4:30-6am Whippy vs Puff (rare back 2 Infirmary 94 set)

MC's :- Interfearer(Interjecta!), Kev, Mallard, Karnage.

Finally the Teknology Corps returned after too-long a gap to bring you another night of hardcore alcoholic mayhem and unadulterated hedonism which kicked off with a special VIP booze-up, oops i mean VIP party from 9-10pm. Rhino ably filling in for Diamond D + MC Sense who were over east for the night. Few birthdays being celebrated on the night, one of which was DJ/MC Kevin...hence him being one of the many (male + female) carried out! hehe. Gravity Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event, which was nicely rammed considering the international events on this night as well. Respect to all who came, the MC's + DJ's for making it a wicked night as usual, for me this atmosphere really took it back to the old Gravity.
This event was also broadcast on INVURT Netmix


[Bush Records Tour]
-== Bush Record Tour [Sat 3rd July 99] ==-

DJ's :- Eric Powell(UK), Devilfish(Sweden), supported by Andrew Vranjes, Dan Stinton, Mr.W, Troy and Sire.
Brought to you by the people who did Utopia in 1997, with lighting by Jase from Outta space. Shame it was on the same night, this 18+ event at Players Lounge was apparently not hugely supported although someone said the music was cool. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== DJ Bailey [Sat 3rd July 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Bailey + MC Flux(UK), DJ Mosus(N.Zealand), Greg Packer, Echoic.
Brought to you by Mu Magazine. Also shame its on the same night. Having progressed from pirate radio, Bailey is part of the Metalheadz fold + plays with Fabio + Grooverider at their velvet lounge night Swerve.
Apparently in Melbourne MC Flux played the last half hour of Bailey's set...dropping Speed Garage - which as expected didn't go down well to say the least! Upstairs at Redheads was the venue for this 18+ event. Greg Packer told me that Bailey has become one of his favourite internationals after this night...praise indeed. Anyone else?


[ No Flyer ]
-== Hardline vs Nexus Special Event [Thu 8th July 99] ==-

DJ's :- MR.W(Nexus), Puff, Blackout / Izrael(Hardline) / John T(special hardcore gabber tag-team cut up), Skeptik, Chaotic Kid, Ken O'The Ford.
Well in case ya didn't work it out...the venue was the Red Sea in Subiaco. A good little crowd gathered for a Thursday, the beer and Hip Hop putting people in a good mood. Skeptik followed with a nice set of Happy Hard, before many decided to leave when the Gabba crew hit the decks though - good to see so many shocked 'oh my god that's hard' faces and the 'oh is that the time' excuses. I have to mention Izrael+Blackout's Britney Spears tribute mixup track too...classic! Ah well. Those that stayed enjoyed themselves til once again we got thrown out at the end. Respect to those who came.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Choice [Fri 9th July 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Heaven(UK 1.30-5am), Kriece(12-1.30am), Chad D(10.30-12am), Mr.W(5-6.30am) and Puff(9-10.30pm).
The Church Nightclub was the venue for this packed 18+ event, which featured a 3 hour set from DJ Heaven(Ministry of Sound UK)...if you haven't heard her before she is both an energetic and vibrant House/Trance/Tech-House mixer and has a personality to match. I think its fair to say she's finally realised (on her third visit) that she can go harder with the Perth crowd and it was appreciated by most. A good solid mix of uplifting tracks really took the place up...especially for me the last half an hour. The place was very crowded...but she kept them there all night supported ably by an excellent local lineup who never disappoint. Mr.Whippy's set rounding the night off very nicely for me. Only one gripe was some sound issues where it cut out every-so-often but no big dramas. Also nice to see red Bull available finally!!


[Wax Off]
-== Wax Off [Sat 10th July 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Hutcho + Kev, Splink-E, Fuxxy, NVS, Frantik.
MC's :- Interjecta, Ruff Cut, Method.
Kuntz Organisation in association with True Productions presented "A night of Jungle, Hardcore and Old School the way you used to hear it. Featuring some of Perth's best local talent in a venue reminiscent of days gone by".
A small warehouse in East Perth(off Lord St near train line) was the venue for this wicked party with one of the most responsive crowds for its size I've played to in a while. This really was a fun gig to play at, and from the crowd, I'd say rave at. Excellent party, great vibe and real value for money for five bucks...one of the best underground parties for ages. Shout out to the comedown crew! Only bad thing was some loser nicking a bag of CDs from a mate's car in the morning...did anyone see this?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== MadHatters Ball [Sat 17th July 99] ==-

"Madhatters Goes To Hollywood"
Detour DJ's :- Dirty Den, Lilly, Big Mac, Steve Mason, Dazz K, Kriece + guests.
Gravity DJ's :- Corruption(9-11), Hutcho(11-12), Sniper(12-1), Kevin(1-2), Splinke(2-3), Menis(3-4), Leroy(4-5), Freestyle(5-6).
Warehouse DJ's :- Q-Ball, Jay, Greg Packer, Rosko, Amnesia, Internatty, Mental, Size.
"The Madhatters Ball is the one night on the club calendar where we leave pretentions behind and enter a world of pure fantasy. This year we glamourise and invite you to the night of nights to dress up as any famous Hollywood star or character. The club will be specially decorated fit for a Hollywood Star".
Detour, Gravity + the Warehouse was the venue for this sellout event, there was a major problem getting people inside, with rumours of fake tickets around, each one was individually checked - meaning some people were in the queue for up to 2hrs. Once inside though, the decorations, costumes and music made up for the wait (i hope). Good to see some old faces once again, good vibe with the crowd did it for me. Be nice to have the backdoor open at these events though. Gravity arena was taped on the night so watch out for possible tape packs.


-== Electro RC-01 [Thur 22nd July 99] ==-

DJ's :- Sire and Mr.W.
"Featuring a night of Electro and Electric Music." Venue :- FUEL Cafe at the PICA Centre, Northbridge, 8pm till late.
This event was free entry and also broadcast online here. Anyone?


[Mash Up]
-== Mash Up [Thur 24th July 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Echoic, Krank, Muller, Clay, Dan Lucas, Muller.
"A hectic selection of drum and bass".
Venue :- Gilkisons Dance Studio, Murray St. 18+ event. I was told it was not a bad event, but many left after Greg Packer had played...Anyone?


-== Stateside [Sat 24th July 99] ==-

DJ's :- Derrick Carter(US 3-6am) & John Hardy(Sydney 1-3am), Declan(12-1am), Martin L(6-7am), Rudy(10-11pm), Dave Jackson(9-10pm) and Dan the Man(11-12am).
Delirium and Spiral Promotions return with this popular yearly event. Derrick Carter ripped apart the massive Science Fiction Boxing Day party of last year in a 4 hour 3-deck display and returned to Perth for this his fourth visit, with a special warm-up set from Sydney House DJ Jon Hardy. O2 Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Also being broadcast live on Invurt. Anyone?


-== Volume [Wed 28th July 99] ==-

DJ's :- Kate Monroe vs Ms Junior B, Dave Jackson, Rudy.
"Two girls, two decks, maximum volume." - Sydney DJ's Kate Monroe and Ms Junior B play a mix of progressive House and funk, through to disco rhythms and dance party classics.
Detour was the venue for this 18+ event. Apparently Kate Monroe was sick for this one and was substituted...Anyone?


-== Hybrid [Sat 31st July 99] ==-

Gravity DJ's :- Klay(10-12), Shuey(12-1), Shy Fx(UK 1-3), DJ Frenzic(UK 3-5), Finesse(5-6am).
Detour DJ's :- Dirty Den(10-12), Lilly(12-1), Big Mac(1-2), Ken Cloud(Sydney 2-4), Kriece(4-6am).
Two arena event here for the House crew and Jungle Massive. Ken Cloud is the manager of Reachin Records, playing a selection of deep, hard, funkin House and Techno, playing every noteworthy club and party Sydney has to offer.
Shy Fx began producing in 94(not 92 like it says on the flyer) with UK Apache for 'Original Nuttah' on SOUR records. Since then he has released tracks like 'Pandora's Box', 'Stomp' and 'Saturday Night Roller' and has Dj'd worldwide. DJ Frenzic has played for United Dance, Jungle Fever, Jungle Mania and Formation Records and also runs Atmosphere magazine.
Detour / Gravity were the venues for this 18+ event. I missed it as i had too many parties on that night, but i was told there was a good crowd with Shy Fx starting off with a dubplate specially made for his set at Gravity...nice touch. Anyone else?


[Advanced Engines]
-== Advanced Engines [Sat 31st July 99] ==-

DJ's :- Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes(Detroit), John Tejada(LA), Rhys Evans, Declan, Mike Bishop, Matt P, Dave S, Davidovich, Hamishmoo, Dan Stinton, Shamus, James A, Hau, Dr Gonzo.
Eddie Fowlkes began his career in 1981 and has since Dj'd in every major city and has released material on almost every prominent underground Techno label. A Dance pioneer and legend. Attractions included a 40k sound system, Aurora Vortex laser etc, with PICA Bar (across 2 rooms), Northbridge being the venue. Anyone?


[Trancemit 7]
-== Trancemit 7 : Natives of Space [Sat 7th August 99] ==-

DJ's :- Puff and Mr.W.
Nexus returned with its third Trancemit of the year in a new Venue. The site for the techfest was The Attic Bar (located above the theatre on Rockeby Road). The night featured a return to strictly Trancemit residents with the tech-soundtrack style. Apparently a sell-out, with many turned away. I was over East, so missed it...damn. Anyone else?
Venue : The Attic Bar, Rockeby Road Subiaco, 9pm til Late. 18+ event.


-== Refreshed [Sat 14th August 99] ==-

DJ's :- Puff, Jogy, Joel, Zorbman and Quartz.

