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On this page I will try to maintain a complete contact details + info page for ALL shops that stock Dance Music in Perth, Western Australia.

Thought this might come in handy whether you're a local, an overseas visitor or just starting out - To give you tips where to maybe look for specific styles, formats, equipment etc.



78 Records


Genres - mainly Dance mainstream commercial, compilations
Stock - CD (huge selection) + some Cassette, Vinyl
Revue : Best for CDs, but re vinyl ... Sardi and Mallinder (+ others) have worked here from time-to-time and so you can often find some very different stuff that you won't get elsewhere. However a lot of the regular staff can't help with underground Dance vinyl/CD queries to deeply.
Note - Usually one of the best + most reliable for CD orders.

914 Hay St
Perth WA 6000
Phone +61 (08) 9322 6384



Click on this wicked pic below of the store inside to see how much is in stock ->
Booksabilia Shop Panorama

Genres - Nice variety of new & old styles to browse through.
Stock - Vinyl (12", 7" & 78's, CD's, DvD's, Pianola Reels, Sheet Music, Books, Collectables, Posters, Some Instruments, and lots more.
Revue : Have yet to be there myself yet - hope to add a visit/review soon, but Pat & Colin that run the store are very pleasant & passionate about it (even via email), so very likely they run the store the same way...which is always a good sign.

67 Oats St, Carlisle
Perth WA 6101
Phone +61 (08) 9362 3662
Open 10-5pm Tues to Sat

Complex Records (formerly Purveyor)


Genres - Specialises in Ambient, Electronica, Deep House + Garage, Jazzy experimental sounds from round the world.
Stock - Vinyl, CD, Cassette
Revue : I don't personally shop there, but some people swear by them. Run by DJ's so expect a better clue behind the counter.
Open 11-6 Weekdays (until 9pm Tues and Fri)
Upstairs Mitchells Building
William St, Perth WA 6000
Phone +61 (08) 9322 4950

Dada Records

Genres - All styles of music & dance - biggest range in Perth
Stock - Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Video / DvD
Revue : Great for Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Jungle, Trancecore, Trip-Hop, Techno etc & the best secondhand bin of House, Rave, Gabba, Hardcore, Drum n Bass etc. Also huge selection of Alternative, Jazz, Rock etc etc classics.
In-store DJ staff :- JJ (Aberdeen), Chad (Rhibosome) etc, probably the most experienced records store staff in Perth. I've been going there myself since 1983. Is in process of phasing out vinyl section, so all records (new or 2ndhand) are 50% off - well worth a look!
36 Pier St
Perth WA 6000
Phone +61 (08) 9325 2666

DJ Funktions


Genres - House, Tech, Drum'n'Bass, 2nd hand section etc, DJ equipment - headphones, CD/Vinyl decks etc, rentals of lighting and sound etc and a DJ tuition course is offered as well. Nice shop and offering a different angle to the scene.
In-store DJ staff :- Canasta etc
616 Stirling Hwy
Mosman Park 6102
(opp train station)
Phone +61 (08) 9286 4433

Enigma's Record Shop

Genres - Various.
Over 3000+ Records in Stock at any one time - all $3 each.
Art Deco Rustic Athmosphere, seating, big video Screen.
Coffee lounge as well as doing 3 Camera video clips for free (solo's, duo's and trio's).
813 Beaufort St
Inglewood WA 6052
Phone +61 (08) 9371 6249

The DJ Factory

*** CLOSED MARCH 2014 (Approx) ***

Genres - 2 Step/Garage, Jungle/Drum n Bass, Breaks, Hardcore, Hi Nrg, House, Trance, Techno, Hardstyle etc
Stock - Vinyl, CD, Tape, DvD...DJ equipment - headphones, cables, CD/vinyl decks etc, production equipment, rentals of lighting and sound etc as well, basically a complete scene supply shop and the staff are very helpful + laidback in their dealing with punters.
Revue : Well-stocked shop, it certainly has got the lot. Cheaper vinyl prices here than most elsewhere too.
In-store DJ staff :- Kenny L, Riki, Gully (RiP) etc
Unit 1/222 James St, Northbridge
Perth WA 6003
PO Box 202, Northbridge 6865
Phone +61 (08) 9228 1911
Fax +61 (08) 9228 0511 or 9444 4817

Mills Records

Genres - Breaks, Techno, D'n'B, Tech-House & much more...
Stock - Vinyl, CD, Cassette
Revue : I don't personally regularly get to shop there, although I understand they have a fresh range of tunes not found elsewhere...Worth a look, some good second hand stuff as well.
In-store DJ staff :- DJ Lachsteady ex-Dadas guru and the man knows his music.
Open 9am-7pm Mon 2 Fri, Sat + Sun 10am-6pm
22 Adelaide St
Fremantle, WA
Phone +61 (08) 9335 1945

Next Level Records

* CLOSED DOWN - Awaiting (Hopeful) Resurrection Asap! *

Genres - Drum'n'Bass, HaRdCoRe, Breaks, Electro, DubStep, Hip Hop etc
Stock - Vinyl, mixtapes, Cds, DJ Equipment - Turntables, Mixers, CDJs, Merchandise.
Review : Wicked selection you won't find anywhere else - honestly the pick for records in Perth these days - friendly, casual service, they get the tunes in you order & it's fresh off the plane!
108 Barrack St (downstairs)
Perth WA
Phone +61 (08) 9221 6864

Replay Records


Genres - All Rock, Classic, Mainstream, Hip Hop/Rap Stock - Vinyl, CD, Tapes, DvD, Music Sheets, Memorabilia, Guitar Strings etc
Revue : I don't personally regularly get to shop there, but the family business has a LOT of collector's knowledge inhouse & very friendly.
Open 9am-5pm Mon 2 Fri, Sat + Sun 10am-5pm
5 Royal Street
Kenwick WA
Phone Phone +61 (08) 9459 0745

Sanity Music


Genres - Drum n Bass, House + Trance etc
Stock - Back to all CD now...vinyl has gone, some Cassettes.
Revue : Some different Dream/House, Drum + Bass and Trance CDs than on offer elsewhere, perhaps better for some mainstream Dance compilations.
In-store DJ staff :- No working DJs anymore (far as I know).
Carousel, Perth + Garden City shops had a dedicated Dance section, with decks, mixers, headphones, sample CDs, record boxes/bags etc.
NOTE - These unfortunately have now shut down 8-(
Open 9am-5:30pm Mon 2 Fri, Sat 9am-6pm + Sun 9-12pm
Hay St Mall(Perth), Galleria, Garden City & Carousel Shopping Centres
Phone +61 (08) 9458 9141 (Carousel)

The Record Finder

FaceBook page
The Record Finder is the oldest established record dealer in Australasia, having operated for over 40 years since its inception in 1966.
Stock - All genres new/used of music in LP's, 45's, 78's, 12" as well as record equipment, VHS and DVD titles, cartridges and styluses. Revue : The Record Finder has literally tens of thousands of records in its two storey location. Thousands of items are available to browse and purchase from their online catalogue however due to the sheer size of their stock not all items are listed so visit the store or email them your wants. Lot of knowledge in the staff who are very experienced in vinyl. Open Mon-Sun 10am-5pm
87 High St Fremantle
Phone +61 (08) 9335 2770

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