This night, the City Farm and The Shed Crew held a special electronic music fundraiser, with proceeds to help fund all the worthy City Farm programs..

Venue : City Farm.


-== Optimum Recordings CD Launch [Wed 18th August 99] ==-

DJ's :- Mallinder, Adrian Sardi, Klay.

Local Drum n Bass/Jungle label Optimum Recordings launched their first compilation in true style. The Album features tracks by Attache, Echoic, B-Jam, Diamond D, Jase from Outta Space, Replicant, Rosko and Targon.

Venue : FUEL Bar was the venue for this launch and a good crowd welcomed in the album preview. Good music and a good weeknight vibe. One thing complained about was $7 pints though.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Passion [Sat 21st August 99] ==-

DJ's :- Nicky Holloway(UK), Big Mac, Lilly, Dirty Den.

Nicky Holloway is "a pioneer of the House scene, DJ'ing since he was 15, a man Danny Rampling used to carry records for! In 1990 he started the legendary Milk Bar, with his last club being the Velvet Underground, where Carl Cox runs a theme night. He has played all over the world, in Europe, Singapore and now Australia".
A big one for the House crew, with Detour Nightclub being the venue for this 18+ event. The people i talked to gave a mixed reaction...some saying it was an ok night, others complaining the music was flat and boring. Anyone?


[Wild + Lethal]
-== Wild and Lethal Fashion/Dance Party [Sat 28th August 99] ==-

Lethal Area DJ's :- Echoic, Greg Packer, Sire, Roc Riley, Troy, Mr.W, Fat Fluid Collective - Dan The Man, Royce + Bilsby. Live Bands :- Halogen/ARG.

Wild Area DJ's :- Chez Damier(Chicago USA), Jon Hardy(Sydney), Dave Jackson vs Rudy, Declan vs Stinton, Puff, Chad D, Kriece, Andrew Vranjes.

Atlas Clothing in conjunction with Delirium presented this special night, an amalgam of a vast swathe of underground flavours including the exclusive yearly parade from Atlas Clothing that features designs from fashion innovator W & LT as well as fresh styles from Fotus and House with hair by Toni and Guy.

Jack Sue Gallery was the venue for this event, which was apparently quite well supported as are all Delirium gigs - and deservedly so. Someone told me when Chez Damier finished his set though he looked rather upset and left in a hurry...hmm. Anyway anyone have anything to add?


-== Millenium [Sat 28th Aug 99] ==-

DJ's :- Amy(8-9), Rhino(9-10), Kevin(10-11), Sample + Riot(11-12), Freestyle(12-1), Rob Fender(1-2:30), Greg Packer(2:30-3:30), Matt Dec(3:30-5), Hutcho(5-6am).

MC's :- Assassin, Interjecta, Sev-ee, Hutcho, Karnage.

This was Rob Fender's last gig and farewell to the scene after ten years, so i guess it should've been a big one, on that account alone and it was. This second event by the Asylum Group was a sellout and the (very) packed venue rocked all night. I didn't get in till about midnight by the time i found parking which was madness on the night, with three events on the one street. Everyone played a mad set, although i prefer my one in Gravity at 2am...i think half a bottle of vodka had taken its toll! 8-) The night was taped so expect released CD's soon.

Venue :- 413-417 Murray St West End (the Factory), 8pm-6am.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Plush [Wed 1st Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Steve Lee(UK), Trixta(UK), Saul Bliss, Pinto.

Steve Lee is a "DJ with over 13 years of experience, never failing to impress at clubs such as 'Heaven', 'Raid' and 'El Cielo', alongside Tall Paul and Paul Oakenfold."
Trixta is a "pioneer of the UK underground, using six turntables, two mixers, an effects unit and an eight track sampler. He's played the Ministry of Sound, the Manor and The End".

Redheads was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[Bassik Training]
-== Bassik Training [Thur 2nd Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Skeptik(Dutch Hardcore), Hutcho(Old School), John T & Rousa(back 2 back breaks+hardcore), Kaotic Kid(Hip Hop + live MC's), Izrael(Hardcore).

Hardline Rekordingz, the label representing Perth's true Hardcore Underground, invited Perth to an evening of 'Bassik Training' at the The Red Sea Nightclub in Subiaco. Although entry was FREE, the crowd was a little disappointing to say the least...jeez guys, it was only raining a little bit! Anyhow those that were there got into it. Get a copy of the 'Bassik Training' tape which is released soon to help promoters cover costs and hey you get something to listen to in the car. DJ Neurotic dropped Dutch Newstyle & Gabber, i played Old School, Max well as usual 'family' Gabba 8-). We missed the drink specials so there should've been lots there for everyone else! hehe


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Liberator : [Sat 4th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Chris Liberator(UK), Muse, Hawkeye, with residents Jayd, Kate, Choice.
Live PA by Qube.

A special event, featuring Trance legend Chris Liberator, who is one of the crew who forms the backbone of the London Techno underground scene. He was placed in the DJ Magazine's Top 50 world DJ's. He is a prolific producer, releasing on labels such as 'Stay Up Forever', 'Cluster' and '4x4 Records' - Hard Acid, Techno, through to Funky House and Trance. His new album 'Set Fire' is scheduled for release in September. One not to miss crew...and i did! Damn! Transport being the hassle for me on the night i really wanted to make this gig as he is also a mate of Mark EG. Awarehouse gigs always feature quality tunes and i urge people to try to support them when ya can. Anyone offer a revue???
See the Awarehouse website for more info.

Venue : 80 High Street, Fremantle, 9pm till late. An 18+ event.
Tickets : $12 or $16 on the door.


[Deep Down International I]
-== Deep Down International Part 1 : [Thur 9th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- The Runaways(UK), Cut La Roc(UK), Dan The Man, Bilsby and 1999 WA DMC Champ Selekt.

'The Battle For Brighton' - The Runaways (ex RPM from Mo Wax) are from Brighton, representing 'Ultimate Dillema' UK's freshest Hip Hop label. Their live set on 4-decks in a Hip Hop and Funk throwdown should spoil Perth rotten.
Check out The Betalounge for past live sets.
Cut La Roc holds the Guinness Book of Records title for simultaneous 8-deck mixing. He is resident at Brighton's Boutique(with Fat Boy Slim) and plays at Europe's biggest clubs...one of Hip Hop's best.

Greenwich Bar was the venue for this 18+ event...anyone?


-== Electronic [Fri 10th Sep 99] ==-

Live Artists :- Endorphin + Bexta.

Endorphin - "In 1996 his track 'Relapse' was a winning entry in the JJJ unearthed Initiative and in 1998, he followed that success with his album 'Embrace'. Creating a swing somewhere between Disco and rich textures his live shows are always unique."
BeXta - &"Energizing live PAs at the Big Day Out saw her become the most talked about live act in Australia this year" - hopefully unlike at the B.D.O, she'll actually have her keyboards and Mac turned on this time. She also goes out with the A&R head of her label...no wonder she gets such good PR...

Redheads was the venue for this 18+ event. Xpress praised Endorphin, but didn't mention much on Bexta...hmm. Anyone?


-== Skunted : [Sat 11th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Kevin(10-11pm), NVS, Fuxxy(1-2am) Frantik(2-3am), Hutcho(3-4am) and more TBA.
A special underground event in the same vein as 'Wax Off' - my favourite type of party! This time for Tim's and er someone else's birthday anyhow. A different setup this time up a ladder and on top of the toilet block...so a good view was afforded the DJ of the crowd, but the monitor made mixing hard to say the least. Anyhow another good night and another good-vibe cheap event...which people should support more if they complain about the endless club nights. Nice on again guyz.
Venue : Warehouse in E.Perth - you either knew it or ya weren't meant to be there. An all ages event too!


[Loaded Dice]
-== Loaded Dice : [Sat 11th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Adrian Sardi, B-Jam, Greg Packer, Echoic, Diamond D, Mike L, Shuey.
MC's :- Ruph Rider, Method.

Optimum Recordings Launch 2 featuring Ku-Ling Brothers with The Element(live) featuring tracks from their soon to be released album 'Creach'. Always well supported Jungle events, these are not to be missed.

The final party at Players Nightclub for this 18+ event. I was told Ku-Ling Brothers were on far too long, cutting Greg Packer short to just over a 30min set...madness as he always rocks the night. Following him was DJ AJ from the Deep Down International gig on Thursday who apparently made a bit of a hash of the mixup and killed it...hmm shame. Anyway once again a well-supported (and deservedly so) gig.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Jungle Special : [Thu 16th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's(Ninja Tune Arena):- Mr.Scruff, Mallinder, Gear, Momas.
DJ's(Metalheadz Arena):- DJ Storm(UK), Loaded Dice DJ's (doesn't say who) and Presha(Subtronix NZ).
With MC Flux(Metalheadz UK).

Presented by Waxploitation, featuring Mr.Scruff (of Ninja Tunes aka Coldcut fame) who plays a selection of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco and more. DJ Storm should need no introduction, one half of the Khemistry + Storm Drum+Bass duo tragically brought to an end earlier this year. Shame this wasn't on a weekend night, but anyhow Perth had to make do! One comment...the flyer was very confusing in layout guyz. I missed this as funds didn't allow a ticket purchase...anyone???

Greenwich Bar was the venue for this 18+ event.


[Back 2 Gravity]
-== Back 2 Gravity : [Sat 18th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- MC Ribbz(UK), Greg Packer(11-12am), Hutcho(12-1am), Rewind(1-2am), Kevin(2-3am), Menis(3-4am), Leroy(4-5am).

"In April 1996, Perth saw the unveiling of a new era, the legendary Gravity was launched. We invite you to go back to our roots. For one night only we bring together the original Gravity residents..."
As promised - finally!!! The first in a special series of events to pay tribute to the old Gravity Nightclub, including the music, the decorations and the vibe of the 1996-1998 club. Should be well cool. MC Ribbz is the resident MC for Dreamscape, United Dance and Helter Skelter organisations and may be previously remembered in Perth from Entropy II(1997).

Gravity was the venue for this An 18+ event. Ribbs came on during my set and proceeded to rock the place until he was poached to next door and on the mic in Detour and then they got him to do a Techno set in there...not really fair as he was billed to appear in Gravity... Good sets from all made for a big night, but Ribbs was noticeably absent.


-== Quest [Sat 18th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Lost Poets Of Rhyme (freestyling hip hop wizards), Neurotic & SK(b2b) (Trance, Hardhouse, Drum+Bass), SK (Happy-Hard + Trancecore), Neurotic (true hardcore style).

"QUEST- a night of Trance, Hip Hop and the finest dance beats".
An all ages, drug and alcohol free event supported by Thrive Youth and Avla.

Venue : Southern Districts Alliance, lot 40 Warton Rd. Canning Vale, 7:30pm-12:00am.
Apparently it was down on numbers...mainly due to the other parties on I imagine...but the people who went had a good time from reports. Sometimes the best parties are the small ones.


-== Spectrum [Sat 18th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's(Kalidascope Room):- Greg Packer, Shuey/Tony Jay, Krank/Clay, Echoic vs. B.Jam, Dan Lucas vs. Muller, F.B.I vs Waz.
DJ's(Fractal Lounge) :- Dave Jackson, Rudy, Dan Stinton, Dave O'Reilly, Saul Bliss, Paul Raphael.

"Open your eyes to all the colours of the....... Spectrum." An all ages event, featuring a massive light and sound show by Submission, new exhibits focusing on space and all operational on the night. I was told there was about 1,500 people in there, but a mostly younger crowd, evident from the many first timers emailing me. Anyone offer more on it?

Venue : Scitech Discovery Centre, Perth. All ages event.


-== Tingle [Sat 18th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Joel, Jogy, Zorbman, Rudy, Alise D, with Chillout Crew - Lara + Dan.

City Farm was the venue for this all ages party. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Sonic Animation Live : [Fri 24th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Sonic Animation(Melb), Echoic, Jayd, Choice.

"This year saw two of Sonic Animation's releases in the ARIA Top50 charts. They've just released their second album and more success is a likely attraction at this year's Big Day Out, blending electronic music with vocal based sounds, using electric drums, guitars, keyboards and vox."
Redheads Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Well i missed it...anyone go??


-== Synthetic [Fri 24th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Frantic, Andrew Vranjes, Echoic, Kriece, Hawkeye, Jayd Jeremy, Tigger.
Live Acts :- Jase from Outta Space, Sensory Overload.

EMAS returned with their next event, this one on a long weekend featuring Techno, Trance and Drum+Bass. "Plug in for the long weekend and seek the ultimate in synthetic pleasures with EMAS as we manufacture our own reality with a night of unnatural frequencies and man-made beats all supplied by Perth's finest digital revolutionaries." Attractions included a specially programmed ClayPacy lighting rig, the full MSR sound system and live video mixing. Also a separate chillout room with live atmospherics, and a surprise live net link on the night.
The Bridge Theatre, Northbridge was the venue for this all-age event, with no thanks to X-Press who misprinted the address info. We got there about 2am and the smallish crowd was going off to some wicked Trance. Probably would've been more people there if everyone had known the correct address. Nice little party this, something very different from the usual with some good lighting and visuals. Nice one guyz.


[44.One Launch]
-== 44.One Launch Night : [Sat 25th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Ondy(9-10pm), Hutcho & Karnage(back2back 11:30-1:30am), Kynac, Static, Flex, Scrappa.

Plus some live sets from acts on the album - Facter(11-11:30pm), Illicit(1:30am-2am).
A special album launch event, featuring the usual netmix selection of House, Trancecore, Drum & Bass and Hardcore/Old School. Featuring artists and DJ's from the 44.One album, compiled by Invurt (the non-profit Perth Internet Broadcaster) and Hardline Rekordingz. Also broadcast live on the net.

Fire & Ice was the venue, for this 18+ event - which wasn't supported very well...perhaps due in part once again to some advertising errors. Mention should be made of Illicit's set - a mixed Dj and PA setup..which rocked. Also ta to the crowd for getting into my set with Karnage...nice to play some Jungle/Drum n Bass out for once!


[The Source 99]
-== The Source : [Sat 25th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, DJ Seize, Rewind, Leroy, P-King, 2 Quik, D-Lite.

MC's :- DL, Kev Interjecta.
Seizure Productions presented this underground alternative event at the Greenwich Bar - a mixture of breaks, Drum + Bass and Old School, for this 18+ event. Greg Packer said it was well supported...and a different night down there to Gravity each n every week. Unfortunately I completely missed this one - apologies to the guyz for not posting it - next time hopefully!!! 8-)


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Transition - House to Hardcore : [Sun 26th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Leroy, Kevin, Dazz-K, Hutcho, Flex, Freestyle, Scrappa.

A special event, featuring House, Trance and Hardcore/Old School. Something different for the long weekend. Well this venue suffered from the same problem two nights in a row...except this time maybe it was that a lot of people didn't have Monday off? I should mention Dazz*K and Freestyle dropped some good House and Greg Packer a nice slammin old school set - so you all missed out. Fire&Ice Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event.


[Digital 99]
-== Digital 99 [Sun 26th Sept 99] ==-

DJ's(Progressive Room):- Nick Warren(UK), Chad D, Mr.W, Rudy, Declan and special guests.
DJ's(Stateside/Plastik room) :- Steve Bicknell(UK), Stacey Pullen(Detroit USA), Martin L, Dan the Man, Troy, Puff, Dave Jackson, Michael Bishop.

Literally "A huge music festival" by Delirium, Spiral and Luminous promotions.
Nick Warren - having released as 'Way Out West', is one of the UK's biggest clubland DJs. His Global Underground mixes have sold thousands. This was first highly-anticipated visit to Australia - but did he deliver...quite a few people complaining about the PEARL JAM track he dropped - hmm??? Matty also told me that his set "seemed rather flat, non-inspirational with no huuuge climaxes".
Steve Bicknell is most well known as the label-boss of Cosmic Records and Lost Recordings. He began his career way back when having released the seminal Techno track "GonTechno The Lost" and thereafter releasing on his own labels and labels like Novamute, Clubtracks, Internal, Reload, Tresor and having remixed artists like Joey Beltram, The Advent, Luke Slater and Dave Angel. He has also recorded under many different pseudonyms including The Evader and SB Project. Steve Bicknell is however most well-known for developing a DJ style that incorporates tracks that have been specifically designed for the dancefloor only, tracks that will in fact never be released.
Stacey Pullen - A DJ career from the mid-80s that has seen him travel and play all over the world and a producer of material on Transmat, KMS, Eclipse, Buzz, R&S, Warner and Virgin...he's described as Detroit's prodigal son. Apparently the Dj of the night..he got there at 4:30am so to be fair it was the tail-end of the night but the Taipan Room/Bon Bonet complex(ex-DC's) was still rammed to the top for this 18+ event. I believe Puff was spinning when we got in there...a nice hard beat, but minimal Techno sound. hehe you know me guyz - more ACIIIIEEEED!!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Volume Three : [Sun 26th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's(Room One):- DJ Kat(Melb), Shaun Reed(Melb), Kate Monroe(Melb), Milly, Dave Jackson, Rudy.
DJ's(Room One):- Kate Monroe(Sydney), Kinky, Joby, Gully.

Presented by Volume with the Lesbian and Gay Pride festival, this event saw the best of the Dome Nightclub's residents in Melbourne, joined by Perth's local Disco and Progressive House talents.

Detour was the venue for this 18+ event. Yet another House gig...so I wonder if the crowd was affected by Digital? Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Nocturnal : [Sun 26th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Adrian Sardi, Echoic, Saxon.

Geisha Bar and Digital presented this night of Funky Breaks, Drum + Bass, Beats and House, for this 18+ event. Greg Packer said it was well supported...he played Old School the others Jungle.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Milk Crate - keep Cool : [Sun 26th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Scorchio, Bebo, Moss, Rokrilley.

A small event by the looks of it, for those who wanted something from the ordinary. Also had the skate video premier 'Big City IV' with momentum tour section. Greenwich Bar being the venue for this 18+ event.


[Randall 99]
-== Deep Down International Part 3 - Randall : [Thur 30th Sep 99] ==-

DJ's :- Randall + MC Fats(UK), Krank, Diamond D, Andrew Vranjes, Echoic, Adrian Sardi.

The return of the Metalheadz Tour. Metalheadz is one of the most respected DJs + producers in the field of Drum+Bass and Jungle, tending towards the darker tip - which I love. Once again where was Greg packer on the lineup? Shame i couldn't go...the flu getting the better of me for a few days now...sigh. Greenwich was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Gatecrasher : [Fri 1st Oct 99] ==-

DJ's (Main Room) :- Matt Hardwick(UK), Tom Wainwright(UK), Mark James(Melb), Saul Bliss + Pinto.
DJ's (Ozone Room) :- Chad D, Dave Jackson, Rudy, Paul Raphael, Trixta(ex-UK).

The Perth stage of Gatecrasher UK's 'Disco Technology World Tour'. A big night for the House crew and those curious to see what UK super-club DJ's play live, rather than on mass-produced mix CD's. Attractions also featured a chillout room and a comedown party from 6am in the Redheads cafe with DJ Joby. Redheads was the venue for this 18+ event.
This revue thanks to K.Marshall - "To be honest this was a disappointment. A lot of reviews said it was very good but being the 'new superclub' I expected a lot more. To wait half an hour to get in then another half an hour to go upstairs and listen to Matt Hardwick's set which was basically like listening to the new 'Wet CD' at home only with better volume. When they dropped the mix of the Fatboy Slim track 'Right Here Right Now' I knew it was time to call it quits. After that the energy dropped through the floor and it was apparent that quite a few people were disappointed - lots of people playing the Playstation gamez and when I went downstairs at 5am the crowd had completely thinned out. Disappointing venue."


[ASCII 99]
-== ASCII '99 [Sat 2nd Oct 99] ==-

Warehouse Arena:(The Infusion) DJ's :- DJ Noddy(Adelaide), Greg Packer(2 sets), Echoic, Kevin, Izrael, Violation(live), Mr.W vs Puff, Skeptik, Amy.
Outdoor Arena: (Paradise Eclipse) DJ's :- DJ Spellbound(Sydney), Puff, Echoic, Shuey, BJam, Mr.W, Shuey, Greg Packer(Techno), Kriece, Dan Stinton, Chad D.
MC's: Redy, Interjecta & Kevin.

The 2nd event by the Teknoscape(Atom One crew)...well ok the description was little fanciful but they basically delivered what they promised - and at least they tried unlike some promoters recently. I got quite a lot of email slagging this party off completely and I can understand why people might have been upset. This is the 2nd only party by this crew...they're not doing too badly - so they're still learning really. I've been doing them since 1991 and i don't count myself as an expert...there are always new problems and dramas with each event. Perhaps i can clarify some things for people. When the venue changed to the Jack Sue Gallery for this all age event - problems ensued. We've done them in that area before and it can be a hassle. To be fair, the bottom basement of the gallery nearly backs onto the Orchard Hotel...hence sound complaints = volume down for a lot of the night, often to a point where you wonder if its worth it. This has happened at thankfully few parties over the years, because it kills the atmosphere straight away...but what can you do? Its either that or the authorities will close you down. The DJs(especially upstairs) had a big problem with jumping decks and that always makes for hard mixing. Violation didn't play apparently because they were dealing with the authorities etc. Apparently BJam didn't play either...perhaps I should also add that the people who were there seemed to be having a good time - yes it was quiet but better quiet than go home. Any other views?


[ No Flyer ]
-== Old School Sunday : [Sun 3rd Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer, Kaiser, Hutcho, Skelly and more.

A special Sunday Old School treat, this was a really nice gig to play and although I was told the crowds there are usually larger, it was just right. Basically a pub with hardcore being played...well worth the trip down the freeway.

Venue : Scallywags Bar, 6pm-10:30pm. An 18+ event.


[Hard Boiled V]
-== HaRd bOiLeD V : [Sat 9th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Dutchy(9-10pm), Greg Packer(10-12am), Diamond D vs Mental(12-1am), Kevin(1-2am), Leroy vs Menis(2-3am), Freestyle(3-4am), Hutcho(4-5am), Brian Gee(5-6am).
MC's :- Interjecta, Preacher, Presha, Assassin(should've been on the flyer!) and God knows how many others.
Featured tracks of local producers during the night :- Hutcho vs Karnage (FaNaTiK) + by Greg Packer.

Once again we, (the TeKnoLoGy CoRpS) returned to drain the bar in a different venue, another night which promised to be the ultimate in HaRdCoRe boozeups oops I mean partying and it didn't disappoint. Utilising the more intimate surroundings of the Fire&Ice room upstairs for this 18+ event, the place was rammed for a lot of the night...lots of different crew there too. Also the lads were celebrating my birthday (although it isn't until late October)...so I was right off as usual and also had to go to a wedding beforehand! Violation didn't get to play as someone had the foresight to spill lager on the three-phase power and blow half of it so it was lucky that we weren't all fried! Must say Greg Packer played one of the best sets I've heard him drop for a while...going from Trip Hop and New Beat into Drum+Bass - wicked. Sorry about all the deck-bumping going on - too many people in the DJ box I think and the bloody dramas with a few (who shall remain nameless) people fighting all night didn't help! Respect to everyone...see you at the next one!


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Sabotage : [Sat 9th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Sugar Ray + Phil Smart, Big Mac, Dirty Den, Kriece, Lilly.

"Sabotage, to celebrate their five-year anniversary in conjunction with Detour are proud to present a very special event, a mind-expanding, many-media clubbing experience". This was also the official launch of the second CD in the series-Sabotage Volume 2. One for the House crew, Detour being the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Barleze [Sat 9th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's (DiY Discs Room) :- DJ Digs and Whoosh(UK), Declan, Dan Stinton, James A, Chris Reid, Rudy, Dave Jackson, Matt P.
DJ's (Electroshock room) :- Sire, Mr.W, Tom C and Dave O'Reilly.

One for the House crew. "Digs + Woosh play dirty but groovy House to an intoxicating effect, epic of their splendidly funky deeply exciting and damn essential style". Visit the official website for more info on them.
Greenwich Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone offer a revue?


[Justin Robertson]
-== Justin Robertson : [Sat 16th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Justin Robertson(UK), Phil Cooker, Dan Stinton, Loaded Dice DJs(Fuel), Dave Jackson, Rudy, Saxon, Mallinder and Fat Fluid Crew(in the tent).

Offworld presents this event, featuring Justin Robertson, who is resident at 'Home', 'Ministry of Sound' and ex-'Cream'. "Famed as a remixer and promoter in his own right, he has played all over the world with his skills and a unique mix of Techno, House or Electronic Funk often have him described as one of the world's great DJ's."

Fuel Cafe, Pica Bar and an Artrage Tent were the venues for this 18+ event. Anyone offer a revue???


-== Stungun : [Thu 21st Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Declan, Matt P, Sire, Puff.

Greenwich Bar was the venue for this 18+ Luke Slater 'Wireless' album launch and Tech-House night. Anyone offer a review?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Deep Drum 5 : [Sat 23rd Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Shuey, Greg Packer, Adrian Sardi, Mike L.

Break and Enter productions presented this special event, after their successful midweek Drum n Bass events thru 1999 via the 'Moving Thru Air' and 'Polar Nights'. One for the Jungle + Drum n Bass crew. With lighting by Jase from Outta Space and projections by Cut n Paste.

339 Hay St Perth (Hill St entrance) was the venue for this 18+ event. Review someone?


-== Dynamix : [Sat 23rd Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Choice & Jayd(Awarehouse residents, Hutcho & Kev, Hawkeye(EMAS), Klay(break and Enter), Koan, Zig Zag, Toman & WAMI award winning local live artist Qube and more.

As it promised this was a good old fashioned, back to basics warehouse party in a never before used venue - and what a nice change!! Perth hasn't seen one like this (save 'Wax Off/Skunted') for a while. 'All Out' deserve full credit for putting this together - there wasn't hundreds of crap promised (but not delivered) attractions, just a cool raw party with some simple (but very effective) use of UV decorations...and sometimes that's the best way - and it ended up with an excellent vibe. It was lots of fun to play at and the crowd was up for it too - respect to everyone who made it a great night. I had to come and go a bit, due to another set but whilst I was there, the event featured Qube(nice different Techno/Trance PA guyz), Zig Zag(Hard House), myself + Kev(Trancecore/Bangin - wish we got it on tape dammit!), Jayd + Choice(wicked Goa/Trance). A small warehouse on Hutton St in Osborne Park the venue for this good value $5 all-ages event. See website for more info.


-== Transform : [Sat 23rd Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Joel, Jogy, Quartz, Simon and special guest - Puff.
Chillout Zone DJ's :- Quartz, Ambient Dan, Lara.

These are cool little parties put on by the underground for the underground. City Farm(cnr Brown & Lord St, East Perth) was the venue for this all ages event which is also within a FREE transit zone via Claisebrook Station. Shame this was on the same night both this and 'Dynamix' are typical cool events well worth supporting people! Can anyone give me a revue?


-== Battle For Bedroom DJ Supremacy : [MDJ 25th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- unknown.

Off The Hook and EcKo presented this, the first of four events at the Hyde Park Hotel, to find out who was the king of the bedroom (Hip Hop orientated) DJs with prizes including scratch needles, record vouchers and giveaways. Entry details were at all good stores or for more info see the website. Anyone?


-== Get Down For Ya Crown : [Thu 28th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- TBA.

Off The Hook and EcKo presented this, the second of four events, to find out who was the king of the local (Hip Hop orientated) MCs with prizes including microphones, clothing vouchers and giveaways. Entry details were available from all good stores or for more info on the website.

Greenwich Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


-== Skate Jam, Graf and BBoy Demo : [Fri 29th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Dan the Man, Bilsby, Pawell, Milk Crate Girlz.

Off The Hook and EcKo presented this, the third of four events. With WA's dopest skaters, BBoy throwdown and Graf demo, with prizes and giveaways. Massive video screens and Fat beats.

Pica & Fuel Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


-== Deep City : [Fri 29th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Miriam, Alexis, Hau, James A, Marc, Special K.

The Eastern suburbs kids presented the final Deep City...the closing party. Chicago House and Funk in styles. More events coming soon.

Monkey Bar @ the Brass Monkey Hotel Northbridge was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


-== Swollen Members : [Sat 30th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Swollen Members(Canada), Bilsby, Pawell.

Off The Hook and EcKo presented this, the fourth of four events. "Live from Canada and LA Rock Steady Crew affiliates Mad Child and Prevail with DJ D-Cypha(Sydney DMC finalist) - underground Hip Hop at its best".

Greenwich Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


-== Perth Quake '99 : [Sat 30th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- Robbie Long and Devastate(UK), Dair, Sniper, Menis, Leroy b2b Freestyle.

Fireball Productions presented this event, a big one for the hardcore crew, which featured Robbie Long and Devastate on their 'Next Generation' + 'Blantant Beats' Oz Tour. Two of the UK's finest Happy Hardcore labels and these lads are right at the forefront of release...'Blatant Beats' also featuring DJ Leroy's September-released track. Included a showcase of their brand new album, merchandise and giveaways. Gravity Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Entrance for the night was via the REAR door, which was nice. A solid (not rammed solid) crowd attended this party. Nice bangin tunes all night led the way to the UK ladz getting on the decks. Wicked hardcore sets from both of them and some of the hardest music played by an international for quite a while. Respect for the 'Dance in Eden' and 'Egyptian Horns' dubplates given the 99 remix treatment...which were mad! A good night had here!


-== Labyrinth : [Sat 30th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Aphrodite(UK), Adrian Sardi, Mumbles, Echoic, Shuey, Greg Packer, Smoulder.

Scheemin Productions presented this event...a big one for the Jungle/Jump-Up crew, "featuring Hot on the tail of the release of his new self titled album, UK's DJ Aphrodite - who will be ready to deliver yet another set of funky, ass shakin' Drum n Bass, armed with a whole lot of new party tunes to get the vibe going."

Gilkison's Dance Studio was the venue for this 18+ event. I made it outside, but not in unfortunately due to rather excessive alcohol consumption celebrating my birthday! However my friend who ventured in on my behalf said the night was pretty well supported and the promoters had gone to a fair amount of effort to deliver a good night out. Anyone offer more?


[Ministry 99]
-== Ministry of Sound Australian Tour : [Sat 30th Oct 99] ==-

DJ's (Main room) :- Tall Paul(UK 3hr set), Dave Chambers(UK), Chilli HiFly(Sydney), Puff, Chad D, Kriece, Mr.W and NU-23 Live.
DJ's (Deep Room) :- Spencer Kincey AKA Gemini(Chicago, USA), John Hardy(Sydney), Dave Jackson, Rudy, Dan Stinton, Declan, Martin L.

Presented by Delirium, Ministry of Sound and Kabuki Entertainment 'Clubber's Guide Tour...Australia' took place in a huge new venue which has never been used - and lets face it we never thought anyone could get it anyway! A huge production set out over 2 rooms, joined by escalators : One room featuring more Trancey club sounds and the other deeper, funkier vibes. Ok well what more can be said that probably already hasn't been about this event...which by the numbers that attended (somewhere in the vicinity of 7,000+) has entered itself into the Perth attendance record books at #1. Belmont Park in Burswood was the venue for this 18+ event. I didn't get down there...as I said earlier the booze proved the winner..ah well. I think its fair to say though that a lot of the crowd turned up for sheer curiosity and this was reflected by my friends' who went, comments. I mean I don't think anyone thought a 'rave' as such would get a venue like that...(respect to the promoters for that one!). Sure don't get me wrong lots of people...House crew and previous Perth clubbers/ravers would have been there genuinely to see the DJ's, but I personally know of about 20 people who HATE dance music...yet went because it was going to be 'the biggest ever'. I guess its like the 'Big Day Out' - its trendy to be seen. Nevertheless...as usual from all accounts the promoters not only delivered but so did the DJ's. Anyone else off more?


[Dreams 99]
-== Dreams99 : [Sat 6th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's (Arena 1):- Widow vs Chris(Brisbane 9-11pm), Mental(11-12am), Krank(12-1am), Greg Packer(1-2:30am), Rhino,(2:30-4am), Kevin(4-5am), Hutcho(5-6am).
MC's :- Assassin, Presha and Interjecta.
DJ's (Arena 2):- Jason (11-12am), Cody(12-1am), Rudy(1-2am), Mr.W(2-3am), Adam Kelly(3-4am), Paul Raphael(4-5am), Chris(Brisbane 5-6am).

An event by one faction of the old Technotainment Concepts (NB that is NOT us - we, since 1995 have been the Teknology Corps when we split). The Factory Nightclub was the venue for this all-ages event. Sound problems were a bit of a recurring nightmare for this event, which was quite well-supported although I think there was too much Jungle in one big block...(over 4hrs worth) and it showed with the crowd reaction. Decorations were non-existent...it was basically how the venue always is dark and plain...that's ok I guess. Greg Packer left due to the sound being beyond an acceptable level to mix at. Anyhow when Kev and I went on 4-6am the place was going off and the crowd was up for it and despite a couple of small sound hiccups a good atmosphere in there too! Respect to the hardcore crew at the end who just wouldn't go home...


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== The Sting : [Sat 6th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Gordon Kaye(UK), Dirty Den, Big Mac, Lilly.

Presented by Raggabone, this event showcased one of the UK's most well-known House DJ's. "DJ'ing from 1984, he has played at clubs such as 'Venus', 'Renaissance', 'Chuff Chuff', 'Up Yer Ronson' and 'Back to Basics' in the UK, being voted 11th in DJ Magazines Top100 DJ's. He plays deep+tribal American House up to a harder European style." Detour was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone offer a review?


[Sonic Warfare]
-== Sonic Warfare : [Sat 6th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Joshua Taaffe, Bozza, Sire, Mike Bishop, Simon K, Hamishmoo and Puff.

"A night of deep soundscapes, monotronic beats and elektronic mayhem". 437 Murray St was the venue for this all-ages event. Anyone?


-== Polar : [Thur 11th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Shuey, Mike L, Greg and Adrian Sardi.

This was a small farewell party for Shuey (at the Loft Nightclub)...who was off to the UK for 4-5 months. Anyone?


-== Moby Live : [Fri 12th Nov 99] ==-

Moby(live), the Pound Sound System, Soma Rasa.

Ok so it wasn't a rave, but worthwhile marking the date for the Perth leg of the Oz 'Play' album promo tour of this prolific US Techno artist. Metropolis City Nightclub was the venue for this event. Anyone?


[Frinked Up]
-== All Frinked Up (Part 1) : [Sat 13th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Fuxxy (Hard Hardcore 9-10pm), Leif (95-96 style Hardstep 10-11pm), Leroy+Menis (upfront Happy Hardcore 11-12:30am), Kevin (97 style 12:30-1:30am), Custom (upfront Jungle 1:30-2:30am), Packer (94-95 Hardcore - Danceplanet style 2:30-3:30am), Binge (Darkside Tunes 3:30-4:30am), Hutcho (Classic Breaks, Darkside and Bangin 4:30-6am).
MC's :- Presha, Assassin, Kevin, Reken

Another party brought to you by ravers for ravers. The Beechboro Crew presented their first event at Gravity and it was a good one! A lot like the like the Hard Boiled series, there was a special VIP party 9-10pm with free kegs which were very popular as usual. These lads are very much after our own heart and party hard with the best of them, so this event came highly recommended...a good crowd was raving hard when we got in there after midnight - Leroy + Menis on the decks. Kev played a nice solid set of upfront and hardcore favourites. Custom hit the decks afterwards with Drum+Bass, followed by Greg Packer with a slightly unusual set. Binge came on with some darkside before I hit em with some 91-93 underground classics and darkside...finishing with some Gabba because I think its been too long since Perth heard some in the clubs - the usual suspects going spastic! A good night had by all >hic<.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Loaded Dice : [Sat 13th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Loxy(UK), Greg Packer, Krank, Diamond D, Echoic, Mystique and Klay.

Yet another Loaded Dice event, which are always good value for money...the Diamond D crew do the job everytime. This time featuring DJ Loxy from the Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware camps. He had also played at an Artrage-style event in Forest Place from 10pm as well.Renownedd for his heavyweight Drum+Bass sets, he has played alongside some of the UK Jungle scene's biggest...so some quality tunes were expected and apparently delivered over a rather brutal 2hr set - Greg Packer said to me it was one of the darkest sets he's heard and he was really going off about it...typical I miss the good ones. Shame it was on the same night as so much else. Fire & Ice Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Copies of his set will be available for sale from Central Station.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Prism 101 : [Sat 13th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- JR, Ant, Fuxxy, Frantik,Ruffkutt, Scotty G, Lumberjack, Detinator.

Another in the series of these class little events at this cool warehouse. Damn too much was on in one night...again! Featured "bouncin Jungle and bangin Techno". The warehouse at 65 Edward St was the venue for this all ages event. Apparently quite well supported as usual we didn't get there till the morning and it was still pumping! Anyone else?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Tresor : [Sat 13th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Tobias Schmidt(Germany), Dave Tarrida(Scotland), Sire, Mr.W, Longwon, Tom-C.

Presented by Ctrl+Alt+Del (I like that) this was yet another event on this very busy night! Tobias Schmidt and Dave Tarrida came to Perth direct from a residency and live PAs at Glasgow's 'Test' Club, as well as touring the US and Europe they have produced tracks for Tresor Records(Berlin) as well as their own label Sativae Recordings. With releases on many other Techno labels and collaborations with other artists such as Christian Vogel, DJ Hell and Adam-X, they get around. Surprisingly "performing live on SL1200 MKIIs in a 4 hour set" - well what if they only had MKIs?? hehe
Players Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone offer a revue? For more info visit - Elektroshock


[Eardrum Torture]
-== Eardrum Torture : [Mon 15th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Kaotic Kid, Skeptik, John T, Berzerk, Izrael.

Presented by Hardline Rekordingz to "celebrate two years of releasing cassettes, records and generally being annoying on a global scale" plus the launch of the a new sub-label "Hardline Yellow" purely for Perth artists. A free event on a night normally when nothing else is on to do. Worth checking out if you're into the underground hardcore sound.
Send demo tapes and all correspondence to: PO Box 1081, Canning Bridge WA 6153. Email abuse and complaints to: hardlinerekordingz@yahoo.com

Venue : FUEL Bar(next to the PICA), James Street 8pm-late. 18+ event.
Tickets : FREE entry on the door.


[Droppin Breaks]
-== Droppin Breakz : [Thur 18th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Frantik, Ant606, Internatty, Mark Veenstra, Klay, Kaiser, Echoic,Ruffkutt.
MC's :- Method

Presented by Storm Promotions and the Bass Agenda Crew. A nice cheap event on a night normally when nothing else is on to do. These are always worth checking out if you're into breaks and Drum&Bass. Taipan Room was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== CSU Live : [Thur 18th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- CSU (Live PA).

Presented by Total Bitch Productions. Another event, this one free...on a night normally when nothing else is on to do. CSU are worth checking out if you're into Trance, Electronica and local live Techno talent. Apparently quite a cosy crowd packed into the Hyde Park Hotel for this 18+ event. Anyone else?


[ No Flyer ]
-== Gravity Final Night : [Sat 20th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Sniper(10-12am), Dair(12-1am), Hutcho(1-2am), Kevin(2-3am), Leroy(3-4am), Leroy+Menis(back2back 4-5am), Menis(5-6am).
MC's :- Matrix, Ruffkut, Scrappa and more.

This was the FINAL night of Gravity (and Detour for that matter - at least at the Globe this century!) - and a big it was as yet another hardcore outpost is shut down! After five years and multiple visits from Internationals such as Slipmatt, The Producer, Lenny Dee, Grooverider, Kenny Ken, Swann-e, Sy, Dougal, Hixxy, Brisk + Rush, SS + MC Warren G, Dr.S.Gachet, Shy Fx, MC/DJ Ribbz, and lately Robbie Long and Devastate. This really is the end-of-an-era for the Perth scene...although something is in the air early next year at the latest as to alternative venues and nights...keep an eye on this page and the Hot-News one for info as it happens. The last night was crowded a lot of the night, after some technical hitches for Sniper (namely only one deck!) the night went fairly smoothly. Bangin upfront and classics Hardcore, Breaks and a bit of Gabba thrown in by me were the order of the night and I'd have to say this was the most "do you want one more choon" shouts ever! A wicked night except for the actions of one bouncer who decided to remind everyone how brainless 'roid-munchers can be, by badly bashing one of our crew purely for sitting on the bar. Thats not a reflection on other security there eg Geordie etc who only commend respect for they way they operate. Respect out to the Raggabone & Taipan Room crews for the cool comedown party afterwards too.


[Pines Map 99]
-== Pines 99 : [Sat 20th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Ondy, Muse, Micah, Dr.Claw, Twitch, Halal.

Presented by MBMA, this event featured bangin Acid Techno, Psytrance, solid rhythmical beats for audio and the Aurora Vortex laser and heaps of intelligent lighting for eye candy. Apparently one of the biggest ones yet.
If you've never been to one of these events then you've missed out. Tucked away out in the bush surrounded by a forest of trees and using the lights & lasers to guide you there...they're well worth the somewhat adventurous drive - it was a map-directed party for this free-entry, all age event. Quite a lot of people I spoke to though said so many people ignored the very blatant instructions and got bogged driving into the wrong areas - so tow trucks were busy to say the least and of course bogged cars cause obstructions to others. As is usual with these events...I was told about 4am that it had been shut down...why do those rumours start?

This is a (slightly shortened) review by Hardcore Thang - cheers for that man.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Choke ² : [Sat 20th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Cody, Rudy, Kane, Groover, G Money.

Presented by B.I.O this was "A night of intelligent House...and ass-slapping beats". Not really any more info than that available.

Fire & Ice Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Hardknox : [Fri 26th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Hardknox(UK), Echoic, BJam, Greg Packer, Andrew Vranjes, Smoulder.

6RTRFM, Jive Electro and Cyan presented this BigBeat/Nu Skool Breaks event. Hardknox are described as the 'new Prodigy' because of their brutal aggressive acid breakbeats. They have remixed The Crystal Method, Faith No More and The Jungle Brothers and are currently signed to 'Jive Electro' Records.Renownedd for their live shows which feature Lindy Layton (ex Beats International) on vocals, male and female strippers and it made for a gig a decent-sized crowd considered worth checking out. Unfortunately they did not play live as such, but chose to Dj instead...much akin to their hyped style...nice ruff beats but no strippers whichdisappointedd the unusually large male crowd...ah well! Good event as usual, respect out to Mr.W and the crew, big up to Puff who was hell boozy! (but not more than KaRnAgE and I hehe). Players Lounge was the venue for this 18+ event.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== DJ Sash : [Fri 26th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJ Sash!(Germany) and more TBA.

One of the world's most commercially-successful dance acts having sold 12 million singles and 6 million albums. Some of his best known tracks include 'Stay' with La Trec.

Church Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. My friend Simon offered these comments : "Well I got bored there...the first 1/2 of his set was kind of mellow. I left after that but a few of my friends stayed the whole time and they said it really picked up towards the end and I should have stayed. It was a lot of fairly new Euro-style dance music I hadn't heard before. But he did play some old classics. He played a few of his own tracks of course...there was even 'Everybody's Free to Feel Good' by Rozalla track remixed with some funky beats in there." Good night apparently.


[Chris Gray]
-== Chris Gray : [Sat 27th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's :- Chris Gray(Chicago USA), Jason Burton, Declan, Mike Ray, James A, Special K, Hau Tran and Sire.

Elektroshock.com presents this event where Chris Gray will make a rare DJ appearance. He has had many releases on labels such as 'Fragmented', 'Subwoofer', 'Tekrite' and more recently 'Trackmode' as well as his own label 'Deep4Life Recordings'. "Bring your lover, your heart and your soul for a truly spiritual journey."
Just a shame its on the same night as Reunion...also broadcast live on the web via Invurt. Also check out Deep4Life and Elektroshock sites

Players Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Surprisingly there was a big crowd for this event considering the Reunion-factor. Chris Gray played a set of deep US House for around a three hour set. Anyone else?


[Reunion 99]
-== Reunion (The Final Chapter) : [Sat 27th Nov 99] ==-

DJ's (Rave Anthems tent) :- Rewind(10-12am), Size(12-1am), Kevin(1-4am), Hutcho(4-5:30am).
DJ's (Club Classics room) :- Glenn Magor(10-11am), Steve Mason(11-12am), Space Ace(12-1am), Miggy(1-2am), JJ(2-3am), Big Mac(3-3:10am), Greg Packer(3:10-4am), Jay(4-5am), Slipmatt(UK 5-7:35am).

Zanadu Nightclub(old Exit) was the venue for this huge event and you would have thought that because it was the fifth and final in the series, something special would have transpired. However there definitely was TWO very different arenas that night...and not just the music set them apart.
Arena1(Hardcore) - was too small, with a crap sound system, bricks for a dancefloor and NO lager (enough cause for anarchy itself - although we still got em in there haha!). This arena was supposed to have been featured in a huge marquee in the carpark next door(the old burger barn carpark - butlicensingg stopped that in its trax. So a temporary solution was to block off the front wall of the next-door house and make some steps(which were bloody awful to use) to climb over the walls in between. The tent was in the backyard of the house and could maybe squeeze 100 or so punters in at a time, still when I finally got in there at midnight, it was a good, friendly atmosphere. DJ Size was spinning when I got there and the breaks were going down quite well. Kevin hit the decks next for what turned out to be a marathon 3hr set due to Greg P. being moved to the main arena. I went next with 91-93 darkside and more breaks than perhaps I normally play...but what tha hell eh? The crowd was up for it at 4am and the people in there were making the best of it...respect (ain't scratched that much for ages either) cheers also to KaRnAgE for fetching me a continual stream of lager and for holding the staging whilst I was scratching otherwise it was jumping the records all over tha place!

Arena2(the House) - too many 'roidy coked-up posers & it was the big arena on the night, but the raver-to-poser ratio in there was not good at all. Still saving graces were Greg Packer's set at 3am (yes he DID play) and the true ravers having a good one despite the crap. The House arena was definitely on the sleazy-side, with many girls I talked to complaining of the guys in there, for me it was the beer price hehe. Glen Magor apparently played some good solid tunes as did Steve Mason before I got there. Miggy played some classics, but Chemical Brothers from '97? JJ went for the more clubby-James St 93-94 sound, Big Mac did his three (yes only 3!) choons to allow Greg Packer to play and at least there was one set of true rave classics in there. I missed Jay's set as I was playing but heard it was some weird dancefloor-clearing Trance. Slipmatt once again dropped a bizarre choice of choons, 45mins of Leederville-inspired House (why??) and then into, well I guess a pretty good set of Old School, but crikey the SAME mixes again? Greg Packer and I were discussing the next mixes before they happened, 'Cubic 22', 'Feel So Real' etc...sigh...his explanation? That he plays them all over the world and the obvious classics are the ones that make the crowds go wild. Hmm I digress...ah well, same again NEXT time Matt? Personally these days I prefer to play only the underground classics and let the obvious stuff be dropped by the rest, to me thats what it was all about anyhow back then the hard, underground core of music was where the cutting edge was then and certainly is still now.

Its a shame if it is the last one...but I suppose someone else will take up the old school-style events and maybe they should to cater more for the hardcore raver????


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-== Trancemit vs. Hybrid/Drumcode : [Fri 3rd Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Adam Beyer(Sweden), Cari Lekebusch(Sweden), Puff and Mr.W.

"Nexus presented the next in their series of intimate techno-allnighters with special guests from Sweden, Techno champions Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch in an exclusive LIVE show.".
Every ticket purchased presale received a free Trancemit mix tape mixed by Puff/Mr.W - thats good value for money whichever way you look at it...
Players Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event, we didn't make it as we were in the studio. anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Reload Opening : [Sat 4th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Slipmatt(UK), Big Mac, Lilly, Dirty Den and other unknowns.

The grand opening of the new House club by the Raggabone Crew. Zanadu Nightclub (old Exit) was the venue for this night. I guess a potentially big one. Anyone?


[Gathering Of The Gods]
-== Gathering Of The Gods : [Sat 4th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Colin Dale(UK), Influence(UK), Funkee Junkee(UK), DJ Double J(Sydney), Mr.W, Greg Packer, Zig Zag, Kriece, The Tech, Jayd, Matt Dec, Internatty, Splinke and DJ LC.

Potentially this was a huge party - multiple flyers (four different ones) put around town, internationals and it promised one of the biggest (and previously unobtainable) venues ever to be used for a rave - Claremont Showgrounds. But due to an apparent (read bloody typical) turnaround in policy, the WA Agricultural Society pulled the pin early last week...so it was hastily moved to Redheads (upstairs). The 'licenced bar' was only open till 1am so we were cheesed off on that alone, the dual-head holographic laser(which if you haven't seen one is worth going for alone...they're mad) was nowhere to be seen. Influence was playing some old, some new Jungle when we turned up and the crowd obviously was not into it, about 90% of them leaving over the space of about 10 minutes - which led to someone very quickly replacing him but too late as the crowd was already out the door. A shame as this could have been huge and shouldn't have been one to have been shut down early, but many people I think were wary of the event (too many flyers with varying info on didn't help either) and rumours were rife as to it being cancelled, DJ's not playing etc. Anyone offer any more?


[Blazin v1.0]
-== Blazin 1.0 : [Sun 5th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- MPK(Adelaide), Greg Packer, Internatty vs Kaiser, Viper vs Custom, Ruffkut vs Frantic, Skelly vs Fuxxy.
MC's :- Internatty vs MC Method.

Resin presented this special hardcore Sunday Drum+Bass, Ragga and Nu-Skool breaks event featuring MPK - ones of Australia's best Jungle DJ's. Also featured CD giveaways of "Outback Drum+Bass" off Bigdog Records. Scallywags Bar was the venue for this 18+ event. Damn we didn't make it...KaRnAgE and I had been up all weekend and I mean ALL weekend in the studio writing tunes and driving wasn't a physical possibility unfortunately...Anyone???


-== Groove Unit [Sat 11th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Richard Campbell(Melb), Joe Moore, Brookes, Kid Beats, Mark Paterson.

"Playing at such parties such as 'Earthcore', 'Terriyaki' and 'Centrifugal', Melbourne's Richard Campbell blend of Tech-Disco beats have been constantly sending floors into a frenzy". Was probably worth a look as this Saturday night was in the big lull before Xmas and NYE and was a bit quiet to say the least. Spirit Soundbar was the venue for this free entry event. Anyone??


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Scallywags Special : [Sun 12th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Skelly(6-7pm), Greg Packer(7-8pm), Kevin(8-9pm), Hutcho(9-10pm), Skelly(10-10:30pm).
MC's :- Method, Ruffkut - cheers guys!

HaRdbOiLeD and Resin Crews united to present another special hardcore Sunday - the long-awaited Resin Crew vs tEkNoLoGy Corps/HaRdbOiLeD Crew gig. This was supposed to happen on the 5th, but we made way for MPK. A nice tidy crowd brought their lager and hardcore appetites! The perfect end to the weekend, after the Glory game in true HaRdbOiLeD style. Scallywags Bar was the venue for this 18+ event and is well worth the trip up the freeway to check out each week. Shouts out to everyone who helped make this Sunday a good night.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== The Church Special Event : [Sun 12th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Andy Carroll(UK) others TBA.

The Church presented this special event with the Co-Founder of Cream and who is also a resident DJ at Ibiza (mind you isn't everyone?). Shame it wasn't on a Saturday...be a much bigger crowd. One for the House crew for sure. Church Nightclub was the venue for this 18+ event. Anyone??


[Eardrum Torture 2]
-== Eardrum Torture 2 : [Mon 13th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Jay Cee, Neurotic, John T, Berzerk and Izrael.

"Once again it's on for young and old. The crew of boring old men and non drug taking tools at Hardline Rekordingz Perth are back to their usual shenanigans at the FUEL Bar. Free entry, four hours of hardcore supplied by turntable operators who aren't tossers. Now for all the good bits about the night...NO happy hardcore.. NO MCs.. NO tossers or people with attitude.. NO flaunting white labels or test presses or dub plates around.. NO glossy twenty six page full colour booklet or flashy advertising material.. NO DJs playing with the sole intention of impressing or picking up "the chicks".. ABSOLUTELY NO TRENDY DEEP HOUSE or the like.. NO staying up past midnight because us boring old men have to go to work Tuesday morning at 8.. NO carnival style attractions.. NO old school "best of 92-94" zone etc etc.. so what do we have left? Hmm.. a FREE evening of quality music (with a large content of locally produced tracks off hardline records) where you can sit down with your mates and relax 'nuff said?" .

Venue : Fuel Cafe 8pm-1am. An 18+ event.
Tickets : FREE entry.


[Remedy 99]
-== Remedy : [Thurs 16th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Cody(9-10pm), Hutcho vs Splink-E(9:30-11pm), Greg Packer(11:20-12:20am), Cody(?), Lumberjack, Frantic, El Hornet, Tim Dearle(4-5am).

This was a special event by new crew Pineapple Productions - featuring Old School, Jungle, House and more. Also a CD launch for local artists. It featured B-boy & onstage dancers (looked nice girls!) and a laser show. Metropolis City was the venue for this gig and unfortunately as with the 'Illusion' shambles earlier this year (due to licensing crap), the event had to kick out the underage crew at 11pm, after my back2back set of '92-'93 Old School with Splink-E - which was a shame as they were going off - respect to you guys. After everyone had made their way out then the overage crew could come back in and Greg Packer proceeded to rip it up with a nice Old School set which got the place going, to be followed by Cody I believe who went back to the deep-House tip and the atmosphere kind of died a bit then, but we stayed till after 2am and work the next day was not good I can tell you. Must say also drinks in the were hell expensive as well. Respect to the Pineapple Crew who did their best with a difficult night! Shouts out to Kev and Interjecta for rippin up tha mic too!


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-== Special Event : [Thur 16th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Rodin and effects, Audio Cephlon Live PAs.

DJ from 8pm onwards and live acts on approx 9-9:30pm. Nice little underground electronica gigs...well worth checking out. Hyde Park Hotel is the venue for this series of 18+ events. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Paul Daley : [Fri 17th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Paul Daley(Leftfield UK), Dave Jackson, Dan Stinton, Declan, Joby, Gully.

Paul Daley, a member of excellent Ambient/Big Beat/Electro group Leftfield visited Perth in a DJ role. Event was in the upper level Main Arena of Redheads. This should've been quite worth checking out. One person said they thought it could've been harder. Anyone have info on this 18+ event?


[Meltdown 99]
-== Meltdown99 : [Sat 18th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- DJs Anton, Lok, Benton, Giff, Ilja, Shane and more TBA.

"Music styles include : chilling Ibizanesque beach sounds, building through Groove, Hip-Hop and Funk before stepping up to House, Dance, Trance and more Progressive styles."
Attractions advertised included 20kW sound, 30kW Lighting, footage + live video visuals, licensed bar, bus and entry to the Sapphire Bar at shutdown and a recovery party on Sunday AM.

Cottesloe Beach Surf Life Saving Club was the venue for this 18+ event. Check out the website here for more info. Anyone?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Deep Funk : [Thu 23rd Dec 99] ==-

Main Bar DJ's :- (House) Dan Stinton, Declan, Matty P, James A, Chris Reid, Gear, Mike Ray.
Plan B DJ's :- (Drum and Bass) Greg Packer, Adrian Sardi, B-Jam, Klay, Mike L.

Break and Enter and In House Productions together presented this event featuring a big night of fresh underground sounds in Perth's latest two-room venue, the Spirit Sound Bar. Anyone have any info on how this 18+ event went?


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-== Awakening : [Fri 24th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- 4-Matt(10-11pm), Internatty(11-12am), Kevin(12-1am), Hutcho vs Karnage(1-2am), Diamond D(2-3am), Mental(3-4am), Rhino(4-5am).
MC's :- Assassin, Presha, Corruptor.

Special Xmas Eve event presented by Technotainment Concepts (NB that is NOT us - we, since 1995 have been the TeKnOloGy Corps when we split). The Factory was the venue for this all ages event. Not many people seemed to deem it worthy to venture out the night before Xmas (town was absolutely dead even for Perth on Xmas Eve), but those that did went right off to a hard mix of dark Drum n Bass + Jungle. Respect out to the MC's too for rippin it up on the mic.


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Catharsis : [Sun 26th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- Facter(9-9:30pm), Illicit(10-11pm), Hutcho vs Karnage(11-12:30ampm), Frantic, Lumber Jack, Guillaume.

Special Boxing Day event by a new promoter. Metropolis Concert Club was the venue for this 18+ event. A strange (mainly commercial crowd?) was present...Illicit has to be said, played a wicked set of live PA mixed with Big Beat DJ'ing. My set of Drum n Bass back2back with KaRnAgE only lasting 40mins before we were replaced by Gully who then only got ten or so minutes to play his House to try to keep the punters there before they shut the downstairs area on him as well - oh well what can you do. From there the crowd (and crew!) moved upstairs and proceeded to drink the bar dry. Anyone else?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Special Event : [Thur 30th Dec 99] ==-

DJ's :- CSU - Live PA.

Featured a DJ from 8pm onwards and live acts on 9pm onwards. Nice little underground electronica gigs these...worth checking out. Hyde Park Hotel was the venue for this free entry, 18+ event. Anyone?


[Science Fiction 99]
-== Science Fiction Millenium : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

DJ's (House Room) :- Ian Pooley(Germany) exclusive 3hr set, DJ Heaven(UK) exclusive 3hr set, Christian Smith(Sweden) special funky house set, Dave Jackson, Rudy, Chad D, Kriece, Declan, Martin L, Dan Stinton.
DJ's Tronic Techno Room :- Christian Smith(Sweden) exclusive 3hr Techno/Tech-House set, Joel Mull(Sweden) exclusive 3hr Techno set, Puff, Mr.W, Troy, Michael Bishop, Dave O'Reilly, Sire.
DJ's Rhythm Bug Beats and Breaks Room :- Laidback(UK) exclusive 3hr Beats + Electro cut-up, Groove Armada(Live ISDN Link in Melbourne) 2hr set, Dan the Man, Bilsby, Roc Riley, Echoic, Black Belt Champions, Mallinder.
DJ's Drum'n'Bass Room :- Doc Scott(Live ISDN Link in Melbourne) 2hr set, Echoic, B'Jam, Clay, Krank, Diamond D, Adrian Sardi, Andrew Vranjes, Frantik.
Plus MC's :- Interjecta, Method, Ruffkut

Delirium, Spiral and Luminous presented this huge NYE event...which seemingly has surpassed previous crowd-records and taken the title as WA's biggest-ever rave - well done guys! Belmont Racecourse was the venue for this 8pm till very late morning 18+ event. Ok so it was the most expensive event of the year (or ever) but a lot was on offer and these crews never disappoint with their productions...always going just that little bit further to give the punter a good night. Unfortunately I missed it...NYE I hate moving from one venue to the next...plus to be honest I was in no state to drive! I do think it is also fair to say though that, like Ministry of Sound, it was a party a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon with and went along to 'because it was going to be the biggest ever' as my friend said...but possibly not the best reasons for choosing a party over others (nothing against the promoters they delivered!). I was told there was some problem with the ISDN links to the Eastern States (Telstra also stuffed up my new phone numbers so no surprise there hehe!). Few comments from people who were there :-

  • DJ Heaven's set quite a few people found rather haphazard and didn't build to any peak just went everywhere.
  • Laidback played a good set, longer than scheduled (due to a problem with the set from Groove Armada via ISDN).
  • Decorations were lacking...although lighting, sound etc was great.
  • Too big! I lost everyone all night...who's got my car keys?
  • This from Julieanne - What the hell was going on with that queue??? We got there at 10:15pm and our friends waited in the queue - they didn't get in till 12:15am missing NYE inside. Pity! They spent all that money on a ticket and didn't even see midnight in there. Respect to Supergirl and the Blonde who gave me some water.

Anyone else?


[XS 2000]
-== XS2000 : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

DJ's :- Dair(9-10pm), Kevin(10-11pm), Hutcho(11-12am), Freestyle(12-1am), Leroy(1-2am), Rhino b2b Mental(2-3am), Menis(3-4am), Splinke(4-5am), Matt Dec(5-6am).
MC's :- Assassin, Kronic, Presha, Pete, Sense, Matrix, Nasty.

XS / Pure Silk Productions presented this special all age hardcore event "to take you into the new millenium in style featuring TeKnoloGy CoRpS & Gravity Crew DJ's at a huge newly renovated 2 level venue". This event directly catered for the Hardcore, Jungle, Old School and Trancecore crews. The flyer told punters not to expect the same old venue everyone remembered from events gone by...this building had been completely renovated late in the year and now included a viewing level and much larger dancefloor.

The (very refurbished) Hellenic Centre on Stirling St was the venue for this all ages event. I got there finally about 10pm and Kev was ripping it up on the dex with a nice solid set of Happy Hardcore classics. As the crowd built up, I did the 11-12am slot with a mixture of '92-'93 breaks and after much deliberation (& suggestions from many people for the last track of 1999) about what to play leading up to midnight (last track of the century blah blah etc etc) I decided to go hard...why? Because I can hehe and anyway not enough people play that hard anymore so people got Lenny Dee's 'OTT Raw' (so many people asked me what it was called). Midnight was its usual bedlam of DJ's swapping, hugs, streamers, beer everywhere and some poor girl dropping her contact lens on a floor covered in confetti! Freestyle followed me with a set of bangin favourites and uplifting anthems. Rhino and Mental's set was to say the least a bit of a blur hehe (and for them too I must say!) but I do remember some cool Jungle being dropped. Menis picked up the pace again with his harder-edged Happy Hardcore and was rather happy (cue stream of abuse to sound guy hehe) to say the least when the monitor was finally replaced! I missed Splinke's set (sorry man!) but caught the last of Matt Dec's Trancecore which rounded the night off nicely...
One big problem on the night was the DJ monitor which varied between the non-existent and barely audible, so playing was hard to say the least. I forgot my padlock keys for my DJ box, so a big ta to Kev for saving my sanity with a key I could pick em with 5mins before I went on! Also I must apologise to anyone we told to [ahem], well leave us alone whilst we were playing but to be honest some people have no sense of timing - eg the girl who tried to hug Kev, Freestyle and I just as we were about to do the countdown and especially the guy pulling my sleeve to make a request whilst I was scratching...he really copped a serve!...Aside from that, one stonking gig...respect to the HaRdCoRe crew!


[M&M's 99)
-== 180º (formerly M&M) : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

DJ's :- Greg Packer(12-3am), JJ vs FBI, Krank vs Klay, Dan Stinton, Dave O'Reilly, Muller vs Frantik, Adrian Sardi vs Dan Lucas.
Jase from Outta Space (live).

M.F.I crew (Evolution/Spectrum Scitech raves) presented this event. The event formerly known as M&M had to change its name at the last minute to 180º due apparently to the makers of the chocolates intervening bigtime with a threat over the name usage. Anyhow the party went ahead as planned just under a new name...hence the new flyers which appeared around town the Xmas week. Greg Packer was advertised as playing 'an exclusive 3hr set' and this is true - this is the only event he played at NYE and apparently it was a ripper of a set too. A warehouse near Claisebrook Train station in East Perth was the venue for this 8pm-9am all ages event. Some people I spoke to said they didn't realise it was a primarily-Jungle party...well I'd have to say to be honest people you need to research your NYE and the events & DJ's on offer a little better next time. Anyone else offer a revue please?


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== 2FunK : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

DJ's :- Chris Wright, Paul Gamblin, Brother B(RTR Black + Blue DJ's), Chad, Clay + Dave(Big Ear DJs), Choice, Bebo, Paul Malone, Phil Cooker and T-Mac.
With Rhibosome, John Butler Trio and Proton (live).

Groovin You + Cooker presented this event which seemed to cater for the alternative-dance crew. Promising "two big sound systems, an indoor groove lounge + outdoor action area, visuals, bubbly, CD giveaways and more."
Phillimores club in Fremantle was the venue for this 7pm-late, 18+ event. At $75+bf it was one of the pricier events going. Anyone offer a revue?


[Heavenly Space]
-== Heavenly Space : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

DJ's :- Pinto, DJ Fusion.

The Church presented this event for the more commercially-orientated dance crew. Attractions included "The space odyssey lightshow, synchronised pyrotechnics, space party packs, giveaways all night, complimentary beer and wine, champagne and shelf spirits 7-8pm". The Church Nightclub obviously was the venue for this 9pm-late, 18+ event.
See also the website.


[Tasty 99]
-== Tasty 99 - A New World : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

DJ's :- Big Mac, Lilly, Dirty Den, Dazz K, Cody, Space Ace, Kriece.

The Raggabone Crew presented this House+Club orientated event at Zanadu Nightclub (the old Exit). Offered an "Awesome light show consisting of Cyberlights and Mac500s to be specially programmed to showcase the spectacular Gem Collection from Meterolites". Apparently not the big event on the night by any means but I think its also fair to say that the club was also only very new so a fanbase is yet to be really built up. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== Cyber 2000 : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

Level 1 DJ's :- Bexta (live + DJ set), Saul Bliss, Dazz-K, Qube(live).
Also featured Gruchy(video production from Sydney) and Bexta's Supa Duper Dancers.
Level 2 DJ's :- Joby, Gully, Milly.

Also featured Mega screens showing visuals & live action from around the video and Cyberdancers.

The Redheads Crew presented this 2-level, 4-arena, 6-bar House+Club orientated event. Featuring a Chillout Room and Arena(outdoor garden) with midnight fireworks. Tickets featured priority entry to Redhead's recovery with DJ Joby.
Well I don't know anyone who was here...yet. Although I was told Northbridge was like a warzone as usual, so probably not the best location...at least if you had to park your car nearby and pray to God that it'd be there in the morning. Anyone???


[ Scan ASAP ]
-== CNCMM : [Fri 31st Dec NYE 99] ==-

Room 1 DJ's :- Scout, Curlee, Kinky, Hustler.
Room 2 DJ's :- Hustler, Scout, Milly, Curlee.

The Connections Crew presented this 2-arena, House+Club orientated event. Room 2 for the night was Plaka's Takeaway downstairs and also the right-of-way out the back of the club was in use, to increase the floorspace fourfold. Each arena featured independent sound and lighting as well as pyrotechnics. NB this is a gay club so people attending had to expect the obvious...ie don't go if you have a problem with that. But this is THE best sound system in a Perth nightclub...without a doubt...they own it and it is hell solid...almost close to the solid pounding in Berlin years ago. Apparently not doing so well as the owners spent big to provide a quality event, but the numbers perhaps just weren't there. I was told Milly played a blinder set at some point during the night. Anyone else?


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